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Larry - Sterne

.. of Lawrence and Laurence, often used ..

Variant of Lauren, from Laurence. [Lauriano, Laurian, Laureano]

.. a later English form of Laurence .. [Lowrance, Lorry, Lorrenz, Lorin, Lorentz, Lorencz, Lorenc, Lorance, Lawrey, Lavrens, Laurence, .. 35 more]

Authors Laurence Sterne, Thomas Stearns Eliot .. [Stern, Stearne, .. 2 more]

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1. Larry - Sterne
Larry, Laurean [Laurian, Lauriano, Laureano], Lawrence [Lorry, Lorin, Loritz, Lorrenz, Lorenzo, Lowrance, Lorrence, Lorenzen, ..], Sterne [Stern, Stearn, Stearns, Stearne]