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Ardian - Shawn

.. Writer Ardian Lee.

Surname and place name .. [Lee, Ashly, Ashling, Ashlin, Ashlie, Ashli, Ash, .. 9 more]

.. father in Harper Lee's novel To ..

Place name for many places in .. [Lee, Bently, Ben, .. 3 more]

Transferred use of the surname and .. [Lee, Bradlie, Bradleigh, Bradlee, Bradlea, .. 4 more]

.. invented name of Bryan with Lee.

From fearn leah .. [Leigh, Lee, Farrleigh, Farlee, Farlay, Fairlee, .. 9 more]

Anglicized form of the Gaelic name .. [Leigh, Lee, Finn, Finlea, Findley, .. 10 more]

.. Jason Robards, Jason Lee, Jason Priestley .. [Jayson, Jayce, Jasun, Jasen, Jase, Jaison, .. 7 more]

Greek mythology .. [Liandro, Liander, Leiandros, Lee, Leandros, .. 6 more]

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Lee names: Ashley, Atticus, Bentley, Bradley, Farley

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Lee names: Jason, Leander, Lee, Leo, Leonard

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Lee names: Leroy, Marvin, Oswald, Regis, Reno

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Lee names: Robert, Shawn

"Pasture or meadow." .. Lee. Tough guy actor Lee Marvin; .. [Leigh, Lea]

A common name in Roman times, and the name of 13 popes, including Leo the Great (fifth century), who successfully dealt with Attila the Hun when the Vandals conquered Rome .. [Lyon, Lev, Leontios, Leonello, Leon, Lee, .. 4 more]

From an Old French name derived .. [Lonny, Lonnard, Leonid, Leonhard, Leone, Leo, Len, Lee, .. 14 more]

From the French phrase Le Roi .. [Roy, Lee, .. 4 more]

.. Actor Lee Marvin; songwriter Marvin Hamlisch .. [Murvynn, Merwin, Mervin, Marwynn, Marvyn, .. 6 more]

.. assasination due to Lee Harvey Oswald .. [Waldo, Ozzie, Oswaldo, Osvald, Ossie, .. 4 more]

.. "Live with Regis and Kathie Lee".

.. a Union general, Jesse Lee Reno ..

.. Lee; author Robert Ludlum; baseball players .. [Ruprecht, Rupert, Robyn, Robin, Robertson, Robbie, Roban, Bobby, Bertie, .. 21 more]

.. names like Shawn Lee, Shawn Luke .. [Shonn, Shawnel, .. 5 more]

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1. Ardian - Shawn
Ardian, Ashley [Lee, Ashly, Ashlyn, Ashlin, Ashlie, Ashlynn, Ashlinn, Ashling, ..], Atticus, Bentley [Lee, Ben, Bently, Bentlie, Bentlee, Bentlea], Bradley [Lee, Bradd, Bradly, Bradney, Bradlie, Bradlee, Bradlea, Bradleigh], Brylee, Farley [Lee, Leigh, Farly, Farlow, Farlie, Farrley, Farleigh, Farrleigh, ..], Finlay [Lee, Finn, Leigh, Finnlie, Finnley, Finnlea, Finndley, Finndlay, ..], Jason [Jay, Jase, Jayce, Jasun, Jasin, Jasen, Jayson, Jaysen, ..], Leander [Leo, Lee, Liandro, Liander, Leandro, Leanther, Leandros, Leiandros, ..], Lee [Lea, Leigh], Leo [Lev, Lyon, Lion, Leon, Leonel, Leoncio, Leontios, Leonello], Leonard [Lonny, Leonis, Leonid, Lonnard, Leonerd, Leonides, Leonidas, Leonhard, ..], Leroy [Roy, Lee, Leroi, Elroy, Elroi, Leeroy], Marvin [Murvin, Merwyn, Merwin, Mervyn, Mervin, Marwin, Murvynn, Marwynn, ..], Oswald [Ozzy, Waldo, Ozzie, Oswin, Oswell, Osvald, Oswaldo, Osvaldo], Regis, Reno, Robert [Robyn, Robin, Rupert, Robson, Ruperto, Ruprecht, Robynson, Robinson, ..], Shawn [Shaun, Shonn, Shawnn, Shawnel, Shaughn, Shawnell, Shaundre]

Spike, Tommy