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Andrew - Ehud

.. the flag of the United Kingdom .. [Ondrey, Ondrej, Ondre, Ohndre, Ohndrae, Dru, Dandy, Andrzej, Andros, Andro, .. 39 more]

.. citizen of the United Kingdom entitled .. [Atholl]

.. He united France and much of .. [Karoly, Karolik, Chuck, Chick, Chas, Charls, Charlot, Charlie, Caryl, Carrol, .. 17 more]

Origin fr. Hebrew word. "United." Jewish name, borne by a minor ..

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1. Andrew - Ehud
Andrew [Ondre, Ondrey, Ohnrey, Ondrej, Ondrei, Ohndre, Ohndrae, Mandrew, ..], Athol [Atholl], Charles [Karl, Chip, Karol, Karel, Chuck, Karoly, Karolik, Karolek, ..], Ehud