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Amory - Temani

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Side names: Brant, Cliff, Clifford

.. selling novel, "This Side of Paradise" .. [Aimory, Amery, Amry, .. 1 more]

.. on the British side during the .. [Brandt, Brannt, .. 2 more]

Source fr. Old English element. "Cliff side slope." Diminutive of Clifford and Clifton .. [Cliffe, .. 2 more]

Origin fr. Old English. "Cliff side ford." Surname used as given name from the 17 .. [Cliff, .. 3 more]

.. Irish bartender on Chicago's West Side ..

.. "on the right side", which refers .. [Teman, .. 1 more]

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1. Amory - Temani
Amory [Amry, Amery, Aimory, Amorey], Brant [Brannt, Brantt, Brandt, Brantley], Cliff [Clyff, Cliffe, Clyffe], Clifford [Cliff, Clyff, Clyford, Clyfford], Dooley, Temani [Teman, Temeni]