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Abbas - Donald

.. Leo in the English speaking world .. [Abo, Ab, .. 4 more]

.. in the Islamic world, and the .. [Abedellah, Abdallah, Abdalah, .. 5 more]

.. was coined during World War I. [Acie, .. 3 more]

.. Adolf Hitler and World War II .. [Dolphus, Dolf, Adolpho, Adolfo, .. 9 more]

.. commonly used throughout the Islamic world .. [Amed, Ahmad, .. 8 more]

.. of the known world before his .. [Zandros, Xander, Saunders, Saunder, Sandy, Sacha, Lex, Alsandare, Allistair, Alisander, .. 60 more]

.. different capacities in the Muslim world. [Emir, Amiran, Ameir, .. 4 more]

Not uncommon in the ancient world .. [Arkelaus, .. 2 more]

.. weight of the world on his .. [Attlas]

.. American soldier in World War II. [Audie]

Top 2000 baby names ranking of World names: Abbas, Abdullah, Ace, Adolph, Ahmed

Top 2000 baby names ranking of World names: Alexander, Amir, Atlas, Aziz, Bruce

Top 2000 baby names ranking of World names: Bruno, Candido, Caspian, Conrad, Craig

Top 2000 baby names ranking of World names: Dabney, Donald

.. familiar name in the Muslim world.

.. a part of the world's folklore .. [Brucie, .. 1 more]

.. the English speaking world from the .. [Brunon, .. 2 more]

.. the best of all possible worlds .. [Candidio, Candide]

.. water in the world, lying between ..

.. the English speaking world is an .. [Kurt, Konrad, Curt, Connie, .. 6 more]

.. the English speaking world, it is .. [Korrin, Korin, .. 4 more]

.. popular in the English speaking world. [Kraig, Craigie, .. 1 more]

.. to the New World named Cornelius .. [Dabny, .. 2 more]

From Scottish, Gaelic languages. "World mighty." Donald is one of the clan .. [Donnell]

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1. Abbas - Donald
Abbas [Ab, Abo, Abbe, Abba, Abbie, Abbey], Abdullah [Abdulla, Abdulah, Abdella, Abdualla, Abdallah, Abedellah, ..], Ace [Acie, Acey, Acer, Acee], Adolph [Dolf, Dolph, Dolphus, Adolpho, Adolphe, Adolphus, ..], Ahmed [Amed, Amad, Amahd, Amadi, Ahmod, Ahmet, ..], Alexander [Zandro, Zander, Xander, Zandros, Sikander, Saunders, ..], Amir [Emir, Amer, Emeer, Amiri, Ameir, Amiran], Archelaus [Arkelaus, Arkelaos, Archelaios], Atlas [Attlas], Audey [Audie], Aziz, Bruce [Brucie, Brucey], Bruno [Bruin, Brunon, Bruino], Candido [Candide, Candidio], Caspian, Conrad [Kurt, Kort, Curt, Cort, Konrad, Corrado, ..], Corin [Korin, Koren, Cyran, Coren, Korrin, Corrin], Craig [Kraig, Craik, Craigie], Dabney [Dabny, Dabnie, Dabnee], Donald [Donnell]

Donnell [Donal, Donell, Donnel, Donnelly], Dooley, Epemetheus, Everest, Genesis [Ginesis, Jenesis, Jennesis, Gennesis], Haig, Hassan [Hasan, Hasani, Hassain], Ivo [Yvo, Ivo, Yves, Ivon, Ives, Iver, ..], Jahan [Jehan], Kayvan [Keyvan], Macarthur [Mcarthur], Mahmud [Mehmud, Mehmood, Mahmoud, Mahmood], Masefield, Mercator, Monroe [Monro, Munro, Munroe], Noah [Noe, Noak, Knoa, Noach, Norrie], Raoul [Rowl, Roul, Raul], Roman [Rome, Romano, Romanus, Romanos, Romanes, Romaine], Ronald [Ronn, Ronny, Ronnie, Ronell, Roneld, Ronello, ..], Trey [Tre, Trai, Traye]

Windsor [Winsor, Wyndsor], Wolfgang [Wulfram, Wolfram, Volfango]