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Wilderness baby names and what they mean, with 3 results.

Ansel - Joshua

.. photographed the American wilderness so eloquently. [Ancell, Ansell]

.. alone in the wilderness for over .. [Andy, Antal, Antin, Antonino, Antons, Antony, Antwahn, Antwuan, Twan, .. 23 more]

.. year trek through the Sinai wilderness .. [Jehoshua, Joshuah, Joss, Jozua, .. 5 more]

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Summary Index of Wilderness names [and variants] for boys.

1. Ansel - Joshua
Ansel [Ancell, Ansell], Anthony [Toni, Tony, Twan, Toney, Antwon, Teunis, Thonus, Antwuan, ..], Joshua [Joss, Josh, Josua, Josue, Jozua, Joshuah, Joushua, Yehoshua]