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Calum - Malcolm

.. considered variants of Malcolm in Scotland. [Colum, Colm, .. 1 more]

.. Magazine founder Malcolm Forbes.

.. Actor Malcolm Jamal Warner. [Jomall, Jomal, Jimal, Jemall, Jammal, Jamil, Jameel, Jamaal, .. 14 more]

"Devotee of Saint Columba." .. Publisher Malcolm Forbes. [Malkolm, .. 2 more]

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1. Calum - Malcolm
Calum [Colm, Colum, Callum], Forbes, Jamal [Jomal, Jimal, Jomall, Jomahl, Jimahl, Jemall, Jemahl, Jemaal, ..], Malcolm [Malcom, Malkolm, Malcolum]