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pinPopular Names in 1980-1989

Popularity rankings for Top 1-1000 baby girl names in the U.S. in 1980-1989, and rank changes and trends in comparison to the previous decade. This year, Brittney (#92), Kelsey (#104), Sheena (#171), Ashlee (#177) and Mallory (#190) are the 5 new names that made it into the Top 1000.

1.▲9Jessica, common var. Jesica, Jessika
2.▼1Jennifer, common var. Jenifer
3.▲14Amanda, up for three decades: 400→206→17→3
4.▲138Ashley, common var. Ashlee, Ashleigh, Ashlie, Ashly, Ashely, Ashli
5.▲13Sarah, top var. Sara
6.▲3Stephanie, top var. Stefanie, Stephany, Stefani, Stephani
7.▼4Melissa, top var. Melisa
8.▲4Nicole, common var. Nikole
9.▲2Elizabeth, top var. Elisabeth
10.▼2Heather, var. Hether, .. 1 more
11.▲33Tiffany, common var. Tiffani, Tiffanie
12.▼8Michelle, top var. Michele
13.▲47Amber, up for three decades: 891→446→60→13
14.▲70Megan, top var. Meghan, Meagan, Meaghan, Maegan, Meghann
15.▲18Rachel, top var. Rachelle, Racheal
16.▼14Amy, top var. Aimee, Amie, Ami
17.▲122Lauren, top var. Loren
18.▼13Kimberly, common var. Kimberley, Kimberlee
19.▼3Christina, common var. Kristina, Cristina, Krystina
20.▲498Brittany, common var. Brittani, Britany
21.▲15Crystal, top var. Krystal, Krystle, Chrystal, Kristal, Cristal, Christal
22.▼9Rebecca, common var. Rebekah, Rebeca
23.▼4Laura, top var. Lori, Laurie, Lora
24.▲40Emily, top var. Emilee, Emilie
25.▲21Danielle, top var. Danelle, Danyelle
26.▲81Samantha, up for two decades: 272→107→26
27.▼20Angela, top var. Angelia
28.▲13Erin, up for three decades: 446→217→41→28
29.▼15Kelly, common var. Kelli, Kellie, Kelley
30.▲20Sara, top var. Sarah
31.▼25Lisa, top var. Liza
32.▲21Katherine, top var. Catherine, Katharine, Katheryn
33.▼4Andrea, top var. Andria, Andrew
34.▼19Mary, top var. Maria, Marie, Mayra, Maura, Mara
35.▲5Jamie, common var. Jami, Jaimie
36.▲26Erica, top var. Erika, Ericka
37.▲95Courtney, common var. Cortney, Kourtney
38.▲38Kristen, up for three decades: 572→197→76→38
39.▼18Shannon, var. Shanon, .. 11 more
40.▼6April, var. Aprill, .. 15 more
41.▼15Maria, common var. Marie, Mayra, Mariah
42.▲33Kristin, common var. Christine, Kristine, Christin, Kristyn, Kristan, Cristin
43.▲122Katie, top var. Katy, Kati
44.▲284Lindsey, common var. Lindsay, Lyndsey, Lyndsay
45.▲38Alicia, top var. Alecia, Alycia, Alysia
46.▲53Vanessa, top var. Venessa
47.▲153Lindsay, common var. Lindsey, Lyndsey, Lyndsay
48.▼26Christine, top var. Kristin, Kristine
49.▲47Allison, top var. Alison, Allyson, Alyson
50.▲43Kathryn, top var. Kathrine
51.▼31Julie, down for two decades: 18→20→51
52.▼9Tara, common var. Tarah
53.▲33Anna, top var. Ana
54.▲54Natalie, top var. Natalia, Nathalie
55.▲796Kayla, common var. Kaila
56.▲48Victoria, up for two decades: 107→104→56
57.▲24Jacqueline, top var. Jacquelyn, Jaqueline
58.▼13Monica, top var. Monika
59.▼1Holly, common var. Hollie, Holli
60.▲94Cassandra, top var. Casandra, Kassandra
61.▼29Patricia, down for three decades: 3→6→32→61
62.▲36Kristina, top var. Krystina
63.▲9Catherine, top var. Katherine, Katharine, Katheryn
64.▼33Cynthia, down for two decades: 10→31→64
65.▲14Brandy, top var. Brandi, Brandie
66.▲393Whitney, up for two decades: 685→459→66
67.▲463Chelsea, common var. Chelsey, Chelsie
68.▲17Veronica, up for three decades: 193→136→85→68
69.▲46Brandi, top var. Brandy, Brandie
70.▼1Leslie, top var. Lesley
71.▼3Kathleen, common var. Cathleen
72.▼34Stacy, top var. Stacey, Staci
73.▲18Diana, common var. Deanna, Dianna, Dena, Deana
74.▲52Erika, top var. Erica, Ericka
75.▲82Natasha, common var. Natosha
76.▲214Meghan, common var. Megan, Meagan, Meaghan, Maegan, Meghann
77.▼18Dana, common var. Dayna
78.▼36Carrie, top var. Cari, Carey
79.▲318Krystal, common var. Krystal, Krystle, Kristal
80.▼56Karen, top var. Karin
81.▲421Jenna, common var. Jena
82.▲55Leah, common var. Leigh, Lee, Lea, Lia
83.▼27Melanie, var. Melania, .. 29 more
84.▲13Valerie, common var. Valarie, Valeria
85.▲229Alexandra, top var. Alexandria, Alexander
86.▲111Brooke, top var. Brook
87.▲394Jasmine, common var. Jasmin, Jazmin, Jazmine
88.▲41Julia, common var. Julie
89.▲305Alyssa, top var. Alissa
90.▲836Caitlin, top var. Kaitlin, Kaitlyn, Caitlyn
91.▲384Hannah, common var. Hanna
92.newBrittney, common var. Britney new, Brittni new, Britni new, Brittny new
93.▼46Stacey, top var. Stacy, Staci
94.▼55Sandra, common var. Sondra
95.▲6Margaret, top var. Margarita
95.▼67Susan, top var. Suzanne
97.▲128Candice, top var. Candace, Kandice, Candis
98.▲112Bethany, up for three decades: 742→501→210→98
99.▲211Casey, common var. Kasey, Kacey, Casie, Kaci, Kacy
100.▲24Katrina, common var. Catrina
101.▲136Latoya, var. Letoya, .. 5 more
102.▼77Tracy, top var. Traci, Tracey
103.▼25Misty, common var. Misti
104.newKelsey, common var. Kelsie new
105.▲39Kara, top var. Kari new, Cara, Karrie
106.▲53Nichole, up for two decades: 892→159→106
107.▲27Alison, common var. Allison, Allyson, Alyson
108.▲78Molly, common var. Mollie
109.▼79Tina, var. Teena, .. 6 more
110.▼55Denise, common var. Denisse
111.▼34Heidi, var. Haidee, .. 6 more
112.▲282Alexis, up for two decades: 855→394→112
113.▲326Jillian, var. Jillyan, .. 18 more
114.▼60Brenda, down for three decades: 18→20→54→114
115.▲98Candace, top var. Candice, Kandice, Kandace, Candis
116.▼42Nancy, down for three decades: 9→26→74→116
117.▲99Rachael, up for three decades: 982→617→216→117
118.▼69Pamela, down for two decades: 13→49→118
119.▲773Morgan, var. Morgana, .. 9 more
120.▼32Renee, top var. Renae, Rene
121.▼32Gina, down for two decades: 73→89→121
122.▼65Jill, var. Jilana, .. 16 more
123.▲62Kendra, up for three decades: 858→431→185→123
124.▼76Teresa, down for two decades: 25→48→124
125.▲5Sabrina, up for three decades: 406→241→130→125
126.▲189Miranda, top var. Maranda
127.▲21Krista, common var. Kristy, Kristi, Christa, Kristie, Krysta
128.▲7Felicia, up for three decades: 495→185→135→128
129.▼12Kristy, common var. Krista, Christy, Kristi, Christie, Christa, Kristie, Christi, Cristy, Krysta
130.▼7Anne, common var. Ann
131.▼61Robin, top var. Robyn
132.▲34Monique, up for three decades: 875→254→166→132
133.▼70Linda, common var. Lynda, Lindy
134.▲135Desiree, common var. Desirae
134.▼52Theresa, top var. Teresa
136.▼99Wendy, top var. Wendi
137.▲50Joanna, up for three decades: 402→298→187→137
138.▼72Tanya, common var. Tonya, Tania
139.▼49Melinda, common var. Malinda
140.▼105Lori, down for two decades: 16→35→140
141.▲211Jaclyn, common var. Jacklyn
142.▼56Tamara, var. Tamra, .. 17 more
143.▲154Alisha, common var. Elisha, Alesha, Alysha
144.▼4Kelli, common var. Kelly, Kellie, Kelley
145.▼118Dawn, var. Dawnika, .. 13 more
146.▼15Colleen, down for two decades: 95→131→146
146.▲252Marissa, common var. Marisa
148.▲554Lacey, top var. Lacy, Laci
149.▼78Christy, common var. Krista, Kristy, Kristi, Christie, Kristie, Christi, Cristy
150.▲167Abigail, up for three decades: 654→615→317→150
151.▲127Angelica, up for two decades: 704→278→151
152.▼19Jenny, common var. Jenna, Jennie
153.▼80Barbara, down for three decades: 6→22→73→153
154.▲68Tabitha, common var. Tabatha
155.▲50Caroline, top var. Carolyn
156.▲50Kari, top var. Carrie, Kara, Cara, Cari, Carey, Karrie
156.▲24Meredith, up for three decades: 529→471→180→156
158.▼52Kristi, common var. Krista, Kristy, Christy, Christie, Christa, Kristie, Christi, Cristy, Krysta
159.▲184Ebony, top var. Eboni
160.▼40Deanna, common var. Deana, Deena
161.▲112Rebekah, common var. Rebecca, Rebeca
162.▼48Carolyn, down for three decades: 25→56→114→162
163.▼10Marie, down for three decades: 88→119→153→163
164.▲18Ana, up for two decades: 201→182→164
165.▼114Michele, top var. Michelle
166.▼114Tonya, var. Toya, .. 1 more
167.▲12Angel, up for three decades: 792→469→179→167
168.▼103Sharon, down for three decades: 14→24→65→168
169.▼18Bridget, common var. Bridgette, Bridgett
170.▲62Tasha, top var. Tosha
171.newSheena, var. Shena, .. 7 more
172.▲111Cristina, common var. Christina, Kristina, Krystina
173.▲582Brianna, top var. Briana, Breanna
174.▲115Priscilla, up for two decades: 290→289→174
175.▼114Deborah, down for three decades: 5→12→61→175
176.▲272Cassie, top var. Kassie
177.newAshlee, top var. Ashley new, Ashleigh new, Ashlie new, Ashly new, Ashely new, Ashli new
178.▼68Carmen, down for three decades: 76→89→110→178
179.▲586Meagan, top var. Megan, Meghan, Meaghan, Maegan, Meghann
180.▼78Ann, down for three decades: 45→60→102→180
181.▼78Cindy, down for two decades: 48→103→181
182.▲116Stefanie, common var. Stephanie, Stephany, Stefani, Stephani
183.▼160Tammy, common var. Tami, Tammie
184.▲518Dominique, var. Dominie, .. 19 more
185.▼66Carla, common var. Carly, Karla, Carley
186.▼26Virginia, down for three decades: 62→116→160→186
187.▼78Regina, down for two decades: 84→109→187
188.▼50Jaime, var. Jaymee, .. 5 more
189.▲12Adrienne, common var. Adrian, Adrianne, Adriane
190.newMallory, var. Mallery, .. 12 more
191.▲67Audrey, common var. Audra
192.▼76Beth, down for two decades: 69→116→192
193.▲131Olivia, up for two decades: 503→324→193
194.newKatelyn, common var. Katelynn new, Katelin new
196.▼116Cheryl, top var. Sheryl
197.newTaylor, var. Tayler, .. 2 more
198.newJordan, var. Jordaine, .. 22 more
199.▼73Janet, top var. Janette
200.▼59Kristine, var. Kristian, .. 4 more
201.▲139Jacquelyn, var. Jaclyn, .. 1 more
202.▼21Mandy, top var. Mandi
203.▼52Aimee, var. Amey, .. 3 more
204.▼6Claudia, var. Claudina, .. 19 more
206.▲25Trisha, up for two decades: 425→231→206
207.▲428Bianca, var. Beyonca, .. 9 more
207.▲65Cara, common var. Carrie, Kara, Karrie
209.▼46Martha, down for three decades: 46→93→163→209
209.▼34Rosa, down for three decades: 141→168→175→209
211.▼99Suzanne, down for two decades: 65→112→211
212.▲596Haley, common var. Hayley, Hailey
213.▲122Nina, var. Nena, .. 16 more
214.▲393Carly, common var. Carley, Karli
215.▼23Mindy, var. Mindie, .. 3 more
216.▲206Kate, up for three decades: 926→751→422→216
217.▼150Donna, down for two decades: 8→67→217
218.▼113Jodi, top var. Jody, Jodie
219.▲21Karla, top var. Karli
219.▼36Shawna, top var. Shanna, Shana, Shauna
221.▼110Yolanda, var. Iolanda, .. 25 more
222.▼54Bonnie, down for three decades: 50→90→168→222
223.▲82Summer, var. Summers, .. 2 more
224.▼15Evelyn, down for three decades: 98→142→209→224
225.▲160Adriana, top var. Adrianna
226.▲140Grace, var. Graciella, .. 28 more
227.newKaitlin, common var. Caitlin new, Kaitlyn new, Caitlyn new
228.▼40Ruth, down for three decades: 69→109→188→228
228.▼44Toni, top var. Tonya, Tonia
230.▲237Mayra, top var. Myra, Maira
231.▲661Alexandria, top var. Alexandra, Alexander
232.▲53Lydia, var. Lidie, .. 4 more
233.▲315Abby, top var. Abbey, Abbie
233.newKaitlyn, top var. Caitlin new, Kaitlin new, Caitlyn new
235.▲63Janelle, top var. Janell, Janel, Jenelle
235.▼46Robyn, common var. Robin
237.▲518Briana, top var. Brianna, Breanna
238.▲280Gabrielle, up for two decades: 722→518→238
239.▼94Joy, var. Joie, .. 13 more
240.▼122Sheila, common var. Shayla
241.▼141Paula, top var. Paola
242.▼117Diane, down for three decades: 17→39→125→242
243.▼44Kellie, common var. Kelly, Kelli, Kelley
244.▼54Gloria, down for three decades: 40→98→190→244
245.▼32Melody, down for two decades: 192→213→245
246.▲56Naomi, top var. Noemi
247.▲191Jessie, top var. Jesse, Jessi
248.▲209Sophia, top var. Sofia, Sophie
249.▲249Daisy, var. Daisi, .. 8 more
250.▲10Raquel, common var. Racquel
251.▼90Christie, top var. Krista, Kristy, Christy, Kristi, Christa, Kristie, Christi, Cristy, Krysta
251.▼17Rose, down for three decades: 65→126→234→251
253.newKrystle, top var. Crystal new, Krystal new, Chrystal new, Kristal new, Cristal new, Christal new
254.▲157Amelia, up for two decades: 431→411→254
254.▲224Paige, var. Payge, .. 5 more
254.▲24Shanna, common var. Shawna, Shana, Shauna
257.▼93Sonia, common var. Sonya, Sonja
259.▲70Johanna, up for three decades: 567→533→329→259
260.▲284Kasey, var. Kasie
261.▼50Frances, down for three decades: 88→151→211→261
262.▲200Claire, common var. Clare
262.▼15Nikki, var. Nicki, .. 9 more
264.▼12Ellen, down for three decades: 79→117→252→264
265.▲247Hillary, common var. Hilary
265.▲404Sasha, var. Zsazsa, .. 5 more
267.▲121Yesenia, top var. Yessenia
268.▼62Jeanette, common var. Jeannette
269.newAshleigh, common var. Ashley new, Ashlee new, Ashlie new, Ashly new, Ashely new, Ashli new
270.▲150Emma, var. Emalinda, .. 26 more
271.▲45Marisa, up for three decades: 941→550→316→271
272.▼123Traci, top var. Tracy, Tracey
273.▼66Charlene, down for three decades: 132→163→207→273
273.▼23Shana, top var. Shanna
273.▼151Shelly, top var. Shelley
276.▲41Roxanne, var. Oksanna, .. 21 more
277.▲123Jocelyn, up for two decades: 584→400→277
277.▼75Sylvia, common var. Silvia
279.▼71Kelley, top var. Kelly, Kelli, Kellie
280.▼152Carol, down for three decades: 16→38→128→280
280.▲361Justine, var. Justa, .. 10 more
282.newBritney, top var. Brittney new
283.▲12Rachelle, top var. Rachel, Racheal
284.▼7Charity, var. Carissa, .. 26 more
284.▼67Keri, top var. Kara, Kerry, Kerri, Kerrie
286.▲17Kirsten, top var. Kirstin
286.▼111Yvonne, down for three decades: 124→135→175→286
288.▼194Debra, down for three decades: 7→23→94→288
289.▼30Christa, common var. Krista, Krysta
290.▲19Shauna, top var. Shawna, Shanna, Shana
291.▼144Sonya, top var. Sonia, Sonja
292.newChelsey, common var. Chelsea new, Chelsie new
293.▲29Esther, var. Hesther, .. 18 more
294.▼90Charlotte, down for three decades: 117→160→204→294
295.▼137Anita, down for two decades: 83→158→295
296.newSavannah, top var. Savanna new
297.newSierra, common var. Ciara new, Cierra new, Ciera new
298.▲87Angelina, up for two decades: 541→385→298
298.▲498Brianne, common var. Breanne
300.▼205Sherry, common var. Sherri, Sheri, Shari, Sheree, Sherrie
301.▲234Gabriela, common var. Gabriella
302.▼72Leigh, common var. Leah, Lee, Lea, Lia
303.▼211Rhonda, down for two decades: 46→92→303
305.▼133Kerry, top var. Kara, Keri, Kerri, Kerrie
306.▲283Karina, var. Kareena, .. 10 more
307.▲98Annie, common var. Anna, Ana, Anya
307.▼136Kristie, common var. Krista, Kristy, Christy, Kristi, Christie, Christa, Christi, Cristy, Krysta
309.▼115Kerri, top var. Kara, Keri, Kerry, Kerrie
310.▲249Carissa, top var. Karissa
310.▼10Eva, top var. Ava
310.▲61Shelby, up for two decades: 567→371→310
313.▲508Lacy, common var. Lacey, Laci
314.▲145Alissa, common var. Alyssa, Alisa, Elissa
314.▲129Tia, up for two decades: 672→443→314
316.▼195Laurie, top var. Laura, Lori, Lora
316.▼203Tracey, top var. Tracy, Traci
318.▼141Janice, down for three decades: 24→67→177→318
319.▼83Alice, common var. Alyse
320.▲273Elise, top var. Elyse
321.▲23Miriam, var. Mirriam, .. 17 more
322.▲105Elisabeth, up for three decades: 631→498→427→322
323.▼91Yvette, common var. Ivette
324.▼83Helen, down for three decades: 74→138→241→324
324.▼178Terri, common var. Teri, Tera, Terry
326.▲70Latisha, var. Laticia, .. 8 more
327.▼177Tricia, var. Treasha, .. 10 more
328.▲212Maggie, up for two decades: 662→540→328
329.newBreanna, var. Breaunne, .. 27 more
330.▲47Camille, up for two decades: 424→377→330
332.▼159Annette, down for two decades: 77→173→332
333.▼105Tamika, top var. Tameka
334.▼70Jane, common var. Jean, Jeanne
334.▼77Maureen, down for three decades: 101→121→257→334
336.▼61Sandy, down for two decades: 166→275→336
337.▲114Hilary, top var. Hillary, Hilary
338.▲148Katharine, top var. Katherine, Catherine, Katheryn
339.▲76Tabatha, top var. Tabitha
340.▼47Keisha, top var. Keshia, Kisha
341.▼71Rochelle, var. Rochele, .. 10 more
342.▲398Aubrey, var. Aubree, .. 12 more
343.▲116Allyson, common var. Allison, Alison, Alyson
344.▼2Elisa, common var. Eliza, Elissa
345.▼39Lesley, common var. Leslie
346.▼39Antoinette, var. Antonetta, .. 21 more
346.▲43Cecilia, top var. Cecelia
346.▼177Lynn, down for three decades: 67→72→169→346
349.▼82Elaine, down for three decades: 82→143→267→349
349.▼39Irene, down for three decades: 143→220→310→349
349.▼68Staci, top var. Stacy, Stacey
352.▼71Jana, top var. Janna
353.▲60Chasity, var. Chasady, .. 9 more
354.▼137Dorothy, down for three decades: 60→124→217→354
355.▲37Faith, var. Fae, .. 6 more
355.▼110Hope, var. Esperance
355.▲29Lorena, up for three decades: 773→544→384→355
358.▲159Alana, common var. Alaina, Alanna
358.▼95Marilyn, down for three decades: 56→138→263→358
360.▲52Elena, common var. Elaina
360.newJade, var. Jady, .. 23 more
362.▼96Bobbie, common var. Bobbi
362.▲60Brandie, common var. Brandy, Brandi
362.▼226Kathy, top var. Cathy
365.▼65Maribel, var. Maribell, .. 6 more
366.▲526Cortney, top var. Courtney, Kourtney
367.▲151Clarissa, up for three decades: 814→672→518→367
367.▼119Rita, down for three decades: 70→130→248→367
369.▼192Shelley, top var. Shelly
370.▼90Juanita, down for three decades: 144→195→280→370
371.▲416Destiny, var. Destinee, .. 7 more
372.▼102Sally, down for three decades: 93→158→270→372
374.▼61Amie, common var. Amy, Aimee, Ami
374.▼16Jami, common var. Jamie, Jaimie
374.▲1Tanisha, common var. Tanesha
377.▼142Norma, down for three decades: 115→162→235→377
378.▼3Ericka, common var. Erica, Erika
378.▲263Katy, top var. Katie, Kati
378.▼17Ruby, down for three decades: 178→291→361→378
378.▲247Tessa, var. Tessia, .. 4 more
382.▲66Madeline, var. Marlen, .. 62 more
383.▼107Jackie, down for two decades: 150→276→383
383.▼46Jennie, common var. Jenny
385.▼89Eileen, common var. Aileen
385.▲363Ryan, var. Riane, .. 16 more
387.newAriel, common var. Arielle new
389.▲26Leanne, common var. Leann, Leeann
390.▲10Guadalupe, up for two decades: 491→400→390
391.newMeaghan, common var. Megan new, Meghan new, Meagan new, Maegan new, Meghann new
393.▲84Chrystal, up for two decades: 868→477→393
394.▼17Alma, down for three decades: 274→353→377→394
394.▼139Judith, down for three decades: 33→97→255→394
396.▲173Alyson, top var. Allison, Alison, Allyson
396.▲425Jasmin, top var. Jasmine, Jazmin, Jazmine
396.▼153Shirley, down for three decades: 32→102→243→396
399.▲55Lakeisha, common var. Lakisha, Lakesha, Lakeshia
400.▼114Luz, down for three decades: 216→243→286→400
400.▼23Nora, down for three decades: 235→306→377→400
402.▼70Jenifer, top var. Jennifer
403.▲82Mia, up for two decades: 500→485→403
404.▼33Lillian, down for three decades: 194→258→371→404
405.▼243Connie, down for three decades: 42→64→162→405
406.▼182Beverly, down for three decades: 37→85→224→406
407.▲27Constance, var. Constanta, .. 29 more
409.▲244Taryn, var. Tarina, .. 8 more
410.▼54Jolene, var. Jolaine, .. 15 more
411.newLyndsey, top var. Lyndsay new
413.newTiara, var. Tiairra, .. 4 more
414.▲540Christin, top var. Kristin, Christine, Kristine, Cristin
414.▲547Hayley, common var. Haley, Hailey
417.▲118Genevieve, up for two decades: 626→535→417
417.▼168Latonya, top var. Latanya
419.▼224Becky, down for two decades: 141→195→419
420.▲482Kira, top var. Kiera
421.▲570Kylie, top var. Kyla, Kylee, Kiley
422.▲190Nadia, var. Nadja, .. 13 more
423.▼212Joanne, common var. Joann
423.▼203Joyce, down for three decades: 31→87→220→423
425.▼87Lara, var. Larra, .. 5 more
426.▲303Christian, common var. Kristian
426.▲252Devon, top var. Devin
426.▼100Iris, down for three decades: 211→278→326→426
426.▲1Serena, up for three decades: 982→653→427→426
426.▲395Shayla, var. Shealynn, .. 11 more
431.newTatiana, var. Tajana, .. 22 more
432.newAriana, top var. Arianna new
432.▼71Marlene, down for three decades: 149→253→361→432
434.▼190Betty, down for three decades: 35→104→244→434
435.▲16Blanca, up for two decades: 469→451→435
435.▼35Rosemary, common var. Rosemarie
437.▼78Tania, top var. Tanya, Tonya
438.▲178Carolina, up for three decades: 982→727→616→438
438.▼200Jean, top var. Jeanne
440.▼13Josephine, down for three decades: 199→300→427→440
441.▲3Lena, var. Lina, .. 3 more
443.▲28Corinne, top var. Corrine
444.▼176Judy, down for three decades: 27→79→268→444
445.▲333Natalia, common var. Natalie, Nathalie
446.▼56Audra, top var. Audrey
447.▼273Jody, top var. Jodi, Jodie
448.▼231Belinda, down for two decades: 165→217→448
448.▼41Celeste, down for three decades: 354→355→407→448
448.▼278Sherri, common var. Sherry, Sheri, Shari, Sheree, Sherrie, Shara
451.▼110Alisa, common var. Alyssa, Alissa
451.newBlair, var. Blayre, .. 1 more
453.newElyse, top var. Elise new
453.▼13Hollie, top var. Holly, Holli
455.▲186Anastasia, up for two decades: 913→641→455
455.▲58Esmeralda, up for three decades: 982→751→513→455
455.▼264Sheri, common var. Sherry, Sherri, Shari, Sheree, Sherrie
455.▲416Trista, var. Tristen, .. 8 more
459.newBrittani, common var. Brittany new, Britany new
460.▲193Elisha, var. Eleisha, .. 4 more
460.▲5Isabel, var. Ishbel, .. 42 more
460.▲74Leann, common var. Leanne, Leeann
460.▼14Terra, common var. Tierra, Tera
465.newAlexa, top var. Alexia new
466.▼228Darlene, down for three decades: 71→92→238→466
467.▲77Noelle, top var. Noel
468.▲434Callie, up for two decades: 984→902→468
468.▲201Chantel, top var. Shantel, Chantelle, Chantal, Shantell
470.▲1Laurel, var. Laurelle, .. 7 more
471.▲307Christen, var. Christyn, .. 13 more
471.▲107Tiffani, common var. Tiffany, Tiffanie
473.▼212Billie, var. Bilee, .. 9 more
473.▼120Chandra, var. Chandara, .. 7 more
473.▼82Margarita, common var. Margaret
476.▲345Brenna, var. Brenn, .. 8 more
478.▼213Joann, common var. Joanne
478.▼110Tameka, top var. Tamika
480.newCaitlyn, common var. Caitlin new, Kaitlin new, Kaitlyn new
480.▼238Ginger, var. Jinger, .. 3 more
480.▲118Larissa, var. Lari, .. 6 more
483.▲65Lucy, var. Lu, .. 26 more
485.▼154Teri, common var. Terri, Tera, Terry
486.newAshlie, top var. Ashley new, Ashlee new, Ashleigh new, Ashly new, Ashely new, Ashli new
486.newSydney, var. Cydnie, .. 9 more
488.newCiara, top var. Sierra new, Cierra new, Ciera new
488.▲363Michaela, var. Makayla, .. 51 more
488.▼111Vivian, down for three decades: 148→221→377→488
492.▼141Bobbi, top var. Bobbie
492.▼146Dianna, top var. Diana, Deanna, Dena, Deana
492.▲316Francesca, common var. Francisca
492.▲227Mercedes, var. Mercedez, .. 2 more
496.▲430Daniela, common var. Daniella
496.▲406Juliana, common var. Julianna
498.▼58Bridgette, top var. Bridget, Bridgett
498.▲127Kristal, common var. Crystal, Krystal, Krystle, Chrystal, Cristal, Christal
500.▼132Lakisha, top var. Lakeisha, Lakesha, Lakeshia
501.▲277Simone, var. Simmina, .. 12 more
502.newJacklyn, top var. Jaclyn new
502.▼117Janine, down for two decades: 268→385→502
502.▼179Lorraine, down for three decades: 129→172→323→502
502.▲5Mandi, top var. Mandy
502.▲185Marina, var. Mareina, .. 16 more
507.newShaina, top var. Shana new, Shayna new
508.newAlaina, top var. Alana new, Alanna new, Elaina new
508.▼217Jodie, common var. Jodi, Judy, Jody
510.▼136Angelique, kreatif var. Aigelique, Angeliqueai
510.▼174Lynette, down for two decades: 261→336→510
512.newBreanne, top var. Brianne new, Breann new
512.▲380Kyla, common var. Kylie, Kylee, Kiley
512.▼179Lee, top var. Leigh, Lea
515.▼108Arlene, down for three decades: 170→263→407→515
515.▼205Gwendolyn, down for three decades: 134→188→310→515
515.▼254Kimberley, common var. Kimberly, Kimberlee
518.▼32Aisha, common var. Iesha
518.▲397Jena, top var. Jenna
518.▲164Tiffanie, top var. Tiffany, Tiffani
521.newArielle, common var. Ariel new
521.newChelsie, top var. Chelsea new, Chelsey new
521.▼151Jeannette, top var. Janet, Jeanette, Janette
524.▲272India, var. Indya, .. 2 more
524.newMackenzie, common var. Mckenzie new
524.▲458Tiana, common var. Tianna
524.▲31Tori, up for two decades: 775→555→524
528.newKarissa, var. Karessa, .. 4 more
529.▼74Lea, common var. Leah, Leigh, Lee, Lia
530.▼147Betsy, down for three decades: 270→313→383→530
530.▲225Casandra, top var. Cassandra, Kassandra
530.newShayna, top var. Shana new, Shaina new
533.newKendall, var. Kendahl, .. 6 more
533.▲345Racheal, common var. Rachel, Rachelle
535.▼228Christi, common var. Krista, Kristy, Christy, Kristi, Christie, Christa, Kristie, Cristy, Krysta
535.▲32Susana, common var. Susanna
537.newAbbey, top var. Abby new, Abbie new
537.newDevin, top var. Devon new
537.newMadison, var. Madisen, .. 4 more
537.▼173Melisa, common var. Melissa
541.newBailey, var. Bailie, .. 15 more
541.▼6Clara, down for three decades: 223→363→535→541
541.▼191Joan, down for three decades: 47→112→350→541
545.▲430Chanel, top var. Chanelle
545.newFallon, var. Fallyn, .. 3 more
547.▲158Adrian, top var. Adrienne, Adrianne, Adriane
547.▼263Dena, common var. Deanna, Dina, Deana, Deena
549.newHailey, top var. Haley new, Hayley new
549.▼78Joni, top var. Joanna, Jana, Janna, Janie, Janae, Johnna
551.▼134Lana, down for three decades: 281→318→417→551
551.▼226Lora, common var. Lori
551.▼191Shari, common var. Shara
551.newTierra, var. Tierre, .. 4 more
555.▼129Bernadette, down for three decades: 271→287→426→555
555.▲90Celia, var. Fecelia, .. 3 more
557.newAdrianna, common var. Adriana new
557.▼342Cathy, common var. Kathy
557.▼254Dina, common var. Deanna, Dena, Deana, Deena
561.newJazmin, top var. Jasmine new, Jasmin new, Jazmine new
561.▼308Marsha, down for three decades: 104→209→253→561
563.newAshly, common var. Ashley new, Ashlee new, Ashleigh new, Ashlie new, Ashely new, Ashli new
563.▼318Debbie, down for two decades: 52→245→563
563.▼117Maritza, down for two decades: 376→446→563
566.newRaven, var. Rayvenne, .. 4 more
567.newKassandra, var. Kasaundra, .. 4 more
567.▼424Kim, down for two decades: 44→143→567
567.▼250Roberta, down for three decades: 118→175→317→567
567.▼97Selena, top var. Selina, Celina, Salina
567.▼412Wanda, down for three decades: 58→68→155→567
572.▲273Shantel, top var. Chantel, Chantelle, Chantal, Shantell
573.newAsia, top var. Aja new
574.newAshton, var. Ashtyn, .. 1 more
575.▲73Adrianne, top var. Adrienne, Adrian, Adriane
575.▼57Janette, common var. Janet, Jeanette, Jeannette
577.▲178Jaimie, common var. Jamie, Jami
577.newKiara, var. Kierra, .. 3 more
577.newPrecious, var. Preciosa, .. 1 more
581.▼101Ingrid, down for two decades: 440→480→581
581.▼352Trina, var. Treina, .. 8 more
583.▲52Cori, common var. Corey, Cora, Kori, Cory, Corrie
583.newKali, var. Kalli
583.newKaylee, top var. Kayleigh new
583.▲309Mariah, top var. Maria, Marie, Mayra
583.▲399Rhiannon, var. Rhyan, .. 13 more
588.▼99Edith, down for three decades: 206→301→489→588
588.newKacie, var. Kacey, .. 10 more
590.▲182Mollie, common var. Molly, Malia
591.▼19Araceli, var. Arcelia, .. 7 more
591.▼226Cherie, common var. Sherry, Cheri, Sheree
591.newCierra, top var. Sierra new, Ciara new, Ciera new
591.▲11Janna, top var. Joanna, Jana, Joni, Janie, Janae, Johnna
591.▼160Marjorie, down for three decades: 173→274→431→591
591.▲174Rosanna, up for two decades: 791→765→591
598.▲9Corina, up for two decades: 676→607→598
599.▲197Eliza, top var. Elisa
600.newChloe, var. Cloey, .. 7 more
600.newMaranda, common var. Miranda new
602.▲103Alecia, top var. Alicia, Alycia, Alysia
602.newCassidy, var. Cass, .. 22 more
602.▼236Kenya, var. Kennya, .. 1 more
602.newSade, var. Sadina, .. 2 more
607.▼175Marianne, top var. Maryann
609.▼144Cari, common var. Carrie, Kari, Carey
609.▼91Lakesha, top var. Lakeisha, Lakisha, Lakeshia
609.newTalia, var. Talya, .. 2 more
612.▼34Antonia, var. Antoniya, .. 37 more
612.▼98Gladys, down for three decades: 198→302→514→612
612.▲20Ivy, up for two decades: 755→632→612
612.▼319Jeanne, top var. Jane, Jean
616.▼308Loretta, down for three decades: 139→176→308→616
616.newSadie, var. Sadah, .. 10 more
616.▼77Tera, common var. Terri, Terra, Teri, Tierra, Terry
619.newLyndsay, top var. Lindsey new, Lindsay new, Lyndsey new
619.▲324Octavia, var. Octavie, .. 8 more
622.▼49Beatriz, top var. Beatrice
622.▼198Liza, var. Lyza, .. 5 more
622.▲245Nikita, var. Nakita, .. 4 more
626.newKristyn, top var. Kristin new, Kristine new, Kristan new
626.▼73Latrice, var. Latreshia, .. 7 more
626.▼108Silvia, common var. Sylvia
629.▼137Catrina, top var. Katrina
629.▲88Leanna, up for three decades: 831→812→717→629
629.▼76Myra, top var. Maira
629.▼196Olga, down for three decades: 260→331→433→629
629.▼303Sonja, top var. Sonia, Sonya
629.▼356Tami, down for two decades: 194→273→629
635.▼54Dara, var. Darda, .. 10 more
635.▼31Dayna, top var. Dana
635.▼384Peggy, down for three decades: 53→108→251→635
638.▼318Cheri, common var. Sherry, Cherie, Sheree
640.newAshely, common var. Ashley new, Ashlee new, Ashleigh new, Ashlie new, Ashly new, Ashli new
640.newGiselle, var. Giza, .. 14 more
640.▼145Marcella, common var. Marcela
643.▼96Beatrice, top var. Beatriz
643.newJesse, common var. Jessie new, Jessi new
643.▼356Marcia, down for three decades: 99→191→287→643
643.▲190Maya, var. Maiya, .. 4 more
647.▼156Damaris, var. Demarys, .. 18 more
648.▼141Bridgett, top var. Bridget, Bridgette
648.▼191Darcy, down for two decades: 418→457→648
648.▼85Deidre, down for two decades: 481→563→648
648.▼52Maricela, common var. Marisela
652.▼297Candy, common var. Candi
652.▼323Glenda, down for three decades: 127→198→329→652
652.▲44Marisela, var. Maryzela, .. 3 more
652.newNicolette, var. Nicollette, .. 1 more
656.▼300Deana, common var. Diana, Deanna, Dianna, Dena, Dina, Deena
656.▼212Marci, common var. Marcie, Marcy
656.▼283Marla, down for three decades: 258→291→373→656
659.▼36Athena, var. Attie, .. 5 more
659.▼154Lourdes, down for two decades: 347→505→659
659.newMaegan, common var. Megan new, Meghan new, Meagan new, Meaghan new, Meghann new
659.▼135Nadine, down for three decades: 312→354→524→659
663.▼14Corey, common var. Cori, Kori, Cory, Corrie
664.newCarina, common var. Karina new
664.▼34Elissa, common var. Alyssa, Alissa
664.▼197Irma, down for three decades: 230→312→467→664
664.▼181Janie, top var. Joanna, Jana, Joni, Janna, Janae, Johnna
669.newDesirae, common var. Desiree new
669.newEboni, top var. Ebony new
669.▼73James, down for two decades: 565→596→669
669.▼218Pauline, down for three decades: 219→314→451→669
674.▼88Noemi, common var. Naomi
674.▼472Penny, down for two decades: 105→202→674
677.newCiera, top var. Sierra new, Ciara new, Cierra new
677.▲1Tosha, var. Toskia, .. 3 more
679.▲69Leeann, common var. Leanne, Leann
679.▲69Martina, var. Martie, .. 7 more
681.newAlanna, common var. Alana new, Alaina new
681.newAlesha, common var. Alisha new, Elisha new, Alysha new
681.▼267Doris, down for three decades: 102→183→414→681
685.▼292Jeannie, common var. Jeanna, Jeana
685.newKayleigh, top var. Kaylee new
685.newLaci, common var. Lacey new, Lacy new
689.newHanna, top var. Hannah new
691.newCristal, top var. Crystal new, Krystal new, Krystle new, Chrystal new, Kristal new, Christal new
691.newDaniella, common var. Daniela new
691.▲5Maura, var. Morah, .. 2 more
695.▼203Georgia, down for three decades: 214→321→492→695
696.newLinsey, common var. Lynsey new
696.▼272Marcie, common var. Marci, Marcy
699.newAlycia, common var. Alicia new, Alecia new, Alysia new
699.▲41Cora, common var. Cori, Corey, Cory, Corrie
699.newJanae, var. Janaeh, .. 21 more
699.▼346Sheryl, down for three decades: 137→144→353→699
703.▼39Geneva, down for three decades: 350→518→664→703
703.newKyra, top var. Kira new
703.newLily, var. Lil, .. 21 more
703.newLoren, var. Lorren, .. 4 more
703.▼148Valarie, top var. Valerie, Valeria
708.▼123Janell, common var. Janelle, Janel, Jenelle
708.▲218Josie, var. Jozette, .. 2 more
708.newKyle, var. Kyel, .. 1 more
708.newRoxana, top var. Roxanna new
708.▲28Sofia, var. Sofie, .. 1 more
715.▼10Candi, common var. Candy
715.▼267Dora, down for three decades: 293→346→448→715
715.▲57Joelle, up for two decades: 789→772→715
715.▼334Karin, top var. Karen
715.newLizette, top var. Lissette new, Lisette new
721.newBrittni, common var. Brittney new, Britney new, Britni new, Brittny new
721.▼54Marian, common var. Maryann, Marion
721.▼315Ramona, down for three decades: 200→226→406→721
724.▲24Aileen, common var. Eileen
724.▲219Fatima, var. Fateemah, .. 4 more
726.newAlysha, top var. Alisha new, Elisha new, Alesha new
726.▼238Misti, common var. Misty
726.▼110Rena, down for three decades: 444→464→616→726
730.▲121Brook, top var. Brooke
730.▼259Chastity, var. Chastitey, .. 14 more
730.▼119Mara, top var. Mari
730.newNathalie, common var. Natalie new, Natalia new
734.▲82Noel, common var. Noelle
734.▲10Selina, top var. Selena, Celina, Salina
734.▼220Shanda, common var. Shonda
740.▼336Carey, var. Cary, .. 1 more
740.▲56Celina, common var. Selena
740.▼154Christal, top var. Crystal, Krystal, Krystle, Chrystal, Kristal, Cristal
740.newKeshia, common var. Keisha new, Kisha new
740.▼216Maryann, down for three decades: 249→311→524→740
740.▼76Sheree, top var. Sherry, Sherri, Sheri, Shari, Cherie, Cheri, Sherrie
746.▼291Daphne, down for two decades: 369→455→746
746.▼195Janel, top var. Janelle, Janell, Jenelle
748.▼113Eleanor, down for three decades: 267→403→635→748
748.newJulianna, top var. Juliana new
748.newKacey, top var. Casey new, Kasey new, Casie new, Kaci new, Kacy new
748.newMckenzie, top var. Mackenzie new
752.newAbbie, common var. Abby new, Abbey new
752.newEmilee, top var. Emily new, Emilie new
752.▼225Marta, down for three decades: 335→378→527→752
752.▲26Rebeca, common var. Rebecca, Rebekah
752.▼117Robert, down for three decades: 613→617→635→752
758.newKourtney, var. Kortney
758.newTanesha, common var. Tanisha new
760.▼20Andria, top var. Andrea, Andrew
760.▼179Elsa, down for three decades: 449→535→581→760
760.▼411Gail, down for three decades: 43→123→349→760
760.▼297Malinda, common var. Melinda
764.▼77Danelle, common var. Danielle, Danyelle
764.▲107Emilie, top var. Emily, Emilee
764.newGabriella, top var. Gabriela new
764.▲57Griselda, var. Grizel, .. 17 more
764.newKandice, common var. Candice new, Candace new, Kandace new, Candis new
769.newCasie, top var. Casey new, Cassie new, Kasey new, Kacey new, Kaci new, Kassie new, Kacy new
769.newCheyenne, var. Chayanne, .. 10 more
769.▼196Demetria, top var. Demetria
769.▼280Kimberlee, top var. Kimberly, Kimberley
769.▲222Roxanna, common var. Roxana
769.newStephany, top var. Stephanie new, Stefanie new, Stefani new, Stephani new
775.newBritni, common var. Brittney new, Britney new, Brittni new, Brittny new
775.▲46Chiquita, var. Chiquin, .. 3 more
775.newGillian, var. Gilian, .. 15 more
775.newKati, top var. Katie new, Katy new
775.▼27Kori, var. Koree, .. 6 more
775.▼292Lynda, down for three decades: 162→213→483→775
775.newSiobhan, var. Shivahn, .. 19 more
782.newChantelle, top var. Chantel new, Shantel new, Chantal new, Shantell new
782.▼86Holli, common var. Holly, Hollie
782.▼419Jo, down for three decades: 72→184→363→782
782.newKelsie, top var. Kelsey new
782.▼556Vicki, top var. Vicky
782.▼342Vicky, top var. Vicki
788.▼450Marcy, common var. Marci, Marcie
789.newAshli, common var. Ashley new, Ashlee new, Ashleigh new, Ashlie new, Ashly new, Ashely new
789.▼177Delia, down for three decades: 388→485→612→789
789.▼355Jeanine, down for two decades: 381→434→789
789.newKaci, top var. Casey new, Kasey new, Kacey new, Casie new, Kacy new
789.▼239Renae, top var. Renee, Rene
789.▼368Sherrie, common var. Sherry, Sherri, Sheri, Shari, Sheree
796.▼359Darla, down for two decades: 216→437→796
796.▼304Edna, down for three decades: 196→318→492→796
796.newJesica, common var. Jessica new, Jessika new
796.▼79John, down for two decades: 645→717→796
796.newKylee, top var. Kylie new, Kyla new, Kiley new
796.▼207Rosemarie, top var. Rosemary
802.newAja, var. Azha
802.newCody, var. Codey, .. 8 more
802.▼133Georgina, var. Georgeina, .. 16 more
802.newJazmine, top var. Jasmine new, Jasmin new, Jazmin new
802.▼6Kathrine, top var. Kathryn
807.▼305Dolores, down for three decades: 176→285→502→807
807.newElaina, top var. Elena new, Alaina new
807.▼146Jeanna, common var. Jeannie, Jeana
807.▲44Lakeshia, top var. Lakeisha, Lakisha, Lakesha
814.▼241Hilda, down for three decades: 297→428→573→814
814.newLynsey, common var. Linsey new
816.▲104Alysia, var. Alyssia
816.newCameron, var. Cameryn, .. 22 more
816.newLizbeth, var. Lyzbeth, .. 5 more
819.newJenelle, top var. Janelle new, Janell new, Janel new
819.▼47Kia, var. Kiah
819.▼338Kisha, top var. Keisha, Keshia
819.▼23Leila, down for three decades: 686→775→796→819
819.▼23Monika, top var. Monica
825.▼221Charmaine, var. Charamalique, .. 26 more
825.▼38Corrine, common var. Corinne
825.▲129Yasmin, var. Yasiman, .. 9 more
828.▼257Cristy, top var. Krista, Kristy, Christy, Kristi, Christie, Christa, Kristie, Christi, Krysta
828.newDiamond, var. Diamanta, .. 4 more
828.▼350Ladonna, down for two decades: 441→478→828
828.newSantana, var. Santa
828.▼136Susanna, common var. Susana
828.▼575Tonia, common var. Tonya, Toni
835.newKassie, var. Kassy, .. 2 more
835.newKristan, common var. Kristin new, Kristine new, Kristyn new
835.newSophie, common var. Sophia new, Sofia new
839.▼310Annmarie, down for two decades: 463→529→839
839.▼31Cory, common var. Cori, Corey, Cora, Kori, Corrie
839.newKandace, common var. Kandice new
839.newKiley, top var. Kylie new
839.newPrincess, var. Princesa, .. 4 more
839.▼439Terry, common var. Terri, Teri
847.▲45Adriane, common var. Adrienne, Adrian, Adrianne
847.newAlexia, common var. Alexa new
847.newAlyse, top var. Alice new
847.▲144Leilani, var. Lalani
847.▼240Tamra, down for two decades: 457→607→847
847.newZoe, var. Zoelie, .. 9 more
854.▼58Eunice, down for three decades: 435→623→796→854
854.newKrysta, top var. Krista new, Kristy new, Christy new, Kristi new, Christie new, Christa new, Kristie new, Christi new, Cristy new
854.newMariel, var. Marelle, .. 10 more
854.▼567Tammie, common var. Tammy, Tami
859.newBrigitte, var. Gitte
859.newCarley, common var. Carla new, Carly new, Karla new, Karli new
859.newChana, var. Channa, .. 5 more
859.newChantal, top var. Chantel new, Shantel new, Chantelle new, Shantell new
859.▼177Kami, var. Kammie, .. 2 more
859.▼360Lucinda, common var. Lucinda
859.newMeghann, common var. Megan new, Meghan new, Meagan new, Meaghan new, Maegan new
859.▼154Richelle, var. Ricci, .. 4 more
859.newShasta, var. Shastina, .. 2 more
859.newTarah, top var. Tara new
859.newTyler, var. Tyller, .. 3 more
870.▼105Helena, down for three decades: 583→676→765→870
870.▼105Mellissa, kreatif var. Mealissa, Mellisra, Mellista
870.▼335Rene, down for two decades: 330→535→870
870.▼192Stacia, kreatif var. Seacia, Stacha, Staria
870.▼471Wendi, top var. Wendy
875.▼63Aurora, down for three decades: 675→746→812→875
875.▼170Eve, down for three decades: 608→690→705→875
875.▼163Juana, down for three decades: 513→669→712→875
875.newShea, var. Shayda, .. 7 more
875.▼240Stella, down for three decades: 311→455→635→875
880.newLiana, top var. Leanna new
880.▲12Venessa, top var. Vanessa
882.newJanessa, var. Jannessa, .. 2 more
882.newKristian, top var. Christian new
882.▼61William, down for two decades: 755→821→882
886.▼300June, down for three decades: 163→276→586→886
886.▼65Magdalena, down for three decades: 682→715→821→886
886.newNikole, top var. Nicole new
886.▼217Rosalinda, down for three decades: 562→606→669→886
886.newStefani, top var. Stephanie new, Stefanie new, Stephany new, Stephani new
886.▼356Sue, down for three decades: 113→180→530→886
892.▼14Delilah, var. Lilah, .. 3 more
892.▼383Jeri, down for three decades: 321→407→509→892
892.newKatelynn, common var. Katelyn new, Katelin new
892.newMicah, var. Meica, .. 4 more
892.newSavanna, top var. Savannah new
892.newStephani, top var. Stephanie new, Stefanie new, Stephany new, Stefani new
898.newArianna, common var. Ariana new
898.▼249Colette, down for three decades: 462→467→649→898
898.▼162Rosalyn, down for three decades: 473→566→736→898
904.▼2Julissa, var. Julyssa, .. 2 more
904.▲78Luisa, var. Luiza, .. 3 more
908.newBritany, top var. Brittany new, Brittani new
908.▼349Cathleen, down for three decades: 295→333→559→908
908.newDenisse, top var. Denise new
908.newJessika, common var. Jessica new, Jesica new
908.newKacy, top var. Casey new, Kasey new, Kacey new, Casie new, Kaci new
908.▼75Valencia, down for two decades: 712→833→908
915.▼326Ami, top var. Amy, Aimee, Amie
915.newAndrew, common var. Andrea new, Andria new
915.newCandis, top var. Candice new, Candace new, Kandice new, Kandace new
915.newCristin, top var. Kristin new, Christine new, Kristine new, Christin new
915.▼222Geraldine, down for three decades: 152→299→693→915
915.newKaila, var. Kailah, .. 2 more
915.▼37Keely, var. Keeley, .. 15 more
915.▼94Lissette, common var. Lizette, Lisette
925.▲50Alina, var. Lina, .. 24 more
925.▲36Ava, var. Avalee, .. 9 more
925.newClare, var. Mariclare
925.▼357Deena, common var. Deanna, Dena, Dina, Deana
925.newJessi, top var. Jessie new, Jesse new
925.▼359Kerrie, common var. Kara, Keri, Kerry, Kerri
925.▲29Salina, top var. Selena, Selina, Celina
934.newBrittny, common var. Brittney new, Britney new, Brittni new, Britni new
934.▼371Deirdre, down for two decades: 375→563→934
934.▼407Francine, down for three decades: 269→368→527→934
934.▼432Ivette, down for two decades: 483→502→934
934.▲9Jeana, top var. Jeannie, Jeanna
934.newReyna, common var. Reina new
934.▼318Sondra, down for two decades: 414→616→934
934.▼500Tisha, var. Tyesha, .. 1 more
942.newBreann, common var. Breanne new
942.▼198Felecia, down for two decades: 559→744→942
942.newIesha, top var. Aisha new
942.newKarli, top var. Carla new, Carly new, Karla new, Carley new
942.newKatelin, top var. Katelyn new, Katelynn new
942.newKeila, var. Keilah
942.▲40Liz, var. Lizette, .. 4 more
942.▼338Milagros, down for three decades: 390→478→604→942
942.newReina, common var. Reyna new
942.▼479Shonda, top var. Shanda
954.newJohnna, top var. Jana, Joni, Janna
954.newKatheryn, common var. Katherine new, Catherine new, Katharine new
954.▲7Lindy, common var. Linda, Lynda
954.▼138Lisette, common var. Lizette, Lissette
954.▼293Marion, common var. Marian
954.newRenata, var. Renate, .. 15 more
954.newTianna, common var. Tiana new
962.▼335Ada, common var. Aida
962.newDanyelle, top var. Danielle new, Danelle new
962.▼184Ella, down for three decades: 256→427→778→962
962.▼493Latanya, common var. Latonya
962.newMaira, top var. Mayra new, Myra new
962.▼150Therese, down for three decades: 302→343→812→962
962.▼275Tyra, var. Tyree, .. 4 more
971.▼284Corrie, common var. Cori, Corey, Cora, Kori, Cory
971.newHallie, var. Halli, .. 3 more
971.▼359Louise, down for three decades: 146→273→612→971
971.newNatosha, top var. Natasha new
971.newShantell, common var. Chantel new, Shantel new, Chantelle new, Chantal new
971.▼132Sunny, var. Sunshine, .. 3 more
971.newTawny, var. Taney, .. 9 more
971.newYessenia, common var. Yesenia new
979.newAnya, var. Aine, .. 4 more
979.▼398Bertha, down for three decades: 265→403→581→979
979.▼101Cecelia, top var. Cecilia
979.▼87Jamila, var. Jameela, .. 6 more
979.▼484Karrie, common var. Carrie, Kara, Kari, Cara
979.newLia, var. Liya, .. 1 more
979.▼201Margo, down for three decades: 362→503→778→979
979.▼134Mari, down for three decades: 507→538→845→979
979.newPaola, top var. Paula new
979.▼116Rosalie, down for three decades: 332→528→863→979
989.newAlexander, top var. Alexandra new, Alexandria new
989.▼362Bernice, down for three decades: 263→384→627→989
989.newCherish, var. Cherysh, .. 5 more
989.newJaqueline, common var. Jacqueline new, Jacquelyn new
989.newKiera, common var. Kira new, Kiara new
989.▼463Mildred, down for three decades: 168→289→526→989
989.▼87Shara, common var. Sherry, Sherri, Shari
1000.▼343Aida, down for three decades: 328→474→657→1000
1000.▼619Angelia, top var. Angela
1000.newChanelle, common var. Chanel new
1000.▼57Francisca, common var. Francesca
1000.newKirstin, top var. Kirsten new
1000.newKrystina, common var. Christina new, Kristina new, Cristina new
1000.newLoni, var. Lonnie, .. 5 more
1000.newMalia, var. Maleia, .. 2 more
1000.newMarcela, common var. Marcella new
1000.newPorsha, var. Porschia, .. 3 more
1000.newQuiana, var. Quiyanna, .. 3 more
1000.newRacquel, top var. Raquel new
1000.newShanice, var. Shanese, .. 4 more
1000.▼18Valeria, top var. Valerie, Valarie

Top Falls for U.S. Baby Names 1980-1989: Angelia, Tonia, Tammie, Vicki, Shawn