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Loyalty baby names and what they mean, with 3 results.

Absalom - Jerome

.. to win the loyalty and allegiance .. [Avsholom, Avshalom, Absolom, .. 4 more]

.. and commanded the loyalty of thousands .. [Campbel]

.. and won the beast's lifelong loyalty .. [Jerry, Jerrone, Jerrome, Jeronimo, Jeromo, Jairo, Hieronymus, Hieronimus, Hieronimos, Hieronimo, .. 10 more]

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Summary Index of Loyalty names [and variants] for boys.

1. Absalom - Jerome
Absalom [Absalon, Absolem, Absolom, Absolon, Avshalom, Abshalom, Avsholom], Campbell [Campbel], Jerome [Jerry, Jeroen, Jerron, Jeromo, Jairome, Jerrome, Jerrone, Jeronimo, ..]