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Tobias - Tuvya

"God is good." .. Author Tobias Wolff. [Tobyn, Tobit, .. 12 more]

Short form of Tobias (Hebrew) God .. [Tobie, Tobey, Thobie, Thobey, .. 4 more]

The source form of Tobias. [Tuvyah, Tovyah, .. 4 more]

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1. Tobias - Tuvya
Tobias [Toby, Tobi, Tobyn, Tobit, Tobin, Tobie, Tobia, Tobiah, ..], Toby [Tobi, Tobe, Tobie, Tobey, Tobee, Thoby, Thobie, Thobey], Tuvya [Tov, Tuvyah, Toviah, Tovyah, Toviach, Tuviyahu]