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Abraham - Seward

.. popular while Abraham Lincoln was president .. [Ibrahim, Ebrahim, Bram, Avrom, Avram, Avi, Abram, Abrahim, Abie, .. 13 more]

.. in America by Lincoln's assassin John .. [Both, Boothe, Boote, .. 1 more]

Abraham Lincoln's vice president Hannibal Hamlin. [Hamlyn, Hamblin, .. 2 more]

"Lake colony." .. famous by American President Abraham Lincoln .. [Link, .. 1 more]

Derived fr. Old English word. "Lincoln's marsh; island of linden trees." Surname .. [Lyndsie, Lyndsey, Lyndsay, Lindy, Lindsee, Lind, .. 7 more]

Short form of Lincoln.

.. of State under Lincoln and Johnson .. [Siward, .. 1 more]

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1. Abraham - Seward
Abraham [Avi, Bram, Brahm, Avrom, Avram, Ibrahim, Ebrahim, Avraham, ..], Booth [Both, Boot, Boote, Boothe], Hamlin [Hamlyn, Hamlen, Hamelin, Hamblin], Lincoln [Link, Linc], Lindsay [Lindy, Linzy, Linsey, Linsay, Lindsy, Lyndsie, Lyndsey, Lyndsay, ..], Link, Seward [Siward, Sewerd]