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Lanny - Rollo

.. of names like Roland (Old French) .. [Lannie]

.. 12th century poem "Chanson de Roland" .. [Ollivor, Ollie, Olley, Olivier, Olivero, .. 6 more]

Variant of Roland. Mostly literary and .. [Rolando, Roland, Orlin, .. 6 more]

.. traced back to Roland via the .. [Rawson, .. 1 more]

"Renowned land." Roland is celebrated in French and .. [Rowland, Rolly, Rollins, Rolland, Roley, Roeland, Orlando, .. 9 more]

Variant of Roland used occasionally in ..

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Summary Index of Roland names [and variants] for boys.

1. Lanny - Rollo
Lanny [Lannie], Oliver [Ollie, Olley, Olivor, Olivio, Ollivor, Olliver, Olivier, Oliviero, ..], Orlando [Land, Orlin, Orlan, Lanny, Roland, Orland, Rolando, Orlondo], Rawlins [Rawson, Rawlinson], Roland [Rowe, Rolly, Rollo, Rollin, Rollie, Rowland, Rollins, Rolland, ..], Rollo