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pinPopular Names in 1900-1909

Popularity rankings for Top 1-1000 baby girl names in the U.S. in 1900-1909, and rank movements and trends compared to the previous decade. This year, Gloria (#452), Stephanie (#469), Josefina (#476), Tomasa (#493) and Janice (#499) are the 5 new entries that made it into the Top 1000.

1.Mary, top var. Marie, Maria
2.▲2Helen, top var. Helene
3.▲2Margaret, common var. Marguerite, Margarita, Margarete, Margarette, Margaretta
4.▼2Anna, top var. Ana
5.▲1Ruth, up for two decades: 66→6→5
6.▼1Elizabeth, top var. Elisabeth
7.▲50Dorothy, common var. Dorothea, Dorotha
8.▲2Marie, up for two decades: 45→10→8
9.▲33Mildred, up for two decades: 102→42→9
10.▲5Alice, top var. Alyce
11.▼4Florence, var. Florinda, .. 34 more
12.▼4Ethel, common var. Ethyl
13.▲3Lillian, common var. Lilian
14.▲8Rose, up for two decades: 28→22→14
15.▲28Gladys, up for two decades: 151→43→15
16.▲11Frances, up for two decades: 41→27→16
17.▲11Edna, var. Eddna, .. 8 more
18.▲11Grace, top var. Grayce
19.▲19Catherine, top var. Katherine, Katharine, Catharine, Katheryn
20.▲3Hazel, common var. Hazle
21.▲23Irene, up for two decades: 76→44→21
22.▲2Gertrude, up for two decades: 27→24→22
23.▼12Clara, down for two decades: 9→11→23
24.▲12Louise, common var. Lois
25.▲4Edith, top var. Edythe, Edyth
26.▼14Bertha, down for two decades: 8→12→26
27.▼7Mabel, common var. Mable, Maybelle, Mabelle, Maybell
28.▼9Annie, top var. Anna, Ana, Onie
29.▼20Emma, common var. Ima, Emmie, Emmy
30.▲7Esther, top var. Ester
31.▼6Martha, down for two decades: 18→25→31
32.▼18Bessie, down for two decades: 13→14→32
33.▲16Josephine, var. Josephyna, .. 34 more
34.▲56Evelyn, top var. Evalyn, Eveline
35.▲56Elsie, var. Elsy
36.▼10Pearl, top var. Pearle
37.▲2Agnes, up for two decades: 51→39→37
38.▲131Thelma, up for two decades: 745→169→38
39.▼6Eva, common var. Ava, Evie
40.▼12Myrtle, var. Mirtie, .. 8 more
41.▼20Ida, down for two decades: 7→21→41
42.▲24Ruby, top var. Rubie
43.▼30Minnie, down for two decades: 6→13→43
44.▲27Beatrice, up for two decades: 130→71→44
45.▲27Julia, top var. Julie
46.▼15Sarah, common var. Sara
47.▲18Viola, up for two decades: 81→65→47
48.▼18Nellie, top var. Nella
49.▲50Lucille, top var. Lucile
50.▼16Laura, common var. Lora
51.▲36Virginia, up for two decades: 101→87→51
52.▲27Pauline, up for two decades: 109→79→52
53.▲11Katherine, top var. Catherine, Katharine, Catharine, Katheryn
54.▲20Marion, common var. Marian
55.▼23Ella, common var. Ellie
56.▼15Lillie, top var. Lila, Lily, Lilly
57.▼3Alma, var. Almah, .. 1 more
58.▼2Blanche, top var. Blanch
59.▲93Maria, top var. Marie
60.▼12Lena, top var. Lina
61.▼9Jessie, down for two decades: 40→52→61
62.▼7Mae, top var. May, Maye
63.▲42Ann, up for two decades: 125→105→63
64.▲20Vera, up for two decades: 156→84→64
65.▲37Eleanor, common var. Elinor, Eleanore
66.▼3Stella, down for two decades: 59→63→66
67.▲47Bernice, common var. Berniece, Berneice
68.▼18Mattie, down for two decades: 34→50→68
69.▼18Jennie, common var. Jenny
70.▼30Carrie, down for two decades: 22→40→70
71.▼12Lucy, down for two decades: 49→59→71
72.▲99Doris, top var. Dorris
73.▲27Leona, up for two decades: 116→100→73
74.▼28Hattie, common var. Hettie
76.▲13Kathryn, top var. Cathryn, Kathrine, Kathryne
77.▲1Beulah, common var. Beaulah, Bulah
78.▼6Ellen, down for two decades: 64→72→78
79.▲31Anne, common var. Ann
80.▼33Cora, common var. Corrie
81.▼19Fannie, top var. Fanny
82.▲1Marguerite, up for two decades: 166→83→82
83.▼22Mamie, down for two decades: 57→61→83
84.▲57Violet, common var. Violette
85.▼27Ada, top var. Addie, Aida
86.▲49Lois, common var. Louise
87.▼20Dora, down for two decades: 50→67→87
88.▼18Rosa, top var. Rosie
89.▲50Marjorie, common var. Marjory
90.▼30Lula, top var. Lola, Luella, Lulu, Louella
91.▲12Hilda, up for two decades: 163→103→91
92.▲44Betty, top var. Bettie
93.▼20Sadie, down for two decades: 70→73→93
94.▲10Theresa, top var. Teresa
95.▼26Nora, top var. Norah
96.▲5Charlotte, var. Sharline, .. 98 more
97.▲70Jean, top var. Jeanne
98.▼4Emily, common var. Emilia, Emilie, Amalia, Emelia
99.▲109Opal, up for two decades: 375→208→99
100.▼5Georgia, common var. Georgie
101.▲44Sylvia, common var. Silvia
102.▼17Daisy, down for two decades: 60→85→102
103.▼50Maude, common var. Maud
104.▼36Maggie, down for two decades: 52→68→104
105.▲79Velma, up for two decades: 338→184→105
107.▼26Susie, down for two decades: 73→81→107
108.▲13Inez, top var. Ines
109.▲41Genevieve, up for two decades: 177→150→109
110.▼14Flora, common var. Florrie
111.▼25Lydia, top var. Lyda
112.▼1Lola, var. Loela, .. 1 more
113.▼33Nettie, down for two decades: 65→80→113
114.▲20Eunice, up for two decades: 170→134→114
115.▲13Loretta, common var. Lauretta
116.▼4Harriet, top var. Harriett
117.▼41Effie, down for two decades: 62→76→117
118.▼25Lottie, down for two decades: 80→93→118
119.▲60Marian, common var. Marion, Maryann
120.▼43May, common var. Mae, Maye
121.▲43Sophie, common var. Sophia, Sofia
122.▼40Della, down for two decades: 68→82→122
123.▲21Verna, common var. Vernie
124.▲3Estelle, top var. Estell
125.▼28Nancy, down for two decades: 72→97→125
126.▼28Goldie, var. Goldee, .. 2 more
127.▲63Vivian, up for two decades: 282→190→127
128.▲65Kathleen, up for two decades: 324→193→128
129.▲11Sara, top var. Sarah
130.▼22Caroline, common var. Carolyn
131.▲1Eula, top var. Eulah
132.▼34Katie, common var. Katy
133.▼18Henrietta, down for two decades: 112→115→133
133.▼16Jane, common var. Jean, Jeanne
135.▲39Alberta, up for two decades: 189→174→135
136.▲42Madeline, top var. Madeleine, Madelyn
137.▲23Christine, up for two decades: 165→160→137
139.▲124Wilma, up for two decades: 454→263→139
140.▲26Irma, top var. Erma
141.▲47Isabel, common var. Isabelle, Isabell, Isobel
142.▼11Rachel, down for two decades: 119→131→142
143.▲11Barbara, var. Babbie, .. 52 more
143.▲20Victoria, var. Vitoria, .. 30 more
145.▲3Olga, up for two decades: 172→148→145
146.▼9Mable, top var. Mabel, Maybelle, Mabelle, Maybell
147.▲77Juanita, up for two decades: 295→224→147
148.▼39Ollie, down for two decades: 106→109→148
149.▲16Lucile, common var. Lucille
150.▲5Frieda, top var. Freda, Frida
151.▼38Iva, common var. Ivy
152.▼32Amelia, common var. Emilia, Amalia
153.▼62Sallie, common var. Sally
154.▼25Nina, down for two decades: 126→129→154
155.▲43Norma, up for two decades: 258→198→155
156.▼33Susan, common var. Suzanne
157.▲39Erma, top var. Irma
157.▼41Lela, top var. Lila, Leila, Lelia, Lelah, Lyla
157.▼39Ora, down for two decades: 114→118→157
160.▼18Essie, down for two decades: 140→142→160
161.▼39Rebecca, down for two decades: 105→122→161
162.▼38Mollie, common var. Molly, Mallie
163.▲23Naomi, up for two decades: 251→186→163
164.▼58Etta, top var. Ettie
165.▼58Addie, down for two decades: 83→107→165
166.▲9Winifred, common var. Winnifred
167.▲3Celia, var. Celie, .. 3 more
168.▲8Freda, top var. Frieda, Freida, Freeda, Frida, Freddie
169.▲38Sally, top var. Sallie
170.▲35Geneva, up for two decades: 241→205→170
171.▲258Carmen, up for two decades: 569→429→171
172.▼80Lizzie, common var. Liza
173.▲49Miriam, up for two decades: 283→222→173
174.▼21Alta, down for two decades: 144→153→174
175.▼26Rosie, top var. Rosa
176.▲109Audrey, common var. Audra
177.▲17Fern, top var. Ferne
178.▼45Matilda, top var. Mathilda
179.▲146Geraldine, up for two decades: 476→325→179
180.▼55Nannie, common var. Nina, Nona
182.▲48Regina, up for two decades: 254→230→182
183.▼3Luella, common var. Lula, Lulu, Louella
184.▼46Estella, down for two decades: 115→138→184
185.▲31Cecilia, top var. Cecelia
186.▲45Veronica, up for two decades: 353→231→186
187.▲14Cecelia, top var. Cecilia
187.▼41Hannah, common var. Hanna
189.▲168Phyllis, up for two decades: 545→357→189
190.▼32Ola, down for two decades: 150→158→190
191.▲4Elva, up for two decades: 202→195→191
192.▼25Ina, top var. Ena
192.▲5Isabelle, common var. Isabel, Isabell, Isobel
194.▲8Adeline, common var. Adaline
194.▲17Teresa, up for two decades: 224→211→194
196.▼53Amy, common var. Amie
197.▲20Jeanette, top var. Jeannette
197.▲73Muriel, up for two decades: 411→270→197
197.▼10Selma, top var. Zelma
200.▲18Adele, top var. Adell, Adelle
200.▼39Sophia, top var. Sophie, Sofia
202.▼21Nell, top var. Nelle
203.▲55Faye, common var. Fay, Fae
204.▲89Antoinette, up for two decades: 300→293→204
205.▼86Amanda, down for two decades: 93→119→205
205.▲69Rita, up for two decades: 351→274→205
207.▲25Bonnie, up for two decades: 318→232→207
208.▼36Allie, down for two decades: 139→172→208
208.▲43Fay, top var. Faye, Fay, Fae
210.▼33Janie, common var. Jennie, Joanna, Jeanie
211.▼8Lila, top var. Leila, Lyla
212.▲134Angela, up for two decades: 432→346→212
213.▲27Jeannette, top var. Jeanette, Janet, Janette
214.▲113Jewell, top var. Jewel
215.▼56Augusta, down for two decades: 117→159→215
216.▲28Leola, up for two decades: 271→244→216
217.▲36Cleo, up for two decades: 338→253→217
218.▲133Angelina, up for two decades: 480→351→218
219.▲30Anita, up for two decades: 332→249→219
220.▼58Belle, top var. Bell
220.▼38Callie, down for two decades: 146→182→220
222.▲55Claire, common var. Clare
223.▼3Carolyn, down for two decades: 212→220→223
224.▲38Roberta, up for two decades: 265→262→224
225.▲4Elma, up for two decades: 247→229→225
226.▼22Leah, common var. Lee, Lea
227.▲72Erna, up for two decades: 465→299→227
228.▲209Dolores, common var. Delores
228.▲106Marcella, up for two decades: 442→334→228
230.▼38Rena, down for two decades: 169→192→230
232.▲79Dorothea, top var. Dorothy, Dorotha
234.▲62Janet, common var. Janette
235.▼9Johanna, down for two decades: 210→226→235
236.▼89Kate, down for two decades: 97→147→236
237.▲24Cecile, top var. Cecil
238.▲180Eileen, common var. Aline, Aileen, Alene
239.▲138Shirley, up for two decades: 488→377→239
239.▲75Zelma, up for two decades: 403→314→239
241.▼85Eliza, common var. Elisa
242.▼53Tillie, down for two decades: 167→189→242
244.▲106Jewel, common var. Jewell
246.▲27Margie, up for two decades: 287→273→246
247.▲87Constance, up for two decades: 377→334→247
248.▲110Wanda, up for two decades: 562→358→248
249.▲59Angeline, up for two decades: 335→308→249
250.▲61Helene, common var. Helen
251.▼52Delia, down for two decades: 141→199→251
252.▲46Elvira, common var. Elvera
253.▼17Adelaide, down for two decades: 207→236→253
254.▼81Josie, down for two decades: 131→173→254
256.▼65Millie, common var. Mellie
257.▲49Reba, up for two decades: 438→306→257
258.▼25Cornelia, down for two decades: 186→233→258
258.▲161Lorene, top var. Lorraine, Lorine
260.▲49Lee, common var. Lea
261.▲155Lorraine, top var. Loraine, Lorine
262.▼50Lora, down for two decades: 201→212→262
263.▲56Annette, var. Anetta, .. 7 more
264.▼51Dollie, common var. Dolly
265.▼50Gussie, down for two decades: 214→215→265
265.▲51June, up for two decades: 361→316→265
267.▲28Eugenia, common var. Eugenie
268.▲139Antonia, var. Toos, .. 37 more
268.▲42Edythe, common var. Edith, Edyth
268.▼138Maud, top var. Maude
271.▲81Eloise, top var. Elouise
271.▼17Letha, var. Lethe, .. 3 more
273.▼4Lorena, var. Lorenia, .. 6 more
273.▲493Maxine, var. Maxi, .. 11 more
275.▲27Rosalie, top var. Rosella, Rosalia, Rosalee
276.▼71Bertie, common var. Berta
276.▼91Mayme, down for two decades: 133→185→276
278.▼35Christina, common var. Cristina
279.▼34Elsa, common var. Elsie
279.▼24Helena, down for two decades: 222→255→279
279.▲115Jeanne, top var. Jean, Jane
282.▼61Hester, down for two decades: 217→221→282
284.▼74Leila, common var. Lela, Lila, Lelia, Lyla, Lelah
285.▲88Clarice, up for two decades: 550→373→285
285.▼26Neva, var. Neve, .. 3 more
287.▲208Patricia, up for two decades: 860→495→287
288.▼8Ila, var. Ilanys, .. 3 more
289.▲219Yvonne, var. Yvett, .. 13 more
290.▼26Lenora, top var. Leonora
291.▲29Johnnie, up for two decades: 354→320→291
291.▼134Lulu, common var. Lula, Lola, Luella, Louella
293.▼70Roxie, down for two decades: 195→223→293
294.▼46Harriett, common var. Harriet
295.▼12Lily, top var. Lillie, Lila, Lilly
297.▼60Hallie, down for two decades: 229→237→297
297.▼69Rhoda, down for two decades: 185→228→297
300.▲44Ernestine, up for two decades: 356→344→300
301.▼92Birdie, down for two decades: 168→209→301
301.▼62Katharine, top var. Catherine, Katherine, Catharine, Katheryn
301.▼63Myra, down for two decades: 193→238→301
301.▼26Wilhelmina, down for two decades: 236→275→301
305.▲237Carmela, common var. Carmella
305.▼13Elnora, down for two decades: 261→292→305
307.▲374Francisca, common var. Francesca
308.▼18Nola, var. Nowla
309.▲297Ramona, up for two decades: 874→606→309
310.▼96Bess, down for two decades: 175→214→310
311.▼61Zella, down for two decades: 248→250→311
312.▼19Isabella, down for two decades: 256→293→312
312.▼93Lelia, down for two decades: 191→219→312
314.▼25Claudia, common var. Claudie
314.▼47Olivia, down for two decades: 255→267→314
316.▼28Dovie, down for two decades: 285→288→316
317.▼36Corinne, top var. Corine, Corrine, Corene
317.▲109Paula, common var. Polly
320.▲351Gwendolyn, up for two decades: 947→671→320
320.▼55Lilly, top var. Lillie, Lila, Lily
322.▼50Dessie, down for two decades: 266→272→322
323.▼39Cecil, top var. Cecile
323.▲10Merle, common var. Myrle
325.▲128Peggy, up for two decades: 674→453→325
326.▲51Ione, up for two decades: 479→377→326
327.▼26Linda, down for two decades: 277→301→327
328.▼60Francis, down for two decades: 239→268→328
329.▼26Fanny, top var. Fannie
329.▲71Iola, up for two decades: 429→400→329
329.▼3Vesta, var. Vesteria
333.▼51Alvina, top var. Alvena
333.▲285Arlene, common var. Arline
335.▼79Gertie, down for two decades: 231→256→335
336.▲282Mercedes, up for two decades: 783→618→336
337.▼96Lou, down for two decades: 157→241→337
337.▼58Mina, common var. Minnie, Minna
337.▲51Odessa, up for two decades: 461→388→337
340.▲103Carol, up for two decades: 619→443→340
340.▲90Leone, up for two decades: 609→430→340
340.▼9Leota, kreatif var. Lehta
343.▲40Aline, common var. Ellen, Eileen, Elaine, Aileen, Allene, Alene
344.▲78Bella, var. Bellissa, .. 6 more
345.▼28Nona, down for two decades: 308→317→345
346.▲29Lenore, up for two decades: 449→375→346
348.▼123Hulda, down for two decades: 203→225→348
348.▲16Tessie, up for two decades: 414→364→348
350.▲545Concetta, kreatif var. Concetca, Concetla, Concettal
350.▲107Iris, up for two decades: 626→457→350
352.▼125Bettie, common var. Betty
352.▼7Rae, common var. Ray
354.▼17Golda, common var. Goldie, Goldia
355.▼8Leta, var. Leeta, .. 1 more
356.▼17Floy, down for two decades: 321→339→356
356.▲11Priscilla, var. Priscylla, .. 18 more
358.▼22Alpha, var. Alfa
358.▲612Ana, var. Analena, .. 7 more
358.▲208Joan, up for two decades: 619→566→358
361.▼48Catharine, top var. Catherine, Katherine, Katharine, Katheryn
361.▼39Ivy, common var. Iva
361.▲29Rosella, common var. Rosalie, Rosalia, Rosalee
364.▲232Elaine, var. Alayne, .. 25 more
364.▲44Iona, up for two decades: 438→408→364
367.▼132Mathilda, top var. Matilda
367.▼24Ona, down for two decades: 336→343→367
367.▼40Rosetta, down for two decades: 275→327→367
370.▼74Ophelia, down for two decades: 260→296→370
371.▲125Aileen, common var. Eileen, Aline, Allene, Alene
371.▼8Dolly, common var. Dollie
371.▼6Maybelle, top var. Mabel, Mable, Mabelle, Maybell
374.▲299Alyce, top var. Alice
374.▲223Emilia, var. Emilyah, .. 3 more
374.▼132Louisa, top var. Luisa
374.▼108Meta, down for two decades: 245→266→374
374.▲36Molly, top var. Mollie
379.▼120Nelle, common var. Nell
379.▼47Pansy, var. Pansey, .. 1 more
381.▲91Bridget, var. Brygid, .. 71 more
381.▲233Margarita, common var. Margaret, Marguerite, Margarete, Margarette, Margaretta
383.▲18Agatha, up for two decades: 454→401→383
384.▲50Annabelle, common var. Annabel, Annabell
384.▼42Frankie, down for two decades: 299→342→384
384.▼113Lucinda, common var. Lucinda
387.▲256Melba, var. Malva, .. 2 more
388.▼102Lura, down for two decades: 228→286→388
390.▲173Joyce, up for two decades: 874→563→390
390.▲84Natalie, top var. Nathalie
392.▲24Donna, common var. Dona, Donnie
392.▲18Hortense, up for two decades: 470→410→392
392.▲288Josefa, up for two decades: 723→680→392
392.▼12Leora, var. Leeora, .. 2 more
396.▲338Maurine, top var. Marion, Marian, Marianne, Maryann
397.▲145Sybil, top var. Sibyl
400.▲151Elinor, common var. Eleanor, Eleanore
400.▼100Linnie, down for two decades: 234→300→400
400.▼95Phoebe, down for two decades: 246→305→400
403.▲201Billie, var. Billiejo, .. 9 more
403.▼79Emilie, top var. Emily, Emilia, Amalia, Emelia
403.▼42Isabell, top var. Isabel, Isabelle, Isobel
406.▲8Corine, common var. Corinne, Corrine, Corene
406.▼68Cynthia, down for two decades: 259→338→406
406.▲170Petra, var. Petrina, .. 24 more
410.▲255Elena, up for two decades: 783→665→410
410.▼134Lettie, common var. Leta
410.▼58Vida, common var. Veda
413.▼167Hettie, common var. Hattie
413.▼34Verda, common var. Verdie
415.▲5Aurelia, up for two decades: 433→420→415
415.▲63Bernadette, up for two decades: 712→478→415
415.▲289Bernadine, up for two decades: 833→704→415
415.▼19Elisabeth, down for two decades: 356→396→415
419.▲205Guadalupe, up for two decades: 727→624→419
419.▼48Lina, top var. Lena
421.▲443Filomena, common var. Philomena
421.▼100Orpha, down for two decades: 304→321→421
424.▲149Loraine, common var. Lorraine, Lorine
425.▼17Clare, down for two decades: 392→408→425
425.▼70Louella, top var. Lula, Lola, Luella, Lulu
427.▲311Laverne, var. Laverrne, .. 6 more
427.▼109Minerva, down for two decades: 242→318→427
427.▼44Mona, var. Moina, .. 5 more
430.▲27Beryl, up for two decades: 528→457→430
431.▼174Abbie, down for two decades: 197→257→431
431.▼102Lona, down for two decades: 327→329→431
433.▼94Artie, down for two decades: 316→339→433
433.▼5Connie, var. Con, .. 1 more
433.▲150Zelda, up for two decades: 860→583→433
437.▼61Angie, down for two decades: 314→376→437
437.▲24Berta, top var. Bertie
437.▼43Una, top var. Euna
440.▼125Cassie, down for two decades: 278→315→440
440.▼35Lauretta, common var. Loretta
442.▲77Evangeline, up for two decades: 653→519→442
442.▼76Malinda, down for two decades: 278→366→442
444.▲70Adela, common var. Adelia, Adella
444.▼115Blanch, top var. Blanche
444.▲47Hedwig, up for two decades: 547→491→444
447.▲79Imogene, up for two decades: 584→526→447
447.▲51Judith, up for two decades: 566→498→447
451.▼39Eddie, top var. Eda
452.newGloria, var. Glorya, .. 21 more
452.▼31Madeleine, common var. Madeline, Madelyn
452.▲36Veda, common var. Vida
452.▼94Zora, down for two decades: 311→358→452
456.▼60Ava, down for two decades: 390→396→456
456.▼88Cordelia, down for two decades: 264→368→456
456.▲166Diana, top var. Dena
456.▲92Eleanore, top var. Eleanor, Elinor
456.▲67Philomena, top var. Filomena
456.▼41Zola, var. Izola, .. 2 more
456.▼102Zula, down for two decades: 347→354→456
463.▲318Aurora, var. Rora, .. 6 more
463.▲19Marietta, var. Mariette, .. 3 more
465.▲34Althea, common var. Altha
465.▼18Ester, common var. Esther
465.▲73Magdalene, top var. Magdalena, Magdalen
465.▼116Polly, down for two decades: 281→349→465
469.▲87Ferne, top var. Fern
469.▼99Lyda, top var. Lydia, Lida, Leda
469.▲199Rosemary, up for two decades: 809→668→469
469.newStephanie, var. Stephine, .. 48 more
469.▲77Ursula, up for two decades: 609→546→469
469.▲148Yetta, var. Yette
476.▼77Alva, var. Albinia, .. 6 more
476.▼32Avis, var. Aveza, .. 1 more
476.▲251Berniece, common var. Bernice, Berneice
476.▲461Carmella, common var. Carmela
476.▲26Gretchen, up for two decades: 720→502→476
482.▲103Florine, up for two decades: 841→585→482
482.▼159Myrtie, down for two decades: 244→323→482
482.▼20Ray, var. Raye, .. 2 more
482.▼10Rowena, var. Rowina, .. 4 more
482.▼60Tina, top var. Tena
489.▲33Camille, up for two decades: 606→522→489
489.▼27Magdalena, common var. Magdalene, Magdalen
489.▼91Rhea, var. Rea, .. 5 more
493.▲137Eve, up for two decades: 706→630→493
493.▲97Garnet, var. Grenata, .. 3 more
493.▼152Lida, top var. Lyda
493.▼55Nan, down for two decades: 356→438→493
499.▼143Evie, common var. Eva, Ava
499.newJanice, var. Janyce, .. 18 more
499.▲271Manuela, up for two decades: 804→770→499
504.▲64Arline, common var. Arlene
504.newGermaine, var. Germayne, .. 9 more
504.▼122John, down for two decades: 297→382→504
504.▲445Luisa, var. Luisana, .. 3 more
504.▲7Wilda, up for two decades: 614→511→504
510.▼4Anastasia, var. Anestassia, .. 46 more
510.▼108Elise, down for two decades: 376→402→510
510.▼5Harriette, down for two decades: 445→505→510
513.▼165Georgie, top var. Georgia
513.▲38Monica, up for two decades: 722→551→513
516.▲13Robbie, up for two decades: 837→529→516
517.▼14Belva, down for two decades: 403→503→517
517.▲464Concepcion, var. Conchata, .. 10 more
517.▼60Dixie, down for two decades: 423→457→517
520.▲140Allene, top var. Eileen, Aline, Aileen, Alene
520.▲264Georgina, top var. Georgiana, Georgianna
520.▲9Hope, up for two decades: 616→529→520
520.▼131Vina, common var. Vena
524.▲340Elisa, top var. Eliza
524.▼50Glenna, common var. Glennie
524.▼64Leonora, top var. Lenora
527.▼95Hilma, down for two decades: 410→432→527
527.▼37Julie, down for two decades: 417→490→527
527.▼166Mabelle, common var. Mabel, Mable, Maybelle, Maybell
527.▲6Marcia, var. Marcille, .. 22 more
533.▼173Chloe, down for two decades: 340→360→533
533.▼121Ellie, down for two decades: 365→412→533
533.▲108Enid, var. Enedd, .. 7 more
533.▲169Greta, var. Gretchen, .. 12 more
533.newHerminia, common var. Hermina new
533.▲389Kay, var. Kayana, .. 7 more
533.▲233Rosalia, common var. Rosalie, Rosella, Rosalee
540.▼113Idella, kreatif var. Idelna, Idila, Itala
540.▼62Ocie, kreatif var. Ocieoui, Ouiocie
540.▲74Signe, up for two decades: 967→614→540
543.▼19Celeste, var. Selestine, .. 45 more
543.▼52Lue, down for two decades: 386→491→543
546.▲47Valeria, top var. Valerie
549.▼100Adelia, top var. Adela, Adella
549.▲145Crystal, var. Krystl, .. 71 more
549.▲267Nadine, var. Nadene, .. 7 more
552.▼20Eulalia, var. Eulalee, .. 12 more
552.▲164Juliette, top var. Juliet
552.▼75Margery, var. Marjy, .. 16 more
552.▲102Therese, up for two decades: 682→654→552
552.▼44Vallie, down for two decades: 484→508→552
552.▼33Viva, var. Veeva, .. 2 more
558.▼251Mittie, down for two decades: 238→307→558
560.▲312Andrea, up for two decades: 922→872→560
560.▲379Consuelo, var. Chela, .. 5 more
560.▼67Florida, down for two decades: 488→493→560
560.▼130Lennie, down for two decades: 428→430→560
564.▲305Hildegard, top var. Hildegard
564.▲35Jenny, top var. Jennie
564.▲263Madelyn, common var. Madeline, Madeleine
570.▲10Camilla, up for two decades: 589→580→570
570.newCatalina, kreatif var. Caoitalina, Catalainn, Chatalina
570.▼124Joanna, down for two decades: 377→446→570
570.▲90Myrtis, top var. Myrtice
570.▼131Octavia, down for two decades: 380→439→570
570.▼7Rosina, down for two decades: 559→563→570
578.▲179Bobbie, up for two decades: 911→757→578
578.▲179Freida, top var. Frieda, Freda, Freeda, Frida, Freddie
578.newMargarete, top var. Margaret new, Marguerite new, Margarita new, Margarette new, Margaretta new
578.▼32Nita, top var. Nettie
578.▼187Pearle, common var. Pearl
578.▼62Sadye, common var. Sadie
578.▼143Susanna, down for two decades: 394→435→578
586.▲70Amalia, top var. Emily, Amelia, Emilia, Emilie, Emelia
586.newEna, top var. Ina new
586.▼120Lavina, common var. Luvenia, Louvenia, Lavinia
586.▼100Ludie, down for two decades: 458→486→586
591.▲59Annetta, common var. Anita
591.▲4Beth, up for two decades: 767→595→591
591.▼22Ima, common var. Emma, Emmie, Emmy
591.▼7Mathilde, common var. Matilde
591.▲199Melva, common var. Melva
591.▼155Pinkie, down for two decades: 419→436→591
591.▲403Suzanne, var. Suzane, .. 8 more
591.▲36Theodora, up for two decades: 659→627→591
600.▲104Adell, top var. Adele, Adelle
600.▼168Dena, down for two decades: 407→432→600
600.▼58Eleanora, common var. Elenora
600.▼116George, down for two decades: 350→484→600
600.▲91Lea, top var. Leah, Lee
600.▲176Lorna, var. Lorrna
600.newLuz, var. Luzelena, .. 2 more
600.▼136Minna, top var. Minnie, Mina
608.▲173Aletha, up for two decades: 783→781→608
608.▼8Reta, var. Rhetta, .. 4 more
608.▲156Sibyl, top var. Sybil
608.newSonia, var. Sonja, .. 9 more
615.▼105Almeda, down for two decades: 420→510→615
615.▼77Altha, common var. Althea
615.newCandida, var. Candy, .. 4 more
615.▼100Clementine, top var. Clementina
615.▲237Eldora, var. Eldoria, .. 3 more
615.▼175Inga, var. Inge, .. 7 more
615.▼39Leslie, var. Lesley, .. 8 more
615.▼42Luvenia, top var. Lavina, Louvenia, Lavinia
615.▼67Winnifred, top var. Winifred
615.▲35Winona, var. Winoena, .. 9 more
626.▼75Corrine, common var. Corinne, Corine, Corene
626.▲94Eulah, common var. Eula
626.▲253Felicia, var. Phalicia, .. 29 more
626.▼162Georgiana, top var. Georgina, Georgianna
626.▼109Kitty, down for two decades: 446→517→626
626.▲144Martina, var. Marteina, .. 7 more
632.▲1Annabel, common var. Annabelle, Annabell
632.▲240Delma, var. Delmi, .. 2 more
632.▲340Ines, top var. Inez, Annis
632.▼60Lucie, down for two decades: 460→572→632
632.▼158Melvina, common var. Malvina
632.▼239Sudie, down for two decades: 323→393→632
632.▼66Zona, down for two decades: 507→566→632
641.▲81Cathryn, common var. Kathryn, Kathrine, Kathryne
641.▼201Charity, down for two decades: 354→440→641
641.▼40Evalyn, common var. Evelyn, Eveline
641.▼8Helga, var. Hella, .. 3 more
641.▼147Vernie, top var. Verna
649.▼80Claudie, top var. Claudia
649.newDorris, top var. Doris new
649.▲126Novella, up for two decades: 816→775→649
649.▲177Roma, var. Romelle, .. 6 more
649.▲167Valerie, common var. Valeria
649.▼193William, down for two decades: 332→456→649
656.▼250Dona, common var. Donna, Donnie
656.▼94Estell, common var. Estelle
656.▼120Gail, common var. Gayle
656.▼99Georgianna, top var. Georgina, Georgiana
656.▼97Jettie, down for two decades: 514→559→656
656.newLeonor, top var. Lenore new
656.▲128Rosalind, var. Rozelynda, .. 40 more
664.newAstrid, var. Astri, .. 9 more
664.▲218Hermine, var. Ermine, .. 1 more
664.▲129Johnie, up for two decades: 916→793→664
664.▼26Maybell, top var. Mabel, Mable, Maybelle, Mabelle
664.▼67Maye, top var. Mae, May
664.▲228Rosamond, up for two decades: 938→892→664
664.▲33Serena, var. Sarina, .. 12 more
672.▲98Adelina, up for two decades: 985→770→672
672.▼285Bell, top var. Belle
672.▲28Deborah, var. Debreanna, .. 23 more
672.▲10Edwina, up for two decades: 773→682→672
672.▲277Myrna, var. Mirna, .. 7 more
672.▲197Myrtice, common var. Myrtis
672.▲122Verona, var. Verone, .. 3 more
681.▲26Audra, common var. Audrey
681.▼130Clemmie, down for two decades: 538→551→681
681.▼123Emelia, common var. Emily, Emilia, Emilie, Amalia
681.▼201Emmie, common var. Emma, Amy, Ima, Emmy
681.▼150Hanna, common var. Hannah
681.▲95Justine, up for two decades: 885→776→681
681.▼139Lilian, common var. Lillian
681.newMatilde, common var. Mathilde new
681.▲135Millicent, var. Milisent, .. 15 more
681.▼231Tennie, down for two decades: 362→450→681
681.▼43Theo, down for two decades: 602→638→681
692.▲12Hertha, up for two decades: 985→704→692
692.▼290Lilla, down for two decades: 315→402→692
692.▲20Nova, up for two decades: 938→712→692
698.▼127Adella, common var. Adela, Adelia
698.newAdrienne, var. Adriane, .. 24 more
698.▼90Berenice, var. Bernessa, .. 6 more
698.▲279Elvera, common var. Elvira
698.▲251Freeda, top var. Frieda, Freda, Freida, Frida, Freddie
698.▼160James, down for two decades: 398→538→698
698.▼201Mallie, top var. Mollie, Molly
698.▼306Mandy, down for two decades: 290→392→698
698.▼108Verdie, top var. Verda
698.▼199Zoe, down for two decades: 388→499→698
711.▼200Donnie, top var. Donna, Dona
711.newDorotha, common var. Dorothy new, Dorothea new
711.newDortha, common var. Dorthy new
711.▼59Grayce, top var. Grace new
711.newJacqueline, var. Jacquenetta, .. 50 more
711.▲174Libby, top var. Libbie
711.▼63Magnolia, var. Maggie, .. 2 more
711.newMariana, common var. Marianna new
711.▲59Sabina, var. Savina, .. 10 more
711.▼260Savannah, down for two decades: 384→451→711
711.newViolette, top var. Violet new
722.▲250Alene, common var. Ellen, Eileen, Aline, Elaine, Aileen, Allene
722.▲227Sofia, up for two decades: 985→949→722
727.▼305Adah, down for two decades: 349→422→727
727.newAlexandra, var. Alesandare, .. 111 more
727.▲25Delphine, var. Delfine, .. 7 more
727.▼53Rubie, top var. Ruby
727.▼257Vinnie, top var. Vina
735.▼202Alda, var. Aldene, .. 9 more
735.newDelores, var. Delora, .. 1 more
735.▼249Ethyl, top var. Ethel
735.▼99Eugenie, top var. Eugenia
735.▼44Joy, var. Joyanna, .. 13 more
735.▼134Meda, down for two decades: 502→601→735
735.▼150Vena, common var. Vina
743.▼21Ebba, var. Ebbe
743.▲223Fae, common var. Faye, Fay
743.▼125Rosanna, down for two decades: 531→618→743
743.newYolanda, var. Iola, .. 25 more
750.▲107Alicia, var. Alieshea, .. 31 more
750.▲60Audie, up for two decades: 958→810→750
750.▼299Eda, down for two decades: 368→451→750
750.▼237Elmira, common var. Almira
750.▲55Lavada, up for two decades: 860→805→750
750.▼136Libbie, common var. Libby
750.newMarianne, common var. Maryann new
750.newPalma, var. Pallmyra, .. 7 more
750.▼305Tena, top var. Tina
750.▲170Treva, var. Trevia, .. 1 more
764.▼139Clarissa, down for two decades: 589→625→764
764.▲74Dorcas, var. Dorcass, .. 2 more
764.▼161Faith, var. Faye, .. 6 more
764.▲72Gene, var. Genie
764.newGerda, var. Garda, .. 2 more
764.▼247Lucretia, down for two decades: 332→517→764
764.▼201Mellie, top var. Millie
764.▼152Patsy, down for two decades: 472→612→764
764.▼34Sigrid, var. Sigred
764.newVelda, var. Vellda
775.newJuliana, var. Juliann, .. 7 more
775.▲26Juliet, common var. Juliette
775.newLorine, top var. Lorene new, Lorraine new, Loraine new
775.▲110Margarette, common var. Margaret new, Marguerite, Margarita, Margarete, Margaretta
775.▲22Ressie, up for two decades: 947→797→775
785.newAida, var. Aeeda, .. 5 more
785.▼212Alida, down for two decades: 519→573→785
785.▲141Claribel, up for two decades: 947→926→785
785.newDagny, var. Dagna, .. 1 more
785.newGregoria, var. Gregoriana, .. 5 more
785.▼244Letitia, down for two decades: 435→541→785
785.▼286Pattie, down for two decades: 415→499→785
785.▼303Rilla, down for two decades: 417→482→785
795.▲194Adelle, top var. Adele, Adell
795.▼48Alfreda, common var. Elfrieda
795.▼101Annis, down for two decades: 688→694→795
795.newEsperanza, var. Esperance, .. 1 more
795.▼183Kathrine, common var. Kathryn, Cathryn, Kathryne
795.▲39Kathryne, common var. Kathryn, Cathryn, Kathrine
795.▼113Leda, top var. Lyda, Lida
795.▼247Luna, down for two decades: 517→548→795
795.newMarianna, top var. Mariana new
809.▲106Antonette, common var. Antoinette
809.▼112Charlie, var. Charley, .. 8 more
809.▲153Claudine, var. Claudean
809.newCristina, top var. Christina new
809.▲78Dagmar, up for two decades: 903→887→809
809.newDorthy, common var. Dortha new
809.▼93Elfrieda, common var. Alfreda
809.newEveline, top var. Evelyn new, Evalyn new
809.▼141Joe, down for two decades: 581→668→809
809.▼288Lavinia, common var. Lavina, Luvenia, Louvenia
809.▼87Louvenia, top var. Lavina, Luvenia, Lavinia
809.▼369Melissa, down for two decades: 305→440→809
809.▼59Myrle, top var. Merle
809.▲36Nella, top var. Nellie
809.▼99Prudence, down for two decades: 595→710→809
809.▼52Thora, top var. Thyra
809.newThyra, top var. Thora new
832.▼187Adaline, common var. Adeline
832.newBenita, var. Bennie, .. 11 more
832.newBeverly, var. Buffy, .. 17 more
832.newGwen, var. Gwenn, .. 2 more
832.▼176Katheryn, top var. Catherine, Katherine, Katharine, Catharine
832.newLinnea, var. Linnae, .. 8 more
832.▼204Magdalen, common var. Magdalene, Magdalena
832.▼35Margaretta, top var. Margaret, Marguerite, Margarita, Margarete, Margarette
832.▼344Margret, down for two decades: 362→488→832
832.newRenee, var. Renita, .. 18 more
832.▲47Salome, var. Salma, .. 12 more
844.▼97Amie, common var. Amy
844.newArdis, var. Ardys, .. 3 more
844.▼124Edyth, top var. Edith, Edythe
844.▲35Euna, top var. Una
844.newImelda, var. Imalda, .. 3 more
844.newLynn, var. Lynnett, .. 16 more
844.▼54Marjory, top var. Marjorie
844.▼128Rachael, down for two decades: 640→716→844
844.▼318Retta, down for two decades: 411→526→844
859.▼109Betsy, down for two decades: 523→750→859
859.▼199Cordia, top var. Cordie
859.▼2Daphne, var. Dafneigh, .. 11 more
859.▼152Florrie, common var. Flora
859.newFrida, top var. Frieda new, Freda new, Freida new, Freeda new, Freddie new
859.▼7Jo, var. Joquise, .. 28 more
859.▼324Lenna, down for two decades: 454→535→859
859.▲47Zita, up for two decades: 973→906→859
876.▼119Beaulah, common var. Beulah, Bulah
876.newBerneice, common var. Bernice new, Berniece new
876.▲34Corene, common var. Corinne, Corine, Corrine
876.▼251Frank, down for two decades: 517→625→876
876.▲14Hermina, common var. Herminia
876.▼188Joseph, down for two decades: 667→688→876
876.▲34Loma, up for two decades: 980→910→876
876.▼174Malvina, common var. Melvina
876.▼12Maymie, top var. Mamie
876.▼29Norah, common var. Nora
876.▼296Onie, common var. Anna, Annie, Ana
876.▼216Queenie, down for two decades: 628→660→876
876.▼71Theresia, down for two decades: 647→805→876
876.▼12Wilhelmine, down for two decades: 727→864→876
876.▼200Zetta, down for two decades: 602→676→876
899.▲16Annabell, common var. Annabelle, Annabel
899.newCarmel, var. Karmen, .. 44 more
899.▼433Cordie, common var. Cordia
899.▼338Corrie, common var. Cora
899.▲21Delta, var. Dellta
899.newElouise, common var. Eloise new
899.▼220Etha, down for two decades: 633→679→899
899.newFrancesca, common var. Francisca new
899.newGayle, var. Gala, .. 5 more
899.▼61Hazle, top var. Hazel
899.newIsobel, top var. Isabel new, Isabelle new, Isabell new
899.▼27Jessica, down for two decades: 702→872→899
899.▼291Louie, down for two decades: 435→608→899
899.newMarina, var. Maryn, .. 16 more
919.▼122Alvena, top var. Alvina
919.▼283Bulah, common var. Beulah, Beaulah
919.newCharlene, var. Charlanna, .. 20 more
919.▼276Delilah, down for two decades: 577→643→919
919.▼74Dell, down for two decades: 685→845→919
919.▼125Glennie, common var. Glenna
919.▼72Goldia, top var. Goldie, Golda
919.▲70Jeanie, common var. Janie, Joanna
919.newKaren, var. Kerrynn, .. 28 more
919.▼360Liza, common var. Lizzie
919.▼309Missouri, down for two decades: 400→610→919
919.▼174Odie, down for two decades: 702→745→919
919.▼14Paulina, down for two decades: 776→905→919
919.▼87Rosia, down for two decades: 752→832→919
942.▼122Almira, common var. Elmira
942.▼141America, down for two decades: 550→801→942
942.newAntonetta, top var. Antonietta new
942.▼277Arrie, down for two decades: 584→665→942
942.newBonita, var. Nita, .. 4 more
942.▼476Ettie, common var. Etta, Yetta
942.▼212Freddie, top var. Frieda, Freda, Freida, Freeda, Frida
942.newIngrid, var. Inger, .. 3 more
942.▼217Ivah, down for two decades: 685→725→942
942.▼141Izora, down for two decades: 783→801→942
942.▲1Janette, common var. Jeanette, Jeannette, Janet
942.▼416Lelah, common var. Lela, Lila, Leila, Lelia, Lyla
942.▼3Lyla, top var. Lila, Leila
942.newMaryann, var. Maryanna, .. 1 more
942.▼391Mertie, down for two decades: 351→551→942
942.▼256Ottie, down for two decades: 680→686→942
942.▼114Ottilie, common var. Ottilie
942.▼99Rosalee, top var. Rosalie, Rosella, Rosalia
942.newSilvia, common var. Sylvia new
942.▼10Walter, down for two decades: 827→932→942
942.▼38Zena, down for two decades: 799→904→942
969.newAlba, var. Albina, .. 7 more
969.▼132Amber, var. Ambur, .. 4 more
969.▼293Ara, down for two decades: 569→676→969
969.newClementina, common var. Clementine new
969.▼259Coral, down for two decades: 635→710→969
969.▼381Elenora, top var. Eleanora
969.newEmmy, var. Emmyjane, .. 2 more
969.newGabrielle, var. Gabbi, .. 25 more
969.▼54Katy, top var. Katie, Kitty, Kittie
969.▼34Lexie, var. Lexi, .. 8 more
969.▼377Lonie, down for two decades: 589→592→969
969.newLorenza, var. Laurenca, .. 2 more
969.newNathalie, top var. Natalie new
969.▼7Thea, down for two decades: 752→962→969
969.newVita, var. Vitella, .. 3 more
988.newAntonietta, common var. Antonetta new
988.newCarlotta, var. Carlota
988.▼82Drucilla, down for two decades: 799→906→988
988.▼106Electa, down for two decades: 821→882→988
988.newGiovanna, var. Giovana, .. 6 more
988.newGudrun, var. Guro, .. 10 more
988.▼302Kattie, down for two decades: 628→686→988
988.▼518Kittie, top var. Katie, Kitty, Katy

Top Falls for U.S. Baby Names 1900-1909: Kittie, Ettie, Cordie, Lelah, Mertie