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Baby Names associated with Silver for Boys

Silver baby names and what they mean, for silver.

Here is the list of Silver names for girls.

pinAntenor - Taji

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Top 1000 baby names ranking of Silver names: Sterling

Antenor 1 .. .. South American silver magnate Antenor Patino. Not in Top 1000. See also Antino.

Argento 2 .. Derivative of Latin word. "Silver." Algento, Amgento and Argentai are kreatif forms. .. named for the silver its early .. [Argentio, .. 1 more]

Arjuna 3 .. .. whiteness of milk, silver, lightning, and .. Listed in Top 1000. [Arjun]

Comstock 4 .. .. Comstock Lode of silver in Nevada .. Popular as last name. Compare Comstock (top 2%) with common last name Cammock (top 54%), which also ends with -ock.

Eirian 5 .. Source fr. Welsh element. "Silver." Not in Top 1000. Unisex name. Derived from arian ..

Gorham 6 .. .. name of a silver company based .. Outside Top 1000. See also Gram.

Sheffield 7 .. .. process for plating copper with silver. Unusual. Sheffield (cf. Suffield) ends with -eld.

Silver 8 Based on the word, or possibly .. Unusual. Silver, Sylver (cf. Saddler) has the common -er suffix. [Sylver]

Silverman 9 .. Origin fr. Old German language. "Silver worker." Rather uncommon as a birth name, Silverman is used more conventionally as a surname. Occupational name. [Silberman, .. 1 more]

Silverton 10 .. Derived fr. Old English word. "Silver town." Not in Top 1000. Place name. [Silvertown]

Sterling 11 .. .. to pre medieval refiners of silver .. Sterling is commonly occurring (upper 44%) as a male name, while Sterlyn and Stirling are uncommonly used. [Sterlyn, .. 1 more]

Taji 12 .. Stems fr. Japanese. "Silver and yellow color." Taji is not a Top 1000 name. Gender-neutral name.

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Summary of Silver names (and variants) for boys.

Antenor - Taji
Antenor, Argento [Argentio, Argentino], Arjuna [Arjun], Comstock, Eirian, Gorham, Sheffield, Silver [Sylver], Silverman [Silberman, Silbermann], Silverton [Silvertown], Sterling [Sterlyn, Stirling], Taji