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Amaury - Seymour

Variant of Maurice. [Amory]

"Dark-skinned, Moorish." .. Actor Maurice Chevalier; writer Maurice Sendak .. [Moss, Morris, Morrel, Moriz, Maurus, Mauro, Mauritius, Maurits, Maurin, .. 21 more]

.. of a Welsh variant of Maurice .. [Myrick, Merrik, .. 1 more]

Anglicization of Maurice. Choreographer Mark Morris. [Moss, Morry, Morrison, Morrey, Moris, .. 7 more]

Source fr. Old English language. "Son of Maurice." Contracted form of Morrison .. [Morrison]

.. the English name Maurice, meaning dark .. [Seymore, .. 3 more]

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1. Amaury - Seymour
Amaury [Amory], Maurice [Moss, Moriz, Morris, Morrey, Morrel, Morriss, Morrill, Morrice, ..], Merrick [Myrick, Merrik, Meyrick], Morris [Moss, Morse, Morry, Moris, Morrie, Morrey, Morrison, Morrisson, ..], Morse [Morrison], Seymour [Seamor, Seymore, Seamour, Seamore]