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Reginald - Searle

.. of Reynold and Ronald. Popular in .. [Ronald, Rene, Renault, Renaud, Reinold, Reinaldos, Reinald, Regino, Renato, Reginaldo, .. 27 more]

See also Ronald. Painter Joshua Reynolds. [Rinaldo, Renauld, Renaldo, Raynaldo, .. 8 more]

"Ruler's counselor." .. Ronald emerged among the Scots, and .. [Ronny, Ronello, Ronell, Roneld, Ron, Ranald, .. 7 more]

Source fr. Old English word. "Son of Ronald."

Cartoonist Ronald Searle.

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1. Reginald - Searle
Reginald [Rene, Ronald, Rinaldo, Reynold, Reynolds, Reynaldo, Rheinallt, Reynaldos, ..], Reynold [Renato, Rinaldo, Reynald, Renault, Renauld, Renaldo, Reynolds, Reynaldo, ..], Ronald [Ronn, Ronny, Ronnie, Ronell, Roneld, Ronello, Rondale, Ronaldo, ..], Ronson, Searle