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Andreas - Gabriel

The original New Testament Greek form ..

Source fr. Gaelic language. "New Ireland." Place name .. [Atholl]

.. with old money New England connotations. [Bartlitt, .. 1 more]

Root fr. Scandinavian, Old French languages. "One who brings news." Saint Bodey (16th century) was an .. [Bowdoin, Bodey, .. 4 more]

.. family name in Old New York.

.. ousted by the new Protestant regime .. [Calbert]

.. coinage from a New England surname .. [Chawncey, Chauncy, .. 4 more]

.. Great Plains from New Mexico to .. [Simeron, .. 2 more]

.. century governor of New York, De .. [Klint, .. 2 more]

.. capital city of New Hampshire and ..

Top 2000 baby names ranking of New names: Andreas, Boden, Calvert, Chauncey, Clinton

Top 2000 baby names ranking of New names: Constantine, Dabney, Darrien, Eleazar, Elijah

Top 2000 baby names ranking of New names: Emmanuel, Erie, Gabriel

.. Russia as the new home of .. [Konstanz, Costa, Constantius, Constantino, .. 6 more]

.. immigrant to the New World named .. [Dabny, .. 2 more]

.. to one of New York City's .. [Darryen, Darrion, Darrian, Darion, .. 2 more]

.. form used in the New Testament .. [Ely, Eleasar, Elazar, .. 5 more]

In the New Testament it appears .. [Lige, Eljah, Elija, Elia, .. 11 more]

.. Emmanuel is used in the New .. [Manuelo, Emonuel, .. 21 more]

.. lived in western New York State ..

Source fr. Greek word. "Good news." Masculine form of Evangeline. [Vangelo, Vangelis, Evangelo, .. 4 more]

New York mayor Fiorello La Guardia.

.. Zacharias in the New Testament, and .. [Jibril, Gavriel, Garbriele, Gabriello, Gabrielli, Gabor, Gabie, Gabi, Gabe, Gabby, .. 11 more]

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1. Andreas - Gabriel
Andreas, Athol [Atholl], Bartlet [Bartlett, Bartlitt], Boden [Bodie, Bodey, Bodin, Bodine, Bowden, Bowdoin], Brockhoist, Calvert [Calbert], Chauncey [Chance, Chauncy, Chaunsy, Chancey, Chaunsey, Chawncey], Cimarron [Simeron, Cimeron, Simarron], Clinton [Klint, Clint, Clintt], Concord, Constantine [Costa, Konstanz, Konstantin, Konstantio, Constantino, Constantius, ..], Dabney [Dabny, Dabnee, Dabnie], Darrien [Darion, Darian, Darrian, Darrion, Darryan, Darryen], Eleazar [Eli, Ely, Elie, Eliazar, Eliezer, Eleazaro, ..], Elijah [Ely, Lige, Ellis, Elyot, Elliot, Elyott, ..], Emmanuel [Manolo, Manola, Manual, Manuel, Manuela, Manuelo, ..], Erie, Evangel [Vangelo, Vangelis, Evangelo, Vangelios, Evangelos, Evangelino], Fiorello, Gabriel [Gay, Gavril, Jabril, Jibril, Gavriel, Gavrilo, ..]

Gamaliel [Gmali, Gamliel], Harmony [Harmonio], Hilal, James [Jim, Jimbo, Jimmy, Jemmy, Jimmie, Seamus, ..], Lindsay [Linzy, Linsey, Linsay, Lyndsay, Lyndsey, Lyndsie, ..], Mario [Marius, Meirion, Marianus], Mark [Marq, Markus, Markov, Marque, Marques, Marquus, ..], Masefield, Monroe [Monro, Munro, Munroe], Nashua, Neander, Nelson [Nels, Nils, Niles, Nilson, Nelsen, Nilsson, ..], Neville [Nev, Nevil, Nevile, Nevill, Nevyle], Newbury [Newbery, Newberry], Newcomb [Newcombe], Newell [Newel, Newall, Newhall], Newland, Newlin, Newport, Newton

Paul [Pol, Poll, Poul, Pavlo, Pawel, Pavlik, ..], Rudy [Rudi, Rudee, Rudelle], Rush, Saviero, Savion [Xavion, Savionn], Seneca, Skyler [Skylar, Skylor, Skylen, Skielor, Skyelar, Skyller, ..], Tammany, Taos, Trenton [Trenten, Trentin], Vermont, Wagner [Wagoner, Waggoner], Wyandanch, Xavier [Xavi, Xever, Zavier, Xayvion, Xaviell, Xathieur, ..], Zuni