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Rollo baby names and what they mean, with 6 results.

Earl - Rudolph

Name based on the English title .. [Earle, Earlie, Erl, Erle, Irl, Rollo, .. 5 more]

Scottish surname that derives from a .. [Erol, Erryle, Rollo, .. 3 more]

Roland is celebrated in French and .. [Lannie, Rolando, Roley, Rolland, Rollins, Rollo, Rowland, .. 9 more]

Variant of Rudolph .. [Rolfe, Rollo, .. 3 more]

.. Author Rollo May.

Name of the red nosed reindeer .. [Dolph, Rodolfo, Rodolph, Rodolphe, Rolf, Rollo, Rudey, Rudolpho, Rudolphus, Rudy, .. 8 more]

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Summary Index of Rollo names [and variants] for boys.

1. Earl - Rudolph
Earl [Erl, Irl, Erle, Errol, Rollo, Erryl, Early, Erroll, ..], Errol [Erol, Erryl, Eryle, Rollo, Erryle, Erroll], Roland [Rowe, Rolly, Rollo, Rollie, Rollin, Rolland, Rollins, Rowland, ..], Rolf [Rolfe, Rolle, Rollo, Rolph, Rowland], Rollo, Rudolph [Rudy, Rudi, Rudie, Rudey, Rudolf, Rudolfo, Rudolpho, Rudolphus, ..]