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pinPopular Names in 2013

Popularity rankings for Top 1-100 baby girl names in England in 2013, and rank changes and trends in comparison to 2012. This year, Victoria (#88), Darcy (#93) and Beatrice (#95) are the 3 new names that made it into the Top 100.

1.Amelia, common var. Emilia, Amelie, Amalia
2.Olivia, common var. Alivia, Alyvia
3.▲1Emily, top var. Emilia, Emilee, Emilie, Amelie, Emelia, Emmalee, Amalia
4.▲2Ava, top var. Avah
5.▲3Isla, up for three years: 22→15→8→5
6.▼3Jessica, var. Jessyka, .. 40 more
7.▲6Poppy, up for three years: 16→14→13→7
8.▲2Isabella, common var. Izabella, Isabela
9.▲2Sophie, common var. Sophia, Sofia
10.▼3Mia, top var. Miah
11.▲1Ruby, var. Rubena, .. 10 more
12.▼7Lily, common var. Lilly, Lila, Lillie, Lilia
13.▲1Grace, var. Gracee, .. 28 more
14.▼3Evie, top var. Ava, Eva
15.▼3Sophia, top var. Sofia, Sophie
16.▲2Ella, top var. Ellie
17.▲4Scarlett, common var. Scarlet, Scarlette
18.▼2Chloe, common var. Khloe
19.▼2Isabelle, top var. Isabel
20.▼1Freya, var. Fraya
21.▼1Charlotte, var. Karlotte, .. 98 more
22.▲9Sienna, top var. Siena
23.▼1Daisy, down for three years: 15→20→22→23
24.▲4Phoebe, var. Phoeboe, .. 5 more
25.▲1Millie, common var. Malia
26.▼2Eva, top var. Ava, Evie
27.▲5Alice, up for three years: 43→37→32→27
28.▼1Lucy, down for three years: 21→23→27→28
29.▲5Florence, up for three years: 54→43→34→29
30.▲13Sofia, up for three years: 62→47→43→30
31.▼2Layla, common var. Laila, Lyla, Lila, Leila, Lilah, Leyla, Laylah, Lylah
32.▼9Lola, var. Lolla, .. 1 more
33.▼8Holly, var. Hollie, .. 6 more
34.▲3Imogen, var. Imogine, .. 6 more
35.▲4Molly, common var. Mollie
36.▲11Matilda, up for three years: 53→48→47→36
37.▼4Lilly, common var. Lily, Lila, Lillie, Lilia
38.▲10Rosie, common var. Rosa
39.▼1Elizabeth, common var. Elisabeth
40.▼4Erin, var. Aerynne, .. 24 more
41.▼11Maisie, down for three years: 14→22→30→41
42.▲4Lexi, top var. Lexie
43.▼8Ellie, down for two years: 28→35→43
44.▼2Hannah, common var. Hanna, Hana
45.▲12Evelyn, top var. Evelynn, Evalyn
46.▼2Abigail, top var. Abbigail
47.▲23Elsie, up for two years: 87→70→47
48.▼8Summer, down for three years: 30→34→40→48
49.▼8Megan, down for three years: 23→29→41→49
50.▼5Jasmine, top var. Jazmine, Jazmin, Jasmin
51.▲2Maya, top var. Mya, Miah, Maia, Miya
52.▼1Amelie, top var. Emily, Amelia, Emilia, Emilee, Emilie, Emelia, Emmalee, Amalia
53.▼4Lacey, down for three years: 36→40→49→53
54.▲15Willow, up for two years: 75→69→54
55.▼5Emma, top var. Emmy
56.▲2Bella, up for two years: 69→58→56
57.▲6Eleanor, var. Lina, .. 77 more
58.▲7Esme, up for three years: 74→72→65→58
59.▲2Eliza, top var. Elisa, Aliza
60.▼5Georgia, var. Georgianne, .. 23 more
61.▲6Harriet, up for three years: 86→71→67→61
63.▲9Annabelle, top var. Anabelle, Annabel, Anabel, Annabell
64.▼8Emilia, var. Melia, .. 3 more
65.▼5Amber, down for two years: 52→60→65
66.▲22Ivy, var. Ivyanne, .. 5 more
67.▼8Brooke, down for three years: 45→50→59→67
68.▲10Rose, var. Roselina, .. 58 more
69.▼1Anna, common var. Ana
70.▲1Zara, common var. Zariah, Zaria
71.▼7Leah, top var. Lia, Leia, Lea
71.▲13Mollie, common var. Molly, Malia
73.▲4Martha, up for three years: 85→83→77→73
74.▼1Faith, down for two years: 63→73→74
75.▼21Hollie, top var. Holly
76.▼14Amy, top var. Amya, Aimee, Amia
77.▼4Bethany, down for three years: 59→64→73→77
78.▲22Violet, var. Vyoletta, .. 29 more
79.▼13Katie, down for three years: 40→57→66→79
80.▲1Maryam, common var. Miriam, Mariam
81.▲9Francesca, up for two years: 99→90→81
82.▼3Julia, common var. Julie
83.▲11Maria, common var. Mariah, Marie, Moriah
85.▼9Isabel, common var. Isabelle
87.▼5Maddison, top var. Madison, Madisyn, Madyson
88.newVictoria, var. Victoriana, .. 30 more
89.▲9Isobel, top var. Isabelle, Isabel
90.▼6Niamh, down for three years: 78→81→84→90
91.▼5Skye, common var. Sky
92.▼17Madison, top var. Maddison, Madisyn, Madyson
94.▼7Aisha, var. Aisiah, .. 61 more
95.newBeatrice, var. Bee, .. 23 more
96.▼1Sarah, top var. Sara, Sarai, Zara, Zaria, Zahra
97.▼6Zoe, top var. Zoey, Zoie
98.▼18Paige, down for three years: 63→70→80→98
99.▼16Heidi, var. Heidey, .. 6 more
100.▼4Lydia, var. Lyda, .. 4 more
100.▼1Sara, common var. Sarah, Sarai, Zara, Zaria, Zahra

Top Falls for England Baby Names 2013: Hollie, Paige, Madison, Heidi, Amy

Statistics from National Statistics - Baby Names.