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pinPopular Names in 2013

Popularity rankings for Top 1-100 baby girl names in Canada in 2013, and rank movements and trends in comparison to 2012. This year, Savannah (#72), Penelope (#79), Ariana (#82), Maria (#90) and Paisley (#92) are the 5 new entries that made it into the Top 100.

1.Olivia, common var. Alivia, Alyvia
2.Emma, common var. Emmy
3.Sophia, top var. Sofia, Sophie
4.Emily, top var. Emilia, Emilee, Emilie, Amelie, Emelia, Emmalee, Amalia
5.Ava, top var. Avah
6.▲1Chloe, common var. Khloe
7.▲6Charlotte, up for three years: 16→14→13→7
7.▼1Ella, common var. Ellie
9.▼1Avery, common var. Averie, Averi
9.▲1Hannah, common var. Hanna, Hana
11.▲6Isla, up for two years: 26→17→11
12.▼4Isabella, common var. Izabella, Isabela
13.▲7Amelia, common var. Emilia, Amelie, Amalia
14.▲7Lily, top var. Lilly, Lila, Lillie, Lilia
15.▼3Abigail, top var. Abbigail
16.▲14Mia, top var. Miah
17.▲9Elizabeth, common var. Elisabeth
18.▲26Aria, common var. Ariah, Ariyah, Ariya
19.▼4Brooklyn, top var. Brooklynn
19.▼8Sophie, common var. Sophia, Sofia
21.▼3Grace, down for three years: 14→16→18→21
22.▼6Madison, top var. Maddison, Madisyn, Madyson
23.▲18Mackenzie, top var. Mckenzie, Makenzie
23.▼4Maya, common var. Mya, Miah, Maia, Miya
25.▲4Zoe, top var. Zoey, Zoie
27.▼4Claire, common var. Clare
28.▼1Zoey, top var. Zoe, Zoie
29.▲9Evelyn, top var. Evelynn, Evalyn
30.▼7Hailey, top var. Haley, Haylee, Hayley, Hailee, Haleigh
31.▼10Audrey, var. Audree, .. 16 more
32.▲10Sofia, var. Sofiah, .. 1 more
32.▲8Violet, up for two years: 65→40→32
34.▲14Lucy, var. Lucida, .. 26 more
35.▼2Natalie, common var. Natalia, Nathalie, Nataly, Natalee, Natalya
36.▼5Anna, top var. Ana
36.▲9Isabelle, top var. Isabel
38.▲13Addison, common var. Addyson, Addisyn
38.▼7Victoria, var. Tori, .. 30 more
40.▲37Aubrey, common var. Aubree, Aubrie, Aubri
41.▲43Alice, var. Allison, .. 101 more
41.▲17Scarlett, common var. Scarlet, Scarlette
43.▼1Samantha, down for three years: 29→39→42→43
44.▲16Alexandra, common var. Alexandria
44.▲23Keira, common var. Kiara, Kira, Kyra, Kiera
44.▲23Peyton, top var. Payton
44.▲23Ruby, up for three years: 78→76→67→44
48.▼12Julia, common var. Julie
48.▼9Leah, common var. Lia, Leia, Lea
50.▲10Georgia, var. Georgena, .. 23 more
50.▲15Quinn, up for three years: 94→82→65→50
50.▼25Sarah, top var. Sara, Sarai, Zara, Zaria, Zahra
53.▼31Alexis, down for two years: 18→22→53
53.▼3Eva, top var. Ava, Evie
53.▲24Jasmine, top var. Jazmine, Jazmin, Jasmin
53.▼6Mya, common var. Maya, Miah, Maia, Miya
57.▲25Sadie, var. Saida, .. 10 more
58.▼5Clara, var. Klara, .. 20 more
58.▼24Stella, var. Estrella, .. 4 more
60.▲40Ellie, var. Ellee, .. 2 more
60.▲24Piper, var. Pipere, .. 1 more
62.▼8Katherine, common var. Catherine
63.▼15Arianna, top var. Ariana, Aryanna, Aryana
64.▲29Madeleine, top var. Madelyn, Madeline, Madilyn, Madelynn, Madalyn, Madalynn
65.▲10Alyssa, top var. Alissa
65.▲23Harper, kreatif var. Harher, Harsper, Herper
65.▲8Kaylee, top var. Kayleigh, Kaylie, Kailey, Kailee, Kaleigh
68.▼3Ivy, var. Ivie, .. 5 more
68.▼14Kaitlyn, common var. Caitlyn, Caitlin, Kaitlynn
68.▲32Naomi, top var. Noemi
72.▼18Alexa, top var. Alexia
72.▲18Rachel, var. Rashell, .. 29 more
72.newSavannah, top var. Savanna new
75.▲2Kate, up for two years: 88→77→75
75.▼17Lauren, top var. Lauryn
75.▼8Nevaeh, down for three years: 45→60→67→75
75.▼30Paige, var. Pagett, .. 5 more
79.▲17Annabelle, top var. Anabelle, Annabel, Anabel, Annabell
79.newPenelope, var. Pennelope, .. 7 more
79.▼27Sienna, top var. Siena
82.newAriana, top var. Arianna new, Aryanna new, Aryana new
82.▲2Hazel, var. Hazal, .. 3 more
82.▼15Kayla, common var. Kaylie, Keyla
82.▼28Lillian, top var. Lilian
82.▼5Sydney, top var. Sidney
87.▲11Brooke, var. Brooklynn, .. 7 more
87.▲1Kylie, top var. Kylee, Kyleigh, Kyla, Kiley, Kylah
90.newMaria, common var. Mariah new, Marie new, Moriah new
91.▼55Taylor, var. Tailor, .. 2 more
92.▼15Elise, top var. Elyse
92.▼25Layla, common var. Laila, Lyla, Lila, Leila, Lilah, Leyla, Laylah, Lylah
95.newEleanor, var. Leora, .. 77 more
95.▼35Jessica, down for three years: 42→48→60→95
97.▼4Brielle, down for two years: 72→93→97
99.newAmber, var. Amberetta, .. 4 more
99.newEden, var. Edenia, .. 4 more
99.▼1Fiona, var. Fionna, .. 6 more
99.newKennedy, var. Kenadee, .. 1 more
99.▼17Makayla, top var. Mikayla, Michaela, Mikaela, Mckayla
99.newNicole, var. Nic, .. 50 more
99.▼24Summer, var. Sommers, .. 2 more

Top Falls for Canada Baby Names 2013: Taylor, Jessica, Alexis, Paige, Lillian

Statistics from BC Vital Statistics Agency - Baby Names.