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pinPopular Names in 1960-1969

Popularity rankings for Top 1-1000 baby girl names in the U.S. in 1960-1969, and rank changes and trends compared to the previous decade. This year, Samantha (#272), Tiffany (#320), Kara (#359), Kirsten (#367) and Stacie (#374) are the 5 new entries that made it into the Top 1000.

1.▲37Lisa, top var. Liza, Leesa
2.▼1Mary, top var. Maria, Marie, Mayra, Maura, Mara, Moira
3.▲5Karen, common var. Karin, Karyn, Caryn, Caren
4.▲5Susan, common var. Suzanne, Susanne, Suzan
5.▲87Kimberly, common var. Kimberley, Kimberlee, Kimberli
6.▼3Patricia, var. Patrizia, .. 20 more
7.▼5Linda, top var. Lynda
8.▲2Donna, common var. Dona
9.▲87Michelle, top var. Michele, Mechelle, Machelle, Michell
10.▲1Cynthia, up for three decades: 198→48→11→10
11.▲1Sandra, common var. Sondra, Saundra
12.▼7Deborah, top var. Debora
13.▼7Pamela, common var. Pamala
14.▲128Tammy, top var. Tammie, Tami, Tammi, Tamie
15.▲24Laura, common var. Lori, Laurie, Lora, Lorie, Lorrie, Lauri, Lorri
16.▲65Lori, common var. Lorri
17.▲3Elizabeth, common var. Elisabeth
18.▲26Julie, up for three decades: 311→140→44→18
19.▲86Jennifer, common var. Jenifer
20.▼2Brenda, var. Brendalynn, .. 13 more
21.▲85Angela, top var. Angelia
22.▼16Barbara, down for two decades: 3→6→22
24.▼10Sharon, common var. Sharron
25.▲3Teresa, top var. Teressa
26.▼17Nancy, top var. Nanci
27.▲3Christine, common var. Kristin, Kristine
28.▼9Cheryl, top var. Sheryl, Cheryle, Sherrill
29.▼3Denise, common var. Denice
30.▲95Tina, top var. Tena, Teena
31.▲178Kelly, top var. Kelli, Kelley, Kellie
32.▲4Maria, top var. Marie, Mayra
33.▼18Kathleen, common var. Cathleen
34.▲126Melissa, top var. Melisa
35.▲101Amy, top var. Aimee, Amie
36.▲13Robin, common var. Robyn, Robbin
37.▲77Dawn, up for three decades: 360→259→114→37
38.▼22Carol, top var. Carole, Karol
39.▼22Diane, common var. Dianne, Deann, Diann
40.▼11Rebecca, common var. Rebekah
41.▲209Tracy, common var. Tracey, Traci
42.▼20Kathy, common var. Cathy, Kathi, Kathie
43.▼2Theresa, top var. Teresa, Teressa
44.▲34Kim, up for two decades: 705→78→44
45.▲77Stephanie, common var. Stefanie
46.▲29Rhonda, common var. Ronda
47.▲61Wendy, common var. Wendi
48.▲3Cindy, common var. Cindi, Cyndi
49.▼28Janet, common var. Janette, Jannette
50.▲57Michele, top var. Michelle, Mechelle, Machelle, Michell
51.▲22Jacqueline, top var. Jacquelyn, Jacquelin
52.▲3Debbie, common var. Debby, Debi
53.▼5Paula, common var. Polly
54.▼31Margaret, top var. Margarita, Marguerite
55.▲11Sherry, common var. Sherri, Sheri, Shari, Sherrie, Sheree, Sherie
56.▼31Carolyn, down for two decades: 12→25→56
57.▲37Laurie, top var. Laura, Lori, Lora, Lorie, Lorrie, Lauri, Lorri
58.▼24Catherine, common var. Katherine, Katharine, Katheryn
59.▲5Sheila, common var. Shelia, Shiela
60.▼15Ann, down for three decades: 34→38→45→60
61.▲49Jill, up for three decades: 483→207→110→61
62.▼5Diana, top var. Deanna, Dianna, Dena, Deana
63.▲32Terri, top var. Terry, Teri, Terrie
64.▼22Connie, var. Con, .. 1 more
65.▲21Suzanne, common var. Susanne
66.▲74Andrea, up for three decades: 389→150→140→66
67.▼43Janice, top var. Janis
68.▼10Wanda, var. Wohnda, .. 14 more
69.▲64Beth, up for three decades: 359→254→133→69
70.▲15Valerie, common var. Valarie, Valorie, Valeria
71.▲29Leslie, top var. Lesley, Lesli
72.▼5Lynn, common var. Lynne, Lyn
73.▲154Gina, common var. Gena
74.▲56Renee, common var. Rene, Renae
75.▲106Christina, top var. Kristina, Cristina
76.▼24Cathy, top var. Kathy
77.▲46Annette, up for three decades: 154→152→123→77
78.▼10Katherine, common var. Catherine, Katharine, Katheryn
79.▼52Judy, top var. Judi
80.▲112Dana, common var. Danna, Dayna
81.▲2Anne, common var. Ann
82.▲56Carla, top var. Karla
83.▲8Anita, up for three decades: 119→95→91→83
84.▲51Regina, up for three decades: 253→185→135→84
85.▼48Beverly, common var. Beverley
86.▲92Monica, top var. Monika
87.▼56Joyce, down for three decades: 12→19→31→87
88.▼29Kathryn, top var. Cathryn, Kathrine, Cathrine
89.▼13Carmen, down for two decades: 50→76→89
90.▼40Bonnie, down for two decades: 34→50→90
90.▲19Sarah, common var. Sara
92.▼21Darlene, common var. Darleen
93.▼47Martha, down for three decades: 26→30→46→93
94.▲114Sherri, common var. Sherry, Sheri, Shari, Sherrie, Sheree, Sherie
95.▲26Colleen, common var. Coleen
96.▼42Jane, common var. Jean, Jeanne, Jan
97.▼64Judith, down for two decades: 8→33→97
98.▼58Gloria, down for two decades: 26→40→98
99.▲290Tracey, top var. Tracy, Traci, Tresa
100.▼37Vicki, common var. Vickie, Vicky, Vikki, Vickey
101.▲2Anna, top var. Ana
102.▼70Shirley, down for three decades: 4→13→32→102
103.▲128Tamara, top var. Tamera
104.▼69Betty, down for three decades: 2→11→35→104
105.▲42Penny, common var. Pennie
105.▲335Stacey, top var. Stacy, Staci
107.▼17Victoria, var. Vikkey, .. 30 more
108.▼55Peggy, down for three decades: 36→43→53→108
109.▼40Ruth, down for three decades: 14→33→69→109
110.▼49Jean, top var. Jeanne
111.▲308Stacy, common var. Stacey, Staci
112.▼65Joan, down for three decades: 7→25→47→112
113.▲15Julia, top var. Julie, Juli
114.▲58Melanie, up for two decades: 348→172→114
115.▲176Shelly, top var. Shelley, Shellie, Shelli
116.▼54Virginia, down for three decades: 15→28→62→116
117.▼38Ellen, down for two decades: 70→79→117
118.▲43Melinda, common var. Malinda
119.▼31Marie, down for three decades: 32→51→88→119
120.▲314Tonya, var. Latonya, .. 1 more
121.▼20Maureen, var. Mauresa, .. 19 more
122.▼38Joanne, common var. Joann
123.▼80Gail, common var. Gayle, Gale
124.▼64Dorothy, common var. Dorothea
125.▲231Shannon, up for two decades: 564→356→125
126.▼61Rose, down for three decades: 37→58→65→126
127.▲254Heather, up for two decades: 585→381→127
128.▲31Yolanda, common var. Yolonda
129.▲124Heidi, up for two decades: 796→253→129
130.▼60Rita, down for two decades: 57→70→130
131.▼51Vickie, top var. Vicki, Vicky, Vikki, Vickey
132.▲51Holly, top var. Hollie
133.▲114Deanna, common var. Deana, Deena
134.▼23Sylvia, common var. Silvia
135.▼11Yvonne, top var. Ivonne
136.▲65Carrie, top var. Cari, Carey, Cary
136.▲57Veronica, up for three decades: 273→199→193→136
138.▼64Helen, top var. Helene
138.▼82Marilyn, down for three decades: 16→29→56→138
140.▲114April, up for two decades: 443→254→140
141.▲10Becky, up for three decades: 661→260→151→141
142.▼44Evelyn, down for three decades: 31→61→98→142
143.▼61Elaine, down for two decades: 47→82→143
144.▼7Sheryl, common var. Sherrill
144.▼47Terry, top var. Terri, Teri, Terrie
146.▲278Jodi, top var. Jody, Jodie
147.▲44Rachel, top var. Rachelle
148.▲106Sheri, top var. Sherry, Sherri, Shari, Sherrie, Sheree, Sherie
149.▼62Alice, down for three decades: 23→42→87→149
150.▲30Jackie, up for three decades: 217→191→180→150
151.▼63Frances, down for three decades: 19→35→88→151
152.▼75Phyllis, down for three decades: 27→37→77→152
153.▲128Jamie, top var. Jami
154.▲14Toni, top var. Tonya, Tonia
155.▲29Shelley, top var. Shelly, Shellie, Shelli
156.▼40Eileen, common var. Aileen, Ilene
157.▲138Crystal, top var. Chrystal, Krystal
158.▼65Sally, top var. Sallie
159.▲268Kristin, common var. Christine, Kristine
160.▼43Charlotte, down for two decades: 63→117→160
161.▲5Sara, top var. Sarah
162.▼47Norma, down for three decades: 28→65→115→162
163.▼31Charlene, common var. Sharlene
164.▼33Joann, top var. Joanne
165.▲9Belinda, up for two decades: 505→174→165
166.▲80Sandy, top var. Sandi
167.▲78Kristine, up for two decades: 380→245→167
168.▼27Rosa, top var. Rosie
169.▲148Tanya, top var. Tonya, Tania, Tana
170.▲70Alicia, top var. Alesia, Alecia
171.▼59Jeanne, top var. Jane, Jean, Jan
172.▼43Lorraine, common var. Loraine
173.▲167Yvette, common var. Ivette
174.▲13Vanessa, var. Vanna, .. 49 more
175.▼57Roberta, down for two decades: 81→118→175
176.▼37Loretta, down for three decades: 88→108→139→176
177.▲275Sonya, common var. Sonia, Sonja
178.▼22Jeanette, common var. Jeannette
179.▲162Shari, up for two decades: 568→341→179
180.▼67Sue, down for two decades: 73→113→180
181.▼27Joy, var. Jioia, .. 13 more
182.▲780Traci, common var. Tracy, Tracey
183.▼81Doris, down for three decades: 13→45→102→183
184.▼112Jo, down for two decades: 62→72→184
185.▲310Felicia, up for two decades: 841→495→185
186.▲689Nicole, up for two decades: 994→875→186
187.▲151Natalie, up for two decades: 371→338→187
189.▲62Karla, up for two decades: 457→251→189
190.▲74Sonia, top var. Sonya, Sonja
191.▼92Marcia, down for two decades: 87→99→191
192.▲21Melody, common var. Melodie
193.▲310Tammie, common var. Tammy, Tami, Tammi, Tamie
194.▲208Tami, var. Tamiko
195.▼51Juanita, down for three decades: 55→96→144→195
195.▲7Shelia, common var. Sheila, Shiela
197.▲375Kristen, up for two decades: 828→572→197
198.▼71Glenda, down for two decades: 97→127→198
199.▼4Patty, common var. Patti, Pattie
200.▼80Dianne, common var. Diane, Deann, Diann
201.▼15Ana, down for three decades: 153→156→186→201
201.▲103Caroline, top var. Carolyn
203.▲216Allison, top var. Alison, Allyson, Alyson
204.▼39Audrey, common var. Audra
204.▲24Jody, top var. Jodi, Jodie
206.▲194Amanda, up for three decades: 534→477→400→206
207.▲269Kimberley, top var. Kimberly, Kimberlee, Kimberli
208.▲114Cassandra, common var. Casandra
209.▼105Marsha, var. Marsia, .. 2 more
210.▼46Lynne, top var. Lynn, Lyn
211.▲464Kelli, top var. Kelly, Kelley, Kellie
212.▲187Kristi, common var. Christy, Kristy, Krista, Christie, Kristie, Christi, Christa
213.▼51Lynda, down for two decades: 115→162→213
213.▲29Teri, common var. Terri, Terry, Terrie
215.▲50Pam, up for two decades: 453→265→215
216.▲82Darla, up for three decades: 678→361→298→216
217.▲229Erin, var. Kerin, .. 24 more
218.▲126Ronda, common var. Rhonda
219.▼48Vicky, common var. Vicki, Vikki, Vickey
220.▼77Irene, down for three decades: 46→100→143→220
221.▼73Vivian, down for three decades: 112→129→148→221
222.▲92Christy, common var. Kristi, Kristy, Krista, Christie, Kristie, Christi
223.▲392Kelley, top var. Kelly, Kelli, Kellie
223.▼70Rosemary, common var. Rosemarie
225.▼20Doreen, top var. Dorene
226.▼39Eva, top var. Ava
226.▼26Ramona, top var. Romona
228.▲179Bridget, common var. Bridgette, Bridgett
229.▼103Constance, down for two decades: 109→126→229
229.▲69Robyn, top var. Robin, Robbin
231.▼54Patti, common var. Patty, Pattie
232.▲110Lora, common var. Lori, Lorrie
232.▲289Tara, var. Taralynn, .. 4 more
234.▲214Jessica, up for two decades: 536→448→234
235.▼61Lydia, down for two decades: 162→174→235
236.▼117Lois, common var. Louise
237.▲280Kristina, up for two decades: 888→517→237
238.▲496Danielle, up for two decades: 926→734→238
239.▲74Lauren, top var. Lorene
240.▼44Roxanne, top var. Roxann, Roxane
241.▲165Sabrina, var. Sabrene, .. 10 more
243.▼22Dianna, top var. Diana, Deanna, Dena, Deana
243.▼27Luz, down for two decades: 186→216→243
245.▲533Kellie, common var. Kelly, Kelli, Kelley
246.▲244Katrina, var. Catreina, .. 19 more
247.▲43Cheri, top var. Sherry, Cherie, Sheree, Cherry
248.▼38Grace, down for three decades: 86→139→210→248
249.▼104Jan, var. Jannah, .. 7 more
250.▲251Angie, up for two decades: 528→501→250
251.▲134Leah, common var. Lee, Leigh, Lea
252.▼26Lee, top var. Leigh, Lea
253.▼104Marlene, down for three decades: 63→112→149→253
255.▲108Chris, common var. Kris
256.▲25Sherrie, common var. Sherry, Sherri, Sheri, Shari, Sheree, Sherie
257.▼28Emily, down for three decades: 173→188→229→257
258.▼64Lillian, down for three decades: 61→127→194→258
259.▲88Alison, common var. Allison, Allyson, Alyson
259.▲91Kerry, common var. Kerri, Kara, Keri, Kerrie
261.▼111Kay, top var. Kaye
261.▲17Lynette, common var. Lynnette, Linette, Lanette
263.▼93Arlene, common var. Arleen
265.▲27Jenny, top var. Jennie
266.▼48Jacquelyn, down for two decades: 205→218→266
267.▼78Marianne, top var. Maryann, Mariann
268.▲119Janine, common var. Janeen
269.▼37Miriam, top var. Myriam
270.▼80Esther, top var. Ester
270.▲439Kari, top var. Carrie, Kara, Cara, Cari, Karrie, Carey, Cary
272.newSamantha, var. Sammey, .. 11 more
273.▼127Louise, common var. Lois
274.▼101Marjorie, down for three decades: 44→99→173→274
275.▲41Jana, top var. Janna
276.▼113June, down for three decades: 54→119→163→276
277.▲9Ginger, up for three decades: 637→361→286→277
278.▼67Iris, down for three decades: 175→181→211→278
279.▲470Dina, common var. Deanna, Dena, Deana, Deena, Dinah
280.▲201Lorie, top var. Laura, Lori, Laurie, Lora, Lorrie, Lauri, Lorri
281.▼123Gayle, var. Gala, .. 5 more
282.▼79Carole, top var. Carol, Karol
283.▼126Claudia, down for two decades: 149→157→283
283.▲185Sonja, common var. Sonya, Sonia
285.▼109Dolores, common var. Delores, Deloris
286.▲182Leigh, top var. Leah, Lee, Lea
287.▼16Bernadette, down for two decades: 240→271→287
288.▼63Candace, top var. Candice
289.▼121Mildred, down for three decades: 35→94→168→289
290.▼66Priscilla, down for two decades: 146→224→290
291.▼136Annie, top var. Anna, Ana
291.▼33Marla, var. Marlette, .. 1 more
291.▼113Ruby, down for three decades: 48→104→178→291
295.▲245Trina, top var. Trena
296.▼55Nina, var. Ninetta, .. 16 more
297.▲10Antoinette, top var. Antionette
298.▲104Joanna, var. Joanne, .. 10 more
299.▼147Geraldine, down for three decades: 39→64→152→299
300.▼101Josephine, down for three decades: 66→121→199→300
301.▼95Edith, down for three decades: 80→126→206→301
302.▼104Gladys, down for three decades: 60→123→198→302
303.▼84Debora, common var. Deborah
303.▲25Rochelle, up for three decades: 436→351→328→303
306.▼71Nora, var. Norissa, .. 7 more
307.▲37Molly, top var. Mollie
308.▲159Dena, common var. Deanna, Dina, Deana, Deena, Dinah
309.▼94Lucy, down for three decades: 142→173→215→309
310.▼76Bobbie, common var. Bobbi
311.▼62Maryann, common var. Maryanne
312.▼82Irma, top var. Erma
313.▼43Betsy, var. Betsie, .. 3 more
314.▼95Pauline, down for three decades: 76→130→219→314
315.▼134Delores, common var. Deloris
316.▲54Cherie, common var. Sherry, Cheri, Sheree
317.▲100Hope, up for three decades: 474→470→417→317
318.▼122Edna, down for three decades: 53→118→196→318
318.▼37Lana, down for two decades: 207→281→318
320.newTiffany, var. Tiffney, .. 16 more
321.▼107Georgia, down for three decades: 125→138→214→321
322.▼75Margarita, top var. Margaret, Marguerite
323.▼116Emma, down for three decades: 84→124→207→323
323.▼62Mona, var. Moina, .. 5 more
325.▲329Angelia, top var. Angela
326.▲101Lorrie, top var. Laura, Lori, Laurie, Lora, Lorie, Lauri, Lorri
327.▼4Joni, top var. Jana, Joanna, Janie, Jeanie, Johnnie, Johnna, Janna, Jonna
328.▲563Maribel, var. Maribelle, .. 6 more
329.▼61Cecilia, top var. Cecelia
330.▲83Rene, var. Reney, .. 2 more
331.▼71Olga, down for two decades: 227→260→331
332.▼73Billie, down for three decades: 117→166→259→332
333.▼38Cathleen, var. Catline, .. 3 more
334.▲335Alisa, top var. Alyssa
335.▲165Kristy, common var. Kristi, Christy, Krista, Christie, Kristie, Christi, Christa
336.▲57Candy, top var. Candi, Kandy
337.▲44Karin, common var. Karen, Karyn, Caryn, Caren
338.▲1Faith, up for two decades: 365→339→338
338.▼116Margie, down for three decades: 115→141→222→338
340.▼53Jeannette, common var. Janet, Jeanette, Janette
341.▼33Rosemarie, common var. Rosemary
342.▼6Adrienne, common var. Adrian, Adrianne
343.▼41Therese, common var. Terese
344.▲475Kerri, common var. Kerry, Kara, Keri, Kerrie
345.▼15Terrie, common var. Terri, Terry, Teri
346.▼53Dora, down for three decades: 172→224→293→346
347.▲129Lourdes, up for two decades: 742→476→347
349.▲377Krista, common var. Kristi, Kristy, Kristie, Christa
350.▼77Susie, common var. Suzy
351.▼90Myra, down for two decades: 249→261→351
351.▲498Tricia, var. Trish, .. 10 more
353.▼79Alma, down for three decades: 130→182→274→353
354.▼42Nadine, var. Nadyne, .. 7 more
355.▼1Celeste, var. Silestena, .. 45 more
356.▲157Desiree, var. Dezirae, .. 14 more
357.▼79Jeannie, common var. Jeanie, Jeana, Jeanna
358.▼146Janie, common var. Jana, Joanna, Joni, Jennie, Jeanie, Johnna, Janna
359.▲216Jodie, top var. Judy, Jodi, Jody, Judi
359.newKara, top var. Kari new, Cara new, Karrie new
359.▲182Kris, common var. Chris
359.▼155Marian, common var. Maryann, Marion, Maryanne
363.▼140Clara, down for three decades: 79→136→223→363
363.▼69Lucinda, common var. Lucinda
363.▼146Paulette, down for two decades: 168→217→363
366.▲3Susanne, top var. Susan, Suzanne, Suzan
367.newKirsten, var. Kersten, .. 19 more
368.▼99Francine, var. Francene, .. 4 more
369.▲178Daphne, up for three decades: 836→658→547→369
369.▼51Madeline, down for three decades: 221→243→318→369
371.▲85Christie, top var. Kristi, Christy, Kristy, Krista, Kristie, Christi, Christa
372.▲103Leanne, common var. Leann, Leeann
372.▲622Tammi, top var. Tammy, Tammie, Tami, Tamie
375.▲265Deirdre, up for two decades: 926→640→375
377.▼120Beatrice, top var. Beatriz
379.▼135Bonita, down for two decades: 218→244→379
379.▲261Deana, top var. Diana, Deanna, Dianna, Dina, Dena, Deena, Dinah
381.▲51Jeanine, common var. Janine, Jeannine
381.▼57Naomi, common var. Noemi
381.▲128Suzette, up for two decades: 759→509→381
384.▼121Bernice, down for three decades: 91→159→263→384
384.▼217Patsy, down for three decades: 64→79→167→384
387.▼99Laurel, var. Lorel, .. 7 more
387.▲519Tonia, top var. Tonya, Toni
389.▲108Leann, top var. Leanne, Leeann
391.▼154Thelma, down for three decades: 67→143→237→391
392.▼154Marion, common var. Marian
393.▼68Jennie, common var. Jenny
393.▲261Kristie, common var. Kristi, Christy, Kristy, Krista, Christie, Christi, Christa
393.▼150Vera, down for three decades: 138→193→243→393
397.▲408Erica, common var. Erika
398.▼114Ida, down for three decades: 127→174→284→398
399.▲476Cara, common var. Carrie, Kara, Karrie
399.▼119Claire, common var. Clare
401.▼43Janette, common var. Janet, Jeanette, Jeannette, Jannette
402.▲121Marcy, top var. Marci, Marcie
403.▼138Bertha, down for three decades: 118→158→265→403
403.▼136Eleanor, down for three decades: 49→122→267→403
403.▼115Jayne, common var. Joan
406.▼81Gwen, var. Gwenn, .. 2 more
407.▼86Jeri, common var. Jerri
408.▲38Mindy, var. Mindi, .. 3 more
409.▼4Nanette, top var. Nannette
410.▲189Deanne, top var. Deann
410.▼100Trudy, down for two decades: 305→310→410
412.▼78Marcella, down for three decades: 227→301→334→412
413.▲384Mayra, common var. Myra, Moira
414.▲44Sondra, top var. Saundra
415.newMisty, var. Mystee, .. 3 more
416.▲13Jeannine, top var. Janine, Jeanine
416.▲318Megan, var. Meagan, .. 13 more
418.▲159Darcy, common var. Darci, Darcie
419.newBridgette, common var. Bridget new, Bridgett new
419.▼148Florence, down for three decades: 59→135→271→419
421.▼31Rosalind, top var. Rosalinda
422.▲164Lesley, common var. Leslie, Lesli
423.▲176Lauri, common var. Laura, Lori, Laurie, Lora, Lorie, Lorrie, Lorri
424.▼26Camille, down for two decades: 345→398→424
425.▲389Tamera, top var. Tamara
427.▼171Ella, down for three decades: 132→170→256→427
428.newErika, common var. Erica new
428.▼131Hilda, down for three decades: 170→201→297→428
428.newShawna, top var. Shauna new, Shana new, Shanna new
431.▼45Amelia, down for three decades: 251→293→386→431
431.▲427Kendra, var. Kenda, .. 19 more
433.▼100Lorna, var. Lorrna
434.▲47Valarie, top var. Valerie, Valorie, Valeria
435.▲9Jerri, common var. Jeri
436.▼34Corinne, top var. Corrine
436.▲98Raquel, var. Raquela, .. 4 more
438.▼57Lena, down for three decades: 193→275→381→438
439.▼206Wilma, down for three decades: 82→133→233→439
440.▲101Ingrid, up for two decades: 546→541→440
441.▲96Bobbi, common var. Bobbie
441.▲21Elena, var. Alona, .. 5 more
441.▲54Ladonna, var. Ledonna
441.newStaci, common var. Stacey new, Stacy new
445.▼114Ada, common var. Aida
446.▲445Amber, var. Amberetta, .. 4 more
446.▼261Janis, top var. Janice
446.▲185Kimberlee, common var. Kimberly, Kimberley, Kimberli
446.▲536Paige, var. Padget, .. 5 more
450.▲236Christi, common var. Kristi, Christy, Kristy, Krista, Christie, Kristie, Christa
450.▼90Isabel, down for three decades: 240→283→360→450
450.▼35Polly, down for three decades: 325→349→415→450
453.▼97Daisy, down for three decades: 205→261→356→453
454.▼45Jolene, var. Jolena, .. 15 more
455.▲275Karyn, top var. Karen, Karin, Caryn, Caren
455.▼144Stella, down for three decades: 181→212→311→455
458.▲2Dee, up for three decades: 816→499→460→458
459.▲75Lynnette, common var. Lynette, Linette, Lanette
459.▲275Rachelle, top var. Rachel
461.▲303Sophia, up for two decades: 897→764→461
462.▲31Janelle, top var. Janell, Janel
463.▲207Annmarie, up for two decades: 686→670→463
464.▼56Katie, down for three decades: 238→305→408→464
464.▼188Maxine, down for three decades: 116→161→276→464
464.▼20Rena, down for three decades: 353→396→444→464
467.▼5Colette, top var. Collette
467.▼153Jessie, down for three decades: 136→201→314→467
469.▲323Angel, var. Ang, .. 2 more
469.▼58Blanca, down for two decades: 382→411→469
471.▼232Ethel, down for three decades: 81→144→239→471
471.▲58Meredith, var. Meradith, .. 5 more
471.▼196Rosie, top var. Rosa
474.▼146Aida, down for two decades: 255→328→474
474.newWendi, common var. Wendy new
476.▼113Della, down for three decades: 239→307→363→476
476.▼133Myrna, down for three decades: 185→240→343→476
478.▼88Milagros, down for two decades: 352→390→478
478.▼84Noreen, down for two decades: 369→394→478
481.▼114Celia, down for three decades: 288→322→367→481
483.▲109Ivette, var. Ivetta
484.newStefanie, common var. Stephanie new
485.▼97Delia, down for three decades: 325→336→388→485
486.▲72Julianne, common var. Juliann
486.newLara, var. Laralaine, .. 5 more
486.▼90Migdalia, var. Magdala, .. 1 more
489.▲151Lorri, common var. Laura, Lori, Laurie, Lora, Lorie, Lorrie, Lauri
490.▼184Luann, kreatif var. Laluann, Luannda, Luannla
491.▼90Guadalupe, down for two decades: 341→401→491
491.▼190Lillie, top var. Lila, Lily, Lilly
491.▲314Vonda, up for two decades: 848→805→491
494.▼243Faye, common var. Fay
494.▼121Gay, top var. Gaye
494.▲112Greta, up for two decades: 676→606→494
497.▼261Lucille, down for three decades: 85→142→236→497
498.▲133Elisabeth, up for two decades: 689→631→498
498.▲112Lea, common var. Leah, Lee, Leigh
500.newMia, var. Mea, .. 2 more
501.▲7Benita, up for two decades: 637→508→501
501.▲241Bethany, var. Bethanne, .. 10 more
503.▼141Margo, down for two decades: 356→362→503
503.▼149Olivia, down for two decades: 268→354→503
505.newKeri, top var. Kerry new, Kerri new, Kara new, Kerrie new
505.▲122Maura, common var. Moira
505.▼159Verna, down for three decades: 183→262→346→505
508.▲360Gena, common var. Gina
508.▲222Liz, var. Lizz, .. 4 more
508.▼223Willie, down for three decades: 105→153→285→508
511.▼174Cecelia, top var. Cecilia
512.▲302Deann, common var. Diane, Dianne, Deanne, Diann
512.▼192Marguerite, down for three decades: 204→268→320→512
512.▼141Velma, down for three decades: 152→245→371→512
516.newLatonya, top var. Latanya new
518.newAudra, common var. Audrey new
518.▼168Geneva, down for three decades: 148→233→350→518
520.newAimee, var. Aimie, .. 3 more
520.▲206Shauna, top var. Shawna, Shana, Shanna
522.▼93Lenora, down for three decades: 299→370→429→522
522.▲7Mitzi, var. Mitzee, .. 2 more
524.▲107Michael, up for two decades: 697→631→524
525.▲350Marci, top var. Marcy, Marcie
525.▲141Marcie, common var. Marcy, Marci
525.▼60Robbie, down for three decades: 373→449→465→525
528.▼36Eugenia, down for three decades: 355→432→492→528
528.▲154Renae, common var. Renee, Rene
528.▼196Rosalie, down for three decades: 149→194→332→528
531.▼157Leona, down for three decades: 158→245→374→531
531.▲438Shellie, common var. Shelly, Shelley, Shelli
533.▲89Deena, top var. Deanna, Dina, Dena, Deana, Dinah
533.▲34Johanna, var. Joehannah, .. 6 more
535.▲314Christa, common var. Krista
535.▲252Cristina, common var. Christina, Kristina
535.▼86Elsa, common var. Elsie
538.▲246Jenifer, top var. Jennifer
538.▼31Mari, var. Marilee, .. 9 more
541.▼24Angelina, down for three decades: 284→475→517→541
541.▼194Candice, top var. Candace
543.newAlesia, var. Alessia
544.▲229Lorena, var. Lorene, .. 6 more
546.▲91Caryn, common var. Karen, Karin, Karyn, Caren
547.▼184Cora, down for three decades: 179→253→363→547
548.▲12Robbin, top var. Robin, Robyn
549.▼40Elise, var. Liesel, .. 21 more
550.▲391Marisa, var. Morisa, .. 7 more
551.▼134Debby, common var. Debbie, Debi
551.▼4Malinda, common var. Melinda
551.newUrsula, var. Urselina, .. 20 more
554.▼66Coleen, top var. Colleen
554.▲111Marina, up for two decades: 723→665→554
554.▲121Nikki, var. Nickie, .. 9 more
557.▼248Dale, down for two decades: 302→309→557
557.newMelisa, common var. Melissa new
559.▲89Judi, top var. Judy, Jody, Jodie
559.▼103Randi, top var. Randy
559.newShelli, top var. Shelly new, Shelley new, Shellie new
564.▼140Helene, common var. Helen
566.▼93Rosalyn, var. Roselynn, .. 4 more
567.▼207Elsie, down for three decades: 109→190→360→567
567.▼64Shelby, down for three decades: 266→350→503→567
569.▼267Hazel, down for three decades: 92→154→302→569
569.▼88Jeanie, common var. Jana, Joanna, Joni, Jeannie, Janie, Johnna, Janna, Jeana, Jeanna
569.newShana, common var. Shanna new
569.▼31Silvia, common var. Sylvia
573.▼254Harriet, down for three decades: 160→189→319→573
573.▲251Jacquline, up for two decades: 975→824→573
573.▼162Kathi, common var. Kathy, Cathy, Kathie
576.▼223Johnnie, top var. Jana, Joni, Johnna, Janna, Jonna
576.▼271Lou, var. Louella, .. 4 more
579.newBridgett, top var. Bridget new, Bridgette new
580.newAnnemarie, common var. Annamarie new
581.▲197Alexandra, up for two decades: 817→778→581
581.▼197Ernestine, common var. Earnestine
581.newJami, common var. Jamie new
584.▼69Jocelyn, var. Josilin, .. 42 more
584.▼43Katharine, common var. Catherine, Katherine, Katheryn
584.▲284Leeann, common var. Leanne, Leann
584.▼100Roseann, common var. Rosanne, Roseanne
584.▼110Saundra, common var. Sandra, Sondra
589.newJohnna, top var. Jana new, Joni new, Johnnie new, Janna new, Jonna new
589.▼42Maryellen, down for two decades: 518→547→589
591.▼215Laverne, down for three decades: 245→296→376→591
592.▼169Antonia, down for three decades: 265→303→423→592
592.▲292Justine, var. Justie, .. 10 more
592.▼225Pat, down for two decades: 157→367→592
595.newChandra, var. Chandy, .. 7 more
595.newCourtney, var. Kortni, .. 36 more
595.▼248Mattie, down for three decades: 144→197→347→595
595.newTania, common var. Tonya new, Tanya new, Tana new
599.▼177Flora, down for three decades: 211→277→422→599
600.▲369Allyson, common var. Allison, Alison, Alyson
600.newCari, common var. Carrie new, Kari new, Carey new, Cary new
600.▼115Denice, top var. Denise
600.▼248Dixie, down for three decades: 202→217→352→600
600.▼300Gale, top var. Gail, Gayle
600.▼23Noemi, top var. Naomi
606.▼44Rosalinda, top var. Rosalind
607.▼280Kathie, common var. Kathy, Cathy, Kathi
607.▲387Letitia, var. Leticia, .. 20 more
607.▼98Rae, down for two decades: 467→509→607
610.▼235Bessie, down for three decades: 137→216→375→610
610.newLiza, var. Leeza, .. 5 more
612.▼240Agnes, down for three decades: 134→229→372→612
612.newBrigitte, var. Gitte
614.newShanna, common var. Shawna new, Shauna new, Shana new
615.▲39Abigail, up for two decades: 854→654→615
616.▼258Minnie, down for three decades: 143→204→358→616
617.▼120Charmaine, var. Chari, .. 26 more
617.▼202Pearl, down for three decades: 156→267→415→617
617.▼4Robert, down for three decades: 418→523→613→617
617.▲241Sandi, top var. Sandy
617.▲143Tena, top var. Tina, Teena
623.▲133David, up for three decades: 894→783→756→623
623.▼188Eunice, down for three decades: 178→273→435→623
626.▼79Genevieve, down for three decades: 201→326→547→626
627.▼122Carlene, down for two decades: 409→505→627
627.▼12Cindi, common var. Cindy, Cyndi
627.▼112Lorene, top var. Lorraine, Lauren, Laureen
627.▼169Nilda, down for two decades: 385→458→627
632.▲289Juli, top var. Julie, Julia
633.▲42Aileen, common var. Eileen, Ilene
633.▼97Caren, top var. Karen, Karin, Karyn, Caryn
633.▼79Lucia, down for three decades: 431→512→554→633
633.▲293Martina, var. Tina, .. 7 more
633.▼107Maryanne, top var. Maureen, Marianne, Maryann, Marian, Marion, Mariann
633.▼155Minerva, down for two decades: 472→478→633
633.▼237Viola, down for three decades: 150→271→396→633
640.▼261Deloris, common var. Dolores, Delores
640.▼152Frankie, down for three decades: 282→318→488→640
642.▲226Hilary, top var. Hilary, Hillary
642.newLeisa, common var. Lisa new, Liza new, Lissa new, Leesa new
642.▲327Selena, top var. Selina
645.▼268Lola, down for three decades: 195→268→377→645
645.▼37Pamala, common var. Pamela
649.newDeidra, common var. Dedra new
649.newKarrie, common var. Carrie new, Kari new, Kara new, Cara new
649.▼270Nellie, down for three decades: 135→222→379→649
653.▼217Claudette, down for three decades: 314→343→436→653
653.newDionne, var. Deonne, .. 9 more
653.▼67Dorothea, common var. Dorothy
653.▼229Penelope, down for two decades: 288→424→653
653.▲329Serena, var. Reena, .. 12 more
658.▼245Freda, down for three decades: 255→357→413→658
658.▼12Laureen, common var. Lauren, Lorene
658.newTabatha, top var. Tabitha new
658.▼215Violet, down for three decades: 159→293→443→658
662.newAshley, var. Ashlen, .. 21 more
662.▼139Maggie, down for three decades: 244→338→523→662
662.newNoelle, top var. Noel new
662.▼272Rosanne, common var. Roseann, Roseanne
662.▼210Sharron, common var. Sharon
662.newSimone, var. Shimonah, .. 12 more
669.▼156Juana, down for three decades: 300→387→513→669
669.▼23Melodie, common var. Melody
669.▼217Rosetta, down for three decades: 296→335→452→669
672.▲142Clarissa, up for two decades: 848→814→672
672.▲101Janna, common var. Jana, Joanna, Joni, Janie, Jeanie, Johnnie, Johnna, Jonna
672.newMissy, var. Missie
672.newTia, var. Thia, .. 2 more
676.newCorina, top var. Corinna new
676.▼93Helena, down for two decades: 522→583→676
676.▼124Sharlene, down for two decades: 546→552→676
679.▲21Vikki, common var. Vicki, Vickie, Vicky, Vickey
680.▼126Clare, down for three decades: 522→541→554→680
680.newDamaris, var. Demaris, .. 18 more
680.▼230Diann, common var. Diane, Dianne, Deann
680.▼160Mercedes, down for three decades: 304→403→520→680
680.▼228Reba, down for three decades: 256→313→452→680
685.▼15Janell, common var. Janelle, Janel
685.▲120Teressa, top var. Teresa, Theresa
685.newWhitney, var. Whitnie, .. 10 more
688.▲180Beatriz, top var. Beatrice
690.▼82Eve, var. Evlyn, .. 21 more
690.▲141Juliana, var. Julieanna, .. 7 more
692.▼254Ava, var. Avalyn, .. 9 more
692.▲222Danna, top var. Dana
692.▼314Mae, down for three decades: 165→251→378→692
692.▼214Sallie, common var. Sally
692.newSelina, top var. Selena new
697.▼171Cathryn, common var. Kathryn, Kathrine, Cathrine
697.newDara, var. Darice, .. 10 more
697.▼70Geri, top var. Gerri
697.newLatanya, common var. Latonya new
704.newAngelica, var. Angelique, .. 6 more
704.▼175Roxann, common var. Roxanne, Roxane
704.▼310Sheree, top var. Sherry, Sherri, Sheri, Shari, Cheri, Sherrie, Cherie, Sherie
707.▼21Edwina, down for two decades: 428→686→707
707.▼198Ilene, down for two decades: 418→509→707
707.▲142Renita, var. Reneeta, .. 1 more
707.▲42Susana, common var. Susanna, Suzanna
712.▲52Rebekah, common var. Rebecca
712.▲229Valencia, var. Valentia
714.▼249Adele, down for three decades: 318→437→465→714
715.▲63Charla, up for two decades: 918→778→715
715.▼214Lila, top var. Leila
715.▼33Magdalena, var. Magdelena, .. 3 more
715.▼218Suzan, top var. Susan, Suzanne, Susanne
715.newTabitha, common var. Tabatha new
721.▲147Juliet, up for two decades: 876→868→721
722.newGabrielle, var. Gabryella, .. 25 more
724.▼162Bernadine, down for three decades: 331→415→562→724
724.▼125Josie, down for three decades: 349→417→599→724
724.newKerrie, common var. Kerry new, Kerri new, Kara new, Keri new
727.newAretha, var. Arethusa, .. 13 more
727.▼259Dona, common var. Donna
730.▼299Alberta, down for three decades: 180→264→431→730
730.▼138Alfreda, var. Elfreeda, .. 54 more
730.▼311Glenna, down for three decades: 292→329→419→730
730.▲89Libby, up for two decades: 862→819→730
734.▼294Erma, top var. Irma
734.▲134Pennie, top var. Penny
734.newTresa, top var. Tracy new, Tracey new
738.▼194Inez, down for three decades: 215→332→544→738
738.▼270Kaye, top var. Kay
738.▼12Susanna, common var. Susana, Suzanna
741.▼142Lenore, down for three decades: 365→443→599→741
743.▼43Terese, common var. Therese
746.▼71Aurora, down for three decades: 395→499→675→746
746.newJeana, common var. Jeannie new, Jeanie new, Jeanna new
746.▼53Roxane, common var. Roxanne, Roxann
751.newBrooke, var. Brooks, .. 7 more
751.▼145Elvira, down for three decades: 379→440→606→751
751.▲231Esmeralda, var. Esmee, .. 20 more
751.▲175Kate, var. Kathe, .. 14 more
755.▼234Elba, down for two decades: 387→521→755
755.▼136Francis, down for three decades: 351→473→619→755
755.▼232Gracie, down for three decades: 295→424→523→755
755.▼172Ivy, var. Iva, .. 5 more
762.newDayna, common var. Dana new, Danna new
762.▼234Estella, down for three decades: 325→412→528→762
762.newEvette, var. Eyvetta, .. 3 more
762.newJannette, common var. Janet new, Janette new
762.▼163Lyn, common var. Lynn, Lynne
768.▲185Carey, common var. Cary
768.▲90Enid, var. Enyd, .. 7 more
768.▼124Georgette, down for two decades: 552→644→768
768.▼153Nereida, down for two decades: 482→615→768
772.▲134Tana, top var. Tonya, Tanya, Tania
775.▼100Arleen, top var. Arlene
775.▼176Corrine, common var. Corinne
775.newJeanna, common var. Jeannie new, Jeanie new, Jeana new
775.▼229Josefina, down for three decades: 334→451→546→775
775.▼89Leila, common var. Lila, Lela
775.newTori, var. Torrey, .. 10 more
782.newAthena, var. Atheena, .. 5 more
782.▲166Ivonne, var. Evonne, .. 2 more
782.▼160Kathrine, top var. Kathryn, Cathryn, Cathrine
782.newLizette, top var. Lissette new
782.▼160Vickey, common var. Vicki, Vickie, Vicky, Vikki
782.▲76Vilma, var. Wilma
789.▼349Hattie, down for three decades: 199→257→440→789
789.newJoelle, var. Joell, .. 13 more
791.▼105Dorene, common var. Doreen
791.▼253Fannie, down for three decades: 189→279→538→791
791.▼202Jewel, down for three decades: 289→428→589→791
791.▲84Lucretia, var. Lucresha, .. 24 more
791.▼192Valorie, common var. Valerie, Valarie, Valeria
797.▼79Angelita, down for three decades: 530→615→718→797
797.▼162Georgina, var. Georgianne, .. 16 more
797.▼187Lupe, down for three decades: 379→432→610→797
797.▼13Nannette, common var. Nanette
797.▼113Rosario, down for two decades: 679→684→797
797.newStarla, var. Starlene, .. 8 more
805.▼239Cherry, top var. Cheri
805.newMarlo, var. Marlon, .. 2 more
805.newMechelle, top var. Michelle new, Michele new, Machelle new, Michell new
809.▲117Adrian, top var. Adrienne, Adrianne
809.▲15Mara, top var. Mari
809.▼139Nydia, down for two decades: 650→670→809
812.▼283Althea, var. Altheda, .. 8 more
812.newBettina, var. Battina, .. 5 more
812.▼235Dinah, top var. Dina, Dena
812.▲46Gerri, top var. Geri
812.▼220Kitty, down for two decades: 573→592→812
812.▲19Leanna, up for two decades: 841→831→812
812.▼185Marylou, down for three decades: 449→460→627→812
819.newAmie, common var. Amy new, Aimee new
819.newJaneen, top var. Janine new, Jeannine new
819.newKayla, var. Kaylla, .. 24 more
822.▲9Alana, up for two decades: 841→831→822
822.▼253Jerry, common var. Jeri
822.▼207Lavonne, down for three decades: 314→455→615→822
822.▼152Pattie, common var. Patty, Patti
822.▼58Teena, top var. Tina, Tena
822.newTrena, top var. Trina new
829.newLissette, common var. Lizette new
829.newMandy, var. Manda, .. 2 more
829.▼271Merry, var. Merrielle, .. 11 more
829.newNatasha, var. Natacha, .. 26 more
829.▲133Sherie, top var. Sherry, Sherri, Sheri, Shari, Sherrie, Sheree
829.▼120Valeria, top var. Valerie, Valarie, Valorie
839.newAntionette, common var. Antoinette new
839.▼123Cheryle, common var. Cheryl, Sheryl, Sherrill
839.▼169Dolly, down for three decades: 387→492→670→839
839.▲10Dorinda, var. Derinda, .. 2 more
839.▼292Fay, common var. Faye, Fay
839.▼361Lula, top var. Lola
847.▼147Avis, var. Aveza, .. 1 more
847.newCandi, top var. Candy new, Kandy new
847.▼255Etta, down for three decades: 287→376→592→847
847.▼397Henrietta, down for three decades: 263→290→450→847
847.▼328Nelda, down for three decades: 285→345→519→847
847.newSharla, common var. Charla new
855.▼121Alexis, down for two decades: 716→734→855
855.▼349Mamie, down for three decades: 234→317→506→855
855.▼146Mollie, common var. Molly
855.newRichelle, var. Ricki, .. 4 more
861.▼42Debi, common var. Debbie, Debby
861.newDemetria, top var. Demetria new
861.▼213Karol, down for two decades: 573→648→861
861.newLinette, top var. Lynette new, Lynnette new, Lanette new
861.▼112Louisa, top var. Luisa
861.newSuzy, top var. Susie new
861.newTamie, common var. Tammy new, Tammie new, Tami new, Tammi new
868.newChrystal, var. Chrystalla
868.newClaudine, var. Claudean
868.newCyndi, top var. Cindy new, Cindi new
868.newDedra, top var. Deidra new
868.newHollie, top var. Holly new
868.newMachelle, common var. Michelle new, Michele new, Mechelle new, Michell new
868.▼159Nanci, top var. Nancy
868.▼316Ruthie, down for three decades: 329→393→552→868
878.newAlecia, top var. Alicia new, Alesia new
878.▼178Millie, down for three decades: 418→509→700→878
878.▼20Petra, down for three decades: 382→573→858→878
878.newTasha, var. Tasenka, .. 13 more
878.▲104Venus, var. Venusina, .. 3 more
884.▼274Gaye, top var. Gay
884.newGigi, var. Geegee, .. 1 more
884.newKrystal, common var. Krystal new
884.▼114Letha, down for three decades: 458→577→770→884
884.newLissa, var. Lissette, .. 1 more
884.▼230Loraine, common var. Lorraine
884.newMarissa, common var. Marisa new
884.▼124Roseanne, top var. Roseann, Rosanne
892.▼114Fran, var. Franni, .. 4 more
892.▲14Mimi, var. Meemee, .. 1 more
892.newShiela, common var. Sheila new, Shelia new
892.newYolonda, top var. Yolanda new
898.▼180Consuelo, down for three decades: 385→495→718→898
898.▲1Kandy, common var. Candy, Candi
898.newLanette, common var. Lynette new, Lynnette new, Linette new
898.▼30Lily, top var. Lillie, Lila, Lilly
903.newCassie, var. Kasse, .. 10 more
903.▼441Gertrude, down for three decades: 146→258→462→903
903.▼72Hannah, down for three decades: 458→650→831→903
903.▲50Juliann, top var. Julianne
903.newMiranda, var. Myrilla, .. 17 more
903.▼154Sybil, down for three decades: 369→512→749→903
909.newDori, top var. Dora new
909.▼164Mabel, down for three decades: 212→372→745→909
909.newRona, top var. Ronna new
913.newAnastasia, var. Anasztaizia, .. 46 more
913.▼357Beverley, common var. Beverly
913.newBrigette, top var. Brigitte new
913.▼149Brunilda, down for two decades: 697→764→913
913.▼157Darleen, top var. Darlene
913.▼64Ginny, var. Jinnie, .. 7 more
913.▼341Rhoda, down for three decades: 296→488→572→913
922.▼98Aleta, down for two decades: 796→824→922
922.newAlyssa, var. Allissa, .. 13 more
922.newDarci, common var. Darcy new, Darcie new
922.▼330Earlene, down for three decades: 373→399→592→922
922.▼103Evangeline, down for three decades: 501→676→819→922
922.▼462Melba, down for three decades: 236→309→460→922
922.▲47Treva, var. Trevia, .. 1 more
931.newAnnamarie, common var. Annemarie new
931.newCollette, top var. Colette new
931.▼238Dottie, down for two decades: 564→693→931
931.newJacquelin, common var. Jacqueline new, Jacquelyn new
931.newKimberli, common var. Kimberly new, Kimberley new, Kimberlee new
931.▲10Leesa, common var. Lisa, Liza, Leisa, Lissa
931.▼339Marva, down for two decades: 398→592→931
931.▲22Zelda, var. Selda, .. 2 more
939.newAdrianne, top var. Adrienne new, Adrian new
939.▼48Cathrine, common var. Kathryn, Cathryn, Kathrine
939.newMonika, top var. Monica new
939.newNoel, common var. Noelle new
939.▼96Portia, down for two decades: 716→843→939
939.newSuzanna, top var. Susana new, Susanna new
939.▼152Sydney, down for two decades: 650→787→939
948.newCorinna, common var. Corina new
948.▼371Earnestine, top var. Ernestine
948.▼458Eloise, down for three decades: 237→299→490→948
948.newJanel, common var. Janelle new, Janell new
948.newJonna, top var. Jana new, Joni new, Johnnie new, Johnna new, Janna new
948.▼151Luisa, down for three decades: 501→604→797→948
948.▼239Madonna, down for three decades: 637→665→709→948
948.▼239Mariann, top var. Maureen, Marianne, Maryann, Marian, Marion, Maryanne
948.newMichell, top var. Michelle new, Michele new, Mechelle new, Machelle new
962.▼41Annetta, common var. Anita
962.newLesli, common var. Leslie new, Lesley new
962.▼138Lilly, top var. Lillie, Lila, Lily
962.▼335Marietta, down for three decades: 458→556→627→962
962.newMoira, var. Moire, .. 1 more
962.▼217Myriam, top var. Miriam
962.newPhoebe, var. Febe, .. 5 more
962.▼400Sadie, down for three decades: 258→427→562→962
971.newAlyson, top var. Allison new, Alison new, Allyson new
971.▼174Angeline, down for three decades: 342→604→797→971
971.▼57Bambi, var. Bambina, .. 3 more
971.▼87Camilla, down for two decades: 621→884→971
971.▼404Clarice, down for three decades: 312→506→567→971
971.▼245Doretha, down for three decades: 598→716→726→971
971.▼382Elva, down for three decades: 347→466→589→971
971.newFrancesca, var. Franca, .. 5 more
971.newHillary, common var. Hilary new
971.▼198Randy, top var. Randi
971.▼45Romona, common var. Ramona
984.▼63Callie, down for three decades: 483→759→921→984
984.newCary, common var. Carrie new, Kari new, Cari new, Carey new
984.▼70Ester, common var. Esther
984.newGlynis, var. Glinyce, .. 8 more
984.newIleana, top var. Elena new
984.newJaime, var. Jamee, .. 5 more
984.▼187Katheryn, common var. Catherine, Katherine, Katharine
984.▼318Lela, top var. Lila, Leila
984.▼93Rowena, var. Roweina, .. 4 more
984.newThea, var. Tea, .. 2 more
984.▼266Tommie, down for three decades: 377→435→718→984
999.▼443Blanche, down for three decades: 229→400→556→999
999.newCasandra, top var. Cassandra new
999.newDarcie, common var. Darcy new, Darci new
999.newMaricela, var. Maricel, .. 2 more
999.▼73Ronna, common var. Rona
999.▼324Sherrill, top var. Cheryl, Sheryl, Cheryle
999.▼345Winifred, down for three decades: 280→376→654→999

Top Falls for U.S. Baby Names 1960-1969: Melba, Eloise, Blanche, Gertrude, Clarice