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pinPopular Names in 1970-1979

Popularity rankings for Top 1-1000 baby girl names in the U.S. in 1970-1979, and rank movements and trends in comparison to the previous decade. This year, Brandy (#79), Lindsay (#200), Tamika (#228), Latoya (#237) and Latasha (#256) are the 5 new entries that made it into the Top 1000.

1.▲18Jennifer, common var. Jenifer
2.▲33Amy, top var. Aimee, Amie, Ami
3.▲31Melissa, common var. Melisa, Malissa, Mellisa
4.▲5Michelle, top var. Michele, Michell, Mechelle
5.▲5Kimberly, common var. Kimberley, Kimberlee
6.▼5Lisa, common var. Liza
7.▲14Angela, common var. Angelia
8.▲119Heather, up for three decades: 585→381→127→8
9.▲36Stephanie, top var. Stefanie
10.▲224Jessica, up for three decades: 536→448→234→10
11.▲6Elizabeth, top var. Elisabeth
12.▲174Nicole, top var. Nicolle
13.▲27Rebecca, top var. Rebekah, Rebeca
14.▲17Kelly, common var. Kelli, Kellie, Kelley
15.▼13Mary, common var. Maria, Marie, Mayra, Mara, Maura
16.▲59Christina, common var. Kristina, Cristina
17.▲189Amanda, up for three decades: 477→400→206→17
18.▲72Sarah, top var. Sara
19.▼4Laura, top var. Lori, Laurie, Lora, Lorie, Lorrie, Lauri
20.▼2Julie, var. July, .. 8 more
21.▲104Shannon, common var. Shannan, Shanon
22.▲5Christine, top var. Kristin, Kristine
23.▼9Tammy, common var. Tami, Tammie, Tammi
24.▼21Karen, top var. Karin, Karyn, Caryn, Caren
25.▲16Tracy, top var. Tracey, Traci
26.▲6Maria, common var. Marie, Mayra, Mariah
27.▲10Dawn, up for three decades: 259→114→37→27
28.▼24Susan, top var. Suzanne, Susanne
29.▲37Andrea, common var. Andria
30.▲37Tina, var. Teena, .. 6 more
31.▼21Cynthia, var. Cynda, .. 51 more
32.▼26Patricia, down for two decades: 3→6→32
33.▲114Rachel, common var. Rachelle, Racheal
34.▲106April, up for three decades: 443→254→140→34
35.▼19Lori, var. Loria, .. 11 more
36.▲121Crystal, common var. Krystal, Chrystal, Christal, Kristal, Christel
37.▲10Wendy, top var. Wendi, Windy
38.▲73Stacy, top var. Stacey, Staci
39.▼28Sandra, top var. Sondra
40.▲113Jamie, common var. Jami, Jaimie, Jammie
41.▲176Erin, up for two decades: 446→217→41
42.▲94Carrie, common var. Carey, Cari, Carie, Cary, Carri
43.▲189Tara, up for two decades: 521→232→43
44.▲276Tiffany, top var. Tiffani, Tiffanie
45.▲41Monica, common var. Monika
46.▲192Danielle, top var. Danelle
47.▲58Stacey, common var. Stacy, Staci
48.▼23Teresa, var. Terezia, .. 34 more
49.▼36Pamela, var. Pama, .. 15 more
50.▲111Sara, common var. Sarah
51.▼1Michele, common var. Michelle, Michell, Mechelle
52.▲68Tonya, up for two decades: 434→120→52
53.▲25Katherine, top var. Catherine, Katharine
54.▼34Brenda, down for two decades: 18→20→54
55.▼26Denise, top var. Denice
56.▲58Melanie, common var. Melonie
57.▲4Jill, up for three decades: 207→110→61→57
58.▲74Holly, common var. Hollie, Holli
59.▲21Dana, top var. Dayna, Danna
60.▲386Amber, up for two decades: 891→446→60
61.▼49Deborah, common var. Debora
62.▲335Erica, top var. Erika, Ericka
63.▼56Linda, common var. Lynda, Lindy
64.▲193Emily, top var. Emilie
65.▼41Sharon, top var. Sharron
66.▲103Tanya, common var. Tonya, Tania, Tawnya, Tana
67.▼59Donna, var. Ladonna, .. 24 more
68.▼35Kathleen, common var. Cathleen
69.▲2Leslie, common var. Lesley
70.▼34Robin, top var. Robyn
71.▲151Christy, top var. Kristi, Kristy, Krista, Christie, Kristie, Christi, Cristy
72.▼14Catherine, top var. Katherine, Katharine
73.▼51Barbara, down for three decades: 3→6→22→73
74.▼48Nancy, down for three decades: 7→9→26→74
75.▲84Kristin, top var. Christine, Kristine, Christin
76.▲121Kristen, up for three decades: 828→572→197→76
77.▲52Heidi, up for three decades: 796→253→129→77
78.▲337Misty, common var. Misti
79.newBrandy, common var. Brandi new, Brandie new, Brandee new
80.▼52Cheryl, common var. Sheryl
81.▼30Jacqueline, top var. Jacquelyn
82.▼39Theresa, common var. Teresa
83.▲87Alicia, common var. Alecia, Alysia
84.▲332Megan, top var. Meghan, Meagan
85.▲51Veronica, up for three decades: 199→193→136→85
86.▲15Anna, common var. Ana
86.▲17Tamara, common var. Tamera
88.▼14Renee, top var. Rene, Renae
89.▼16Gina, top var. Gena
90.▲28Melinda, top var. Malinda
91.▼29Diana, common var. Deanna, Dena, Dianna, Deana
92.▼46Rhonda, top var. Ronda
93.▼5Kathryn, common var. Kathrine
94.▼71Debra, down for two decades: 7→23→94
95.▼40Sherry, top var. Sherri, Sheri, Shari, Sherrie, Sheree
96.▲107Allison, common var. Alison, Allyson, Alyson
97.▼27Valerie, top var. Valarie, Valeria
98.▲139Kristina, up for three decades: 888→517→237→98
99.▲75Vanessa, common var. Venessa
100.▼47Paula, top var. Polly
101.▼47Margaret, top var. Margarita
102.▼42Ann, down for three decades: 38→45→60→102
103.▼55Cindy, top var. Cindi
104.▲3Victoria, var. Vittoria, .. 30 more
105.▲41Jodi, common var. Jody, Jodie
106.▲106Kristi, top var. Christy, Kristy, Krista, Christie, Kristie, Christa, Christi, Cristy
107.▲165Samantha, var. Samey, .. 11 more
108.▲79Natalie, common var. Natalia
109.▼25Regina, var. Reggie, .. 20 more
110.▼21Carmen, down for three decades: 50→76→89→110
111.▲17Yolanda, top var. Yolonda
112.▼47Suzanne, top var. Susanne
113.▼14Tracey, common var. Tracy, Traci, Tressa
114.▼58Carolyn, down for three decades: 12→25→56→114
115.▲723Brandi, common var. Brandy, Brandie, Brandee
116.▼47Beth, var. Bet, .. 2 more
117.▲218Kristy, top var. Christy, Kristi, Krista, Christie, Kristie, Christa, Christi, Cristy
118.▼59Sheila, top var. Shelia, Shayla
119.▼37Carla, common var. Karla, Carly
120.▲13Deanna, top var. Deana, Deena
121.▼64Laurie, common var. Laura, Lori, Lora, Lorie, Lorrie, Lauri
122.▼7Shelly, common var. Shelley, Shellie, Shelli
123.▼42Anne, top var. Ann
124.▲122Katrina, top var. Catrina
125.▼86Diane, top var. Dianne, Deann
126.▲302Erika, top var. Erica, Ericka
126.▼77Janet, top var. Janette, Jannette
128.▼90Carol, common var. Carole
129.▼16Julia, common var. Julie, Juli
130.▲111Sabrina, up for two decades: 406→241→130
131.▼36Colleen, top var. Coleen
132.▲463Courtney, common var. Cortney
133.▲132Jenny, common var. Jennie, Jenna
134.▲125Alison, top var. Allison, Allyson, Alyson
135.▲50Felicia, up for three decades: 841→495→185→135
136.▼94Kathy, top var. Cathy
137.▲114Leah, top var. Leigh, Lee, Lea
138.▲846Jaime, var. James, .. 5 more
139.▲100Lauren, up for three decades: 568→313→239→139
140.▲71Kelli, common var. Kelly, Kellie, Kelley
141.▲26Kristine, up for three decades: 380→245→167→141
142.▲520Ashley, var. Ashly, .. 21 more
143.▼99Kim, var. Kimm, .. 7 more
144.▲215Kara, common var. Kari, Cara, Karrie, Karie, Karri
145.▲36Joy, var. Joie, .. 13 more
146.▼83Terri, common var. Teri, Terry, Tera, Terrie
147.▲30Sonya, top var. Sonia, Sonja
148.▲201Krista, top var. Kristi, Kristy, Kristie, Christa
149.▲33Traci, top var. Tracy, Tracey
150.▲201Tricia, up for two decades: 849→351→150
151.▲369Aimee, var. Aimey, .. 3 more
151.▲77Bridget, top var. Bridgette, Bridgett
153.▼34Marie, down for three decades: 51→88→119→153
154.▲54Cassandra, top var. Casandra
155.▼87Wanda, down for two decades: 58→68→155
156.▲114Kari, common var. Carrie, Kara, Cara, Carey, Cari, Karrie, Karie, Karri, Cary, Carri
157.▲672Natasha, var. Tashie, .. 26 more
158.▼75Anita, var. Aneta, .. 11 more
159.▲733Nichole, top var. Nichol
160.▼44Virginia, down for three decades: 28→62→116→160
161.▲210Christie, top var. Christy, Kristi, Kristy, Krista, Kristie, Christa, Christi, Cristy
162.▼98Connie, down for two decades: 42→64→162
163.▼70Martha, down for three decades: 30→46→93→163
164.▲26Sonia, common var. Sonya, Sonja
165.▲299Katie, top var. Katy
166.▲88Monique, up for two decades: 875→254→166
168.▼78Bonnie, down for three decades: 34→50→90→168
169.▼97Lynn, top var. Lynne
170.▼76Sherri, top var. Sherry, Sheri, Shari, Sherrie, Sheree, Shara
171.▲222Kristie, top var. Christy, Kristi, Kristy, Krista, Christie, Christa, Christi, Cristy
172.▲87Kerry, top var. Kara, Kerri, Keri, Kerrie
173.▼96Annette, var. Anett, .. 7 more
174.▲30Jody, common var. Jodi, Jodie
175.▼7Rosa, common var. Rosie
175.▼40Yvonne, common var. Ivonne
177.▼110Janice, common var. Janis
177.▼22Shelley, common var. Shelly, Shellie, Shelli
179.▲290Angel, up for two decades: 792→469→179
180.▲291Meredith, up for two decades: 529→471→180
181.▲648Mandy, top var. Mandi
182.▲19Ana, var. Analeigh, .. 7 more
183.▲245Shawna, common var. Shana, Shanna, Shauna, Shonna
184.▼30Toni, common var. Tonya, Tonia
185.▲246Kendra, up for two decades: 858→431→185
186.▲121Molly, common var. Mollie
187.▲111Joanna, up for two decades: 402→298→187
188.▼79Ruth, down for three decades: 33→69→109→188
189.▲40Robyn, common var. Robin
190.▼92Gloria, down for three decades: 26→40→98→190
191.▼43Sheri, common var. Sherry, Sherri, Shari, Sherrie, Sheree
192.▲216Mindy, common var. Mindi
193.▲57Angie, up for three decades: 528→501→250→193
194.▲150Kerri, top var. Kara, Kerry, Keri, Kerrie
195.▼54Becky, var. Becki
196.▲68Tracie, up for two decades: 773→264→196
197.▲554Brooke, common var. Brook
198.▲85Claudia, var. Claudiane, .. 19 more
199.▲46Kellie, top var. Kelly, Kelli, Kelley
200.newLindsay, top var. Lindsey new
201.▲141Adrienne, common var. Adrianne, Adrian, Adriane
202.▼97Penny, var. Pennee, .. 3 more
202.▼68Sylvia, top var. Silvia
204.▼44Charlotte, down for three decades: 63→117→160→204
205.▼4Caroline, top var. Carolyn
206.▼28Jeanette, common var. Jeannette
207.▼44Charlene, common var. Sharlene
208.▲15Kelley, common var. Kelly, Kelli, Kellie
209.▼67Evelyn, down for three decades: 61→98→142→209
210.▲291Bethany, up for two decades: 742→501→210
211.▼60Frances, down for three decades: 35→88→151→211
211.▼89Joanne, top var. Joann
213.▲75Candace, common var. Candice
213.▼21Melody, top var. Melodie
215.▼139Cathy, common var. Kathy
216.▲401Rachael, up for two decades: 982→617→216
217.▼52Belinda, var. Belenda, .. 11 more
217.▼93Dorothy, down for three decades: 20→60→124→217
217.▲288Keri, common var. Kara, Kerry, Kerri, Kerrie
220.▲85Gretchen, up for two decades: 363→305→220
220.▼133Joyce, down for three decades: 19→31→87→220
222.▲493Tabitha, top var. Tabatha
223.▲19Shawn, up for two decades: 468→242→223
224.▼139Beverly, down for three decades: 31→37→85→224
225.▲316Candice, common var. Candace
226.▼126Vicki, top var. Vickie, Vicky
227.▲64Leticia, up for two decades: 409→291→227
228.newTamika, common var. Tameka new, Tamiko new, Tomika new
229.▲66Trina, common var. Trena
230.▲56Leigh, common var. Leah, Lee, Lea
232.▲646Tasha, top var. Tosha
232.▼59Yvette, top var. Ivette
234.▼108Rose, down for three decades: 58→65→126→234
235.▼73Norma, down for three decades: 65→115→162→235
236.▼87Alice, down for three decades: 42→87→149→236
237.newLatoya, var. Latoria, .. 5 more
238.▼146Darlene, down for two decades: 71→92→238
238.▼128Jean, common var. Jeanne
240.▼51Karla, var. Karrla, .. 9 more
241.▼103Helen, down for three decades: 32→74→138→241
242.▲35Ginger, up for three decades: 361→286→277→242
243.▼141Shirley, down for three decades: 13→32→102→243
244.▼140Betty, down for three decades: 11→35→104→244
245.▲72Hope, up for three decades: 470→417→317→245
247.▲307Nikki, common var. Niki, Nicki
248.▼118Rita, down for three decades: 57→70→130→248
249.▲267Latonya, common var. Latanya, Latonia
250.▲319Shana, top var. Shanna
251.▼143Peggy, down for three decades: 43→53→108→251
252.▼135Ellen, down for three decades: 70→79→117→252
253.▼44Marsha, down for two decades: 104→209→253
253.▲134Tonia, common var. Tonya, Toni
255.▼158Judith, down for three decades: 8→33→97→255
257.▼136Maureen, down for two decades: 101→121→257
258.▼54Audrey, top var. Audra
259.▲276Christa, top var. Krista
260.▲176Raquel, up for two decades: 534→436→260
261.▲71Billie, var. Willa, .. 9 more
261.▼54Kimberley, common var. Kimberly, Kimberlee
263.▼125Marilyn, down for three decades: 29→56→138→263
264.▼168Jane, top var. Jean, Jeanne, Jan
265.▼101Joann, common var. Joanne
266.▲44Bobbie, top var. Bobbi
267.▼124Elaine, down for three decades: 47→82→143→267
268.▼189Judy, down for three decades: 17→27→79→268
269.▲87Desiree, up for two decades: 513→356→269
270.▲33Rochelle, up for three decades: 351→328→303→270
270.▼112Sally, down for three decades: 69→93→158→270
272.▲127Cara, top var. Carrie, Kara, Karrie
273.▲439Rebekah, top var. Rebecca, Rebeca
273.▼79Tami, var. Tamiko
275.▼109Sandy, common var. Sandi
276.▼126Jackie, var. Jacqui, .. 8 more
277.newCharity, var. Sharity, .. 26 more
278.▲426Angelica, var. Angelika, .. 6 more
278.▲336Shanna, top var. Shawna, Shana, Shauna, Shani, Shonna
280.▼85Juanita, down for three decades: 96→144→195→280
281.▼6Jana, common var. Janna
281.▲160Staci, top var. Stacy, Stacey
283.▲252Cristina, common var. Christina, Kristina
284.▲24Dena, top var. Deanna, Dina, Deana, Deena
285.▼50Lydia, down for three decades: 162→174→235→285
286.▼43Luz, down for three decades: 186→216→243→286
287.▼96Marcia, down for three decades: 87→99→191→287
287.▼94Tammie, top var. Tammy, Tami, Tammi
289.▲1Priscilla, var. Prisila, .. 18 more
290.newMeghan, top var. Megan new, Meagan new
291.▲68Jodie, common var. Jodi, Jody, Judy
293.▼122Jeanne, common var. Jean, Jane, Jan
293.newKeisha, common var. Kisha new, Kesha new, Keesha new
295.▲164Rachelle, top var. Rachel, Racheal
296.▼140Eileen, top var. Aileen
297.▲558Alisha, top var. Elisha
298.▲164Janelle, common var. Janel, Janell
298.▲186Stefanie, common var. Stephanie
300.▼74Eva, top var. Ava
300.▲28Maribel, up for two decades: 891→328→300
302.▲79Naomi, top var. Noemi
303.▼24Dina, top var. Deanna, Dena, Deana, Deena
303.▲64Kirsten, var. Kirsteen, .. 19 more
305.newSummer, var. Sommers, .. 2 more
306.▲116Lesley, top var. Leslie
307.▲143Christi, top var. Christy, Kristi, Kristy, Krista, Christie, Kristie, Christa, Cristy
308.▼132Loretta, down for three decades: 108→139→176→308
309.▲211Shauna, common var. Shawna, Shana, Shanna, Shonna
310.newCasey, common var. Kasey new
310.▼122Gwendolyn, down for two decades: 134→188→310
310.▼90Irene, down for three decades: 100→143→220→310
313.▲506Amie, top var. Amy, Aimee, Ami
314.▲267Alexandra, top var. Alexandria
315.▲588Miranda, var. Mirra, .. 17 more
316.▲234Marisa, up for two decades: 941→550→316
317.▲298Abigail, up for three decades: 854→654→615→317
317.▼142Roberta, down for three decades: 81→118→175→317
317.▼77Roxanne, down for two decades: 196→240→317
320.▼73Cheri, common var. Sherry, Cherie, Sheree
321.newKatina, common var. Catina new
322.▼52Esther, down for three decades: 137→190→270→322
323.▼151Lorraine, down for three decades: 101→129→172→323
324.▲179Olivia, var. Olva, .. 24 more
325.▼93Lora, top var. Lori, Lorrie
326.▼48Iris, down for three decades: 181→211→278→326
326.▼43Sonja, top var. Sonya, Sonia
328.newLindsey, top var. Lindsay new
329.▼131Glenda, down for three decades: 97→127→198→329
329.▲204Johanna, up for two decades: 567→533→329
331.▼118Teri, top var. Terri, Terry, Tera, Terrie
332.▲206Jenifer, common var. Jennifer
333.▼81Lee, top var. Leigh, Lea
334.▼203Vickie, common var. Vicki, Vicky
335.▼39Nina, down for two decades: 241→296→335
336.▼75Lynette, top var. Lynnette
337.▲56Jennie, top var. Jenny
338.▲148Lara, var. Laramae, .. 5 more
338.▲64Marcy, common var. Marcie, Marci
340.▼74Jacquelyn, down for three decades: 205→218→266→340
341.▼7Alisa, common var. Alyssa, Alissa
342.▲54Elisa, common var. Elissa, Eliza
343.newEbony, var. Ebboney, .. 12 more
344.▼75Miriam, down for three decades: 231→232→269→344
346.▼49Antoinette, var. Tonie, .. 21 more
346.▼103Dianna, common var. Diana, Deanna, Dena, Deana
348.▼130Ronda, top var. Rhonda
349.▼226Gail, top var. Gayle
350.▼238Joan, down for three decades: 25→47→112→350
351.▲90Bobbi, top var. Bobbie
352.newJaclyn, var. Jacklyn, .. 5 more
353.▲242Chandra, var. Chader, .. 7 more
353.▼209Sheryl, down for two decades: 137→144→353
355.▼19Candy, common var. Candi, Kandi
356.▲23Deana, common var. Diana, Deanna, Dena, Dina, Dianna, Deena
356.▲98Jolene, var. Joeleen, .. 15 more
358.▲223Jami, top var. Jamie, Jaimie, Jammie
359.▲236Tania, top var. Tonya, Tanya, Tawnya, Tana
360.▼181Shari, common var. Shara
361.▼108Marlene, down for three decades: 112→149→253→361
361.▼70Ruby, down for three decades: 104→178→291→361
363.▼179Jo, down for three decades: 62→72→184→363
364.▲193Melisa, top var. Melissa, Malissa, Mellisa
365.▼49Cherie, top var. Sherry, Cheri, Sheree
366.▼118Grace, down for three decades: 139→210→248→366
366.newKenya, var. Kennya, .. 1 more
368.newLakisha, common var. Lakeisha new, Lakesha new, Lakeshia new
368.newTameka, common var. Tamika new, Tamiko new, Tomika new
370.▼30Jeannette, top var. Janet, Jeanette, Janette
371.▼113Lillian, down for three decades: 127→194→258→371
371.▲196Shelby, var. Shelbea, .. 6 more
373.▼82Marla, down for two decades: 258→291→373
375.newEricka, top var. Erica new, Erika new
375.newTanisha, var. Tannisha, .. 13 more
377.▼24Alma, down for three decades: 182→274→353→377
377.▼71Nora, down for two decades: 235→306→377
377.▼156Vivian, down for three decades: 129→148→221→377
381.▼56Angelia, common var. Angela
381.▼44Karin, top var. Karen, Karyn, Caryn, Caren
383.▼70Betsy, down for two decades: 270→313→383
384.▲160Lorena, up for two decades: 773→544→384
385.▼117Janine, var. Jannine, .. 4 more
388.newYesenia, var. Yessenya, .. 4 more
389.▼60Cecilia, common var. Cecelia
390.▲128Audra, top var. Audrey
391.▼69Margarita, common var. Margaret
392.▼54Faith, var. Fae, .. 6 more
393.▼36Jeannie, top var. Jeanna, Jeanie, Jeana
394.▲461Alexis, var. Alyx, .. 18 more
394.▲528Alyssa, common var. Alissa
396.newLatisha, var. Letticia, .. 8 more
397.▲487Krystal, top var. Krystal, Kristal
398.▲486Marissa, top var. Marisa
399.▲75Wendi, top var. Wendy, Windy
400.▲91Guadalupe, var. Lupita, .. 1 more
400.▲184Jocelyn, var. Josselyn, .. 42 more
400.▼177Rosemary, common var. Rosemarie
400.▼256Terry, common var. Terri, Teri, Terrie
404.▲364Carey, top var. Cary
405.▼114Annie, common var. Anna, Ana
406.▼180Ramona, down for two decades: 200→226→406
407.▼144Arlene, down for three decades: 111→170→263→407
407.▼52Celeste, down for two decades: 354→355→407
407.▼127Lorie, common var. Laura, Lori, Laurie, Lora, Lorrie, Lauri
410.▼215Shelia, top var. Sheila, Shayla
411.▲20Amelia, var. Meelia, .. 46 more
412.▲29Elena, up for two decades: 462→441→412
413.newChasity, var. Chassy, .. 9 more
414.▼231Doris, down for three decades: 45→102→183→414
415.▼43Leanne, top var. Leann, Leeann
415.▲243Tabatha, common var. Tabitha
417.▼99Lana, down for three decades: 207→281→318→417
417.▲107Michael, up for three decades: 697→631→524→417
417.▼69Patrice, down for two decades: 277→348→417
420.▼97Emma, down for three decades: 124→207→323→420
421.▼165Sherrie, top var. Sherry, Sherri, Sheri, Shari, Sheree
422.newBrandie, top var. Brandy new, Brandi new, Brandee new
422.▲329Kate, up for two decades: 926→751→422
424.▲186Liza, var. Litsea, .. 5 more
424.▲101Marcie, top var. Marcy, Marci
426.▼139Bernadette, down for three decades: 240→271→287→426
427.▲71Elisabeth, up for three decades: 689→631→498→427
427.▼127Josephine, down for three decades: 121→199→300→427
427.▲226Serena, up for two decades: 982→653→427
427.▼55Tammi, common var. Tammy, Tami, Tammie
431.▼157Marjorie, down for three decades: 99→173→274→431
432.▼165Marianne, top var. Maryann
433.▼102Olga, down for three decades: 227→260→331→433
434.▼205Constance, down for three decades: 109→126→229→434
434.▼53Jeanine, top var. Janine, Jeannine
434.newTisha, var. Tyesha, .. 1 more
438.▲29Jessie, var. Jesse, .. 19 more
439.newJillian, var. Jillianne, .. 18 more
440.▼21Bridgette, top var. Bridget, Bridgett
440.▲428Hollie, common var. Holly, Holli
440.▼221Vicky, top var. Vicki
443.▲229Tia, var. Tiana, .. 2 more
444.▼6Lena, down for three decades: 275→381→438→444
444.▲81Marci, common var. Marcy, Marcie
446.newTerra, common var. Tera new
448.▲455Cassie, var. Kassie, .. 10 more
448.▼102Dora, down for three decades: 224→293→346→448
448.▼79Madeline, common var. Madelyn
451.▲191Hilary, common var. Hilary, Hillary
451.▼137Pauline, down for three decades: 130→219→314→451
454.newLakeisha, common var. Lakisha new, Lakesha new, Lakeshia new
455.▼86Daphne, var. Daffie, .. 11 more
455.▲43Lea, common var. Leah, Leigh, Lee
457.▼39Darcy, top var. Darcie, Darci
457.▲4Sophia, common var. Sofia
459.newAlissa, top var. Alisa new, Alyssa new, Elissa new
459.▲141Allyson, top var. Allison, Alison, Alyson
459.▲226Whitney, var. Whittany, .. 10 more
462.▼63Claire, down for three decades: 205→280→399→462
463.▲88Malinda, top var. Melinda
465.▲135Cari, top var. Carrie, Kari, Carey, Carie, Karri, Cary, Carri
465.▼15Isabel, down for three decades: 283→360→450→465
467.▼155Irma, down for three decades: 215→230→312→467
467.▼54Mayra, top var. Myra
469.▲228Latanya, top var. Latonya, Latonia
470.▲172Selena, common var. Selina, Celina, Salina
471.newChastity, var. Chasta, .. 14 more
471.▼35Corinne, common var. Corrine
471.▼144Joni, common var. Joanna, Jana, Janie, Janna, Jeanie, Johnna, Johnnie
471.▼84Laurel, down for two decades: 288→387→471
475.▲428Hannah, var. Nanny, .. 24 more
477.▲391Chrystal, var. Chrystalla
478.▼37Ladonna, var. Ledonna
478.▼32Paige, var. Padgett, .. 5 more
480.▼40Ingrid, var. Inge, .. 3 more
481.newJasmine, top var. Jasmin new
481.newKisha, top var. Keisha new, Kesha new, Keesha new
483.▼125Janie, top var. Joanna, Jana, Jennie, Joni, Jenna, Janna, Jeanie, Johnna
483.▼270Lynda, down for three decades: 115→162→213→483
485.▲15Mia, var. Meya, .. 2 more
486.newAisha, var. Yieshah, .. 61 more
486.▲98Katharine, top var. Katherine, Catherine
488.newMisti, common var. Misty new
489.▼188Edith, down for three decades: 126→206→301→489
489.▼43Kimberlee, top var. Kimberly new, Kimberley
491.▲189Damaris, var. Demaris, .. 18 more
492.newCatrina, common var. Katrina new
492.▼174Edna, down for three decades: 118→196→318→492
492.▼171Georgia, down for three decades: 138→214→321→492
495.newCatina, top var. Katina new
495.▲154Karrie, top var. Carrie, Kara, Kari, Cara, Karie, Karri
495.▼83Marcella, down for three decades: 301→334→412→495
498.▼45Daisy, down for three decades: 261→356→453→498
499.▼136Lucinda, top var. Lucinda
500.▼45Karyn, common var. Karen, Karin, Caryn, Caren
501.▼301Dianne, top var. Diane, Deann
502.▼217Dolores, top var. Delores
502.▼19Ivette, var. Ivetta
502.newJenna, common var. Jena new
505.▲148Dionne, var. Dionna, .. 9 more
505.▼158Lourdes, var. Lourdetta, .. 3 more
507.▲72Bridgett, top var. Bridget, Bridgette
507.newMandi, top var. Mandy new
509.▼102Jeri, top var. Jerri
509.▼357Phyllis, down for three decades: 37→77→152→509
512.▲459Hillary, top var. Hilary
513.▲238Esmeralda, up for two decades: 982→751→513
514.▼6Gena, top var. Gina
514.▼212Gladys, down for three decades: 123→198→302→514
517.▲305Alana, up for three decades: 841→831→822→517
518.newBrittany, var. Britton, .. 82 more
518.▲154Clarissa, up for three decades: 848→814→672→518
518.▲204Gabrielle, var. Gabryel, .. 25 more
518.▼117Janette, top var. Janet, Jeanette, Jeannette, Jannette
518.newLakesha, common var. Lakisha new, Lakeisha new, Lakeshia new
518.▲51Silvia, top var. Sylvia
524.▼213Maryann, down for three decades: 155→249→311→524
524.▼170Nadine, down for two decades: 312→354→524
526.▼237Mildred, down for three decades: 94→168→289→526
527.▼159Francine, down for two decades: 269→368→527
527.▼149Marta, down for two decades: 335→378→527
530.newChanda, kreatif var. Chande
530.newChelsea, var. Chessie, .. 30 more
530.▼305Doreen, down for two decades: 205→225→530
530.▼350Sue, down for three decades: 73→113→180→530
534.▼145Leann, common var. Leanne, Leeann
535.▼172Clara, down for three decades: 136→223→363→535
535.▲91Genevieve, var. Ginevra, .. 18 more
535.▼205Rene, var. Renie, .. 2 more
539.newTera, top var. Terri new, Teri new, Terry new, Terra new
540.▼124Jeannine, top var. Janine, Jeanine
540.▼81Lynnette, common var. Lynette
540.▲122Maggie, var. Maggey, .. 5 more
543.▼180Paulette, down for three decades: 168→217→363→543
544.▲2Caryn, top var. Karen, Karin, Karyn, Caren
544.newKasey, var. Kasie
544.▲118Noelle, common var. Noel
547.▼170Beatrice, top var. Beatriz
548.▲234Abby, up for two decades: 906→782→548
548.▼239Lucy, down for three decades: 173→215→309→548
550.▼22Renae, top var. Renee, Rene
551.▲397Janel, top var. Janelle, Janell
551.▼225Lorrie, common var. Laura, Lori, Laurie, Lora, Lorie, Lauri
553.newLatrice, var. Latreece, .. 7 more
553.▼202Myra, down for three decades: 249→261→351→553
555.▼345Lynne, common var. Lynn
555.▲220Tori, var. Torry, .. 10 more
555.▼121Valarie, common var. Valerie, Valeria
559.newCarissa, common var. Carisa new
559.▼226Cathleen, down for two decades: 295→333→559
559.▼209Susie, down for three decades: 234→273→350→559
563.▼188Deirdre, var. Diedra, .. 16 more
563.▼240Mona, down for two decades: 261→323→563
566.▲158Kerrie, top var. Kara, Kerry, Kerri, Keri
567.▲140Susana, top var. Susanna, Suzanna
568.▼35Deena, common var. Deanna, Dena, Dina, Deana
569.▲402Alyson, common var. Allison, Alison, Allyson
569.▼203Susanne, common var. Susan, Suzanne
571.newCristy, common var. Christy new, Kristi new, Kristy new, Krista new, Christie new, Kristie new, Christa new, Christi new
572.newAraceli, var. Aracely, .. 7 more
573.▲115Beatriz, common var. Beatrice
573.▲288Demetria, top var. Demetria
573.▼145Hilda, down for three decades: 201→297→428→573
573.▼22Ursula, var. Ursa, .. 20 more
578.▲14Antonia, var. Toosje, .. 37 more
578.▼297Gayle, down for two decades: 158→281→578
578.newTiffani, top var. Tiffany new, Tiffanie new
581.▼178Bertha, down for three decades: 158→265→403→581
581.▲116Dara, var. Darragh, .. 10 more
581.▼46Elsa, top var. Elsie
581.newFarrah, var. Farah, .. 2 more
585.▲100Janell, top var. Janelle, Janel
586.newChristal, top var. Crystal new, Krystal new, Chrystal new, Kristal new, Christel new
586.▼310June, down for three decades: 119→163→276→586
586.▲14Noemi, common var. Naomi
589.newAmi, top var. Amy new, Aimee new, Amie new
589.newKarina, var. Karinna, .. 10 more
589.▼390Patty, top var. Patti
589.▼248Rosemarie, top var. Rosemary
593.newAnitra, var. Laneetra
593.▼44Elise, down for two decades: 509→549→593
593.▼187Gwen, down for two decades: 325→406→593
596.▲403Maricela, common var. Marisela
598.▼200Ida, down for three decades: 174→284→398→598
598.newLarissa, var. Lari, .. 6 more
600.▲7Letitia, up for two decades: 994→607→600
600.▼364Lois, top var. Louise
602.▲70Janna, top var. Joanna, Jana, Joni, Janie, Jeanie, Johnna, Johnnie
604.▲13Charmaine, var. Sharmion, .. 26 more
604.▲158Dayna, top var. Dana, Danna
604.▼126Milagros, down for three decades: 352→390→478→604
607.newCarly, var. Karly, .. 21 more
607.▲69Corina, common var. Corinna
607.▼76Shellie, top var. Shelly, Shelley, Shelli
611.▲198Mara, common var. Mari
612.▼127Delia, down for three decades: 336→388→485→612
612.▼177Jerri, top var. Jeri
612.▼339Louise, top var. Lois
612.newNadia, var. Nadja, .. 13 more
616.▲111Carolina, up for two decades: 982→727→616
616.▼152Rena, down for three decades: 396→444→464→616
616.▼202Sondra, var. Zondra, .. 4 more
620.newMalissa, common var. Melissa new, Melisa new, Mellisa new
620.▲185Marlo, var. Marlow, .. 2 more
620.newTawana, kreatif var. Tanwana, Tawata, Thawana
623.▲159Athena, var. Athenais, .. 5 more
625.newKristal, top var. Crystal new, Krystal new, Chrystal new, Christal new, Christel new
625.newTessa, var. Teza, .. 4 more
627.▼182Ada, common var. Aida
627.▼243Bernice, down for three decades: 159→263→384→627
630.newChristopher, kreatif var. Christopherma, Christopherra, Chustopher
630.newElissa, top var. Alyssa new, Alissa new
632.▲123Ivy, var. Ivalyn, .. 5 more
635.newBianca, var. Byanca, .. 9 more
635.newCori, top var. Corey new, Corrie new, Cora new, Kori new, Cory new
635.▼232Eleanor, down for three decades: 122→267→403→635
635.newKesha, top var. Keisha new, Kisha new, Keesha new
635.▼18Robert, down for three decades: 523→613→617→635
635.▼180Stella, down for three decades: 212→311→455→635
641.▲272Anastasia, var. Tasenka, .. 46 more
641.▼49Justine, var. Justy, .. 10 more
641.newKaty, common var. Katie new
641.newLatonia, top var. Latonya new, Latanya new
645.▼164Celia, down for three decades: 322→367→481→645
645.▼12Lucia, down for three decades: 512→554→633→645
645.▼235Trudy, down for three decades: 305→310→410→645
648.▲291Adrianne, top var. Adrienne, Adrian, Adriane
649.▼182Colette, down for two decades: 462→467→649
649.newCorey, common var. Cori new, Corrie new, Kori new, Cory new
649.▼334Delores, down for three decades: 110→181→315→649
649.▼400Jan, down for two decades: 145→249→649
653.▲245Consuelo, var. Chelo, .. 5 more
653.newElisha, var. Ellisha, .. 4 more
653.newTaryn, var. Tarynn, .. 8 more
657.▼183Aida, down for three decades: 255→328→474→657
661.▼242Florence, down for three decades: 135→271→419→661
661.▲114Jeanna, top var. Jeannie, Jeanie, Jeana
661.▼269Marion, top var. Marian
664.▼152Deann, top var. Diane, Dianne, Deanne
664.▼146Geneva, down for three decades: 233→350→518→664
664.▲40Sheree, common var. Sherry, Sherri, Sheri, Cheri, Shari, Cherie, Sherrie
667.▲54Juliet, up for three decades: 876→868→721→667
667.▼308Marian, top var. Maryann, Marion
669.▼259Deanne, common var. Deann
669.▼141Eugenia, down for three decades: 432→492→528→669
669.▲128Georgina, var. Georgy, .. 16 more
669.▼138Leona, down for three decades: 245→374→531→669
669.▲279Michell, common var. Michelle, Michele, Mechelle
669.▼193Myrna, down for three decades: 240→343→476→669
669.▼63Rosalinda, common var. Rosalind
669.newSasha, var. Sasa, .. 5 more
678.newDevon, var. Devan, .. 12 more
678.newTosha, var. Tosia, .. 3 more
682.▼400Carole, common var. Carol
682.newKami, var. Kammi, .. 2 more
682.▼257Tamera, common var. Tamara
682.newTiffanie, top var. Tiffany new, Tiffani new
687.newCorrie, top var. Cori new, Corey new, Cora new, Kori new, Cory new
687.newDanelle, top var. Danielle new
687.▼133Marina, var. Marnette, .. 16 more
687.newTyra, var. Tyria, .. 4 more
692.▲46Susanna, top var. Susana, Suzanna
693.▼438Chris, top var. Kris
693.▼394Geraldine, down for three decades: 64→152→299→693
693.▼76Sandi, common var. Sandy
696.newHolli, common var. Holly new, Hollie new
696.newMarisela, var. Maricella, .. 3 more
696.▼191Maura, var. Mora, .. 2 more
696.newShannan, common var. Shannon new, Shanon new
696.newWindy, top var. Wendy new, Wendi new
702.newDominique, var. Domini, .. 19 more
702.newLacey, top var. Lacy new
705.▲104Adrian, common var. Adrienne, Adrianne, Adriane
705.▲173Alecia, common var. Alicia, Alysia
705.▲142Candi, common var. Candy, Kandi
705.▼15Eve, down for two decades: 608→690→705
705.▲150Richelle, var. Rikkie, .. 4 more
705.newShanon, top var. Shannon new, Shannan new
705.▼314Thelma, down for three decades: 143→237→391→705
712.▼43Juana, down for three decades: 387→513→669→712
712.▼481Patti, top var. Patty
712.newTawnya, top var. Tonya new, Tanya new, Tania new, Tana new
717.▲95Leanna, up for three decades: 841→831→812→717
719.▼225Greta, var. Greeta, .. 12 more
719.newKarie, top var. Kara new, Kari new, Cara new, Karrie new, Karri new
719.▼296Lauri, top var. Laura, Lori, Laurie, Lora, Lorie, Lorrie
719.▼381Margie, down for three decades: 141→222→338→719
719.▼39Mercedes, down for three decades: 403→520→680→719
719.▼298Rosalind, top var. Rosalinda
719.▼326Vera, down for three decades: 193→243→393→719
728.▼467Kay, down for three decades: 98→150→261→728
729.newChristian, var. Khristian, .. 16 more
729.▼207Mitzi, var. Mitzie, .. 2 more
733.▼247Migdalia, down for two decades: 396→486→733
733.▼262Rosie, common var. Rosa
733.▼174Shelli, common var. Shelly, Shelley, Shellie
736.▼327Nanette, down for two decades: 405→409→736
736.▼170Rosalyn, down for two decades: 473→566→736
736.newSofia, var. Sofie, .. 1 more
740.newAndria, common var. Andrea new
740.newAubrey, var. Aubary, .. 12 more
740.▼193Cora, top var. Cori, Corey, Corrie, Cory
740.▼301Wilma, down for three decades: 133→233→439→740
744.▼385Kris, top var. Chris
744.▼52Selina, common var. Selena, Celina, Salina
748.▼115Aileen, top var. Eileen
748.▼179Jeanie, top var. Joanna, Jana, Jeannie, Joni, Janie, Janna, Jeanna, Jeana, Johnna
748.newKori, var. Koree, .. 6 more
748.▼164Leeann, top var. Leanne, Leann
748.▼115Martina, var. Marteena, .. 7 more
748.newNiki, common var. Nikki new, Nicki new
748.newRyan, var. Ryen, .. 16 more
755.newBriana, common var. Brianna new
755.newBrianna, common var. Briana new
755.▲244Casandra, top var. Cassandra
755.newJaimie, top var. Jamie new, Jami new, Jammie new
755.newToya, var. Toyanna, .. 1 more
755.▲123Venus, up for two decades: 982→878→755
762.▼378Patsy, down for three decades: 79→167→384→762
762.newTamiko, top var. Tamika new, Tameka new, Tomika new
765.newCarie, common var. Carrie new, Carey new, Cari new, Cary new, Carri new
765.▲103Claudine, var. Claudean
765.▼89Helena, down for three decades: 522→583→676→765
765.newMeagan, common var. Megan new, Meghan new
765.newMindi, common var. Mindy new
772.▲17Joelle, var. Joelly, .. 13 more
772.newKia, var. Kiah
772.▲33Mechelle, top var. Michelle, Michele, Michell
772.▲83Mollie, top var. Molly
778.▼277Benita, var. Benedetta, .. 11 more
778.▼63Charla, var. Charlene, .. 7 more
778.newChristen, var. Christyn, .. 13 more
778.▼351Ella, down for three decades: 170→256→427→778
778.▼275Margo, down for three decades: 356→362→503→778
778.newNatalia, top var. Natalie new
778.newRebeca, top var. Rebecca new, Rebekah new
778.▼116Simone, var. Shimona, .. 12 more
787.▼12Corrine, top var. Corinne
787.newDavina, var. Davianna, .. 14 more
787.▼311Della, down for three decades: 307→363→476→787
787.newDestiny, var. Destina, .. 7 more
787.▼187Dixie, down for three decades: 217→352→600→787
787.▼180Rae, down for three decades: 467→509→607→787
787.▲60Sharla, top var. Charla
796.newAnjanette, var. Anjeanette, .. 2 more
796.newCelina, top var. Selena new
796.newEliza, top var. Elisa new
796.▼173Eunice, down for three decades: 273→435→623→796
796.newIndia, var. Indee, .. 2 more
796.▼14Kathrine, top var. Kathryn
796.▼21Leila, down for three decades: 626→686→775→796
796.▲143Monika, common var. Monica
796.▼346Polly, down for three decades: 349→415→450→796
808.newCory, top var. Cori new, Corey new, Corrie new, Cora new, Kori new
808.▲163Francesca, common var. Francisca
808.newHaley, common var. Hayley new
812.▼66Aurora, down for three decades: 499→675→746→812
812.▼433Bonita, down for three decades: 218→244→379→812
812.▲187Darcie, top var. Darcy, Darci
812.▼469Therese, down for two decades: 302→343→812
816.newLisette, top var. Lissette new
816.▲123Noel, top var. Noelle
816.▼471Terrie, top var. Terri, Teri, Terry
816.newTressa, common var. Tracy new, Tracey new
821.newBrenna, var. Brynna, .. 8 more
821.newChiquita, var. Chicky, .. 3 more
821.newGriselda, var. Griselly, .. 17 more
821.newJasmin, common var. Jasmine new
821.newKizzy, var. Kizzie, .. 1 more
821.newLacy, top var. Lacey new
821.▲8Lissette, common var. Lisette
821.▼106Magdalena, down for two decades: 682→715→821
821.newNichol, top var. Nichole new
821.newShani, var. Shanit
821.newShayla, var. Shae-lyn, .. 11 more
833.newChrissy, common var. Crissy new
833.▼264Hazel, down for three decades: 154→302→569→833
833.newMaya, var. Mya, .. 4 more
833.newTomika, top var. Tamika new, Tameka new, Tamiko new
833.▼121Valencia, var. Valentia
839.▼536Debora, top var. Deborah
839.newRaina, var. Raene, .. 23 more
839.newSunny, var. Sunni, .. 3 more
845.▼278Elsie, down for three decades: 190→360→567→845
845.▼399Janis, common var. Janice
845.newKandi, top var. Candy new, Candi new
845.▼307Mari, down for two decades: 507→538→845
845.▼73Tana, common var. Tonya, Tanya, Tania, Tawnya
851.newBrook, top var. Brooke new
851.▼219Juli, common var. Julie, Julia
851.▼32Kayla, var. Keyla, .. 24 more
851.newLakeshia, top var. Lakisha new, Lakeisha new, Lakesha new
851.newMichaela, var. Michaele, .. 51 more
851.▼198Penelope, down for three decades: 288→424→653→851
860.▼202Freda, down for three decades: 357→413→658→860
860.▼215Lola, down for three decades: 268→377→645→860
860.newShonna, common var. Shawna new, Shana new, Shanna new, Shauna new
863.▼369Faye, down for three decades: 192→251→494→863
863.▼430Lorna, down for two decades: 333→433→863
863.▼366Lucille, down for three decades: 142→236→497→863
863.▼335Rosalie, down for three decades: 194→332→528→863
867.▲81Corinna, top var. Corina
867.newNikita, var. Niquita, .. 4 more
867.▼191Sharlene, down for three decades: 546→552→676→867
871.▲51Darci, top var. Darcy, Darcie
871.newEmilie, common var. Emily new
871.newMellisa, common var. Melissa new, Melisa new, Malissa new
871.▼209Sharron, top var. Sharon
871.newTrista, var. Trystan, .. 8 more
878.newAyanna, var. Ayonna, .. 10 more
878.newCandida, var. Candy, .. 4 more
878.▼367Cecelia, common var. Cecilia
878.newDelilah, var. Delila, .. 3 more
878.▼116Jannette, common var. Janet, Janette
878.newKeely, var. Kealy, .. 15 more
878.▼87Lucretia, var. Tia, .. 24 more
878.newRacheal, top var. Rachel new, Rachelle new
889.newBrandee, top var. Brandy new, Brandi new, Brandie new
889.▼418Ethel, down for three decades: 144→239→471→889
889.▲50Suzanna, common var. Susana, Susanna
892.newAdriane, top var. Adrienne new, Adrianne new, Adrian new
892.newAlexandria, top var. Alexandra new
892.newCortney, common var. Courtney new
892.▼110Ivonne, var. Ivon, .. 2 more
892.newJamila, var. Jameela, .. 6 more
892.newKyla, top var. Kylie new
892.newMariah, common var. Maria new, Marie new, Mayra new
892.newMorgan, var. Morgin, .. 9 more
892.newVenessa, common var. Vanessa new
892.newYolonda, common var. Yolanda
902.▼105Angelita, down for three decades: 615→718→797→902
902.▲82Callie, var. Kallie, .. 21 more
902.▼302Denice, common var. Denise
902.▼140Evette, var. Evetta, .. 3 more
902.▼147Francis, down for three decades: 473→619→755→902
902.▼212Juliana, var. Juliane, .. 7 more
902.newJulissa, var. Julisha, .. 2 more
902.newKarri, common var. Kara new, Kari new, Cara new, Cari new, Karrie new, Karie new, Carri new
902.newKira, var. Kiera, .. 7 more
902.▼230Missy, var. Missie
902.▼105Rosario, down for three decades: 679→684→797→902
902.newShara, common var. Sherry new, Sherri new, Shari new
915.▼282Caren, common var. Karen, Karin, Karyn, Caryn
915.newJena, common var. Jenna new
915.▼140Josefina, down for three decades: 451→546→775→915
920.newAlysia, var. Alyssia
920.▲64Cary, top var. Carrie, Kari, Carey, Cari, Carie, Carri
920.▼347Jacquline, kreatif var. Jacqulile, Jacqulina, Jacqulini
920.newNicolle, top var. Nicole new
920.▼98Trena, common var. Trina
920.newXiomara, kreatif var. Xemara, Ximara, Xymara
926.▼316Bessie, down for three decades: 216→375→610→926
926.newCaitlin, var. Kaitlin, .. 52 more
926.newCarisa, top var. Carissa new
926.newCarri, top var. Carrie new, Kari new, Carey new, Cari new, Carie new, Karri new, Cary new
926.▼13Ginny, down for two decades: 849→913→926
926.▼202Josie, down for three decades: 417→599→724→926
926.newMelonie, top var. Melanie new
926.newNicola, var. Nikola, .. 4 more
935.newBree, var. Brighe, .. 1 more
935.▼308Cindi, top var. Cindy
935.▼243Danna, common var. Dana
935.▲49Ileana, common var. Elena
935.▼290Roslyn, down for two decades: 544→645→935
943.newChristel, top var. Crystal new, Krystal new, Chrystal new, Christal new, Kristal new
943.newFatima, var. Fatmah, .. 4 more
943.newFrancisca, common var. Francesca new
943.▼175Georgette, down for three decades: 552→644→768→943
943.▼197Jeana, top var. Jeannie, Jeanna, Jeanie
943.▼421Lenora, down for three decades: 370→429→522→943
943.newMadelyn, top var. Madeline new
943.newOctavia, var. Tavie, .. 8 more
943.▼236Renita, var. Renyta, .. 1 more
954.newChristin, top var. Christine new, Kristin new, Kristine new
954.newHarmony, var. Harmonie, .. 4 more
954.▼365Johnna, common var. Jana, Joni, Janna, Johnnie
954.newSalina, common var. Selena new, Selina new, Celina new
954.newYasmin, var. Yazmin, .. 9 more
961.▼269Ava, down for two decades: 438→692→961
961.newCharissa, var. Kharissa
961.▼503Dee, var. Didi, .. 4 more
961.▼210Elvira, down for three decades: 440→606→751→961
961.newHayley, top var. Haley new
961.newJammie, common var. Jamie new, Jami new, Jaimie new
961.▼385Johnnie, common var. Jana, Joni, Janna, Johnna
961.newLindy, common var. Linda new, Lynda new
961.▼292Melodie, top var. Melody
961.▼312Nellie, down for three decades: 222→379→649→961
961.newRegan, var. Rhegan, .. 4 more
961.newTangela, var. Tanjella, .. 2 more
975.newAlina, var. Lynah, .. 24 more
975.newChanel, var. Chanele, .. 12 more
975.▼421Coleen, common var. Colleen
978.▼7Bambi, down for two decades: 914→971→978
978.▼187Jewel, down for three decades: 428→589→791→978
978.newKeesha, common var. Keisha new, Kisha new, Kesha new
978.newRolanda, var. Rolande
982.▼255Aretha, var. Laretha, .. 13 more
982.newCrissy, top var. Chrissy new
982.▼73Dori, common var. Dora
982.▼474Liz, var. Lyzz, .. 4 more
982.▼34Luisa, down for three decades: 604→797→948→982
982.newRhiannon, var. Rhyan, .. 13 more
982.newTiana, var. Tianara, .. 11 more
982.▼153Valeria, common var. Valerie, Valarie
991.newAnika, var. Annika, .. 8 more
991.newCherise, var. Chereese, .. 31 more
991.newKylie, top var. Kyla new
991.newLeilani, var. Lalani
991.newNicki, common var. Nikki new, Niki new
991.▼374Pearl, down for three decades: 267→415→617→991
991.▼113Petra, down for three decades: 573→858→878→991
991.▼466Robbie, down for three decades: 449→465→525→991

Top Falls for U.S. Baby Names 1970-1979: Debora, Dee, Lesa, Patti, Liz