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Adnan - David

.. the Arabian peninsula in ancient times ..

Common in Roman and medieval times .. [Aubin, Albyn, Albinson, Al, .. 2 more]

.. spoken there in pre Christian times .. [Arram]

.. surname from medieval times when bows ..

.. used for girls in modern times .. [Aryell, Arik, Ari, Arel, Aeriell, Aeriel, .. 7 more]

.. of Aristeo used in modern times. [Arris]

.. linked in modern times to the .. [Armahni, .. 1 more]

.. but in modern times it usually .. [Baudoin, Baldwinn, Balduino, Bald, .. 6 more]

Surname in use since medieval times.

.. used since medieval times, and modern .. [Buddy, Budd, .. 2 more]

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Tim names: Adnan, Albin, Aram, Archer, Ariel

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Tim names: Aris, Armani, Baldwin, Blade, Bud

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Tim names: Burton, Calvin, Cassius, Clay, Cormac

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Tim names: Courtney, Curtis, Cyrus, David

.. familiar in modern times by Elizabeth .. [Burtt, Bert, .. 1 more]

.. familiar in modern times due to .. [Vinnie, Kalvin, Calvino, .. 1 more]

.. In modern times, Cassius Clay was .. [Cassio, .. 2 more]

.. valued natural resource in earlier times .. [Klay]

.. in Ireland since the earliest times. [Cormick, Cormack]

.. In earlier times, it has been .. [Curt, Courtenay, Cortney, .. 1 more]

.. been in use since early times .. [Crayne, Crain, .. 2 more]

.. In earlier times, it was linked .. [Kurtis, Curtiss, Curtice, .. 3 more]

.. In earlier times, it was linked .. [Cy, .. 1 more]

.. there more than a thousand times .. [Davyn, Davis, Davide, Davidde, Davey, Dafydd, Daffy, .. 14 more]

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Summary Index of Tim names [and variants] for boys.

1. Adnan - David
Adnan, Albin [Al, Aubin, Alpin, Albyn, Alben, Albinson], Aram [Arram], Archer, Ariel [Ari, Arik, Arie, Aryel, Aryell, Ariell, ..], Aris [Arris], Armani [Amani, Armahni], Baldwin [Baudoin, Baldwyn, Balldwin, Baldwynn, Baldwinn, Balduino, ..], Blade, Bud [Budd, Buddy, Buddie, Buddey], Burton [Bert, Burt, Burtt], Calvin [Cal, Vinnie, Kalvin, Calvino], Cassius [Cash, Cass, Cassio], Clay [Klay], Cormac [Cormick, Cormack], Courtney [Curt, Cortney, Courtenay], Crane [Crayn, Crain, Crayne, Craine], Curtis [Curt, Kurtis, Curcio, Curtiss, Curtice, Curtell], Cyrus [Cy, Ciro], David [Davy, Davyn, Davyd, Davon, Daven, Davydd, ..]

Dick [Dix, Dixon, Dicky, Dickson], Garth, Gillies [Gilles, Gillis, Gilliss, Ghilles, Ghillies], Godfrey [Jul, Gyrd, Goraidh, Gottfrid, Goffredo, Gottfried, ..], Hugo [Ugo], Jeffrey [Jefry, Jeffy, Joffre, Jeffry, Joffrey, Jeoffroi, ..], Jermaine [Jermyn, Jermin, Jermane, Jermain, Jermayne, Germaine], Leo [Lev, Lyon, Lion, Leonel, Leontios, Leonello, ..], Linus [Lino, Linos], Miles [Mylo, Milo, Myles, Milan], Niles [Nile, Nyles], Oscar [Ozzy, Ossie, Osker, Oskar], Philip [Pip, Pippo, Pilipo, Philly, Phyllip, Phillips, ..], Pluto, Presley [Presly, Priestly, Prestley, Pressley, Presslee, Priestley], Quinn [Quinlan, Quinnell], Robin [Robyn, Roban, Robbyn, Robbin, Robben], Roger [Rojay, Rutger, Ruttger, Ruggero, Rufiger, Ruggiero, ..], Roth [Rothe], Rush

Seward [Siward, Sewerd], Shaquille [Shaq, Shaque, Shaquil, Shaquile, Shaqueel, Shaqeell], Swinburne [Swinburn, Swinbyrn, Swinborn, Swynborne, Swinbourne], Sylvester [Sly, Silvestre, Silvester], Timothy [Tymon, Tymothy, Tymmothy, Timothey, Tymoteusz, Timotheus, ..], Tony [Tonio, Tonie, Toney], Zachary [Zak, Zakari, Zakary, Zackery, Zackary, ..]