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Ragnar - Raynor

"Judgment warrior." Related to German names like Reginald .. [Reiner, Raynor, Rayner, Rainer, Ragnor, .. 2 more]

Anglicized version of Ragnar, an ancient .. [Renier, Reinier, Raynord, Raynell, Raynar, Ray, Raniero, Rane, Rainer, Ragnar, .. 6 more]

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1. Ragnar - Raynor
Ragnar [Reiner, Regner, Raynor, Rayner, Rainer, Ragnor, Rainier], Raynor [Ray, Rayne, Renier, Rayner, Raynar, Reinier, Raynord, Raynell, ..]