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pinPopular Names in 1940-1949

Popularity rankings for Top 1-1000 baby girl names in the U.S. in 1940-1949, and rank movements and trends in comparison to the previous decade. This year, Cathy (#169), Michele (#195), Lana (#207), Jennifer (#210) and Wendy (#249) are the 5 new names that made it into the Top 1000.

1.Mary, top var. Maria, Marie
2.▲93Linda, top var. Lynda
3.▲93Barbara, var. Babita, .. 52 more
4.▲1Patricia, up for three decades: 170→30→5→4
5.▲6Carol, top var. Carole, Karol, Carroll, Caryl, Carrol
6.▲44Sandra, common var. Saundra, Sondra
7.▲2Nancy, top var. Nanci
8.▲32Judith, up for three decades: 382→292→40→8
9.▲78Sharon, common var. Sharron, Sharyn, Sharen, Sheron, Sherron
10.▲111Susan, common var. Suzanne, Susanne, Suzan, Susann
11.▼9Betty, top var. Bettie
12.▲18Carolyn, common var. Karolyn, Carolynn
13.▼9Shirley, top var. Shirlee
14.▼6Margaret, top var. Margarita, Marguerite
15.▲126Karen, common var. Karin, Karon, Caren, Karyn, Karren
16.▲6Donna, common var. Dona, Donnie
17.▲93Judy, top var. Judi, Judie
18.▲54Kathleen, common var. Cathleen, Kathlyn
19.▼7Joyce, var. Joyous, .. 8 more
20.▼14Dorothy, top var. Dorothea
21.▲4Janet, common var. Janette
22.▲91Diane, common var. Dianne, Diann, Dian
23.▼6Elizabeth, common var. Elisabeth
24.▲21Janice, top var. Janis
25.▼18Joan, var. Joanie, .. 5 more
26.▲3Gloria, up for three decades: 291→36→29→26
27.▲274Brenda, var. Brennda, .. 13 more
28.▼13Virginia, down for two decades: 7→15→28
29.▼13Marilyn, top var. Marilynn, Marylin, Marylyn
30.▼4Martha, down for two decades: 24→26→30
31.▼10Beverly, top var. Beverley
32.▼22Helen, top var. Helene
33.▼19Ruth, down for three decades: 5→6→14→33
34.▲34Bonnie, common var. Bonny
35.▼16Frances, down for three decades: 9→11→19→35
36.▼18Jean, top var. Jeanne
37.▼10Phyllis, common var. Phylis, Phillis
38.▼4Ann, var. Annie
39.▼1Maria, top var. Marie
40.▲7Jane, common var. Jean, Jeanne, Jan
41.▲437Pamela, common var. Pamala, Pamella
42.▼19Alice, top var. Alyce
43.▼7Peggy, common var. Peggie
44.▲579Cheryl, top var. Sheryl, Sherrill, Cheryle, Sherryl
45.▼32Doris, top var. Dorris
46.▼3Catherine, common var. Katherine, Katharine, Katheryn, Catharine
47.▲5Elaine, up for three decades: 190→84→52→47
48.▲150Cynthia, up for three decades: 406→356→198→48
49.▼25Lois, common var. Louise
50.▲8Carmen, up for three decades: 151→105→58→50
51.▼19Marie, down for three decades: 10→15→32→51
52.▲88Gail, common var. Gayle, Gale
53.▲92Connie, up for three decades: 315→268→145→53
53.▲153Diana, top var. Deanna, Dianna, Dena, Deana
55.▲74Christine, common var. Kristine, Kristin
56.▲74Joanne, common var. Joann
57.▲74Rita, var. Rheeta, .. 6 more
58.▼21Rose, down for three decades: 15→23→37→58
59.▼8Wanda, var. Wenda, .. 14 more
60.▲38Carole, top var. Carol, Karol, Carroll, Caryl, Carrol
61.▼30Evelyn, down for three decades: 11→13→31→61
62.▲34Jo, up for three decades: 619→258→96→62
63.▲10Charlotte, up for three decades: 83→80→73→63
64.▼25Geraldine, var. Dyna, .. 34 more
65.▼37Norma, var. Normie, .. 2 more
66.▲347Deborah, up for two decades: 770→413→66
67.▲15Jacqueline, top var. Jacquelyn, Jacquelin
68.▲101Rebecca, top var. Rebekah
69.▲1Sally, top var. Sallie
70.▲31Ellen, var. Ellin, .. 26 more
71.▲40Kathryn, common var. Cathryn, Kathrine
72.▼39Anna, top var. Ana
73.▲29Katherine, common var. Catherine, Katharine, Katheryn, Catharine
73.▲53Sue, up for two decades: 254→126→73
75.▼13Sarah, common var. Sara
76.▲127Paula, common var. Polly
77.▲127Joann, top var. Joanne
78.▲85Suzanne, top var. Susanne
80.▲20Darlene, top var. Darleen
81.▲13Roberta, up for three decades: 173→137→94→81
82.▼7Sylvia, common var. Silvia
83.▼42Annie, top var. Anna, Ana
84.▼42Louise, common var. Lois
85.▲97Sheila, common var. Shelia
86.▲4Anne, common var. Ann
87.▲64Marcia, up for three decades: 536→310→151→87
88.▲32Eileen, common var. Ilene, Aileen, Aline, Alene
89.▲10Laura, common var. Laurie, Lora, Lori
89.▼15Theresa, common var. Teresa
91.▲16Rosemary, common var. Rosemarie
92.▼72Dolores, top var. Delores, Deloris
93.▲601Kathy, common var. Cathy, Kathie, Cathie, Kathi
94.▼59Mildred, down for three decades: 6→9→35→94
95.▲24Anita, up for three decades: 163→145→119→95
96.▼41Juanita, down for two decades: 53→55→96
97.▲103Glenda, common var. Glynda, Glinda
98.▲41Kay, common var. Kaye
99.▼55Marjorie, down for two decades: 20→44→99
100.▼54Irene, down for three decades: 17→19→46→100
101.▼30Lorraine, common var. Loraine, Laraine, Lorine
102.▲74Maureen, top var. Maurine
102.▲268Sherry, common var. Sherrie, Sherri, Sheri, Shari
104.▼56Ruby, down for three decades: 24→27→48→104
105.▼9Julia, top var. Julie
106.▲25Jeanne, top var. Jean, Jane, Jan
107.▲205Dianne, common var. Diane, Diann, Dian
108.▼20Loretta, top var. Lauretta
109.▲13Constance, up for three decades: 212→156→122→109
110.▼46Delores, top var. Deloris
111.▼42Arlene, common var. Arleen, Arline
112.▼49Marlene, common var. Marlyn
113.▲232Lynn, common var. Lynne, Lyn
114.▲40Charlene, common var. Sharlene, Charleen, Charline
115.▲368Lynda, var. Lyndee, .. 2 more
116.▼3Rosa, top var. Rosie
117.▲301Marsha, var. Marsita, .. 2 more
118.▼65Edna, down for three decades: 19→34→53→118
119.▼65June, down for two decades: 46→54→119
120.▼17Jeanette, common var. Jeannette
121.▼55Josephine, down for three decades: 23→32→66→121
122.▼73Eleanor, top var. Elinor, Eleanore
123.▼63Gladys, down for three decades: 20→31→60→123
124.▼40Emma, common var. Ima
125.▼2Yvonne, var. Yuette, .. 13 more
126.▼46Edith, top var. Edythe
127.▼66Lillian, down for three decades: 16→26→61→127
128.▲558Vicki, common var. Vickie, Vicky
129.▼17Vivian, down for two decades: 73→112→129
130.▼54Pauline, down for three decades: 33→39→76→130
131.▲2Sara, top var. Sarah
132.▲91Victoria, var. Vicci, .. 30 more
133.▼51Wilma, down for two decades: 69→82→133
134.▲74Teresa, var. Terasina, .. 34 more
135.▼76Florence, down for three decades: 14→22→59→135
136.▼57Clara, down for three decades: 37→52→79→136
137.▼44Esther, top var. Ester
138.▼13Georgia, top var. Georgie
139.▼53Grace, down for three decades: 26→42→86→139
140.▲171Julie, up for three decades: 516→482→311→140
141.▼26Margie, down for two decades: 109→115→141
142.▼57Lucille, common var. Lucile
143.▼76Thelma, down for three decades: 28→35→67→143
144.▼63Ethel, down for three decades: 22→41→81→144
145.▼67Audrey, down for two decades: 72→78→145
146.▲68Priscilla, up for three decades: 303→227→214→146
147.▲41Gwendolyn, up for three decades: 257→218→188→147
148.▼59Marion, common var. Marian
149.▲112Claudia, up for two decades: 347→261→149
150.▲239Andrea, up for three decades: 594→539→389→150
151.▼46Eva, common var. Ava
152.▲2Annette, up for three decades: 236→225→154→152
153.▼48Willie, down for three decades: 71→74→105→153
154.▼62Hazel, down for three decades: 27→44→92→154
155.▲67Maryann, top var. Maryanne
156.▼3Ana, var. Anamaria, .. 7 more
157.▲20Pat, up for two decades: 476→177→157
158.▼40Bertha, down for three decades: 47→77→118→158
159.▼51Beatrice, top var. Beatriz
159.▼68Bernice, down for three decades: 42→45→91→159
161.▼45Maxine, down for two decades: 82→116→161
162.▲5Lydia, top var. Lidia
163.▼59Marian, common var. Marion, Maryann, Maryanne
164.▲103Gayle, up for three decades: 762→733→267→164
165.▼41Bobbie, var. Bobbiejean, .. 2 more
166.▼49Billie, top var. Billye
167.▲3Joy, up for three decades: 400→242→170→167
169.newCathy, top var. Kathy new, Cathie new
170.▼38Ella, down for three decades: 77→99→132→170
171.▼43Lillie, top var. Lila, Lilly, Lily
172.▲385Leslie, top var. Lesley
173.▼31Lucy, down for three decades: 84→103→142→173
174.▼47Ida, down for three decades: 55→79→127→174
175.▲71Angela, up for two decades: 247→246→175
176.▲125Valerie, top var. Valarie, Valeria
177.▲113Janis, top var. Janice
178.▲265Terry, top var. Terri, Teri, Terrie
179.▼13Rachel, down for three decades: 155→159→166→179
180.▲267Lynne, top var. Lynn, Lyn
181.▼6Iris, var. Iridiana, .. 5 more
182.▼52Alma, down for three decades: 68→94→130→182
183.▲470Penny, var. Pennie, .. 3 more
184.▲73Janie, common var. Jennie, Joanna, Jeanie, Jana
185.▲68Regina, var. Rejine, .. 20 more
186.▲33Luz, up for three decades: 516→297→219→186
187.▲84Deanna, common var. Deana
188.▼15Emily, common var. Emilia, Emilie, Amalia
189.▼29Harriet, common var. Harriett
190.▼81Elsie, down for three decades: 43→67→109→190
191.▲26Jackie, up for three decades: 747→431→217→191
192.▼30Faye, common var. Fay
193.▼55Vera, down for three decades: 65→87→138→193
194.▼45Rosalie, common var. Rosalee, Rosella, Rosalia
195.newMichele, common var. Michelle new
196.▲54Marianne, top var. Maryann, Mariann
197.▼29Carrie, down for three decades: 99→139→168→197
197.▼53Mattie, down for three decades: 88→104→144→197
199.▲74Veronica, var. Veroniqua, .. 31 more
200.▲306Stephanie, var. Stepanyda, .. 48 more
201.▼31Hilda, down for three decades: 103→132→170→201
201.▼65Jessie, down for three decades: 67→93→136→201
203.▲6Patty, common var. Patti, Pattie
204.▼61Minnie, down for three decades: 66→106→143→204
205.▼41Claire, common var. Clare
205.▲47Jacquelyn, up for two decades: 409→252→205
207.▲276Jill, var. Jilian, .. 16 more
207.newLana, var. Lanny, .. 3 more
209.▼23Caroline, top var. Carolyn, Carolann, Karolyn, Carolynn
210.newJennifer, var. Jenniffer, .. 36 more
211.▲713Sheryl, common var. Sherrill, Sherryl
212.▼31Stella, down for three decades: 64→112→181→212
213.▼21Rosemarie, common var. Rosemary
214.▼40Rosie, top var. Rosa
215.▼28Irma, top var. Erma
216.▼79Bessie, down for three decades: 56→86→137→216
217.▼15Dixie, var. Dixee, .. 1 more
218.▲174Bonita, up for three decades: 784→601→392→218
218.▲744Vickie, top var. Vicki, Vicky
220.▲350Toni, up for two decades: 850→570→220
221.▲328Denise, up for two decades: 909→549→221
222.▼87Nellie, top var. Nelly, Nila
223.▲122Yolanda, var. Jolanne, .. 25 more
224.▼52Dora, down for three decades: 122→133→172→224
225.▼64Ramona, var. Rae, .. 16 more
226.▲752Dianna, top var. Diana, Deanna, Dena, Deana
227.▲4Olga, var. Ola, .. 4 more
228.▲6Colleen, top var. Coleen
229.▼95Agnes, down for three decades: 46→68→134→229
230.▼17Johnnie, down for two decades: 202→213→230
231.▼22Miriam, top var. Myriam
232.▼42Jeannette, common var. Janet, Jeanette, Janette
233.▼85Geneva, down for three decades: 115→117→148→233
235.▲214Carla, top var. Karla
236.▲13Cecilia, common var. Cecelia
237.▲290Jan, var. Janine, .. 7 more
238.▼91Naomi, common var. Noemi
239.▼32Nora, down for three decades: 148→178→207→239
240.▲146Bernadette, var. Bernadea, .. 30 more
240.▼55Myrna, var. Moina, .. 7 more
242.▼48Nina, down for three decades: 163→184→194→242
243.▼22Madeline, common var. Madelyn, Madeleine
244.▼48Ada, top var. Aida, Addie
245.▼87Leona, down for three decades: 72→107→158→245
245.▼93Velma, down for three decades: 95→120→152→245
247.▼16Antoinette, down for three decades: 175→191→231→247
247.▼31Deloris, top var. Dolores, Delores
249.▲26Myra, up for two decades: 303→275→249
249.newWendy, var. Wendye, .. 8 more
251.▼86Mae, top var. May
251.▼26Margarita, top var. Margaret, Marguerite
253.▼74Cora, down for three decades: 114→155→179→253
254.▲105Beth, up for three decades: 425→373→359→254
255.▲19Aida, up for three decades: 661→414→274→255
256.▲144Christina, top var. Kristina, Cristina
257.▼58Hattie, down for three decades: 111→149→199→257
258.▼112Gertrude, down for three decades: 32→64→146→258
259.▲101Dawn, up for two decades: 614→360→259
260.▲401Becky, var. Becki
261.▼56Daisy, down for three decades: 139→164→205→261
262.▼79Verna, down for three decades: 129→152→183→262
263.▲30Cecelia, common var. Cecilia
264.▼84Alberta, down for three decades: 120→146→180→264
265.▲112Renee, up for three decades: 708→485→377→265
266.▲570Sandy, top var. Sandi
267.▼111Pearl, down for three decades: 54→90→156→267
268.▼73Lola, down for three decades: 135→166→195→268
268.▼64Marguerite, down for three decades: 82→125→204→268
268.▲38Olivia, var. Oliva, .. 24 more
271.▼121Viola, down for three decades: 59→85→150→271
272.▼115Myrtle, down for three decades: 58→92→157→272
273.▼47Ernestine, common var. Earnestine, Ernestina
273.▼95Eunice, down for three decades: 121→135→178→273
275.▼82Lena, down for three decades: 76→123→193→275
276.▼93Lula, top var. Lola, Louella, Luella
277.▼66Flora, down for three decades: 130→161→211→277
278.▲197Francine, up for two decades: 880→475→278
279.▼82Erma, top var. Irma
279.▼90Fannie, down for three decades: 112→151→189→279
281.▼91Jennie, common var. Jenny
282.▼34Bettye, top var. Betty, Bettie
283.▼43Isabel, common var. Isabelle, Isabell
283.▲15Lee, common var. Lea, Leigh
285.▼61Bettie, common var. Betty, Bettye
286.▼44Bette, down for two decades: 169→242→286
287.▲19Betsy, up for three decades: 850→429→306→287
288.▲444Penelope, var. Penna, .. 7 more
289.▲53Sonia, top var. Sonja, Sonya
290.▼27Henrietta, down for three decades: 158→196→263→290
291.newCandace, common var. Candice new
292.▲278Saundra, top var. Sandra, Sondra
293.▼42Amelia, common var. Emilia, Amalia
293.▲651Robin, common var. Robyn
293.▼134Violet, down for three decades: 74→96→159→293
296.▼51Laverne, top var. Lavern
296.▲12Sondra, top var. Saundra
298.▲31Alicia, up for three decades: 641→384→329→298
299.▼62Eloise, top var. Elouise
299.▲379Sharron, top var. Sharon, Sharyn, Sharen, Sheron, Sherron
301.▼74Marcella, down for two decades: 171→227→301
302.▲290Dale, up for three decades: 945→894→592→302
303.▼38Antonia, var. Tunna, .. 37 more
304.newMichelle, top var. Michele new
305.▼67Katie, common var. Katy
305.▲589Trudy, var. Trude, .. 5 more
307.▼68Della, down for three decades: 165→195→239→307
307.▲280Jeannie, top var. Jeanie
309.▼73Melba, down for two decades: 222→236→309
309.newMelinda, top var. Malinda new
311.▲430Gale, top var. Gail, Gayle
311.▼7Jerry, common var. Jeri, Jerri, Jerrie
313.▼57Reba, var. Rheba, .. 1 more
314.▲126Doreen, top var. Dorene
315.▼61Nadine, down for two decades: 253→254→315
316.▲241Susanne, common var. Susan, Suzanne, Suzan, Susann
317.▼83Mamie, down for three decades: 126→163→234→317
319.▲52Sonja, common var. Sonia, Sonya
320.▲61Gretchen, up for two decades: 659→381→320
321.▼35Sallie, common var. Sally
322.▼34Celia, down for three decades: 203→257→288→322
324.▲25Joanna, up for three decades: 568→451→349→324
325.newVicky, common var. Vicki new
326.▼125Genevieve, down for three decades: 80→111→201→326
326.▲305Lucinda, top var. Lucinda
328.newCindy, common var. Cinda new
329.▼96Beulah, down for three decades: 93→143→233→329
329.▼37Glenna, var. Glennette, .. 12 more
331.▲25Amy, var. Amye, .. 21 more
332.▼117Inez, top var. Ines
332.▲531Laurie, top var. Laura, Lora, Lori
332.▼103Mable, top var. Mabel
335.▼39Rosetta, common var. Rosita
336.▼11Delia, var. Delya, .. 1 more
337.▼56Lou, var. Louella, .. 4 more
338.▼76Fay, top var. Faye, Fay
338.▼94Maggie, down for three decades: 154→190→244→338
338.newRhonda, common var. Ronda new
341.▲117Gay, common var. Gaye
341.▲57Guadalupe, var. Lupita, .. 1 more
344.▲282Dana, common var. Danna
345.▲126Camille, up for two decades: 659→471→345
347.▼129Muriel, down for three decades: 132→138→218→347
348.newMelanie, var. Melana, .. 29 more
349.▼24Polly, var. Pollee, .. 5 more
350.▼84Shelby, var. Shelbeigh, .. 6 more
351.▲85Rochelle, var. Roschelle, .. 10 more
352.▲131Milagros, up for two decades: 819→483→352
354.▲147Patti, common var. Patty, Pattie
355.▼127Lila, top var. Leila
356.▲297Margo, var. Margeaux, .. 2 more
357.▼102Freda, top var. Freddie, Frieda, Freida
357.▲241Kaye, top var. Kay
357.▲56Monica, up for two decades: 519→413→357
357.▲157Rosalind, top var. Rosalinda
361.▼120Eula, down for three decades: 156→182→241→361
361.▲276Ginger, var. Jinger, .. 3 more
361.newJudi, top var. Judy new, Judie new, Jody new
365.▼14Faith, var. Fay, .. 6 more
365.▼62Helene, common var. Helen
365.▼105Mona, var. Monah, .. 5 more
368.▲209Laurel, up for two decades: 702→577→368
369.▲85Noreen, top var. Norene
370.▼71Lenora, down for three decades: 273→281→299→370
371.▼103Natalie, down for two decades: 251→268→371
372.▼160Mabel, common var. Mable
373.▼33Earnestine, top var. Ernestine, Ernestina
373.newTerri, top var. Terry new, Teri new, Terrie new
375.▼116Lorene, top var. Lorraine, Lauren, Lorine
376.▼89Etta, down for three decades: 221→265→287→376
376.▲13Molly, top var. Mollie
376.▼98Nettie, down for three decades: 160→216→278→376
376.▼96Winifred, down for three decades: 157→182→280→376
380.newKristine, var. Kristina, .. 4 more
381.▼111Ina, down for three decades: 235→255→270→381
382.▲20Blanca, up for three decades: 894→633→402→382
382.▲31Gwen, up for two decades: 702→413→382
382.newShelia, common var. Sheila new
385.▼25Lorna, var. Lorrna
385.▲112Nilda, up for two decades: 966→497→385
387.▲102Elba, up for two decades: 809→489→387
387.▼87Juana, down for three decades: 260→279→300→387
387.▲361Lynette, top var. Lynnette
387.▲119Marta, up for three decades: 850→809→506→387
391.▲533Cathleen, var. Catlin, .. 3 more
391.▲22Jenny, top var. Jennie
393.newMelody, var. Melodi, .. 4 more
395.▼175Opal, down for three decades: 91→131→220→395
396.▼43Rena, down for three decades: 265→301→353→396
397.newDiann, common var. Diane new, Dianne new, Dian new
400.▼171Blanche, down for three decades: 79→140→229→400
400.▼65Earline, down for two decades: 313→335→400
400.▼117Ora, down for three decades: 181→240→283→400
403.▼99Mercedes, down for three decades: 290→297→304→403
404.newSherrie, top var. Sherry new, Sherri new, Sheri new, Shari new
405.▼141Ollie, down for three decades: 192→237→264→405
406.▼130Essie, down for three decades: 181→214→276→406
406.▲299Tina, var. Teina, .. 6 more
408.▲179Jayne, common var. Joan
409.▲59Carlene, top var. Carleen, Karlene
409.▲173Roseann, top var. Rosanne, Roseanne
411.▼27Therese, down for two decades: 329→384→411
412.▼87Estella, top var. Estela
412.▼74Pearlie, down for two decades: 334→338→412
412.newSharyn, top var. Sharon new, Sharron new, Sharen new, Sheron new, Sherron new
415.▼84Bernadine, down for two decades: 283→331→415
417.▼68Josie, down for three decades: 288→338→349→417
418.▼86Dorothea, common var. Dorothy
418.▲46Elena, var. Elaina, .. 5 more
418.▲5Ilene, var. Ileen, .. 4 more
418.▼23Janette, top var. Janet, Jeanette, Jeannette
422.newCheri, top var. Sherry new, Cherie new, Cherry new
423.▼63Leah, common var. Lee, Lea, Leigh
424.▼59Harriett, top var. Harriet
424.newHolly, var. Holley, .. 6 more
427.▼169Sadie, down for three decades: 131→194→258→427
428.newDebbie, common var. Debby new
428.▲21Edwina, up for three decades: 536→496→449→428
428.▼139Jewel, common var. Jewell
431.▼152Estelle, down for three decades: 123→175→279→431
432.▼27Adrienne, var. Adrianne, .. 24 more
432.▼77Eugenia, down for three decades: 254→285→355→432
435.▲23Marilynn, top var. Marilyn, Marylin, Marylyn
437.▼119Adele, down for three decades: 215→233→318→437
437.▲457Karin, common var. Karen, Karon, Caren, Karyn, Karren
440.▼67Dona, common var. Donna, Donnie
440.▼61Elvira, down for three decades: 255→282→379→440
440.▲202Jeanie, common var. Janie, Jeannie, Joanna, Jana
443.newApril, var. Averyl, .. 15 more
443.▲38Johanna, var. Joehannah, .. 6 more
443.▼78Lenore, down for two decades: 333→365→443
446.▼21James, down for two decades: 406→425→446
446.newJudie, common var. Judy new, Judi new, Jody new
446.▼123Lela, top var. Lila, Leila, Lelia
449.▼24Elsa, common var. Elsie
452.newKathie, common var. Kathy new, Cathy new, Cathie new, Kathi new
453.▼97Corinne, common var. Corrine, Corine
455.▼161Jeannine, top var. Jeanine, Janine
455.▼141Lavonne, var. Lahvonne, .. 4 more
457.▼97Beverley, common var. Beverly
457.▼143Jewell, top var. Jewel
457.newKarla, var. Karlla, .. 9 more
460.▼136Addie, down for three decades: 213→249→324→460
460.▼47Lora, common var. Lori
460.▼11Marylou, top var. Marilee
463.▼154Fern, down for three decades: 176→208→309→463
463.newLisa, var. Liszka, .. 8 more
465.▲75Katharine, common var. Catherine, Katherine, Katheryn, Catharine
466.▼119Elva, top var. Elvia
467.▲327Marla, var. Marlys, .. 1 more
467.▼153Mavis, down for two decades: 289→314→467
467.▲27Rae, up for two decades: 499→494→467
470.▲60Arleen, top var. Arlene, Arline
470.▲4Hope, var. Esperance
472.▲27Minerva, up for two decades: 506→499→472
473.▼122Francis, down for two decades: 248→351→473
474.▲220Maryanne, top var. Maureen, Marion, Maryann, Marian, Marianne, Mariann, Maurine
475.▼191Angelina, down for three decades: 197→199→284→475
475.▲42Rosalyn, up for three decades: 747→590→517→475
477.▲57Amanda, var. Demanda, .. 14 more
477.▼54Eddie, down for two decades: 379→423→477
477.▼34Freddie, common var. Freda, Frieda, Freida
477.▼155Leola, down for three decades: 225→246→322→477
481.▼15Jannie, common var. Jana
482.▼205Iva, common var. Ivy
482.▼46Melva, common var. Melva
482.▲275Nereida, var. Nerida, .. 2 more
486.newCassandra, var. Sandy, .. 47 more
486.▼144Francisca, down for two decades: 327→342→486
488.▼80Cornelia, down for three decades: 289→371→408→488
488.▼192Rhoda, down for two decades: 291→296→488
490.newJeri, common var. Jerri new
490.▼170Lottie, down for three decades: 152→209→320→490
492.▼105Dolly, common var. Dollie
492.▲35Ladonna, up for two decades: 929→527→492
492.▲213Rosanne, top var. Roseann, Roseanne
495.▼110Consuelo, down for two decades: 381→385→495
495.▼170May, common var. Mae
495.▼157Ola, down for three decades: 222→275→338→495
499.▼104Aurora, down for two decades: 322→395→499
499.newCandice, common var. Candace new
499.▲305Cherie, common var. Sherry, Cheri
499.▲317Dee, var. Deedee, .. 4 more
499.▼131Elnora, down for two decades: 278→368→499
499.▲124Meredith, up for three decades: 905→727→623→499
505.newBelinda, var. Bindy, .. 11 more
506.▼98Cecile, down for three decades: 282→343→408→506
506.▼194Clarice, down for three decades: 258→280→312→506
508.▼67Margery, down for two decades: 297→441→508
509.▼262Imogene, down for two decades: 186→247→509
509.▼91Millie, down for three decades: 277→358→418→509
511.▼82Mollie, common var. Molly
512.▲397Melissa, var. Melicent, .. 30 more
512.▼143Sybil, down for two decades: 331→369→512
515.▼178Effie, down for three decades: 187→252→337→515
515.▲480Jamie, var. Jamilyn, .. 20 more
518.▲124Maryellen, up for two decades: 765→642→518
518.newSherri, common var. Sherry new, Sherrie new, Sheri new, Shari new
518.▲426Sherrill, top var. Cheryl, Sheryl, Cheryle, Sherryl
523.▲26Esperanza, var. Esperantia, .. 1 more
523.▼170Lizzie, common var. Lisa
523.▼105Robert, down for two decades: 404→418→523
523.newShelley, var. Shelli, .. 4 more
523.newTamara, var. Tammara, .. 17 more
528.▼195Cleo, down for three decades: 201→223→333→528
528.▼11Raquel, var. Raquela, .. 4 more
532.▲154Jolene, var. Jollene, .. 15 more
532.▲12Nita, top var. Nettie
532.▼122Nola, down for three decades: 336→376→410→532
535.▼1Madelyn, top var. Madeline, Madeleine
536.▲75Celeste, up for two decades: 715→611→536
536.▲300Cherry, top var. Cheri
536.▼138Corrine, top var. Corinne, Corine
536.newJessica, var. Jessah, .. 40 more
536.▲125Nan, up for two decades: 770→661→536
541.▼19Clare, down for three decades: 472→503→522→541
543.newKaron, common var. Karen new, Karin new, Caren new, Karyn new, Karren new
543.▼225Nell, down for three decades: 229→270→318→543
545.newTanya, top var. Tana new
546.▼226Alta, down for three decades: 224→262→320→546
546.newIngrid, var. Ingmar, .. 3 more
546.▼143John, down for two decades: 360→403→546
546.▲18Madeleine, top var. Madeline, Madelyn
546.▼128Nona, var. Nonie, .. 4 more
546.▲258Sharlene, var. Sharlaine, .. 16 more
552.▲90Georgette, var. Jorjette, .. 3 more
552.▼127Neva, down for three decades: 305→334→425→552
552.newRonnie, top var. Ronna new
556.▼113Alyce, top var. Alice
556.▼77Elisa, top var. Eliza
556.▼98Marietta, down for two decades: 439→458→556
556.▼123Merle, down for two decades: 350→433→556
556.▼164Winnie, down for three decades: 275→338→392→556
561.newRoxanne, var. Roxy, .. 21 more
561.▲383Ruthann, var. Ruthanne
563.▲300Crystal, var. Kristal, .. 71 more
564.▲6Dottie, up for two decades: 845→570→564
564.▼100Louella, common var. Lola, Lula, Luella
564.newShannon, var. Shannan, .. 11 more
564.newSheri, top var. Sherry new, Sherrie new, Sherri new, Shari new
568.newLauren, top var. Lorene new
568.newShari, var. Sharelle, .. 3 more
570.▲108Darleen, common var. Darlene
570.▼123Frieda, top var. Freda
570.▼99Reva, down for two decades: 386→471→570
573.newKarol, var. Karolyne, .. 3 more
573.▲99Kitty, up for two decades: 724→672→573
573.▲184Merry, var. Merrile, .. 11 more
573.▼191Petra, down for three decades: 362→374→382→573
577.newKristin, top var. Christine new, Kristine new
577.▼119Letha, down for three decades: 283→337→458→577
577.▼71Roxie, down for three decades: 367→472→506→577
577.newTeri, common var. Terry new, Terri new, Terrie new
581.▲160Carroll, top var. Carol, Carole, Karol, Caryl, Carrol
581.newDian, common var. Diane new, Dianne new, Diann new
585.newHeather, var. Hether, .. 1 more
585.▼51Manuela, down for two decades: 444→534→585
585.▲190Yvette, var. Ivetta, .. 5 more
588.▼6Reta, var. Reeta, .. 4 more
589.▼241Goldie, down for three decades: 172→228→348→589
589.▼83Sonya, common var. Sonia, Sonja
591.▼235Arline, common var. Arlene, Arleen
591.▼184Elma, down for three decades: 247→302→407→591
591.▼157Odessa, down for three decades: 323→327→434→591
591.▼188Virgie, down for three decades: 252→308→403→591
595.▼73Retha, down for two decades: 463→522→595
597.▼27Aurea, common var. Ora
597.▼215Carmela, down for three decades: 280→288→382→597
597.newCarolann, top var. Carolyn new, Caroline new, Karolyn new, Carolynn new
597.▼48Ester, common var. Esther
597.▼121Loraine, top var. Lorraine, Laraine, Lorine
597.▼99Peggie, common var. Peggy
604.▼262Angeline, down for three decades: 210→221→342→604
604.▼92Carmella, down for two decades: 318→512→604
604.▼269Elinor, common var. Eleanor, Eleanore
604.▼17Gilda, down for two decades: 485→587→604
604.▼103Luisa, var. Luiza, .. 3 more
604.newRobyn, top var. Robin new
604.▼74Roslyn, common var. Roselyn
612.▼146Aileen, common var. Eileen, Ilene, Aline, Allene, Alene
612.newJana, top var. Jannie new
612.newRonda, common var. Rhonda new
615.▲99Charleen, top var. Charlene, Sharlene, Charline
615.▼160Concetta, down for three decades: 319→354→455→615
615.▼250Ila, down for three decades: 267→314→365→615
615.▼190Isabelle, top var. Isabel, Isabell
615.▼114Rosalee, common var. Rosalie, Rosella, Rosalia
621.▲80Camilla, var. Milly, .. 37 more
621.newDinah, top var. Dena new
621.▼66Elouise, top var. Eloise
621.newMigdalia, var. Migdalla, .. 1 more
626.newCandy, var. Kaandi, .. 7 more
626.▼107Freida, top var. Freda, Freddie, Frieda
626.▼239Leila, common var. Lila, Lela, Lelia
626.▼317Luella, common var. Lula, Louella
626.newNikki, var. Nikkey, .. 9 more
631.▼236Adeline, down for three decades: 171→201→395→631
631.newKarolyn, top var. Carolyn new, Caroline new, Carolann new, Carolynn new
631.newKerry, var. Kera, .. 16 more
631.newTerrie, common var. Terry new, Terri new, Teri new
631.▼219Wilda, common var. Awilda
637.▼39Benita, var. Benny, .. 11 more
637.newCarolynn, top var. Carolyn new, Caroline new, Carolann new, Karolyn new
637.▼75Jeanine, top var. Jeannine, Janine
637.newJerri, common var. Jerry new, Jeri new, Jerrie new
641.newCheryle, top var. Cheryl new, Sheryl new, Sherrill new, Sherryl new
641.▲303Marilee, common var. Marylou
641.newSharen, common var. Sharon new, Sharron new, Sharyn new, Sheron new, Sherron new
641.▼210Zelma, down for three decades: 276→360→431→641
645.▼131Ardis, down for two decades: 499→514→645
645.▲171Cathryn, top var. Kathryn, Kathrine
645.▼235Dollie, common var. Dolly
645.▼162Lorena, down for three decades: 291→366→483→645
650.▲82Elida, kreatif var. Elada, Elila
650.▼192Hannah, down for three decades: 264→366→458→650
650.newNydia, var. Nidia, .. 1 more
650.▼169Ophelia, top var. Ofelia
650.▼169Pattie, common var. Patty, Patti
650.▼19Socorro, down for two decades: 561→631→650
650.newSuzan, top var. Susan new, Suzanne new, Susanne new, Susann new
650.▲131Sydney, top var. Sidney
658.▼76Candida, var. Candido, .. 4 more
658.▲178Daphne, var. Dafnie, .. 11 more
658.newRosalinda, top var. Rosalind new
658.▲47Rosita, top var. Rosetta
663.▼195Bobby, common var. Bobbie
663.newJanine, var. Janina, .. 4 more
665.▼289Annabelle, down for two decades: 263→376→665
665.▼73Aurelia, common var. Oralia
665.▼88Caryl, common var. Carol, Carole, Karol, Carroll, Carrol
665.▼131Charles, down for two decades: 519→534→665
665.▲198Janelle, common var. Janell
665.newLesley, common var. Leslie new
665.newLynnette, common var. Lynette new
665.▼28Madonna, var. Madona
665.▲279Noemi, top var. Naomi
665.▼325Olive, down for three decades: 133→203→340→665
676.▼175Evangeline, common var. Evangelina
676.▼184Georgina, common var. Georgianna, Georgiana
676.▼304Greta, var. Gretta, .. 12 more
679.newMalinda, top var. Melinda new
681.▲13Annetta, top var. Anita
681.▲5Georgianna, top var. Georgina, Georgiana
681.newKimberly, var. Kymberley, .. 21 more
681.▲155Lucretia, var. Lecrecia, .. 24 more
681.▼210Rosella, top var. Rosalie, Rosalee, Rosalia
686.▲40Mickey, up for two decades: 824→726→686
689.newAlison, var. Alysan, .. 27 more
689.▼58Elisabeth, down for three decades: 397→570→631→689
689.▼201Eliza, common var. Elisa
689.newGaye, top var. Gay new
689.▼198Lessie, down for three decades: 295→439→491→689
689.▲92Nanette, common var. Nannette
689.newRoseanne, top var. Roseann new, Rosanne new
689.▲37Theodora, var. Theadora, .. 13 more
697.▼74Adela, down for three decades: 433→544→623→697
697.▲17Alfreda, var. Allfrieda, .. 54 more
697.▼120Althea, down for three decades: 404→414→577→697
697.▲35Louisa, top var. Luisa
697.▲4Sammie, up for three decades: 815→702→701→697
697.newSandi, top var. Sandy new
705.▼100Harriette, down for three decades: 448→496→605→705
705.▲76Jerrie, top var. Jerry, Jeri, Jerri
705.newKim, var. Kimmie, .. 7 more
705.▼118Lidia, common var. Lydia
705.▼275Lilly, top var. Lillie, Lila, Lily
705.▼74Ofelia, top var. Ophelia
712.▼257Lily, top var. Lillie, Lila, Lilly
712.▼211Twila, top var. Twyla
716.newAlexis, var. Lexy, .. 18 more
716.▲52Dena, common var. Deanna, Dinah, Deana
716.▼2Magdalena, down for three decades: 652→688→714→716
716.▼55Martina, var. Martie, .. 7 more
716.▼316Sophie, common var. Sophia
723.▼112George, down for two decades: 513→611→723
723.newJody, var. Jodie, .. 3 more
723.▼189Lelia, down for three decades: 372→431→534→723
723.▼305Lucile, common var. Lucille
723.▼81Marina, var. Mareena, .. 16 more
723.▲201Nedra, var. Needra, .. 1 more
723.newSusanna, top var. Susana new
733.newCarlotta, var. Carlota
733.▲103Colette, var. Colleta, .. 11 more
733.▼122Lauretta, top var. Loretta
733.newLyn, top var. Lynn new, Lynne new
733.newNanci, top var. Nancy new
733.▼219Shirlee, common var. Shirley
733.▼19Toby, var. Tobi, .. 13 more
742.▲121Alba, var. Albine, .. 7 more
742.▼293Avis, down for three decades: 300→348→449→742
742.▲15Carrol, top var. Carol, Carole, Karol, Carroll, Caryl
742.▼202Claudine, down for two decades: 513→540→742
742.▲74Coleen, top var. Colleen
742.▼16Dorene, common var. Doreen
742.newLourdes, var. Lurdes, .. 3 more
749.newBonny, common var. Bonnie new
749.▲32Carleen, common var. Carlene, Karlene
749.newChristie, top var. Christy new, Kristi new
749.▼255Emilia, down for three decades: 412→431→494→749
749.▲175Mariann, common var. Maureen, Marion, Maryann, Marian, Marianne, Maryanne, Maurine
749.▼123Phoebe, down for three decades: 470→493→626→749
759.▼276Callie, down for three decades: 345→418→483→759
759.newCaren, top var. Karen new, Karin new, Karon new, Karyn new, Karren new
759.newChristy, top var. Christie new, Kristi new
759.newLaraine, var. Larayne, .. 5 more
759.▼265Matilda, down for three decades: 234→294→494→759
759.▼122Treva, var. Trevina, .. 1 more
768.▼249Ardith, var. Ardelia, .. 5 more
768.▼126Ava, down for three decades: 557→561→642→768
768.▼310Corine, common var. Corinne, Corrine
768.▼269Georgie, common var. Georgia
768.▼157Justine, down for two decades: 585→611→768
768.▼327Nannie, common var. Nina, Nona
768.▼379Selma, top var. Zelma
779.▼101Donnie, top var. Donna, Dona
779.▼267Maude, down for three decades: 209→312→512→779
779.▲37Oralia, var. Orielle, .. 9 more
783.newAwilda, common var. Wilda new
783.▼277Catalina, down for two decades: 482→506→783
783.▲161Eve, var. Evonne, .. 21 more
783.▲21Norene, common var. Noreen
783.▲195Silvia, common var. Sylvia
783.▼261Zelda, down for three decades: 418→467→522→783
790.▼301Aline, common var. Elaine, Ellen, Eileen, Ilene, Aileen, Allene, Alene
790.▼96Ernestina, top var. Ernestine, Earnestine
790.▼42Kate, down for three decades: 330→529→748→790
790.newMyriam, top var. Miriam new
790.▼129Rafaela, kreatif var. Rafaeda, Rafaera, Ryfaela
790.newSheron, top var. Sharon new, Sharron new, Sharyn new, Sharen new, Sherron new
796.newAleta, var. Lettee, .. 9 more
796.▼226Charlie, down for two decades: 503→570→796
796.newHeidi, var. Heide, .. 6 more
796.▲61Lonnie, up for two decades: 929→857→796
796.newMarcy, var. Marcey, .. 5 more
796.▼266Pansy, down for three decades: 382→453→530→796
796.▼232Zella, down for three decades: 386→420→564→796
803.▲33Bridget, up for two decades: 909→836→803
803.▼142Herminia, down for three decades: 589→607→661→803
803.▼211Leonor, top var. Lenore
803.▼22Marylin, top var. Marilyn, Marilynn, Marylyn
803.▼135Rhea, down for three decades: 514→607→668→803
803.▲106Sidney, var. Sidneigh, .. 4 more
803.newSuellen, var. Suelyn
803.▼150Veda, down for three decades: 544→582→653→803
811.▼343Allie, down for three decades: 285→378→468→811
811.▲52Evangelina, top var. Evangeline
811.▼417Flossie, down for three decades: 249→311→394→811
811.▼200Millicent, down for two decades: 485→611→811
817.newAlexandra, var. Zanda, .. 111 more
817.▼260Bertie, common var. Berta
817.▼60Charmaine, var. Charmisa, .. 26 more
817.newFran, var. Franni, .. 4 more
817.▲161Kathrine, top var. Kathryn, Cathryn
817.▼175Leora, down for three decades: 390→567→642→817
817.▼273Leta, down for three decades: 454→506→544→817
817.newMari, var. Marilu, .. 9 more
817.newPamala, common var. Pamela new, Pamella new
817.▼69Richard, down for two decades: 695→748→817
817.▼235Ursula, down for two decades: 553→582→817
828.▼71Alva, down for three decades: 467→625→757→828
828.▼160Angelica, down for two decades: 650→668→828
828.▼217Edythe, common var. Edith
828.▼236Enid, down for three decades: 448→544→592→828
828.▼371Florine, down for three decades: 378→381→457→828
828.▼80Gene, down for two decades: 469→748→828
828.▼258Hester, down for three decades: 312→397→570→828
828.▼258Josefa, down for three decades: 454→529→570→828
828.▲81Juliana, up for two decades: 952→909→828
828.newKristen, var. Krysten, .. 23 more
828.▼223Marlyn, common var. Marlene
841.newAlana, var. Lanah, .. 32 more
841.newDanna, top var. Dana new
841.▼307Delphine, down for two decades: 493→534→841
841.▼84Felicia, var. Felicidad, .. 29 more
841.newLeanna, var. Leighanna, .. 9 more
841.▲83Prudence, up for two decades: 966→924→841
848.newClarissa, var. Classie, .. 23 more
848.▼73Katheryn, common var. Catherine, Katherine, Katharine, Catharine
848.newMeryl, var. Merryl, .. 13 more
848.▲32Susana, common var. Susanna
854.newAbigail, var. Abbi, .. 42 more
854.▼310Allene, top var. Eileen, Ilene, Aileen, Aline, Alene
854.▼212Delma, down for three decades: 552→633→642→854
854.▼176Gussie, down for three decades: 303→456→678→854
854.▼314Ines, top var. Inez
854.newLuanne, common var. Luann new
854.▼310Madge, down for three decades: 294→366→544→854
862.▼356Beryl, var. Berrie, .. 6 more
862.▼257Elise, var. Lieselotte, .. 21 more
862.▼121Emilie, top var. Emily, Emilia, Amalia
862.▼270Jaunita, down for two decades: 463→592→862
862.▲116Letitia, var. Lettitia, .. 20 more
862.▼148Libby, var. Libbie, .. 7 more
862.newLuana, var. Luanna, .. 11 more
862.▼298Margret, down for two decades: 536→564→862
862.newPamella, top var. Pamela new, Pamala new
862.newSherryl, common var. Cheryl new, Sheryl new, Sherrill new, Cheryle new
862.newTana, top var. Tanya new
862.newValarie, common var. Valerie new, Valeria new
876.▼319Belva, down for three decades: 477→551→557→876
876.▼190Carolina, down for two decades: 625→686→876
876.▼271Dessie, down for three decades: 358→437→605→876
876.▼354Iona, down for three decades: 367→401→522→876
876.newJuliet, common var. Juliette new
876.newLori, var. Lorilee, .. 11 more
876.▲48Nelly, top var. Nellie
876.▼223Rosalia, top var. Rosalie, Rosalee, Rosella
876.newSherron, top var. Sharon new, Sharron new, Sharyn new, Sharen new, Sheron new
876.▼82Thomas, down for two decades: 770→794→876
876.▼289Valeria, common var. Valerie, Valarie
888.newCathie, top var. Kathy new, Cathy new, Kathie new, Kathi new
888.▼183Charline, common var. Charlene, Sharlene, Charleen
888.▼107Elda, down for three decades: 409→513→781→888
888.newKristina, var. Krysteena, .. 13 more
888.newLeilani, var. Lalani
888.▼84Marianna, common var. Mariana
888.▼257Velda, down for two decades: 553→631→888
888.▼84Vernice, down for three decades: 506→610→804→888
888.▼369Winona, down for three decades: 441→445→519→888
897.▼299Alene, common var. Elaine, Ellen, Eileen, Ilene, Aileen, Aline, Allene
897.▼461Eleanore, common var. Eleanor, Elinor
897.newGina, var. Jeena, .. 8 more
897.▼266Leota, down for three decades: 356→439→631→897
897.▼140Nila, var. Nyla, .. 1 more
897.▼286Roma, var. Romelia, .. 6 more
897.▼156Roselyn, common var. Roslyn
897.▼203Sophia, top var. Sophie
897.▼219Syble, down for two decades: 539→678→897
910.▼30Beatriz, common var. Beatrice
910.▼178Georgiana, common var. Georgina, Georgianna
910.▼94Jacquelin, common var. Jacqueline, Jacquelyn
910.newLea, top var. Lee new, Leah new, Leigh new
910.▼299Maudie, down for three decades: 378→418→611→910
910.newPauletta, kreatif var. Pauletla, Paulettu, Peletta
910.▲14Phylis, top var. Phyllis, Phillis
910.▼273Rowena, down for three decades: 544→567→637→910
918.newCharla, top var. Charlie new
918.▼265Concepcion, down for two decades: 593→653→918
918.▼192Cristina, common var. Christina, Kristina
918.▲6Janell, common var. Janelle
918.newKarlene, common var. Carlene new, Carleen new
926.newCassie, var. Kassey, .. 10 more
926.newCinda, common var. Cindy new
926.newDanielle, var. Daney, .. 35 more
926.newDeirdre, var. Dede, .. 16 more
926.▼178Hallie, down for three decades: 361→551→748→926
926.▼265Juliette, common var. Juliet
926.newKaryn, top var. Karen new, Karin new, Karon new, Caren new, Karren new
926.newLeigh, top var. Lee new, Leah new, Lea new
926.▼212Lue, down for two decades: 593→714→926
926.▼276Marylyn, common var. Marilyn, Marilynn, Marylin
926.▼2Nannette, common var. Nanette
926.▼265Oma, down for three decades: 372→458→661→926
926.newRebekah, top var. Rebecca new
943.▲19Armida, var. Arminda
943.▼257Berta, top var. Bertie
943.▼127Catharine, common var. Catherine, Katherine, Katharine, Katheryn
943.▼229Clementine, down for three decades: 524→633→714→943
943.▼34Cordelia, down for three decades: 541→695→909→943
943.▼379Germaine, down for three decades: 520→536→564→943
943.newGlynda, top var. Glenda new, Glinda new
943.▼451Ima, common var. Emma
943.▼238Ivy, common var. Iva
943.newKathi, common var. Kathy new, Cathy new, Kathie new, Cathie new
943.newKaty, top var. Katie new, Kitty new
943.▼139Natividad, down for two decades: 770→804→943
943.newRonna, common var. Ronnie new, Rona new
943.newTracy, var. Treasa, .. 8 more
943.▼379Verla, down for two decades: 560→564→943
943.newZaida, var. Zayda, .. 3 more
962.▼320Adelaide, down for three decades: 270→386→642→962
962.▼99Billye, common var. Billie
962.newDeana, top var. Diana new, Deanna new, Dianna new, Dinah new, Dena new
962.▼284Erna, down for three decades: 315→519→678→962
962.newKristi, common var. Christie new, Christy new
962.▼158Linnie, down for three decades: 520→695→804→962
962.newLuann, common var. Luanne new
962.newPhillis, common var. Phyllis new, Phylis new
962.newSusann, top var. Susan new, Suzanne new, Susanne new, Suzan new
962.▼351Tomasa, down for three decades: 558→607→611→962
962.▼99Twyla, top var. Twila
975.▼194Amalia, top var. Emily, Amelia, Emilia, Emilie
975.newDebby, common var. Debbie new
975.▼349Dorris, top var. Doris
975.newGlinda, common var. Glenda new, Glynda new
975.▼243Iola, down for three decades: 347→431→732→975
975.newKarren, common var. Karen new, Karin new, Karon new, Caren new, Karyn new
975.▼297Lavern, common var. Laverne
975.▼398Lorine, top var. Lorraine, Lorene, Lauren, Loraine, Laraine
975.▼13Marita, top var. Marietta
975.▼364Maurine, common var. Maureen, Marion, Maryann, Marian, Marianne, Maryanne, Mariann
975.newMirta, var. Mitra, .. 3 more
994.▼253Amparo, down for two decades: 695→741→994
994.newElvia, var. Elviana
994.▼226Estela, top var. Estella
994.▼389Isabell, common var. Isabel, Isabelle
994.▼50Jocelyn, var. Joclyn, .. 42 more
994.newKathlyn, common var. Kathleen new, Cathleen new
994.newLinnea, var. Lynnae, .. 8 more
994.▼190Mariana, top var. Marianna
994.▼289Myrtis, down for two decades: 529→705→994
994.newNicole, var. Colette, .. 50 more
994.newRona, top var. Ronna new

Top Falls for U.S. Baby Names 1940-1949: Eleanore, Ima, Flossie, Lorine, Isabell