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pinPopular Names in 2000

Popularity rankings for Top 1-1000 baby girl names in the U.S. in 2000, and rank changes and trends compared to 1999. This year, Litzy (#396), Brisa (#482), Amya (#568), Laila (#643) and Rosalinda (#702) are the 5 new entries that made it into the Top 1000.

1.Emily, common var. Emilee, Emilie, Emilia, Emmalee
2.Hannah, top var. Hanna, Hana
3.▲4Madison, common var. Maddison, Madisyn, Madyson, Madisen
4.▲2Ashley, top var. Ashlee, Ashleigh, Ashly
5.▼1Sarah, common var. Sara, Zaria, Sarai
6.▼3Alexis, top var. Alexus, Alexys
7.▼2Samantha, down for two years: 3→5→7
8.▲1Jessica, var. Jezica, .. 40 more
9.▲1Elizabeth, common var. Elisabeth
10.▼2Taylor, top var. Tayler
11.▲1Lauren, common var. Lauryn, Loren
12.▼1Alyssa, common var. Alissa, Alysa
13.▼1Kayla, top var. Kaylie, Kaila, Cayla, Kaylah, Kaela
14.▲4Abigail, common var. Abbigail, Abigayle, Abigale, Abagail
15.▼1Brianna, top var. Breanna, Briana, Bryanna, Bryana
16.▲4Olivia, top var. Alivia
17.▲4Emma, var. Emalinda, .. 26 more
18.▼3Megan, common var. Meghan, Meagan, Meaghan, Maegan
19.▲8Grace, up for three years: 69→54→27→19
20.▼4Victoria, var. Toria, .. 30 more
21.▼2Rachel, common var. Rachelle
22.▲7Anna, common var. Ana
23.▲7Sydney, common var. Sidney, Sydnee, Sydni, Sydnie, Cydney
24.▲4Destiny, top var. Destinee, Destiney, Destini
25.▼1Morgan, down for three years: 22→23→24→25
26.▼5Jennifer, top var. Jenifer
27.▼1Jasmine, common var. Jasmin, Jazmin, Jazmine
28.▲3Haley, top var. Hailey, Hayley, Haylee, Haleigh, Hailee, Haylie
29.▲1Julia, top var. Julie
30.▲3Kaitlyn, top var. Caitlin, Caitlyn, Kaitlin, Kaitlynn, Caitlynn
31.▼6Nicole, down for three years: 21→24→25→31
32.▼10Amanda, down for three years: 16→19→22→32
33.▲3Katherine, common var. Catherine, Katharine
34.▲3Natalie, top var. Natalia, Nathalie, Nataly
35.▲19Hailey, common var. Haley, Hayley, Haylee, Haleigh, Hailee, Halie, Haylie, Hailie
36.▼4Alexandra, common var. Alexandria, Alexandrea
37.▲5Savannah, common var. Savanna, Savanah, Savana
38.▲25Chloe, up for three years: 109→87→63→38
39.▼1Rebecca, common var. Rebekah, Rebeca
40.▼3Stephanie, common var. Stephany, Stefanie
41.▼2Maria, top var. Mariah, Marie, Mayra, Moriah
42.▲11Sophia, common var. Sophie, Sofia
43.▲9Mackenzie, top var. Mckenzie, Makenzie
44.▼4Allison, top var. Alison, Allyson, Alyson
45.▲15Isabella, top var. Izabella, Isabela
46.▼1Mary, common var. Maria, Marie, Mayra, Mara, Maura
47.▼6Amber, down for three years: 29→37→41→47
48.▼5Danielle, down for three years: 34→41→43→48
49.▼3Gabrielle, top var. Gabriel
50.▼2Jordan, down for three years: 40→42→48→50
51.▼4Brooke, common var. Brook
52.▲4Michelle, common var. Michele
53.▼4Sierra, top var. Cierra, Ciara, Ciera
54.▲1Katelyn, common var. Katelynn, Katelin
55.▲4Andrea, up for two years: 61→59→55
56.▲14Madeline, top var. Madelyn, Madeleine, Madalyn, Madelynn, Madilyn
57.▼7Sara, common var. Sarah, Zaria, Sarai
58.▼7Kimberly, var. Kymberleigh, .. 21 more
59.▼15Courtney, top var. Kourtney, Cortney
60.▼2Erin, top var. Eryn
61.▼26Brittany, down for three years: 20→25→35→61
62.▼5Vanessa, down for two years: 52→57→62
63.▼2Jenna, top var. Jena
64.▲15Jacqueline, common var. Jaqueline, Jacquelyn, Jaquelin
65.▲6Caroline, common var. Carolyn
66.▲10Faith, up for three years: 124→106→76→66
67.▼1Makayla, common var. Mikayla, Michaela, Mikaela, Mckayla, Micaela
68.▼3Bailey, common var. Baylee, Bailee
69.▼2Paige, down for two years: 63→67→69
70.▼8Shelby, down for three years: 43→49→62→70
71.▼7Melissa, top var. Melisa
72.▼3Kaylee, common var. Kailey, Kayleigh, Kaylie, Kaleigh, Kailee, Kaley, Kayley, Kayli, Caleigh
73.▲2Christina, top var. Kristina, Cristina
74.▲135Trinity, up for three years: 544→523→209→74
75.▼7Mariah, common var. Maria, Marie, Mayra, Moriah
76.▲17Caitlin, top var. Kaitlyn, Caitlyn, Kaitlin, Kaitlynn, Caitlynn
78.▼5Marissa, common var. Marisa
79.▼5Breanna, common var. Breana, Breonna
80.▲10Angela, up for two years: 100→90→80
81.▲17Catherine, common var. Katherine, Katharine
82.▲22Zoe, top var. Zoey, Zoie
83.▼1Briana, common var. Brianna, Breanna, Bryanna, Bryana
84.▲27Jada, common var. Jayda, Jaida
85.▼4Laura, common var. Lori
86.▼4Claire, top var. Clare
87.▲2Alexa, common var. Alexia
88.▼16Kelsey, top var. Kelsie, Kelsi
90.▲10Leslie, common var. Lesly, Lesley
91.▼8Alexandria, common var. Alexandra, Alexandrea
92.▼4Sabrina, down for three years: 53→68→88→92
93.▲27Mia, up for two years: 130→120→93
94.▲3Isabel, top var. Isabelle
95.▲7Molly, top var. Mollie
96.▲7Leah, top var. Lea, Lia
97.▼5Katie, common var. Katy
98.▲9Gabriella, common var. Gabriela
99.▼15Cheyenne, top var. Cheyanne, Shyanne, Shyann
100.▼13Cassandra, common var. Kassandra, Casandra, Kasandra
101.▼21Tiffany, down for three years: 61→67→80→101
102.▲4Erica, common var. Erika, Ericka
103.▼7Lindsey, common var. Lindsay, Lyndsey
104.▲5Kylie, common var. Kylee, Kyla, Kiley, Kyleigh
105.▲5Amy, top var. Aimee, Amya
106.▼5Diana, top var. Deanna, Dianna
107.▼8Cassidy, common var. Kassidy
108.▼23Mikayla, top var. Makayla, Michaela, Mikaela, Mckayla, Micaela
109.▲21Ariana, common var. Arianna, Aryanna
110.▲21Margaret, common var. Margarita
111.▼16Kelly, top var. Kelli, Kellie
112.▼18Miranda, top var. Maranda
113.▼18Maya, top var. Mya, Maia, Maiya
114.▲12Melanie, up for two years: 135→126→114
115.▲19Audrey, up for three years: 156→145→134→115
116.▲1Jade, top var. Jayde
117.▲6Gabriela, top var. Gabriella
118.▲6Caitlyn, common var. Kaitlyn, Caitlin, Kaitlin, Kaitlynn, Caitlynn
119.▲2Angel, up for three years: 144→138→121→119
120.▲22Jillian, up for three years: 166→158→142→120
121.▼13Alicia, common var. Alycia
122.▲10Jocelyn, var. Jocelinda, .. 42 more
123.▲14Erika, common var. Erica, Ericka
124.▲28Lily, common var. Lilly, Lila, Lillie
125.▼13Heather, down for three years: 90→99→112→125
126.▲38Madelyn, common var. Madeline, Madeleine, Madalyn, Madelynn, Madilyn
127.▲12Adriana, top var. Adrianna
128.▲29Arianna, common var. Ariana, Aryanna
129.▲18Lillian, common var. Lilian
130.▼52Kiara, top var. Kierra, Kiarra, Keira
131.▲7Riley, top var. Rylee, Reilly
132.▼13Crystal, top var. Krystal, Cristal
133.▲8Mckenzie, common var. Mackenzie, Makenzie
134.▼7Meghan, top var. Megan, Meagan, Meaghan, Maegan
135.▼4Skylar, common var. Skyler
136.▲18Ana, var. Analena, .. 7 more
137.▲68Britney, top var. Brittney
138.▼22Angelica, down for three years: 101→109→116→138
139.▲26Kennedy, up for three years: 186→183→165→139
140.▼18Chelsea, common var. Chelsey
141.▼8Daisy, var. Daisi, .. 8 more
142.▼28Kristen, down for three years: 82→102→114→142
143.▼28Veronica, var. Ronny, .. 31 more
144.▲18Isabelle, common var. Isabel
145.▼9Summer, down for two years: 131→136→145
146.▼2Hope, var. Esperance
147.▼19Brittney, top var. Britney
148.▲1Lydia, up for three years: 160→153→149→148
149.▼6Hayley, top var. Haley, Hailey, Haylee, Haleigh, Hailee, Halie, Haylie, Hailie
150.▲11Evelyn, up for three years: 191→178→161→150
151.▼11Bethany, down for three years: 121→132→140→151
152.▼34Shannon, down for three years: 85→104→118→152
153.▼5Karen, var. Caron, .. 28 more
154.▼29Michaela, top var. Makayla, Mikayla, Mikaela, Mckayla, Micaela
155.▼26Jamie, down for three years: 103→112→129→155
156.▼10Daniela, common var. Daniella
157.▲80Angelina, up for two years: 268→237→157
158.▼3Kaitlin, common var. Kaitlyn, Caitlin, Caitlyn, Kaitlynn
159.▼24Karina, var. Karene, .. 10 more
160.▲24Sophie, top var. Sophia, Sofia
161.▲34Sofia, up for three years: 249→232→195→161
162.▼12Diamond, var. Diamanta, .. 4 more
163.▲67Payton, common var. Peyton
164.▼19Cynthia, down for three years: 117→126→145→164
165.▲23Alexia, top var. Alexa
166.▼7Valerie, common var. Valeria
167.▼16Monica, down for three years: 79→105→151→167
168.▲67Peyton, common var. Payton
169.▲3Carly, top var. Carley, Carlie, Karlee, Carlee, Karli, Karlie, Karly, Carli
170.▼7Bianca, down for three years: 134→157→163→170
171.▼3Hanna, common var. Hannah, Hana
172.▼12Brenda, down for three years: 148→149→160→172
173.▼17Rebekah, common var. Rebecca, Rebeca
175.▼9Mya, common var. Maya, Maia, Maiya
176.▲30Avery, up for three years: 311→246→206→176
177.▲5Brooklyn, common var. Brooklynn
178.▲13Ashlyn, top var. Ashlynn
179.▼10Lindsay, common var. Lindsey, Lyndsey
180.▲79Ava, up for three years: 618→350→259→180
181.▼8Desiree, common var. Desirae
182.▼1Alondra, var. Alandra
183.▼25Camryn, common var. Kamryn
184.▼13Ariel, top var. Arielle
185.▲4Naomi, common var. Noemi
186.▲7Jordyn, up for three years: 204→197→193→186
187.▼17Kendra, down for three years: 153→154→170→187
188.▲10Mckenna, up for three years: 226→212→198→188
189.▼9Holly, down for three years: 151→163→180→189
190.▼12Julie, down for three years: 164→168→178→190
191.▲26Kendall, var. Kindall, .. 6 more
192.▼9Kara, common var. Cara, Kari
193.▲4Jasmin, common var. Jasmine, Jazmin, Jazmine
194.▼41Selena, common var. Celina, Selina
195.▼18Esmeralda, down for two years: 133→177→195
196.▲201Amaya, var. Amaia
197.▲19Kylee, common var. Kylie, Kyla, Kiley, Kyleigh
198.▲26Maggie, up for three years: 277→249→224→198
199.▲24Makenzie, top var. Mackenzie, Mckenzie
200.▼14Claudia, down for three years: 168→179→186→200
201.▲9Kyra, common var. Kira, Keira
202.▼26Cameron, top var. Kameron
203.▼9Karla, common var. Karlee, Karli, Karlie, Karly, Karley
204.▼12Kathleen, down for two years: 171→192→204
205.▼31Abby, common var. Abbey, Abbie
206.▲8Delaney, up for three years: 258→220→214→206
207.▲18Amelia, top var. Emilia
208.▼33Casey, top var. Kasey, Kacey, Kaci
209.▲9Serena, common var. Sarina
210.▲22Savanna, top var. Savannah, Savanah, Savana
211.▲75Aaliyah, common var. Aliyah, Aleah, Aliya, Alia
212.▲9Giselle, up for three years: 312→242→221→212
213.▼5Mallory, down for three years: 190→204→208→213
214.▼15April, down for two years: 182→199→214
215.▼12Raven, down for three years: 170→185→203→215
216.▼5Adrianna, top var. Adriana
217.▼13Christine, common var. Kristin, Kristine
218.▼3Kristina, down for three years: 163→192→215→218
219.▼3Nina, var. Ninochka, .. 16 more
220.▲6Asia, common var. Aja
221.▲28Natalia, common var. Natalie, Nathalie, Nataly
222.▲70Valeria, top var. Valerie
223.▲27Aubrey, top var. Aubree
224.▼57Lauryn, top var. Lauren, Loren
225.▲4Kate, up for three years: 323→272→229→225
226.▼25Patricia, down for three years: 169→180→201→226
227.▼7Jazmin, common var. Jasmine, Jasmin, Jazmine
228.▼41Rachael, down for three years: 154→170→187→228
229.▲5Katelynn, top var. Katelyn, Katelin
230.▼34Cierra, common var. Sierra, Ciara, Ciera
231.▼29Alison, top var. Allison, Allyson, Alyson
232.▲80Macy, common var. Macey, Maci
233.▼6Nancy, down for three years: 196→208→227→233
234.▼22Elena, top var. Elaina
235.▲18Kyla, top var. Kylie, Kylee, Kiley, Kyleigh
236.▲9Katrina, var. Kaitrina, .. 19 more
237.▼4Jazmine, top var. Jasmine, Jasmin, Jazmin
238.▼4Joanna, common var. Joana
239.▼8Tara, down for three years: 172→189→231→239
240.▲1Gianna, up for three years: 359→266→241→240
241.▲27Juliana, common var. Julianna
242.▲140Fatima, up for three years: 501→498→382→242
243.▼36Allyson, common var. Allison, Alison, Alyson
244.▲95Gracie, up for three years: 909→620→339→244
245.▲43Sadie, var. Saidey, .. 10 more
246.▼3Guadalupe, down for three years: 210→223→243→246
247.▲8Genesis, up for two years: 260→255→247
248.▼6Yesenia, top var. Yessenia
249.▲11Julianna, common var. Juliana
250.▲6Skyler, common var. Skylar
251.▼38Tatiana, top var. Tatyana
252.▼24Alexus, common var. Alexis, Alexys
253.▼1Alana, top var. Alaina, Alanna
254.▲17Elise, common var. Elyse
255.▼55Kirsten, top var. Kiersten, Kirstin
256.▲74Nadia, var. Nadie, .. 13 more
257.▼9Sandra, down for three years: 202→228→248→257
258.▼73Dominique, down for three years: 118→146→185→258
259.▲2Ruby, var. Rubia, .. 10 more
260.▲61Haylee, common var. Haley, Hailey, Hayley, Haleigh, Hailee, Halie, Haylie, Hailie
261.▲52Jayla, up for three years: 461→387→313→261
262.▼22Tori, down for three years: 209→233→240→262
263.▼27Cindy, var. Cyndi, .. 20 more
264.▼6Sidney, var. Sideny, .. 4 more
265.▲108Ella, top var. Ellie
266.▼15Tessa, down for three years: 218→225→251→266
267.▲30Carolina, up for two years: 299→297→267
268.▲137Jaqueline, top var. Jacqueline, Jacquelyn, Jaquelin
269.▲4Camille, up for three years: 286→283→273→269
270.▼48Whitney, down for three years: 158→193→222→270
271.▲4Carmen, up for three years: 284→278→275→271
272.▲9Vivian, up for two years: 325→281→272
273.▼26Priscilla, down for two years: 239→247→273
274.▼28Bridget, common var. Bridgette
275.▼12Celeste, down for three years: 239→252→263→275
276.▼32Kiana, common var. Kianna
277.▲3Makenna, up for three years: 429→422→280→277
278.▲1Alissa, top var. Alyssa, Alisa, Alysa, Elissa, Elyssa, Aliza
279.▼5Madeleine, top var. Madeline, Madelyn, Madalyn, Madelynn, Madilyn
280.▲19Miriam, common var. Mariam, Maryam
281.▼27Natasha, down for three years: 189→205→254→281
282.▼25Ciara, common var. Sierra, Cierra, Ciera
283.▲2Cecilia, top var. Cecelia
284.▼22Mercedes, down for two years: 224→262→284
285.▼21Kassandra, common var. Kasandra
286.▲61Reagan, common var. Regan, Raegan
287.▲57Aliyah, common var. Aaliyah, Aleah, Aliya, Alia
288.▲23Josephine, up for three years: 353→347→311→288
289.▲18Charlotte, var. Charolette, .. 98 more
290.▲43Rylee, top var. Rylie
291.▼101Shania, var. Shanea
292.▼8Kira, common var. Kierra, Kiera
293.▼17Meredith, var. Meredyth, .. 5 more
294.▲24Eva, top var. Ava
295.▼13Lisa, down for three years: 194→230→282→295
296.▼27Dakota, down for two years: 247→269→296
297.▲55Hallie, up for three years: 535→481→352→297
298.▼11Anne, top var. Ann
299.▼21Rose, var. Rasine, .. 58 more
300.▲6Liliana, up for two years: 343→306→300
301.▼35Kristin, common var. Christine, Kristine
302.▼25Deanna, top var. Dayana
303.▼7Imani, down for three years: 248→253→296→303
304.▼21Marisa, down for three years: 200→213→283→304
305.▼11Kailey, common var. Kayla, Kaylee, Callie, Kayleigh, Kaylie, Kaleigh, Kailee, Kaley, Cayla, Kayley, Kayli, Caleigh
306.▲8Annie, top var. Anna, Ana, Anya
307.▲61Nia, common var. Nya, Nyah
308.▼10Carolyn, var. Carylon, .. 6 more
309.▼4Anastasia, down for two years: 265→305→309
310.▼10Brenna, down for three years: 282→287→300→310
311.▼72Dana, top var. Dayna
312.▼45Shayla, var. Shaila, .. 11 more
313.▼3Ashlee, common var. Ashley, Ashleigh, Ashly
314.▲10Kassidy, top var. Cassidy
315.▲26Alaina, common var. Alana, Alayna, Alanna, Elaina
316.▲26Rosa, var. Rosaura, .. 13 more
317.▲19Wendy, up for two years: 339→336→317
318.▼29Logan, var. Logann
319.▼28Tabitha, down for three years: 244→281→291→319
320.▼19Paola, common var. Paula
321.▼56Callie, common var. Kaleigh, Kaley, Kallie, Cali
322.▲47Addison, up for three years: 475→403→369→322
323.▲41Lucy, up for two years: 392→364→323
324.▼21Gillian, var. Gilly, .. 15 more
325.▼8Clarissa, down for three years: 266→301→317→325
326.▼18Destinee, common var. Destiny, Destiney, Destini
327.▲13Josie, up for three years: 367→360→340→327
328.▼13Esther, var. Yesfir, .. 18 more
329.▼7Denise, down for three years: 271→303→322→329
330.▼40Katlyn, common var. Katlynn
331.▲7Mariana, common var. Marianna
332.▼28Bryanna, top var. Brianna, Breanna, Briana, Bryana
333.▼1Emilee, common var. Emily, Emilie, Emilia, Emmalee
334.▲16Georgia, up for three years: 529→428→350→334
335.▼63Deja, top var. Dejah, Daija
336.▼1Kamryn, top var. Camryn
337.▲6Ashleigh, top var. Ashley, Ashlee, Ashly
338.▲4Cristina, top var. Christina, Kristina
339.▲15Baylee, common var. Bailey, Bailee
340.▲49Heaven, common var. Haven
341.▲7Ruth, var. Ruthellen, .. 7 more
342.▼22Raquel, var. Racquell, .. 4 more
343.▼48Monique, down for three years: 237→258→295→343
344.▼25Teresa, down for three years: 270→309→319→344
345.▲11Helen, var. Aleanor, .. 86 more
346.▼17Krystal, common var. Krystal
347.▼21Tiana, top var. Tianna
348.▼25Cassie, down for two years: 310→323→348
349.▲14Kayleigh, common var. Kayla, Kaylee, Kailey, Callie, Kaylie, Kaleigh, Kailee, Kaley, Cayla, Kayley, Kayli, Caleigh
350.▼23Marina, down for three years: 293→322→327→350
351.▼20Heidi, var. Heidey, .. 6 more
352.▲25Ivy, up for two years: 383→377→352
353.▼19Ashton, common var. Ashtyn
354.▲18Clara, var. Clarinda, .. 20 more
355.▼62Meagan, common var. Megan, Meghan, Meaghan, Maegan
356.▼47Gina, down for three years: 255→298→309→356
357.▼20Linda, down for three years: 265→313→337→357
358.▲7Gloria, var. Glorria, .. 21 more
359.▲34Jacquelyn, var. Jacklyn, .. 1 more
360.▲34Ellie, up for three years: 548→437→394→360
361.▲17Jenny, top var. Jenna
362.▲17Renee, var. Rrenae, .. 18 more
363.▲8Daniella, top var. Daniela
364.▼39Lizbeth, var. Lisbet, .. 5 more
366.▼8Virginia, var. Jenell, .. 37 more
367.▲79Gisselle, up for three years: 761→632→446→367
368.▼7Kaitlynn, common var. Kaitlyn, Caitlin, Caitlyn, Kaitlin, Caitlynn
369.▲10Julissa, var. Julyssa, .. 2 more
370.▼42Cheyanne, common var. Cheyenne, Shyanne, Shyann
371.▼26Lacey, down for three years: 290→321→345→371
372.▲54Haleigh, top var. Haley, Hailey, Hayley, Haylee, Hailee, Halie, Haylie, Hailie
373.▼13Marie, var. Maree
374.▲11Martha, var. Mart, .. 32 more
375.▲29Eleanor, var. Elly, .. 77 more
376.▼9Kierra, top var. Kiara, Kira, Kiera, Kiarra, Keira
377.▼20Tiara, down for three years: 303→328→357→377
378.▼2Talia, var. Talya, .. 2 more
379.▲56Eliza, common var. Elisa, Aliza
380.▲11Kaylie, common var. Kayla, Kaylee, Kailey, Kayleigh, Kaleigh, Kaila, Kailee, Kaley, Cayla, Kayley, Kayli, Kaylah, Kaela, Caleigh
381.▼32Mikaela, top var. Makayla, Mikayla, Michaela, Mckayla, Micaela
382.▼1Harley, down for two years: 352→381→382
383.▲75Jaden, common var. Jayden, Jadyn, Jaiden
384.▲82Hailee, top var. Haley, Hailey, Hayley, Haylee, Haleigh, Halie, Haylie, Hailie
385.▲54Madalyn, top var. Madeline, Madelyn, Madeleine, Madelynn, Madilyn
386.▼27Kasey, down for two years: 302→359→386
387.▲38Ashlynn, common var. Ashlyn
388.▼86Brandi, common var. Brandy
389.▲26Lesly, common var. Leslie, Lesley
390.▲12Elisabeth, var. Elsa, .. 19 more
391.▼38Allie, common var. Ally, Ali
392.▲3Viviana, up for three years: 551→478→395→392
393.▼7Cara, top var. Kara, Carrie
394.▼6Marisol, down for three years: 345→385→388→394
395.▲16India, up for two years: 494→411→395
397.▼127Tatyana, common var. Tatiana
398.▲38Melody, var. Melodey, .. 4 more
399.▼15Jessie, common var. Jesse
400.▼49Brandy, common var. Brandi
401.▼27Alisha, top var. Alysha
402.▼47Hunter, down for two years: 304→355→402
403.▲31Noelle, var. Noelene, .. 13 more
404.▲6Carla, top var. Carly, Karla, Carley, Carlie, Carlee, Carli
405.▼25Francesca, down for three years: 358→374→380→405
406.▼60Tia, down for three years: 291→314→346→406
407.▲249Layla, top var. Leila, Laila, Lila
408.▼42Krista, top var. Christa, Kristy
409.▲59Zoey, common var. Zoe, Zoie
410.▲34Carley, top var. Carly, Karla, Carla, Carlie, Karlee, Carlee, Karli, Karlie, Karly, Carli
411.▲18Janet, var. Jinnet, .. 21 more
412.▼3Carissa, top var. Karissa
413.▲1Iris, up for three years: 506→453→414→413
414.▲13Kaleigh, common var. Kayla, Kaylee, Kailey, Callie, Kayleigh, Kaylie, Kailee, Kaley, Cayla, Kayley, Kayli, Kallie, Cali, Caleigh
415.▼45Tyler, down for two years: 355→370→415
416.▼15Susan, down for three years: 349→378→401→416
417.▼34Tamara, down for three years: 315→336→383→417
418.▼19Theresa, top var. Teresa
419.▼19Yasmine, top var. Yasmin, Yazmin, Yasmeen
420.▲10Tatum, kreatif var. Tatumma, Titum
421.▼14Sharon, down for three years: 365→397→407→421
422.▲2Alice, up for three years: 441→439→424→422
423.▼2Yasmin, top var. Yasmine, Yazmin, Yasmeen
424.▼28Tamia, down for two years: 380→396→424
425.▼33Abbey, common var. Abby, Abbie
426.▲33Alayna, common var. Alaina, Elaina
427.▼52Kali, var. Kalli
428.▲93Lilly, top var. Lily, Lila, Lillie
429.▲2Bailee, top var. Bailey, Baylee
430.▼22Lesley, top var. Leslie, Lesly
431.▼12Mckayla, down for two years: 370→419→431
432.▼12Ayanna, top var. Ayana, Aiyana
433.▲64Serenity, up for three years: 979→843→497→433
434.▲3Karissa, var. Karessa, .. 4 more
435.▼29Precious, down for two years: 381→406→435
436.▲2Jane, var. Janeth, .. 92 more
437.▲32Maddison, common var. Madison, Madisyn, Madyson, Madisen
438.▲157Jayda, top var. Jada, Jaida
439.▼41Lexi, top var. Lexie
440.▼28Kelsie, common var. Kelsey, Kelsi
441.▲53Phoebe, up for two years: 606→494→441
442.▲12Halle, up for three years: 610→570→454→442
443.▲44Kiersten, top var. Kirsten, Kirstin
444.▼28Kiera, top var. Kiara, Kira, Kierra, Keara, Keira
445.▼58Tyra, down for two years: 320→387→445
446.▲24Annika, top var. Anika
447.▼57Felicity, var. Felicite, .. 3 more
448.▲13Taryn, var. Tarina, .. 8 more
449.▼4Kaylin, common var. Kaylyn, Kailyn, Kaelyn, Kaylynn, Kalyn, Kaylan
450.▼37Ellen, var. Elena, .. 26 more
451.▲1Kiley, common var. Kylie
452.▼24Jaclyn, top var. Jacklyn
453.▼30Rhiannon, var. Rhianna, .. 13 more
454.▲80Madisyn, top var. Madison, Maddison, Madyson, Madisen
455.▼52Colleen, down for three years: 287→346→403→455
456.▼8Joy, down for three years: 439→442→448→456
457.▲68Charity, up for two years: 531→525→457
458.▼36Pamela, down for three years: 360→388→422→458
459.▲1Tania, common var. Tanya
460.▲15Fiona, up for three years: 522→520→475→460
461.▲18Kaila, top var. Kaela
462.▼29Alyson, common var. Allison, Alison, Allyson
463.▲36Annabelle, top var. Annabel
464.▲40Emely, up for three years: 662→587→504→464
465.▲8Irene, up for two years: 489→473→465
467.▲18Alina, top var. Alena
468.▲14Johanna, up for two years: 500→482→468
469.▼29Regan, top var. Reagan, Raegan
470.▼28Janelle, down for three years: 399→412→442→470
471.▲34Janae, var. Jenee, .. 21 more
472.▲116Madyson, top var. Madison, Maddison, Madisyn, Madisen
473.▼8Paris, down for two years: 458→465→473
474.▼27Justine, down for three years: 292→376→447→474
475.▼43Chelsey, common var. Chelsea
476.▼9Sasha, down for three years: 420→432→467→476
477.▼24Paulina, var. Paulyne, .. 6 more
478.▼60Mayra, common var. Myra
479.▲178Zaria, top var. Sarah, Sara, Sarai
480.▲30Skye, common var. Sky
481.▲11Cora, up for three years: 669→536→492→481
482.newBrisa, var. Briseis, .. 7 more
483.▼11Emilie, common var. Emily, Emilee, Emilia, Emmalee
484.▼67Felicia, down for three years: 347→377→417→484
485.▼36Larissa, down for two years: 396→449→485
486.▲86Macie, up for two years: 701→572→486
487.▼36Tianna, top var. Tiana
488.▲15Aurora, up for three years: 547→504→503→488
489.▲12Sage, top var. Saige
490.▲84Lucia, up for two years: 630→574→490
491.▲84Alma, var. Almah, .. 1 more
492.▼49Chasity, var. Chassidy, .. 9 more
493.▼38Ann, var. Annie
494.▲2Deborah, var. Debbee, .. 23 more
495.▼45Nichole, down for three years: 377→427→450→495
496.▲112Jayden, top var. Jaden, Jadyn, Jaiden
497.▼19Alanna, top var. Alana, Alaina
498.▲86Malia, up for three years: 701→654→584→498
499.▲13Carlie, common var. Carly, Karla, Carla, Carley, Karlee, Carlee, Karli, Karlie, Karly, Carli
500.▲27Angie, up for three years: 636→597→527→500
501.▼44Nora, var. Noora, .. 7 more
502.▼19Sylvia, top var. Silvia
503.▼17Kailee, top var. Kaylee, Kailey, Kayleigh, Kaylie, Kaleigh, Kaley, Kayley, Kayli, Caleigh
504.▼48Carrie, down for three years: 368→420→456→504
505.▲50Elaina, common var. Elena, Alaina, Alayna, Alena
506.▼44Sonia, top var. Sonya
507.▲45Kenya, top var. Kenia
508.▼1Genevieve, var. Jenny, .. 18 more
509.▲192Piper, var. Pipere, .. 1 more
510.▲18Marilyn, var. Marralynn, .. 15 more
512.▲21Macey, common var. Macy, Maci
513.▲64Marlene, top var. Marlen
514.▼37Barbara, down for three years: 385→455→477→514
515.▼74Tayler, top var. Taylor
516.▼1Julianne, down for two years: 410→515→516
517.▼3Brooklynn, common var. Brooklyn
518.▼44Lorena, down for three years: 391→445→474→518
520.▼7Elisa, top var. Eliza, Elissa, Elyssa, Aliza
521.▼40Kaley, top var. Kaylee, Kailey, Callie, Kayleigh, Kaylie, Kaleigh, Kailee, Kayley, Kayli, Kallie, Cali, Caleigh
522.▲108Leilani, up for three years: 765→738→630→522
523.▼7Eden, var. Eadin, .. 4 more
524.▲56Miracle, up for two years: 634→580→524
525.▼17Devin, common var. Devon, Devyn
526.▼9Aileen, top var. Eileen
528.▼10Athena, var. Athene, .. 5 more
529.▲76Esperanza, up for two years: 700→605→529
530.▲19Regina, var. Reginna, .. 20 more
531.▼11Adrienne, top var. Adrian
532.▼37Shyanne, var. Shianna, .. 1 more
533.▼69Luz, var. Luziana, .. 2 more
534.▼46Tierra, down for three years: 389→425→488→534
535.▼26Clare, down for two years: 499→509→535
536.▲34Cristal, top var. Crystal, Krystal
537.▲87Eliana, up for three years: 782→707→624→537
538.▼62Kelli, top var. Kelly, Kellie
539.▲165Eve, up for two years: 933→704→539
540.▼1Sydnee, top var. Sydney, Sidney, Sydni, Sydnie, Cydney
541.▲111Madelynn, top var. Madeline, Madelyn, Madeleine, Madalyn, Madilyn
542.▼71Breana, common var. Breanna, Breonna
543.▲40Melina, up for three years: 807→794→583→543
544.▼51Arielle, common var. Ariel
545.▼45Justice, down for three years: 386→435→500→545
546.▼44Toni, down for three years: 373→416→502→546
547.▲42Corinne, up for three years: 639→600→589→547
548.▲38Maia, common var. Maya, Mya
550.▲64Abbigail, top var. Abigail, Abigayle, Abigale, Abagail
551.▼27Ciera, common var. Sierra, Cierra, Ciara
552.▼63Ebony, down for three years: 375→433→489→552
554.▼14Lena, down for two years: 526→540→554
555.▼14Lexie, top var. Lexi
556.▲38Isis, up for three years: 710→625→594→556
557.▼59Aimee, down for three years: 409→475→498→557
558.▼26Leticia, down for three years: 462→474→532→558
559.▲51Sydni, top var. Sydney, Sidney, Sydnee, Sydnie, Cydney
560.▲5Sarai, common var. Sarah, Sara, Zaria
561.▲60Halie, common var. Haley, Hailey, Hayley, Haylee, Haleigh, Hailee, Haylie, Hailie
562.▲56Alivia, top var. Olivia
563.▼10Destiney, top var. Destiny, Destinee, Destini
564.▲2Laurel, var. Laurell, .. 7 more
565.▲17Edith, up for two years: 589→582→565
566.▼16Carina, top var. Karina
567.▲206Fernanda, up for two years: 965→773→567
568.newAmya, top var. Amy new, Aimee new
569.▼31Destini, top var. Destiny, Destinee, Destiney
570.▼35Aspen, kreatif var. Aspenai, Aspenna, Aspennia
571.▼27Nathalie, top var. Natalie, Natalia, Nataly
572.▼8Paula, common var. Paola
573.▲31Tanya, top var. Tania
574.▼52Frances, down for two years: 472→522→574
575.▼52Tina, var. Tinamarie, .. 6 more
576.▼46Christian, down for three years: 421→483→530→576
577.▼31Elaine, down for two years: 525→546→577
578.▼19Shayna, common var. Shaina
580.▼9Mollie, top var. Molly, Malia
581.▼25Ryan, common var. Ryann
582.▼92Essence, down for two years: 457→490→582
583.▼16Simone, down for two years: 452→567→583
584.▲50Kyleigh, common var. Kylie, Kylee, Kyla, Kiley
585.▲14Nikki, var. Nikita, .. 9 more
586.▲105Anya, up for two years: 845→691→586
587.▲9Reyna, top var. Reina, Raina, Rayna
588.▼20Kaylyn, top var. Kaylin, Kailyn, Kaelyn, Kaylynn, Kalyn, Kaylan
589.▼60Nicolette, var. Nicoletta, .. 1 more
590.▼12Savanah, common var. Savannah, Savanna, Savana
591.▼12Abbie, top var. Abby, Abbey
592.▼44Montana, down for two years: 511→548→592
593.▲26Kailyn, common var. Kaylin, Kaylyn, Kaelyn, Kaylynn, Kalyn, Kaylan
594.▲111Itzel, up for two years: 747→705→594
595.▲139Leila, common var. Layla, Laila, Lila
596.▼59Cayla, common var. Kayla, Kaylee, Kailey, Callie, Kayleigh, Kaleigh, Kayley, Caleigh
597.▼43Stacy, common var. Stacey
598.▲77Araceli, var. Aracelis, .. 7 more
599.▼54Robin, common var. Robyn
600.▲117Dulce, top var. Dulce
601.▼59Candace, top var. Candice
602.▼59Noemi, top var. Naomi
603.▼46Jewel, down for two years: 516→557→603
604.▲50Aleah, common var. Aaliyah, Aliyah, Aliya, Alia
605.▼125Ally, common var. Ellie, Allie, Ali
606.▲39Mara, var. Maraline, .. 6 more
607.▲136Nayeli, up for three years: 870→798→743→607
608.▲1Karlee, top var. Carly, Karla, Carley, Carlie, Carlee, Karli, Karlie, Karly, Carli, Karley
609.▲13Keely, common var. Keeley
610.▼18Alisa, top var. Alyssa, Alissa, Aliza
611.▼85Micaela, common var. Makayla, Mikayla, Michaela, Mikaela, Mckayla
612.▲55Desirae, common var. Desiree
613.▲23Leanna, var. Leyanne, .. 9 more
614.▼38Antonia, down for three years: 486→539→576→614
615.▼57Brynn, var. Brynne, .. 2 more
616.▲98Jaelyn, up for two years: 901→714→616
617.▼94Judith, var. Judite, .. 15 more
618.▲98Raegan, top var. Reagan, Regan
619.▼21Katelin, top var. Katelyn, Katelynn
620.▼29Sienna, down for two years: 530→591→620
621.▼24Celia, var. Celie, .. 3 more
622.▲62Yvette, var. Ivette, .. 5 more
623.▼12Juliet, top var. Juliette
624.▲117Anika, top var. Annika
625.▲134Emilia, up for three years: 863→857→759→625
626.▼107Calista, var. Kallista, .. 24 more
627.▲19Carlee, common var. Carly, Karla, Carla, Carley, Carlie, Karlee, Karli, Karlie, Karly, Carli
628.▼35Eileen, top var. Aileen
629.▼22Kianna, top var. Kiana
630.▼3Thalia, down for three years: 541→624→627→630
631.▼29Rylie, top var. Rylee
632.▲65Daphne, up for three years: 843→757→697→632
633.▼82Kacie, down for two years: 496→551→633
634.▼1Karli, common var. Carly, Karla, Carla, Carley, Carlie, Karlee, Carlee, Karlie, Karly, Carli, Karley
635.▼4Rosemary, down for two years: 615→631→635
636.▼1Ericka, top var. Erica, Erika
637.▲155Jadyn, top var. Jaden, Jayden, Jaiden
638.▼1Lyndsey, down for three years: 563→627→637→638
639.▼52Micah, down for two years: 582→587→639
640.▲33Hana, top var. Hannah
641.▲111Haylie, common var. Haley, Hailey, Hayley, Haylee, Haleigh, Hailee, Halie, Hailie
642.▲141Madilyn, common var. Madeline, Madelyn, Madeleine, Madalyn, Madelynn
643.newLaila, top var. Layla new
644.▼3Blanca, down for three years: 533→581→641→644
645.▼98Kayley, top var. Kayla new, Kaylee, Kailey, Callie, Kayleigh, Kaylie, Kaleigh, Kailee, Kaley, Cayla, Kayli, Caleigh
646.▲47Katarina, common var. Katerina
647.▼116Kellie, top var. Kelly, Kelli
648.▼25Maribel, down for three years: 491→577→623→648
649.▲39Sandy, var. Sandie, .. 3 more
650.▲124Joselyn, up for three years: 779→776→774→650
651.▲17Kaelyn, common var. Kaylin, Kaylyn, Kailyn, Kaylynn, Kalyn, Kaylan
652.▲28Madisen, common var. Madison, Maddison, Madisyn, Madyson
653.▼92Carson, var. Kason, .. 2 more
654.▼7Kathy, down for three years: 591→618→647→654
655.▼13Margarita, top var. Margaret
656.▲68Stella, up for two years: 908→724→656
657.▼17Juliette, top var. Juliet
658.▼95Devon, common var. Devin, Devyn
660.▼32Bria, down for three years: 445→532→628→660
661.▼29Donna, down for three years: 553→567→632→661
663.▼19Lea, common var. Leah, Lia
665.▼3Jazmyn, top var. Jasmyn, Jazmyne
666.▲83Skyla, up for two years: 844→749→666
667.▲11Christy, common var. Krista, Kristy
668.▲40Katharine, common var. Katherine, Catherine
669.▲7Joyce, up for two years: 685→676→669
670.▼5Karlie, top var. Carly, Karla, Carla, Carley, Carlie, Karlee, Carlee, Karli, Karly, Carli, Karley
671.▼45Lexus, down for three years: 469→518→626→671
672.▲53Alessandra, up for three years: 769→760→725→672
674.▼26Delilah, var. Lila, .. 3 more
675.▼63Moriah, down for three years: 490→545→612→675
676.▼59Celine, down for two years: 456→617→676
678.▼49Beatriz, top var. Beatrice
679.▼119Brianne, common var. Breanne
680.▼77Kourtney, down for three years: 460→576→603→680
681.▼9Sydnie, top var. Sydney, Sidney, Sydnee, Sydni, Cydney
682.▼31Stacey, common var. Stacy
683.▲63Mariam, top var. Miriam, Maryam
684.▼71Robyn, top var. Robin
685.▲127Hayden, up for two years: 836→812→685
686.▲21Janessa, var. Jannessa, .. 2 more
687.▲12Kenzie, up for three years: 815→705→699→687
689.▼36Sheila, top var. Shayla
690.▼47Meaghan, common var. Megan, Meghan, Meagan, Maegan
691.▲3Aisha, top var. Asha
692.▲146Jaida, top var. Jada, Jayda
693.▼73Shawna, down for three years: 516→556→620→693
695.▲23Marley, top var. Marlee
696.▼90Melinda, down for three years: 520→584→606→696
697.▲53Ayana, common var. Ayanna, Aiyana
698.▼32Karly, common var. Carly, Karla, Carla, Carley, Carlie, Karlee, Carlee, Karli, Karlie, Carli, Karley
699.▲11Devyn, top var. Devin, Devon
700.▲67Nataly, top var. Natalie, Natalia, Nathalie
701.▼1Loren, var. Lorren, .. 4 more
705.▼194Lizette, top var. Lisette
706.▼16Sally, var. Salley, .. 9 more
707.▲14Tracy, var. Tracey, .. 8 more
708.▲112Lilian, top var. Lillian
709.▲3Rebeca, top var. Rebecca, Rebekah
710.▼148Chandler, var. Chandlar
711.▼62Jenifer, top var. Jennifer
712.▲98Valentina, up for three years: 879→833→810→712
713.▲156America, up for two years: 913→869→713
714.▼50Candice, top var. Candace
716.▲42Abigayle, common var. Abigail, Abbigail, Abigale, Abagail
718.▲242Aliya, top var. Aaliyah, Aliyah, Aleah, Alia
719.▼45Casandra, common var. Cassandra, Kassandra, Kasandra
720.▲91Harmony, up for two years: 939→811→720
721.▲58Jacey, common var. Jaycee
722.▲42Alena, up for three years: 797→769→764→722
724.▲15Carol, var. Carla, .. 91 more
725.▲60Shea, var. Shay, .. 7 more
726.▼63Stephany, common var. Stephanie, Stefanie
728.▲116Zoie, top var. Zoe, Zoey
730.▲124Alia, top var. Aaliyah, Aliyah, Aleah, Aliya
731.▲66Savana, top var. Savannah, Savanna, Savanah
732.▼55Damaris, var. Maris, .. 18 more
734.▲116Violet, up for two years: 904→850→734
735.newMarian, var. Mariane, .. 5 more
736.▼30Anita, down for three years: 573→658→706→736
737.▼112Jaime, down for three years: 554→566→625→737
738.▼83Alexandrea, common var. Alexandra, Alexandria
739.▲229Jaiden, common var. Jaden, Jayden, Jadyn
740.▲36Kristine, var. Kristian, .. 4 more
741.▼14Carli, top var. Carly, Karla, Carla, Carley, Carlie, Karlee, Carlee, Karli, Karlie, Karly
742.▼63Dorothy, var. Dorothee, .. 39 more
743.▲2Gretchen, up for three years: 752→746→745→743
744.▲9Janice, var. Jennice, .. 18 more
745.▲26Annette, var. Anetta, .. 7 more
746.▼108Mariela, down for three years: 519→565→638→746
748.▼20Maura, down for three years: 622→683→728→748
749.newBella, var. Belva, .. 6 more
750.▲19Kaylynn, common var. Kaylin, Kaylyn, Kailyn, Kaelyn, Kalyn, Kaylan
751.▼28Lila, common var. Layla, Leila
752.▲99Armani, up for three years: 926→923→851→752
753.▼44Anissa, down for three years: 654→669→709→753
754.▲101Aubree, common var. Aubrey
755.▼68Kelsi, top var. Kelsey, Kelsie
756.▲100Greta, var. Gretha, .. 12 more
757.newKaya, top var. Kaia new
758.▼45Kayli, top var. Kaylee, Kailey, Kayleigh, Kaylie, Kaleigh, Kailee, Kaley, Kayley, Caleigh
759.▲46Lillie, common var. Lily, Lilly, Lila
760.▼29Willow, kreatif var. Wallow, Willowwa, Winlow
761.▲63Ansley, var. Annsleigh, .. 5 more
762.▲79Catalina, up for two years: 937→841→762
763.▲145Lia, up for two years: 969→908→763
764.▲44Maci, common var. Macy, Macey
765.▼76Celina, top var. Selena
766.▼71Shyann, top var. Cheyenne, Cheyanne, Shyanne
767.▲64Alysa, top var. Alyssa, Alissa, Alisa, Elissa
768.newJaquelin, common var. Jacqueline new, Jaqueline new, Jacquelyn new
769.▼54Kasandra, top var. Cassandra, Kassandra, Casandra
770.▼89Quinn, var. Quincy, .. 2 more
771.▼10Cecelia, top var. Cecilia
772.▲119Mattie, up for two years: 930→891→772
773.▲59Chaya, up for two years: 963→832→773
774.newHailie, top var. Haley new, Hailey new, Hayley new, Haylee new, Haleigh new, Hailee new, Halie new, Haylie new
775.▼13Haven, common var. Heaven
776.▼93Kallie, top var. Callie, Kali
777.▼39Maegan, top var. Megan, Meghan, Meagan, Meaghan
778.▼109Maeve, var. Mave, .. 1 more
779.▼31Rocio, down for two years: 673→748→779
780.▲21Yolanda, var. Yolande, .. 25 more
781.▼89Christa, common var. Krista
782.▲2Gabriel, common var. Gabrielle
783.▼3Kari, common var. Kara, Cara, Carrie
785.▼29Jeanette, down for three years: 590→715→756→785
786.▼60Kaylah, top var. Kayla, Kaylie, Kaila, Cayla, Kaela
787.▲29Marianna, top var. Mariana
788.▲206Nya, top var. Nia, Nyah
789.▲13Kennedi, up for two years: 996→802→789
790.▲165Presley, up for two years: 990→955→790
791.▼9Yadira, down for three years: 641→691→782→791
792.▼56Elissa, top var. Alyssa, Alissa, Elyssa
793.newNyah, common var. Nia new, Nya new
794.▼98Reilly, common var. Riley, Rylee
795.▼25Shaina, common var. Shayna
796.▼64Alize, down for two years: 711→732→796
797.newAmara, var. Amargot, .. 7 more
798.▼76Arlene, var. Arlana, .. 28 more
799.▲192Izabella, common var. Isabella, Isabela
800.▼118Lyric, down for three years: 602→639→682→800
801.▲86Aiyana, common var. Ayanna
802.▼116Allyssa, down for two years: 660→686→802
804.▼47Rachelle, common var. Rachel
805.▲119Adeline, var. Adaline, .. 28 more
806.▼59Jacklyn, top var. Jaclyn
807.▼157Jesse, top var. Jessie
809.▲55Liana, common var. Leanna
810.▲51Giovanna, var. Jovana, .. 6 more
811.▼78Graciela, down for two years: 574→733→811
812.▲17Princess, var. Princesa, .. 4 more
813.▼152Selina, common var. Selena, Celina
814.▼36Brook, common var. Brooke
815.▼9Elyse, common var. Elise
816.▼1Cali, common var. Callie, Kaleigh, Kaley, Kallie
817.▼22Chanel, down for three years: 597→694→795→817
818.▲7Berenice, var. Bernetta, .. 6 more
819.▲113Iliana, var. Illia, .. 9 more
820.newJolie, var. Joleigh, .. 8 more
821.▲31Caitlynn, top var. Kaitlyn, Caitlin, Caitlyn, Kaitlin, Kaitlynn
822.▼57Christiana, down for two years: 740→765→822
824.▼69Cortney, top var. Courtney, Kourtney
825.▲112Darlene, var. Darrelle, .. 16 more
826.▼37Sarina, var. Sarena, .. 5 more
829.▼31Yvonne, down for three years: 628→690→798→829
830.▼64Karley, common var. Karla, Karlee, Karli, Karlie, Karly
831.▲32Shaylee, top var. Shayla
832.▼36Myah, down for two years: 787→796→832
834.▲110Amira, var. Amyra, .. 12 more
835.▼48Juanita, down for three years: 687→731→787→835
836.▼14Kristy, top var. Krista, Christy, Christa
839.▼76Kiarra, common var. Kiara, Kierra, Keira
840.▼10Ryann, top var. Ryan
842.▼21Alexys, common var. Alexis, Alexus
843.▼71Kacey, common var. Casey, Kasey, Kaci
844.▲2Shakira, up for two years: 861→846→844
845.newSheridan, common var. Sheridan new
846.▲46Baby, up for two years: 900→892→846
847.▼5Dianna, common var. Diana, Deanna
848.▼60Lara, var. Larina, .. 5 more
849.▲91Isabela, common var. Isabella, Izabella
850.▲88Reina, top var. Reyna
851.▲66Shirley, var. Shirelle, .. 19 more
852.▲15Jaycee, common var. Jacey
853.▲29Silvia, top var. Sylvia
855.▲107Eryn, common var. Erin
856.▲1Ingrid, up for two years: 892→857→856
857.▼22Keara, top var. Kiara, Kiera, Keira
858.▼123Randi, down for three years: 569→655→735→858
859.▼10Reanna, down for two years: 788→849→859
860.▼21Kalyn, top var. Kaylin, Kaylyn, Kailyn, Kaelyn, Kaylynn, Kaylan
861.▼245Lisette, common var. Lizette
862.newMonserrat, var. Montserrat
863.▲134Ivana, var. Ivania, .. 4 more
864.▼83Lori, down for three years: 707→718→781→864
866.▼168Kaela, top var. Kayla, Kaylie, Kaila, Cayla, Kaylah
867.▼125Maranda, common var. Miranda
869.▼118Darby, down for three years: 581→686→751→869
870.▼140Darian, down for three years: 444→543→730→870
871.▼37Jasmyn, top var. Jazmyn, Jazmyne
875.▼98Bridgette, common var. Bridget
877.▲6Kinsey, var. Kinnsie, .. 5 more
878.▲17Yazmin, top var. Yasmine, Yasmin, Yasmeen
879.▼176Caleigh, top var. Kayla, Kaylee, Kailey, Callie, Kayleigh, Kaylie, Kaleigh, Kailee, Kaley, Cayla, Kayley, Kayli
880.▼6Elyssa, common var. Alyssa, Alissa, Eliza, Elisa, Elissa
881.▲46Rita, var. Riet, .. 6 more
882.▲54Asha, top var. Aisha
883.newDayana, common var. Deanna new
884.▼173Nikita, down for three years: 583→643→711→884
885.newReese, var. Reece
886.▼92Stefanie, top var. Stephanie, Stephany
887.▼119Chantel, down for three years: 557→680→768→887
888.▼28Nadine, down for two years: 797→860→888
889.▲52Samara, up for three years: 992→991→941→889
890.▼54Unique, var. Uniqua
891.▼46Michele, top var. Michelle
892.▼102Sonya, common var. Sonia
893.▲22Hazel, up for two years: 942→915→893
894.▲26Patience, var. Patienzia, .. 3 more
896.▼211Mireya, down for three years: 447→561→685→896
897.newPaloma, var. Palomita, .. 3 more
898.newAryanna, common var. Ariana new, Arianna new
899.▼14Magdalena, down for three years: 742→813→885→899
900.newAnaya, var. Anayeh, .. 1 more
901.▼4Dallas, down for three years: 646→756→897→901
903.▼45Joelle, down for three years: 821→837→858→903
904.newKaia, common var. Kaya new
905.▼19Misty, down for three years: 670→719→886→905
906.▼146Norma, down for three years: 631→720→760→906
907.▼153Taya, down for two years: 638→754→907
909.▼106Trisha, down for three years: 638→790→803→909
910.▼11Elsa, var. Helsa, .. 6 more
911.newJoana, common var. Joanna new, Janae new, Jana new
912.▼7Alysha, common var. Alisha
914.▼55Bryana, top var. Brianna, Breanna, Briana, Bryanna
915.▲3Dawn, var. Dawnetta, .. 13 more
916.▲59Brionna, var. Briona, .. 4 more
917.▼131Alex, down for three years: 674→771→786→917
918.newKaterina, common var. Katarina new
919.▼54Ali, common var. Ellie, Allie, Ally
920.▼102Bonnie, down for three years: 642→717→818→920
921.newHadley, var. Hadly, .. 7 more
922.▲12Martina, var. Marteina, .. 7 more
923.newMaryam, top var. Miriam new, Mariam new
924.▼62Jazmyne, top var. Jazmyn, Jasmyn
926.▼79Alycia, top var. Alicia
927.▼256Dejah, top var. Deja, Daija
928.▼52Emmalee, top var. Emily, Emilee, Emilie, Emilia
930.▲68Jakayla, kreatif var. Jakayja, Jakayna, Jokayla
935.▼31Myra, var. Mira, .. 4 more
936.newAmiya, var. Amia, .. 1 more
938.▼67Jana, down for two years: 858→871→938
939.▲56Saige, common var. Sage
940.newAja, var. Azha
941.newAnnabel, common var. Annabelle new
942.▼65Scarlett, down for two years: 839→877→942
944.newAliza, common var. Alyssa new, Alissa new, Eliza new, Elisa new, Alisa new
945.▼141Ashly, top var. Ashley, Ashlee, Ashleigh
946.newCydney, var. Cidney, .. 1 more
948.▼141Fabiola, down for two years: 772→807→948
950.newKeira, top var. Kiara new, Kyra new, Kira new, Kierra new, Kiera new, Kiarra new, Keara new
951.▼55Roxanne, down for three years: 783→838→896→951
952.▼104Kaci, common var. Casey, Kasey, Kacey
953.▼18Abigale, top var. Abigail, Abbigail, Abigayle, Abagail
954.▲24Abagail, top var. Abigail, Abbigail, Abigayle, Abigale
957.newAria, var. Ariyah, .. 2 more
958.▼85Daija, common var. Deja, Dejah
959.▼61Delia, down for two years: 863→898→959
960.▼11Kameron, var. Kamron, .. 3 more
961.newAshtyn, top var. Ashton new
962.▼16Dayna, common var. Dana
963.▼84Katy, common var. Katie
964.▼74Lourdes, down for two years: 889→890→964
965.▼53Raina, common var. Reyna, Reina, Rayna
966.▼60Emerald, down for two years: 811→906→966
967.▼78Kirstin, top var. Kirsten, Kiersten
968.▼21Marlee, common var. Marley
970.newBeatrice, common var. Beatriz new
971.▼87Blair, down for three years: 705→827→884→971
972.▼62Kori, down for two years: 753→910→972
973.▼105Luisa, var. Luisana, .. 3 more
975.▲4Breonna, top var. Breanna, Breana
976.▼157Jena, common var. Jenna
977.▼137Leann, down for two years: 622→840→977
979.▼142Yasmeen, common var. Yasmine, Yasmin, Yazmin
980.▼157Yessenia, top var. Yesenia
981.▼115Breanne, top var. Brianne
983.▼41Mandy, var. Mandie, .. 2 more
984.newAmina, var. Amena, .. 5 more
986.newJayde, common var. Jade new
987.▼15Jill, down for three years: 686→809→972→987
988.▼175Katlynn, top var. Katlyn
989.newKaylan, common var. Kaylin new, Kaylyn new, Kailyn new, Kaelyn new, Kaylynn new, Kalyn new
990.newKenna, var. Kennette, .. 3 more
991.▼164Antoinette, down for three years: 679→755→827→991
992.▼91Rayna, common var. Reyna, Reina, Raina
994.▼13Keeley, common var. Keely
995.▼26Kenia, common var. Kenya, Kenna
996.newMaiya, var. Maiyah
997.newMelisa, top var. Melissa new
998.▼33Sky, top var. Skye
999.newAdrian, common var. Adrienne new
1000.newMarlen, var. Marlyn, .. 3 more

Top Falls for U.S. Baby Names 2000: Dejah, Lisette, Mireya, Estefania, Lizette