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Abel - Jedidiah

.. the second son of Adam and .. [Avel, Abie, Abell, Abele, .. 4 more]

.. Publius Aelius Hadrianus (second century AD) .. [Haydrien, Hadriano, Aydrien, Aydrean, Arjen, Adya, Adryan, Adron, Adrien, Adriano, .. 17 more]

.. Victoria named her second son Alfred .. [Fredo, Freddie, Fred, Avery, Alfredos, Ailfred, .. 16 more]

.. because of a second century martyred .. [Anisio, Anicetus, Aniceto]

.. mathematician in the second century BC. [Arquimedes, Arkimedes]

.. of Jacqueline Kennedy's second husband, shipping .. [Ary, Arri, Arie, .. 3 more]

.. characters, including the second husband of .. [Boase, .. 1 more]

.. emphasis is on the second syllable .. [Dawayne, Dashaun, Dashae, Dasean, Daquan, Damont, Damone, Damarko, Damar, Dajohn, .. 14 more]

The second largest river in Europe .. [Donau]

.. Darnley, was the second husband of ..

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Second names: Abel, Adrian, Alfred, Boaz, Eustace

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Second names: Galen, Jedidiah

.. emphasis is on the second syllable .. [Dewitt, Devonn, Deshawn, Derelle, Deontae, Demauri, Demarcus, Demarcos, Deloran, Delon, .. 29 more]

.. legend, Saint Eustace (second century) was .. [Stacey, Jevstachi, Eustiss, Eustatius, Eustaquio, .. 9 more]

.. Roman jurist in the second century .. [Keys, .. 6 more]

.. name of a second century Greek .. [Jaylon, Jalon, Gaylon, Gaylinn, Galin, Gaelan, .. 10 more]

.. The second element mai, which is ..

.. Roman emperor Hadrianus (second century AD) .. [Hadrien, .. 3 more]

.. of a famous second century saint .. [Ippolito, Hippolitos, .. 4 more]

.. emphasis is on the second syllable .. [Jayvon, Javaughn, Jamond, Jamarr, .. 13 more]

.. emphasis is on the second syllable .. [Jevon, Jevan, Jerelle, Jerae, .. 5 more]

.. King Solomon, David's second son by .. [Jedediah, .. 3 more]

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Summary Index of Second names [and variants] for boys.

1. Abel - Jedidiah
Abel [Abe, Avel, Abey, Abie, Able, Abele, Abell, Abelson], Adrian [Edrian, Hadrian, Aydrien, Hadrien, Aydrian, Hadriano, Haydrian, Haydrien, ..], Alfred [Alfy, Fred, Avery, Fredo, Freddy, Elfred, Freddie, Alfredos, ..], Aniketos [Anisio, Aniceto, Anicetus], Archimedes [Arkimedes, Arquimedes], Aristotle [Ari, Ary, Arri, Arie, Aristotelis, Aristotellis], Boaz [Boas, Boase], Da- [Davon, Davar, Dashae, Dashaun, Dashawn, Dashonn, Dawayne, Davaughn, ..], Danube [Donau], Darnley, De- [Devell, Devaun, Dewitt, Devonn, Devante, Dewayne, Devonte, Devaughn, ..], Eustace [Stacey, Eustis, Eustiss, Eustashe, Eustazio, Jevstachi, Eustasius, Eustatius, ..], Gaius [Kay, Cai, Caio, Kaye, Keys, Keye, Keyes], Galen [Jalen, Jalon, Jalin, Gaylin, Jaylon, Gaylon, Jaylen, Gaylinn, ..], Gwalchmai, Hadrian [Adrian, Adrien, Hadrien, Adriano], Hippolytus [Ippolito, Hipolito, Hippolit, Hippolyte, Hyppolytos, Hippolitos], Ja- [Jaray, Javon, Jaronn, Jayvon, Jaquan, Javonte, Javaughn, Jaquille, ..], Je- [Jerae, Jevon, Jeron, Jevan, Jerone, Jerell, Jemario, Jerelle], Jedidiah [Jed, Jedd, Jedediah, Jedadiah]

Jiro, Justin [Justo, Justyn, Justis, Justus, Justino, Justinus, Justinian, Justinius, ..], Kenji [Kenjiro], La- [Lavar, Lavon, Laval, Lavell, Lavante, Lavonte, Latrell, Lavaughn, ..], Nyree, Sabino [Sabin, Savin, Savino, Sabeeno], Secondo [Segundo], Segundo [Secondo], Simeon [Sima, Shimon, Simyon], Tanjiro, Taurus [Toro, Tauro, Taurean, Taurino], Ziv [Ziven, Zivon]


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