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Baby Names associated with Nose for Boys

Nose baby names and what they mean, for nose.

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Top 1000 baby names ranking of Nose names: Cameron, Courtney, Griffin, Kameron

Button 1 .. .. the description of a baby's nose.

Cameron 2 .. Derivative of Scottish, Gaelic. "Crooked nose." Highlands clan name derived from the .. [Cam, Camaeron, Camedon, Ron, .. 5 more]

Courtney 3 .. .. French "court nez", meaning "short nose" .. [Cortney, .. 3 more]

Cyrano 4 .. .. and his extraordinary nose provided the .. [Cyran]

Griffin 5 .. Stems fr. Latin language. "Hooked nose." .. (hence the hooked nose) and the .. [Griff, Gruffydd, Gryffen, Guto, .. 9 more]

Kameron 6 .. Derivative of Scottish, Gaelic. "Crooked nose." Variant of Cameron. [Cameron, Kamron, .. 2 more]

Nesbit 7 .. Root fr. Old English language. "Bend shaped like a nose." Place name that refers to a .. [Naisbit, Nesbitt, Nisbet, .. 2 more]

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Summary of Nose names (and variants) for boys.

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Button, Cameron [Ron, Camry, Camren, Camron, Kamrey, Kameron, Camedon, Camaeron], Courtney [Curt, Cortney, Courtenay], Cyrano [Cyran], Griffin [Guto, Gutyn, Gutun, Gruffud, Gryffen, Gryphon, Gryffin, Gruffydd, ..], Kameron [Kam, Kamron, Kamryn, Cameron], Nesbit [Nisbet, Naisbit, Nesbitt, Nisbett, Naisbitt]