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Edel - Ponce

.. Biographer Leon Edel. [Edlin, Adlin, .. 2 more]

A common name in Roman times, and the name of 13 popes, including Leo the Great (fifth century), who successfully dealt with Attila the Hun when the Vandals conquered Rome .. [Lyon, Lev, Leonello, Leon, Lee, .. 4 more]

.. Author Leon Uris. [Lionni, Leoncio, .. 3 more]

.. derived from Germanic leon "lion" and .. [Lonny, Leonidas, Leonid, Leon, Lennart, Len, .. 17 more]

.. medieval French pet form of Leon .. [Lyonnello, Lyonnell, Lyonnel, Lyonelo, Lyonel, Lionnell, Lionnel, Lionello, Lionelo, .. 7 more]

Possibly (Italian) man from Naples, (Italian) .. [Napoleone, Leon, .. 2 more]

.. by Spanish explorer Ponce de Leon ..

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1. Edel - Ponce
Edel [Adel, Edlin, Adlin, Edelin], Leo [Lev, Lyon, Lion, Leon, Leonel, Leoncio, Leontios, Leonello], Leon [Lioni, Leone, Lionni, Leoncio, Lionisio], Leonard [Lonny, Leonis, Leonid, Lonnard, Leonerd, Leonides, Leonidas, Leonhard, ..], Lionel [Lyonel, Lonell, Lyonnel, Lyonelo, Lyinell, Lonnell, Lyonnell, Lyonnello, ..], Napoleon [Nap, Leon, Leone, Napoleone], Ponce