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pinPopular Names in 1920-1929

Popularity rankings for Top 1-1000 baby girl names in the U.S. in 1920-1929, and rank movements and trends in comparison to the previous decade. This year, Patty (#409), Jacquelyn (#409), Leatrice (#425), Sheila (#451) and Pat (#476) are the 5 new names that made it into the Top 1000.

1.Mary, top var. Marie, Maria
2.▲1Dorothy, top var. Dorothea, Dorotha
3.▼1Helen, top var. Helene, Hellen
4.▲40Betty, top var. Bettie
5.▼1Margaret, common var. Marguerite, Margarita, Margarette
6.▼1Ruth, common var. Ruthe
7.▲5Virginia, up for three decades: 87→51→12→7
8.▲28Doris, top var. Dorris
9.▼3Mildred, var. Millie, .. 2 more
10.▼2Elizabeth, top var. Elisabeth
11.▼2Frances, var. Fransabella, .. 45 more
12.▼5Anna, top var. Ana
13.▼2Evelyn, top var. Evelyne, Evalyn
14.▼1Alice, top var. Alyce
15.▼5Marie, down for two decades: 8→10→15
16.▲34Jean, top var. Jeanne, Jeane
17.▲125Shirley, top var. Shirlee
18.▲67Barbara, up for three decades: 154→143→85→18
19.▼2Irene, var. Irine, .. 27 more
20.▲21Marjorie, common var. Marjory
21.▲30Lois, common var. Louise
22.▼8Florence, down for three decades: 7→11→14→22
23.▼8Rose, down for two decades: 14→15→23
24.▲1Martha, up for two decades: 31→25→24
25.▼7Louise, common var. Lois
26.▼10Lillian, down for two decades: 13→16→26
27.▼3Ruby, top var. Rubie
28.▼7Catherine, top var. Katherine, Katharine, Katheryn, Catharine
29.▲2Eleanor, top var. Eleanore, Elinor, Elinore
30.▲140Patricia, up for three decades: 495→287→170→30
31.▼11Gladys, down for two decades: 15→20→31
32.▼9Josephine, var. Josetta, .. 34 more
33.▲1Annie, top var. Anna, Ana
34.▼15Edna, down for two decades: 17→19→34
35.▼7Thelma, var. Thellma, .. 1 more
36.▲255Gloria, up for two decades: 452→291→36
37.▲82Norma, up for three decades: 198→155→119→37
38.▼9Edith, top var. Edythe
40.▼10Lucille, common var. Lucile
41.▼19Ethel, down for three decades: 8→12→22→41
42.▼16Grace, top var. Grayce
43.▲64Phyllis, up for three decades: 357→189→107→43
44.▼17Hazel, common var. Hazle
45.▼3Bernice, top var. Berniece, Berneice
46.▲60June, up for three decades: 316→265→106→46
47.▲1Marion, common var. Marian
48.▲41Rita, up for three decades: 274→205→89→48
49.▼15Esther, top var. Ester
50.▼5Ann, var. Annie
50.▲90Dolores, top var. Delores, Deloris
52.▼15Clara, down for three decades: 11→23→37→52
53.▲39Juanita, common var. Wanita
54.▼16Beatrice, common var. Beatriz
55.▲63Lorraine, top var. Loraine, Lorine
56.▲41Geraldine, up for three decades: 325→179→97→56
57.▲13Jane, common var. Jean, Jeanne
58.▼19Emma, common var. Ima, Emmie
59.▼7Sarah, common var. Sara
60.▲146Joan, up for three decades: 566→358→206→60
61.▲8Maria, top var. Marie
62.▼22Julia, top var. Julie
63.▼14Katherine, top var. Catherine, Katharine, Katheryn, Catharine
64.▼32Gertrude, down for two decades: 22→32→64
65.▲171Joyce, up for three decades: 563→390→236→65
66.▲34Nancy, up for two decades: 125→100→66
67.▼24Elsie, down for two decades: 35→43→67
68.▼22Agnes, down for two decades: 37→46→68
69.▼16Eva, top var. Ava, Evie
69.▲25Wilma, up for three decades: 263→139→94→69
71.▲19Marian, common var. Marion, Maryann
72.▲55Audrey, common var. Audra
73.▲5Vivian, common var. Vivien
75.▼14Laura, common var. Lora
76.▲20Theresa, common var. Teresa
77.▼30Bertha, down for three decades: 12→26→47→77
78.▲83Wanda, up for three decades: 358→248→161→78
79.▼24Ida, down for three decades: 21→41→55→79
80.▲3Charlotte, up for three decades: 101→96→83→80
81.▲23Kathleen, up for three decades: 193→128→104→81
82.▲19Maxine, up for three decades: 766→273→101→82
83.▼26Anne, common var. Ann
84.▲106Elaine, common var. Elayne
85.▼26Viola, down for two decades: 47→59→85
86.▼30Bessie, down for three decades: 14→32→56→86
87.▼22Vera, down for two decades: 64→65→87
88.▲448Marilyn, top var. Marilynn
89.▼26Kathryn, common var. Cathryn, Kathrine, Cathrine, Kathryne
90.▼36Pearl, top var. Pearle
91.▼29Nellie, top var. Nila, Nella
92.▼34Myrtle, down for three decades: 28→40→58→92
93.▼26Jessie, down for three decades: 52→61→67→93
94.▼26Alma, down for three decades: 54→57→68→94
95.▲99Jeanne, top var. Jean, Jane, Jeane
96.▼22Violet, common var. Violette
97.▲37Eileen, common var. Aileen, Aline, Ilene, Alene
98.▲241Beverly, top var. Beverley
99.▼22Ella, common var. Ellie
100.▼25Lillie, top var. Lila, Lily, Lilly, Lilia
101.▼15Ellen, down for three decades: 72→78→86→101
102.▼4Rosa, top var. Rosie
103.▼19Lucy, down for three decades: 59→71→84→103
104.▼16Mattie, down for three decades: 50→68→88→104
105.▲46Carmen, up for three decades: 429→171→151→105
106.▼40Minnie, down for three decades: 13→43→66→106
107.▼35Leona, var. Leonie, .. 10 more
108.▲111Rosemary, top var. Rosemarie
109.▲114Margie, up for three decades: 273→246→223→109
110.▼37Sylvia, var. Sylvine, .. 22 more
111.▼31Genevieve, var. Jennie, .. 18 more
112.▼48Stella, var. Estelle, .. 4 more
113.▲164Donna, common var. Dona, Donnie
114.▲39Janet, common var. Janette
115.▼55Mabel, common var. Mable, Maybelle
116.▲127Carol, top var. Carole, Caryl, Carroll
117.▼2Geneva, var. Genever, .. 17 more
118.▼32Mae, common var. May
119.▲61Bonnie, up for three decades: 232→207→180→119
120.▼25Velma, var. Vehlma, .. 2 more
121.▼19Georgia, top var. Georgie
122.▼41Jennie, common var. Jenny
123.▼47Lena, top var. Lina
124.▼47Christine, top var. Christene, Christeen
125.▼43Marguerite, var. Marguerita, .. 6 more
126.▼10Sara, top var. Sarah
127.▲47Carolyn, up for two decades: 223→174→127
128.▲67Arlene, common var. Arline, Arleen
129.▲143Peggy, common var. Peggie
130.▼13Loretta, top var. Lauretta
131.▼40Opal, var. Opaline, .. 2 more
132.▼29Hilda, down for two decades: 91→103→132
133.▼11Dora, down for three decades: 67→87→122→133
134.▼21Harriet, common var. Harriett
135.▼14Eunice, down for two decades: 114→121→135
136.▲1Jeanette, top var. Jeannette
137.▲36Roberta, up for three decades: 262→224→173→137
138.▼6Muriel, var. Muriella, .. 6 more
139.▼40Carrie, down for three decades: 40→70→99→139
140.▼61Blanche, common var. Blanch
141.▲341Jacqueline, top var. Jacquelyn
142.▼37Emily, common var. Emilia, Emilie, Amalia
143.▼50Beulah, common var. Bulah
144.▲116Billie, top var. Billye, Billy
145.▲18Anita, up for three decades: 249→219→163→145
146.▼26Alberta, var. Allie, .. 30 more
147.▼9Naomi, common var. Neoma, Naoma
148.▼40Inez, top var. Ines
149.▼38Hattie, common var. Hettie
150.▼25Lula, top var. Lola, Luella, Louella, Lulu
151.▼39Fannie, top var. Fanny
152.▼23Verna, common var. Vernie
153.▲213Delores, top var. Deloris
154.▼44Ada, common var. Addie, Aida
155.▼41Cora, down for three decades: 47→80→114→155
156.▲56Constance, up for three decades: 334→247→212→156
157.▼29Madeline, top var. Madelyn, Madeleine
158.▲49Claire, common var. Clare
159.▼4Rachel, down for three decades: 131→142→155→159
160.▼10Miriam, top var. Mariam
161.▼31Flora, down for three decades: 96→110→130→161
162.▼17Erma, top var. Irma
163.▼37Mamie, down for three decades: 61→83→126→163
164.▼25Daisy, down for three decades: 85→102→139→164
165.▼29Olga, var. Helga, .. 4 more
166.▼31Lola, down for three decades: 111→112→135→166
167.▼21Irma, top var. Erma
168.▼2Rosie, top var. Rosa
170.▼28Mable, top var. Mabel, Maybelle
171.▲8Marcella, up for three decades: 334→228→179→171
172.▼10Sally, top var. Sallie
173.▼24Caroline, common var. Carolyn
174.▼65Sophie, common var. Sophia, Sofia
175.▼52Estelle, common var. Estell
176.▼8Rebecca, down for three decades: 122→161→168→176
177.▲30Eloise, top var. Elouise
178.▼30Nora, down for three decades: 69→95→148→178
179.▼38Victoria, var. Vicki, .. 30 more
180.▲68Laverne, top var. Lavern
181.▼37Susie, down for three decades: 81→107→144→181
182.▼26Eula, down for two decades: 131→156→182
182.▼25Winifred, common var. Winnifred
184.▼21Nina, down for three decades: 129→154→163→184
185.▲3Lorene, top var. Lorraine, Lorine
186.▲126Imogene, up for three decades: 526→447→312→186
187.▲141Janice, top var. Janis
188.▼21Lydia, top var. Lidia, Lyda
189.▼3Regina, down for two decades: 182→186→189
190.▼36Maggie, down for three decades: 68→104→154→190
191.▼16Antoinette, var. Antonique, .. 21 more
192.▲22Rosalie, common var. Rosella, Rosalee, Rosalia, Rozella
193.▲38Lila, top var. Leila, Lyla
194.▼63Sadie, down for three decades: 73→93→131→194
195.▼30Della, down for three decades: 82→122→165→195
196.▼38Henrietta, down for three decades: 115→133→158→196
197.▲121Bettie, common var. Betty, Bettye
198.▼39Isabel, common var. Isabelle, Isabell
200.▲28Teresa, var. Tesa, .. 34 more
201.▼30Adeline, var. Adalynn, .. 28 more
202.▲40Johnnie, up for three decades: 320→291→242→202
203.▼70Olive, down for three decades: 88→106→133→203
204.▼20Jeannette, top var. Janet, Jeanette, Janette
205.▼5Faye, common var. Fay
206.▲56Ramona, up for three decades: 606→309→262→206
207.▼29Katie, down for three decades: 98→132→178→207
208.▼32Fern, top var. Ferne
209.▼57Lottie, down for three decades: 93→118→152→209
210.▲40Ernestine, top var. Earnestine, Ernestina
211.▼43Amelia, common var. Emilia, Amalia
212.▲74Ana, up for three decades: 970→358→286→212
212.▲41Iris, up for three decades: 457→350→253→212
214.▼33Essie, down for three decades: 142→160→181→214
215.▲105Yvonne, var. Ivonne, .. 13 more
216.▼56Nettie, down for three decades: 80→113→160→216
217.▼70Lucile, common var. Lucille
218.▲39Gwendolyn, up for three decades: 671→320→257→218
219.▼34Susan, common var. Suzanne
220.▲348Patsy, up for two decades: 764→568→220
222.▲33Melba, up for three decades: 643→387→255→222
223.▼22Cleo, var. Clio, .. 1 more
223.▼40Veronica, var. Vonnie, .. 31 more
225.▲11Annette, up for three decades: 319→263→236→225
226.▼37Dorothea, top var. Dorothy, Dorotha
227.▲76Priscilla, up for three decades: 367→356→303→227
228.▼56Goldie, down for two decades: 126→172→228
229.▼32Freda, top var. Frieda, Freddie, Freida, Freeda
230.▼25Luella, common var. Lula, Louella, Lulu
231.▼54May, top var. Mae
232.▼21Cecilia, common var. Cecelia
233.▼18Adele, top var. Adell, Adelle
234.▲7Jewel, common var. Jewell
235.▼44Cecelia, common var. Cecilia
235.▲463Joanne, common var. Joann
237.▼45Ollie, down for three decades: 109→148→192→237
237.▼34Sallie, common var. Sally
239.▼19Jewell, top var. Jewel
240.▼59Ora, down for three decades: 118→157→181→240
241.▼40Lela, top var. Lila, Leila, Lelia, Lyla
242.▲158Joy, up for two decades: 735→400→242
243.▲2Janie, common var. Jennie, Joanna, Jeanie
244.▲297Darlene, top var. Darline, Darleen
245.▲192Bobbie, up for three decades: 757→578→437→245
246.▼21Leola, down for two decades: 216→225→246
247.▼52Angela, var. Angelyn, .. 46 more
248.▲19Francis, up for two decades: 328→267→248
249.▼36Addie, down for three decades: 107→165→213→249
249.▼50Iva, top var. Ivy
251.▲45Natalie, common var. Nathalie, Natalia
252.▼65Effie, down for three decades: 76→117→187→252
253.▲47Nadine, up for three decades: 816→549→300→253
255.▼20Ina, down for three decades: 167→192→235→255
256.▼16Reba, var. Rheba, .. 1 more
257.▼54Celia, down for two decades: 167→203→257
258.▲361Jo, up for two decades: 859→619→258
259.▼67Isabelle, common var. Isabel, Isabell
260.▲93Margarita, common var. Margaret, Marguerite, Margarette
260.▼30Selma, top var. Zelma
262.▼38Alta, down for three decades: 153→174→224→262
263.▲44Annabelle, common var. Annabel, Annabell
264.▼46Elva, down for two decades: 191→218→264
265.▼44Etta, down for three decades: 106→164→221→265
266.▼8Eleanore, top var. Eleanor, Elinor, Elinore
267.▲7Elinor, common var. Eleanor, Eleanore, Elinore
268.▲9Antonia, var. Antonya, .. 37 more
268.▲47Connie, up for two decades: 433→315→268
270.▼41Nell, down for three decades: 181→202→229→270
271.▲35Arline, common var. Arlene, Arleen
271.▲323Charlene, top var. Charline
271.▼33Fay, common var. Faye, Fay
274.▲56Paula, common var. Polly
275.▼53Ola, down for three decades: 158→190→222→275
276.▲191Dorthy, common var. Dortha
277.▼38Lizzie, down for three decades: 92→172→239→277
278.▲3Elnora, up for two decades: 305→281→278
279.▼19Juana, down for two decades: 231→260→279
280.▼22Clarice, var. Claris, .. 14 more
281.▼8Lenora, top var. Leonora
282.▼27Elvira, common var. Elvera
283.▲37Bernadine, up for three decades: 704→415→320→283
284.▼40Amy, top var. Amie
285.▼31Eugenia, var. Jennie, .. 15 more
285.▲499Joann, top var. Joanne
287.▼41Estella, top var. Estela
288.▼8Carmela, top var. Carmella
289.▲156Mavis, up for two decades: 727→445→289
289.▲20Olivia, up for two decades: 314→309→289
291.▲16Rhoda, var. Rodina, .. 7 more
292.▼59Helene, common var. Helen, Hellen
292.▲90Judith, up for three decades: 498→447→382→292
294.▼60Matilda, common var. Mathilda
296.▲701Colleen, var. Kolleen, .. 18 more
297.▲219Luz, up for two decades: 600→516→297
297.▲101Margery, up for two decades: 552→398→297
297.▼7Mercedes, var. Mercede, .. 2 more
300.▲26Frankie, up for two decades: 384→326→300
301.▼36Rena, down for three decades: 192→230→265→301
302.▼55Elma, down for two decades: 225→247→302
303.▲53Corinne, common var. Corine, Corrine, Corene
303.▼6Myra, var. Mira, .. 4 more
305.▼22Harriett, common var. Harriet
305.▼40Lee, top var. Lea
305.▲43Willa, up for two decades: 397→348→305
308.▼92Frieda, top var. Freda
308.▼56Virgie, down for three decades: 200→242→252→308
310.▲226Marcia, var. Marquita, .. 22 more
311.▼62Flossie, down for three decades: 151→181→249→311
312.▼103Maude, common var. Maud
313.▲169Earline, up for two decades: 692→482→313
314.▼47Ila, var. Isla, .. 3 more
315.▲12Aileen, common var. Eileen, Aline, Ilene, Allene, Alene, Alline
316.▲73Yolanda, up for two decades: 743→389→316
317.▲265Deloris, top var. Dolores, Delores
318.▲25Carmella, common var. Carmela
318.▲452Rosemarie, top var. Rosemary
320.▲89Jimmie, kreatif var. Jeamie, Jiamie, Jumie
320.▼88Mollie, common var. Molly
322.▲100Aurora, up for three decades: 781→463→422→322
323.▼60Leah, common var. Lee, Lea
324.▲13Linda, var. Lindalee, .. 17 more
325.▼75Nannie, common var. Nina, Nona
326.▲144Guadalupe, var. Lupita, .. 1 more
327.▼4Odessa, var. Odyssa, .. 2 more
329.▲652Bettye, top var. Betty, Bettie
331.▲31Sybil, top var. Sibyl
332.▲31Alyce, top var. Alice
333.▲15Lenore, common var. Leonore
334.▼29Neva, down for three decades: 259→285→305→334
334.▲17Pearlie, up for two decades: 364→351→334
337.▼54Letha, down for three decades: 254→271→283→337
338.▼50Josie, down for three decades: 173→254→288→338
338.▼63Winnie, down for three decades: 183→245→275→338
340.▲20Lou, var. Louanne, .. 4 more
341.▼70Edythe, common var. Edith
342.▲25Delia, var. Delya, .. 1 more
343.▼61Cecile, top var. Cecil
343.▲124Glenna, up for two decades: 524→467→343
345.▲50Josefina, up for two decades: 476→395→345
346.▲156Suzanne, up for three decades: 994→591→502→346
347.▼38Claudia, top var. Claudie
348.▼48Avis, var. Avice, .. 1 more
348.▼25Christina, common var. Cristina
350.▼25Merle, common var. Myrle
351.▼5Rosella, top var. Rosalie, Rosalee, Rosalia, Rozella
352.▼13Berniece, common var. Bernice, Berneice
352.▼13Lily, top var. Lillie, Lila, Lilly, Lilia
354.▲5Loraine, top var. Lorraine, Lorine
356.▲52Bernadette, up for three decades: 478→415→408→356
356.▲50Cynthia, var. Cynthea, .. 51 more
358.▼81Millie, down for three decades: 191→256→277→358
360.▲118John, up for two decades: 504→478→360
360.▼84Zelma, down for two decades: 239→276→360
362.▲15Dolly, common var. Dollie
363.▲66Dixie, up for two decades: 517→429→363
363.▼70Dollie, common var. Dolly
363.▲219Ruthie, up for two decades: 919→582→363
366.▼102Hannah, down for three decades: 146→187→264→366
366.▼75Lorena, down for three decades: 269→273→291→366
366.▼72Madge, down for three decades: 252→254→294→366
369.▼142Sophia, top var. Sophie, Sofia
369.▲43Wilda, up for three decades: 511→504→412→369
371.▼59Aline, common var. Elaine, Eileen, Ellen, Aileen, Ilene, Allene, Alene, Elayne, Alline
371.▼82Cornelia, down for three decades: 233→258→289→371
373.▲52Beth, up for three decades: 595→591→425→373
374.▼12Petra, var. Peterina, .. 24 more
375.▲7Mona, up for two decades: 427→382→375
376.▼40Nola, down for three decades: 290→308→336→376
377.▼43Leila, common var. Lila, Lela, Lelia, Lyla
378.▼93Allie, down for three decades: 172→208→285→378
379.▲25Eddie, up for two decades: 451→404→379
379.▼80Helena, down for three decades: 255→279→299→379
381.▲67Consuelo, up for three decades: 939→560→448→381
383.▲89Lorna, up for three decades: 776→600→472→383
384.▲257Alicia, up for three decades: 857→750→641→384
384.▼75Lora, down for three decades: 212→262→309→384
386.▼116Adelaide, down for three decades: 236→253→270→386
386.▼117Amanda, down for three decades: 119→205→269→386
386.▲43Hope, up for three decades: 529→520→429→386
386.▲43Polly, var. Pollee, .. 5 more
386.▲15Reva, up for three decades: 656→447→401→386
391.▲15Elena, var. Elaina, .. 5 more
392.▲45Tommie, up for two decades: 513→437→392
393.▼50Ophelia, top var. Ofelia
394.▲24Felicita, up for two decades: 570→418→394
395.▼63Eliza, common var. Elisa
395.▲129Lupe, up for two decades: 775→524→395
397.▼85Hester, down for three decades: 221→282→312→397
398.▼45Corine, common var. Corinne, Corrine, Corene
398.▲35Robbie, up for three decades: 529→516→433→398
400.▲82Diana, top var. Dena
401.▼34Iona, down for two decades: 364→367→401
401.▼37Katharine, top var. Catherine, Katherine, Katheryn, Catharine
403.▲249Nelda, up for two decades: 698→652→403
404.▼37Lilly, top var. Lillie, Lila, Lily, Lilia
406.▲144Dorris, top var. Doris
406.▲130James, up for two decades: 698→536→406
406.▲54Melva, common var. Melva
409.▲87Corrine, top var. Corinne, Corine, Corene
409.▲206Ilene, var. Ilean, .. 4 more
409.newJacquelyn, var. Jaclyn, .. 1 more
409.▲122Marianne, common var. Maryann
409.newPatty, common var. Pattie new
414.▲247Aida, up for two decades: 785→661→414
414.▼10Althea, common var. Altha
414.▼62Molly, top var. Mollie
417.▲5Madelyn, top var. Madeline, Madeleine
418.▼73Callie, down for three decades: 182→220→345→418
418.▼40Maudie, down for three decades: 246→295→378→418
420.▼67Bertie, common var. Berta
420.▼34Zella, down for three decades: 250→311→386→420
422.▲295Lavonne, var. Lavonna, .. 4 more
423.▼9Georgie, common var. Georgia
423.▼126Johanna, down for three decades: 226→235→297→423
425.newLeatrice, var. Leetriss
426.▲108Marjory, common var. Marjorie
427.▼55Kay, var. Kaylin, .. 7 more
428.▲9Evangeline, common var. Evangelina
429.▲421Betsy, up for two decades: 859→850→429
429.▲121Dortha, common var. Dorthy
431.▼19Emilia, down for two decades: 374→412→431
431.▼84Iola, down for two decades: 329→347→431
431.▲316Jackie, var. Jackey, .. 8 more
431.▼59Lelia, common var. Lilia
431.▲235Maryann, up for two decades: 942→666→431
436.▲5Louella, common var. Lula, Lola, Luella, Lulu
437.▼79Dessie, down for three decades: 272→322→358→437
437.▲138William, up for two decades: 649→575→437
439.▼83Leota, down for three decades: 331→340→356→439
439.▼144Lessie, down for three decades: 278→283→295→439
439.▲2Marietta, up for three decades: 482→463→441→439
439.▼152Tillie, down for three decades: 189→242→287→439
443.▲364Earnestine, top var. Ernestine, Ernestina
444.▲16Manuela, up for three decades: 770→499→460→444
445.▼23Allene, top var. Eileen, Aileen, Aline, Ilene, Alene, Alline
445.▼4Winona, top var. Wynona
447.▼49Nona, down for three decades: 317→345→398→447
448.▼77Ione, down for two decades: 326→371→448
449.▲298Dona, common var. Donna, Donnie
449.▲33Lorine, top var. Lorraine, Lorene, Loraine
451.▲117Joanna, up for two decades: 570→568→451
451.newSheila, var. Shilea, .. 25 more
453.▼81Birdie, down for three decades: 209→301→372→453
453.▼27Ester, common var. Esther
453.▼71Pansy, down for three decades: 332→379→382→453
456.▼153Gussie, down for three decades: 215→265→303→456
456.▼55Philomena, top var. Filomena
458.▼156Augusta, down for three decades: 159→215→302→458
458.▼55Isabell, common var. Isabel, Isabelle
458.▼86Oma, down for three decades: 304→329→372→458
463.▲209Judy, var. Judey, .. 4 more
463.▲35Retha, up for three decades: 747→586→498→463
466.▼6Aurelia, down for two decades: 415→460→466
467.▼49Zelda, var. Zelde, .. 2 more
469.▲229Gene, up for three decades: 836→764→698→469
469.▼105Maurine, common var. Marion, Marian, Marianne, Maryann, Maureen
472.▲180Elouise, top var. Eloise
472.▼105Roxie, down for three decades: 223→293→367→472
475.▼141Stephanie, var. Stepha, .. 48 more
476.▲294Esperanza, up for two decades: 795→770→476
476.▼94Isabella, down for three decades: 293→312→382→476
479.▼1Alene, common var. Elaine, Eileen, Ellen, Aileen, Aline, Ilene, Allene, Elayne, Alline
479.▼88Lucia, down for two decades: 388→391→479
482.▲83Catalina, up for two decades: 570→565→482
482.▲34Julie, up for two decades: 527→516→482
484.▲126Jenny, top var. Jennie
485.▲80Alfreda, up for two decades: 795→565→485
485.▲134Gilda, up for two decades: 876→619→485
485.▲143Ima, top var. Emma, Emmie
485.▲245Maureen, top var. Maurine
485.▲97Millicent, up for three decades: 816→681→582→485
485.▲223Renee, up for two decades: 832→708→485
485.▲156Roslyn, common var. Roselyn
485.▲4Theda, var. Thida, .. 2 more
493.▲117Delphine, up for three decades: 752→727→610→493
493.▲17Georgina, top var. Georgiana, Georgianna
493.▼23Phoebe, down for three decades: 305→400→470→493
496.▲40Edwina, up for three decades: 682→672→536→496
498.▲6Filomena, common var. Philomena
499.▲231Ardis, up for two decades: 844→730→499
499.▼70Rae, top var. Ray
499.▼27Vada, down for three decades: 369→433→472→499
503.▲370Carole, top var. Carol, Caryl, Carroll
503.▲72Charlie, up for two decades: 809→575→503
503.▼31Clare, down for three decades: 408→425→472→503
506.▼58Lauretta, common var. Loretta
506.▼52Leta, down for three decades: 347→355→454→506
506.▼52Minerva, down for three decades: 318→427→454→506
509.▼118Beryl, var. Berylla, .. 6 more
509.▲66Myrna, up for three decades: 949→672→575→509
513.▲128Claudine, up for three decades: 962→809→641→513
513.newDoreen, var. Doreyn, .. 4 more
513.▲1Rosalind, up for three decades: 784→656→514→513
513.▼61Valeria, common var. Valerie
519.▲39Bennie, up for three decades: 610→608→558→519
519.▼204Erna, down for two decades: 227→315→519
519.▲198Freddie, common var. Freda, Frieda, Freida, Freeda
519.▼82Monica, var. Mona, .. 9 more
524.▲7Valerie, top var. Valeria
526.▼131Elsa, common var. Elsie
526.▼28Elvera, common var. Elvira
526.▼108Verda, down for three decades: 379→413→418→526
529.▲15Elisa, top var. Eliza
529.▼75Josefa, down for two decades: 392→454→529
529.▼199Kate, down for three decades: 147→236→330→529
529.▲34Luisa, var. Luiza, .. 3 more
529.▲60Myrtis, top var. Myrtice
534.newJeannine, var. Jineen, .. 7 more
534.▼195Wilhelmina, down for three decades: 275→301→339→534
536.▼16Blanch, top var. Blanche
536.▼16Germaine, down for two decades: 504→520→536
536.▲172Margret, up for two decades: 832→708→536
539.▲55Andrea, var. Andrew, .. 51 more
539.▲55Faith, up for two decades: 764→594→539
539.▲109Jayne, common var. Joan
539.▼151Mayme, down for three decades: 185→276→388→539
544.▼111Adela, common var. Adelia, Adella
544.newBeverley, top var. Beverly new
544.▼96Enid, var. Enydd, .. 7 more
544.▼128Fanny, top var. Fannie
548.▼21Madeleine, common var. Madeline, Madelyn
548.▼134Vesta, down for three decades: 326→329→414→548
551.▼74Belva, var. Bellva
551.▼190Hallie, down for three decades: 237→297→361→551
553.▼172Alvina, down for three decades: 282→333→381→553
553.▲10Ursula, var. Urszula, .. 20 more
553.▲22Velda, up for two decades: 764→575→553
556.▲54Gail, common var. Gayle
556.▲76Leonora, common var. Lenora
556.▲110Nita, top var. Nettie
560.▲34Verla, up for three decades: 946→919→594→560
561.▼4Ava, down for three decades: 396→456→557→561
561.▲100Joe, up for two decades: 809→661→561
561.▼37Lettie, down for three decades: 276→410→524→561
561.▼125Louisa, top var. Luisa
561.newShirlee, common var. Shirley new
561.newSocorro, var. Sucorra, .. 3 more
567.▼113Hortense, down for two decades: 392→454→567
567.▼177Leora, var. Leorah, .. 2 more
567.▼23Rowena, down for three decades: 472→482→544→567
570.▼135Dovie, down for three decades: 288→316→435→570
570.▼173Elisabeth, var. Lilli, .. 19 more
570.▲19Georgiana, top var. Georgina, Georgianna
570.▲71Ines, top var. Inez, Annis
570.▼18Magdalene, top var. Magdalena
575.▼97Lucinda, top var. Lucinda
575.▼97Lura, down for three decades: 286→388→478→575
575.▲105Rosalee, common var. Rosalie, Rosella, Rosalia, Rozella
579.▲151Carmel, up for two decades: 899→730→579
579.▼69Dorotha, top var. Dorothy, Dorothea
579.▲112Janette, top var. Janet, Jeanette, Jeannette
582.▼76Gertie, down for three decades: 256→335→506→582
582.▼38Veda, common var. Vida
582.▼84Vida, common var. Veda
585.▲288Arleen, top var. Arlene, Arline
585.▲81Justine, up for three decades: 776→681→666→585
585.▲33Katheryn, top var. Catherine, Katherine, Katharine, Catharine
585.newMarilynn, common var. Marilyn new
589.▲195Georgette, var. Jorjette, .. 3 more
590.▼46Adell, top var. Adele, Adelle
590.▲225Lavon, kreatif var. Lavonnia, Luvon
590.▲157Rosalyn, var. Rosalynn, .. 4 more
593.▼139Agatha, down for two decades: 383→454→593
593.▼264Belle, down for three decades: 162→220→329→593
593.▼184Catharine, top var. Catherine, Katherine, Katharine, Katheryn
593.▼202Cecil, top var. Cecile
593.▲214Charline, top var. Charlene
593.▲35Concepcion, var. Conchata, .. 10 more
593.▲55Dominga, up for two decades: 832→648→593
601.▲304Angelita, up for two decades: 919→905→601
601.▲183Bonita, up for two decades: 942→784→601
601.▼141Maybelle, top var. Mabel, Mable
601.▼70Mazie, down for three decades: 372→499→531→601
601.▲328Sandra, var. Sohndra, .. 22 more
607.▼18Herminia, down for two decades: 533→589→607
607.▼93Rhea, down for three decades: 398→489→514→607
607.▼49Tomasa, down for two decades: 493→558→607
610.E, kreatif var. Eei, Eie
610.▲81Pearline, kreatif var. Pearlinel, Pearliny, Pruline
610.▲9Theodora, var. Teddie, .. 13 more
610.▼104Vernice, kreatif var. Velnice, Vernide, Vernive
614.▲66Cruz, up for two decades: 876→680→614
614.newDawn, var. Dawnette, .. 13 more
614.▲10Eleanora, common var. Elenora
614.newJeane, top var. Jean new, Jeanne new
614.▲331Lavern, common var. Laverne
614.▼238Leone, down for two decades: 340→376→614
614.▼46Margarette, common var. Margaret, Marguerite, Margarita
614.▲148Sonia, var. Sohnnja, .. 9 more
614.▲148Trinidad, up for two decades: 795→762→614
614.▼73Winnifred, top var. Winifred
625.▼158Alva, var. Alvah, .. 6 more
625.▼57Camilla, var. Cammie, .. 37 more
625.▲215Eloisa, up for two decades: 876→840→625
625.▼171Garnet, var. Grenatta, .. 3 more
625.▲23Reta, var. Reeda, .. 4 more
625.▲36Santa, up for two decades: 809→661→625
625.▲235Twila, up for three decades: 955→919→860→625
633.▲97Adrienne, var. Adrian, .. 24 more
633.▼109Clementine, var. Klementijna, .. 12 more
633.▼81Delma, var. Delmira, .. 2 more
633.▼137Freida, top var. Freda, Frieda, Freddie, Freeda
633.▲201Glenda, var. Glinda, .. 2 more
633.▲58Hellen, common var. Helen, Helene
633.newJanis, top var. Janice new
633.newTerry, var. Terrie, .. 22 more
633.▼131Una, down for three decades: 394→437→502→633
645.▼129Ferne, top var. Fern
645.▼141Lona, down for three decades: 329→431→504→645
645.▲46Monserrate, up for two decades: 795→691→645
645.▼129Orpha, down for three decades: 321→421→516→645
645.▼41Tina, down for three decades: 422→482→604→645
650.newAngelica, var. Anjelika, .. 6 more
650.▲223Ardith, var. Ardelia, .. 5 more
650.▼46Juliette, top var. Juliet
650.▲120Marcelle, up for two decades: 876→770→650
656.▼174Bella, down for two decades: 344→482→656
656.▲74Dorcas, up for three decades: 838→764→730→656
656.▲52Gregoria, up for two decades: 785→708→656
659.▼161Camille, down for two decades: 489→498→659
659.▼199Elise, common var. Elease
659.▼70Ethelyn, top var. Ethelene
659.▼214Floy, down for three decades: 339→356→445→659
659.▼31Lavina, common var. Lavinia, Luvenia, Louvenia
659.▼65Mittie, down for three decades: 307→558→594→659
659.▼123Roma, var. Romina, .. 6 more
671.▼39Berta, top var. Bertie
671.newBillye, common var. Billie new, Billy new
671.▼178Cassie, down for three decades: 315→440→493→671
671.▼137Emilie, top var. Emily, Emilia, Amalia
671.▼30Leonor, top var. Lenore, Leonore
671.▲37Marianna, top var. Mariana
671.▼182Maud, top var. Maude
671.▼119Zola, down for three decades: 415→456→552→671
681.▼221Alpha, down for three decades: 336→358→460→681
681.newBobby, common var. Bobbie new
681.▲89Candida, var. Candide, .. 4 more
681.▲103Evelyne, common var. Evelyn, Evalyn
686.▼38Cathryn, top var. Kathryn, Kathrine, Cathrine, Kathryne
686.▼265Ona, down for three decades: 343→367→421→686
688.▼36Magdalena, common var. Magdalene
688.▼8Myrtice, top var. Myrtis
688.▲74Ouida, up for three decades: 972→795→762→688
688.▲3Treva, up for three decades: 920→750→691→688
688.▲70Yvette, var. Ivetta, .. 5 more
695.▼43Annetta, top var. Anita
695.▼154Cordelia, down for three decades: 368→456→541→695
695.▼175Linnie, down for three decades: 300→400→520→695
695.newNoreen, top var. Norine new, Norene new
695.▼80Rafaela, down for two decades: 564→615→695
702.▼41Annabel, top var. Annabelle, Annabell
702.▼257Artie, down for three decades: 339→433→445→702
702.▲56Greta, var. Grette, .. 12 more
702.▼61Gwen, var. Gwyn, .. 2 more
702.newLaurel, var. Lorelle, .. 7 more
702.▼6Melvina, down for three decades: 474→632→696→702
709.▼127Alda, var. Aldana, .. 9 more
709.▼90Antonette, common var. Antoinette
709.newMarceline, common var. Marcelina new
709.▲38Martina, var. Tine, .. 7 more
709.▲255Ofelia, top var. Ophelia
715.▼133Celeste, down for three decades: 524→543→582→715
715.▼171Eulalia, var. Lal, .. 12 more
715.▼205Mina, common var. Minnie
720.▲38Joseph, up for two decades: 876→758→720
720.▲244Roselyn, common var. Roslyn
722.▲183Daphne, var. Dafnie, .. 11 more
722.▲36Kathrine, common var. Kathryn, Cathryn, Cathrine, Kathryne
724.▼44Kitty, down for three decades: 517→626→680→724
724.▼58Ray, down for three decades: 462→482→666→724
727.▼29Adelina, down for two decades: 672→698→727
727.▲123Annabell, common var. Annabelle, Annabel
727.▲178Meredith, var. Meredithe, .. 5 more
733.newBilly, common var. Billie new, Billye new
733.▲37Eldora, var. Eldoris, .. 3 more
733.▼105Estell, common var. Estelle
733.▲29Gayle, up for two decades: 899→762→733
733.▼273Lulu, common var. Lula, Lola, Luella, Louella
733.▼189Magnolia, var. Maggy, .. 2 more
733.▼16Mariana, top var. Marianna
733.▲51Marina, up for two decades: 899→784→733
742.▼190Abbie, down for three decades: 257→431→552→742
742.▼138Almeda, var. Maelle, .. 15 more
742.▼25Amalia, top var. Emily, Amelia, Emilia, Emilie
742.▲145Benita, var. Benny, .. 11 more
742.▼62Delphia, down for three decades: 537→591→680→742
742.▼253Evalyn, common var. Evelyn, Evelyne
742.▼148Georgianna, top var. Georgina, Georgiana
742.▼215Hettie, common var. Hattie
742.▼16Lavinia, top var. Lavina, Luvenia, Louvenia
742.▼34Leslie, down for three decades: 576→615→708→742
742.▼270Mathilda, top var. Matilda
742.▲203Neoma, var. Nioma, .. 1 more
742.▼70Rubie, top var. Ruby
742.▲203Ruthe, common var. Ruth
742.▼160Sibyl, top var. Sybil
757.▼189Anastasia, down for three decades: 506→510→568→757
757.newAurea, common var. Ora new
757.▼205Crystal, down for two decades: 549→552→757
757.▼268Era, down for three decades: 383→423→489→757
757.▼247Ivy, top var. Iva
757.newSharon, var. Sharronne, .. 27 more
757.▼10Sofia, down for two decades: 722→747→757
765.▼48Bethel, var. Bethell, .. 5 more
765.▼35Marcelina, top var. Marceline
770.▼62Berneice, common var. Bernice, Berniece
770.▼62Deborah, var. Debbra, .. 23 more
770.▼40Donnie, top var. Donna, Dona
770.▼288Golda, common var. Goldie
770.▼98Nan, down for three decades: 438→493→672→770
770.▲26Natividad, up for two decades: 919→796→770
770.▼176Tressie, down for three decades: 507→558→594→770
780.▼84Audra, common var. Audrey
780.▼38Esta, down for three decades: 453→672→742→780
780.▼128Rosina, down for three decades: 563→570→652→780
780.▼328Yetta, var. Yette
786.▲10Gay, var. Gai, .. 2 more
786.▼106Johnie, down for two decades: 664→680→786
786.▲10Norine, common var. Noreen, Norene
786.▲143Vilma, var. Wilma
792.▼62Clyde, down for three decades: 402→489→730→792
792.▼112Leatha, down for three decades: 504→564→680→792
792.▼203Lovie, down for three decades: 425→546→589→792
792.▼45Palma, var. Palmyra, .. 7 more
798.▼223Felicia, var. Faleece, .. 29 more
798.newLidia, common var. Lydia new, Lyda new
798.newNila, var. Nyla, .. 1 more
798.▲131Pattie, common var. Patty
798.newWynona, top var. Winona new
804.newBeatriz, common var. Beatrice new
804.▼210Lina, top var. Lena
804.▼144Octavia, down for three decades: 439→570→660→804
804.▼42Theo, down for three decades: 638→681→762→804
809.▲120Delfina, var. Delphia, .. 2 more
809.newElba, var. Ellba, .. 1 more
809.▼111Elmira, var. Myra, .. 18 more
809.▼92Ira, down for two decades: 578→717→809
809.newRaquel, var. Racquell, .. 4 more
809.▼177Rosamond, var. Rosmunda, .. 10 more
809.▼13Rosario, down for two decades: 775→796→809
809.▼111Verona, down for two decades: 672→698→809
819.▲75Cathrine, top var. Kathryn, Cathryn, Kathrine, Kathryne
819.▲9Claudie, common var. Claudia
819.▲15Elenora, common var. Eleanora
819.▲75Madonna, var. Madona
819.newMilagros, var. Milagritos, .. 2 more
824.▼54Corene, common var. Corinne, Corine, Corrine
824.newDarline, top var. Darlene new, Darleen new
824.▲140Ernestina, common var. Ernestine, Earnestine
824.▲105Freeda, top var. Freda, Frieda, Freddie, Freida
824.▼200Rosalia, top var. Rosalie, Rosella, Rosalee, Rozella
824.▼126Sabina, var. Savina, .. 10 more
824.▲121Vita, up for two decades: 969→945→824
835.newDana, var. Danet, .. 13 more
835.▼203Evie, common var. Eva, Ava
835.▼20Florida, down for three decades: 493→560→815→835
835.newJeanie, common var. Janie new, Joanna new
835.▼7Lynn, var. Lynette, .. 16 more
835.newMarlene, var. Marlina, .. 22 more
835.▼183Vina, down for three decades: 389→520→652→835
845.▼147Ellie, down for three decades: 412→533→698→845
845.▼277Zora, down for three decades: 358→452→568→845
850.▼35Adelle, top var. Adele, Adell
850.newCaryl, common var. Carol new, Carole new, Carroll new
850.newCherry, var. Cherrie, .. 12 more
850.newEthelene, common var. Ethelyn new
850.newEvangelina, top var. Evangeline new
850.▼330Eve, down for two decades: 493→520→850
850.▼103Grayce, top var. Grace
850.▼323Hedwig, down for two decades: 444→527→850
850.▼43Juliet, common var. Juliette
850.▼108Madaline, down for two decades: 722→742→850
850.▼268Ocie, down for three decades: 478→540→582→850
850.newPamela, var. Permelia, .. 15 more
850.▲114Peggie, common var. Peggy
850.▼35Providencia, down for two decades: 692→815→850
850.newToni, var. Twanette, .. 15 more
850.▲44Vivien, common var. Vivian
868.▼72Emmie, common var. Emma, Amy, Ima
868.▼264Lyda, top var. Lydia, Lidia, Lida
868.▼8Lyla, top var. Lila, Leila
868.▼138Mandy, down for three decades: 392→698→730→868
868.newNaoma, common var. Naomi new, Neoma new
868.▲19Nova, var. Novia, .. 1 more
868.newRosaline, common var. Rosalyn new
868.▼170Zona, down for three decades: 566→632→698→868
880.▼110Cristina, top var. Christina
880.newDarleen, common var. Darlene new, Darline new
880.▼96Elinore, common var. Eleanor, Eleanore, Elinor
880.newFrancine, var. Francena, .. 4 more
880.▼200Lea, common var. Lee, Leah
880.▼96Luvenia, common var. Lavina, Lavinia, Louvenia
880.▼200Sudie, down for three decades: 393→632→680→880
880.▼150Viva, down for three decades: 519→552→730→880
880.▼315Zula, down for three decades: 354→456→565→880
894.newCarroll, top var. Carol new, Carole new, Caryl new
894.newChristene, top var. Christine new, Christeen new
894.▲51Dale, var. Dalina, .. 11 more
894.▼336Hulda, down for three decades: 225→348→558→894
894.▼214Kathryne, common var. Kathryn, Cathryn, Kathrine, Cathrine
894.▼262Lida, top var. Lyda
894.▼21Ludie, down for three decades: 486→586→873→894
894.▼79Nathalie, top var. Natalie, Natalia
894.▼54Nella, top var. Nellie, Nila
894.▼34Norene, common var. Noreen, Norine
894.▲11Rozella, common var. Rosalie, Rosella, Rosalee, Rosalia
894.▼253Vernie, top var. Verna
909.▼94Adelia, top var. Adela, Adella
909.▼351Adella, common var. Adela, Adelia
909.▼201Altha, common var. Althea
909.▼243Bridget, down for two decades: 381→666→909
909.▼290Chloe, down for three decades: 360→533→619→909
909.▼201Dena, down for three decades: 432→600→708→909
909.newDenise, var. Deniece, .. 21 more
909.▼75Garnett, down for two decades: 698→834→909
909.▼49Libby, down for two decades: 711→860→909
909.▼183Malinda, down for three decades: 366→442→726→909
909.▼257Myrtie, down for three decades: 323→482→652→909
909.▼113Savannah, down for three decades: 451→711→796→909
909.newWanita, top var. Juanita new
929.▼89Annis, down for three decades: 694→795→840→929
929.newLadonna, var. Ledonna
929.▼212Lennie, down for three decades: 430→560→717→929
929.▼24Lonnie, down for two decades: 641→905→929
929.▼335Meta, down for three decades: 266→374→594→929
929.▼159Myrle, top var. Merle new
929.▼221Susanna, top var. Susana
942.▲3Amie, common var. Amy
942.newElayne, common var. Elaine new, Eileen new, Ellen new, Aileen new, Aline new, Ilene new, Alene new
942.▲55Leonore, top var. Lenore, Leonor
942.▲55Susana, common var. Susanna
952.newAlline, top var. Eileen new, Aileen new, Aline new, Ilene new, Allene new, Alene new
952.newEstela, top var. Estella new
952.▲29Hazle, top var. Hazel
952.▼145Hildred, down for two decades: 608→807→952
952.newJamie, var. Jaymee, .. 20 more
952.▼7Juliana, down for two decades: 775→945→952
952.▼145Pinkie, down for three decades: 436→591→807→952
966.▼286Berenice, var. Bernie, .. 6 more
966.▼116Bulah, common var. Beulah
966.newCarlene, var. Karlen, .. 16 more
966.newElease, top var. Elise new
966.newLilia, common var. Lillie new, Lila new, Lily new, Lilly new, Lelia new
966.▼37Louvenia, top var. Lavina, Lavinia, Luvenia
966.newNilda, var. Nillda
966.▼219Pearle, common var. Pearl
966.▼61Prudence, down for three decades: 710→809→905→966
966.▼2Romaine, var. Romene, .. 3 more
966.▼236Violette, top var. Violet
983.▼477Bess, down for three decades: 214→310→506→983
983.newChristeen, common var. Christine new, Christene new
983.newEllamae, var. Ellamay
983.newElois, common var. Ellie new
983.newEris, var. Eryss, .. 3 more
983.newMariam, common var. Miriam new
983.newNatalia, top var. Natalie new, Nathalie new
983.▲14Paulina, var. Pavlina, .. 6 more
983.▼2Verlie, down for two decades: 775→981→983

Top Falls for U.S. Baby Names 1920-1929: Bess, Adella, A, Hulda, Meta