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Baby Names associated with Whole for Boys

Whole baby names and what they mean, for whole.

pinAustin - Nikhil

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Top 1000 baby names ranking of Whole names: Austin, Caleb, Nikhil

Austin 1 .. .. use for a whole generation of .. [Austen, Austyn, Ostyn, .. 2 more]

Caleb 2 .. From Hebrew. "Faith, devotion, whole hearted." Anglicized form of Kaleb .. [Cal, Cale, Kayleb, .. 3 more]

Nikhil 3 .. From Hindi word. "Whole, all." [Nikhel]

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Summary of Whole names (and variants) for boys.

Austin - Nikhil
Austin [Ostyn, Ostin, Austen, Austyn, Ostynn], Caleb [Cal, Cale, Kaleb, Kayleb, Kaylob, Cayleb], Nikhil [Nikhel]