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Acton - Quiller

.. sister Anne, who wrote as Acton ..

.. century BC who wrote the book .. [Amoss, .. 1 more]

.. of all time, wrote The Divine .. [Donte, Dontae, .. 5 more]

.. He wrote about half of the .. [Davyn, Davis, Daviel, Davie, Davey, Daffy, .. 16 more]

.. Finley Peter Dunne wrote popular newspaper ..

.. Saint Paul wrote two of his ..

.. Tales" (14th century) wrote "By Saint .. [Loy, Eloy, Eligia, .. 3 more]

.. and philosopher who wrote about individual .. [Em]

.. philosopher Geert Geerts wrote as Desiderius .. [Rasmus, Ras, Erasmo, .. 2 more]

.. he wrote the Book of Ezekiel .. [Zeke, Eziequel, Ezechiel, .. 7 more]

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Wrote names: Amos, Dante, David, Emerson, Erasmus

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Wrote names: Ezekiel, Herman, Jeremiah, Jude, Justin

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Wrote names: Luke, Matthew, Orlando

.. Herman (11th century) wrote the famous .. [Hermon, Hermie, Harm, Ermin, .. 11 more]

.. Jeremiah compiled and wrote the histories .. [Yeremiyah, Jeremy, Jeremiya, Jeremija, Jeremia, Jemmie, Dermot, .. 10 more]

.. brother of James, wrote one of .. [Judson, .. 5 more]

.. Greek philosopher who wrote of the .. [Justyn, Justo, Justis, Justinus, Justinas, Juste, Justan, .. 11 more]

.. storyteller Rudyard Kipliong wrote Kim, The .. [Kippling]

.. and artists, who wrote one of .. [Lukas, Lucius, Lucien, Lucian, Lucas, Loukas, .. 6 more]

.. twelve apostles, who wrote the first .. [Matz, Matty, Matti, Matthiew, Matthias, Mattaus, Matt, Matico, Mata, Madteos, .. 24 more]

.. Virginia Woolf wrote a gender bending .. [Rolando, Orlan, Lanny, Arlando, .. 5 more]

.. American Revolution, and wrote The Rights .. [Payne, .. 1 more]

.. or someone who wrote with a ..

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1. Acton - Quiller
Acton, Amos [Am, Amoss], Dante [Donte, Dontay, Dontae, Daunte, Dantel, Dantay, Dantae], David [Davy, Davyn, Davyd, Davon, Daven, Davis, Davin, Davydd, ..], Dooley, Efisio, Eligius [Loy, Eloy, Eloi, Eligio, Eligia, Eligiusz], Emerson [Em], Erasmus [Ras, Rasmus, Erasmo, Erasme, Erasmios], Ezekiel [Zeke, Haskel, Iezekiel, Ezequiel, Eziequel, Yechezkel, Jesekijel, Eziechiele, ..], Herman [Harm, Hermon, Hermie, Harmon, Harmen, Harman, Hermann, Herminio, ..], Jeremiah [Jerry, Jermyn, Jeremy, Yeremia, Yeremiya, Jeremiya, Jeremija, Yeremiyah, ..], Jude [Jud, Judd, Judas, Judah, Judson, Judsen], Justin [Justo, Justyn, Justus, Justis, Justino, Justinus, Justinius, Justinian, ..], Kipling [Kippling], Luke [Luck, Lukas, Lucky, Lucio, Lukacs, Lucius, Lucien, Lucian, ..], Matthew [Matz, Matty, Matti, Matyas, Matvey, Mattie, Mattieu, Mattias, ..], Orlando [Land, Orlin, Orlan, Lanny, Roland, Orland, Rolando, Orlondo], Paine [Pain, Payne], Quiller

Rudyard, Solomon [Sol, Sollie, Salomo, Soloman, Solaman, Shalmon, Salomon, Salomone], Sophocles, Timothy [Tymon, Tymothy, Timothe, Tymmothy, Timothey, Timotheo, Tymoteusz, Timotheus, ..], Titus [Tito, Titos], Zachariah [Zeke, Zakery, Zakarie, Zekeriah, Zekariah, Zecheriah, Zechariah, Zakariyyah, ..]