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Ferdinand - Mark

.. former Philippines president Ferdinand Marcos. [Nandy, Fernando, Fernand, Fernan, Ferdi, .. 11 more]

.. Italian explorer Marco Polo. [Markos, .. 1 more]

The root of names such as .. [Markus, Marco, .. 2 more]

.. Explorer Marco Polo; choreographer Mark Morris .. [Marquus, Markus, Markov, Markey, Marco, .. 13 more]

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1. Ferdinand - Mark
Ferdinand [Nandy, Nando, Hernan, Fernand, Hernando, Fernando, Fernande, Fernandas, ..], Marco [Markos, Marcos], Marcus [Marco, Markus, Markos, Marcas], Mark [Marq, Marko, Marque, Markus, Markov, Markos, Marquus, Marques, ..]