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pinPopular Names in 2008

Popularity rankings for Top 1-100 baby boy names in Canada in 2008, and rank movements and trends compared to 2007. This year, Jordan (#49), Levi (#65), Henry (#80), Jonah (#87) and Lincoln (#88) are the 5 new entries that made it into the Top 100.

1.Ethan, top var. Ethen
2.▲9Nathan, common var. Nathen
3.▼1Jacob, var. Jayme, .. 60 more
4.▲6Lucas, top var. Lukas
5.▲2Logan, up for three years: 16→9→7→5
6.▼1Matthew, common var. Mathew
7.▲4Benjamin, var. Benno, .. 28 more
8.▼2Joshua, down for three years: 2→4→6→8
8.▼4Liam, var. Lyam
10.▲7James, var. Hamish, .. 27 more
11.▼8Noah, top var. Noe
12.▼3Ryan, down for three years: 5→8→9→12
13.▼5Owen, var. Owynn, .. 5 more
14.▼3Alexander, var. Alaster, .. 69 more
15.▼3Jack, var. Jacky, .. 7 more
16.▼3William, var. Willson, .. 33 more
17.▼3Daniel, down for two years: 10→14→17
18.▲6Evan, var. Evo, .. 14 more
19.▲6Jayden, top var. Jaden, Jaiden, Jaydon, Jadon, Jaeden
20.▲3Samuel, var. Samuele, .. 6 more
21.▲3Aiden, top var. Aidan, Ayden, Aydan, Aydin, Aidyn, Aedan, Eden
22.▲14Tristan, common var. Triston, Tristin, Trystan
24.▲9Oliver, up for three years: 64→37→33→24
25.▼3Dylan, common var. Dillon, Dillan
25.▲12Riley, common var. Rylee
27.▲6Carter, var. Cartrell, .. 1 more
27.▼9Nicholas, down for three years: 9→17→18→27
27.▼7Tyler, down for two years: 19→20→27
30.▼5Gavin, common var. Gavyn, Gaven
30.▲11Isaac, top var. Issac
32.▼3Connor, top var. Conner, Conor, Konnor
32.▼6Justin, var. Justinius, .. 17 more
34.▲13Gabriel, up for two years: 49→47→34
34.▼3Jackson, common var. Jaxon, Jaxson
36.▼1Cole, down for two years: 24→35→36
36.▼5Michael, down for three years: 26→28→31→36
38.▼11Austin, var. Ostyn, .. 4 more
39.▲13Hunter, up for two years: 65→52→39
39.▲5Zachary, top var. Zachery
41.▲11Hayden, up for two years: 53→52→41
42.▲1Caleb, top var. Kaleb
43.▼15Andrew, top var. Andre
44.▲6Tyson, up for two years: 68→50→44
45.▲11Joseph, var. Yusif, .. 42 more
45.▲11Marcus, top var. Markus
47.▲7Adam, var. Addy, .. 23 more
47.▼6Ryder, var. Ryden, .. 1 more
49.newJordan, top var. Jorden new, Jordon new
50.▼12Aidan, top var. Aiden, Ayden, Aydan, Aydin, Aidyn, Aedan, Eden
50.▲25Kai, var. Kye, .. 2 more
52.▼13Thomas, common var. Tomas
53.▼7Cameron, common var. Kameron
53.▼6David, down for two years: 36→47→53
55.▼5Anthony, down for two years: 46→50→55
55.▲7Wyatt, up for three years: 67→65→62→55
57.▲5Chase, common var. Chace
58.▼2Jonathan, top var. Johnathan, Jonathon, Johnathon
58.▲10Luke, var. Luck, .. 10 more
60.▲5Brandon, top var. Branden
60.▲9Brody, common var. Brodie
62.▼3Aaron, common var. Aron
63.▼4John, common var. Jon, Jean, Jan
64.▲9Nathaniel, common var. Nathanael, Nathanial
65.▼16Christopher, common var. Cristofer
65.newLevi, var. Levy, .. 3 more
67.▼28Brayden, top var. Braden, Braydon, Braeden, Braiden, Braedon
67.▲19Elijah, var. Eljah, .. 14 more
67.▼3Lukas, top var. Lucas
70.▲15Ashton, var. Aston, .. 5 more
71.▼10Carson, top var. Karson, Carsen
72.▼7Kyle, down for three years: 34→50→65→72
72.▼17Nolan, down for two years: 50→55→72
72.▲20Parker, var. Parks, .. 3 more
75.▲8Cohen, kreatif var. Cohenne, Colhen, Conhen
75.▼8Dominic, top var. Dominick, Dominik, Dominique
77.▲10Jesse, common var. Jessie
77.▼8Landon, common var. Landen, Landyn, Landin
80.▼11Eric, top var. Erick, Erik
80.newHenry, var. Harri, .. 35 more
80.▼7Jason, common var. Jayson
80.▼4Robert, var. Robinson, .. 29 more
84.▲3Isaiah, top var. Izaiah, Isiah
85.▲9Charles, var. Chuck, .. 26 more
86.▼10Blake, var. Blakeman, .. 1 more
87.newJonah, var. Jonasco, .. 1 more
88.newLincoln, var. Link, .. 1 more
88.▲6Sean, common var. Shane, Shawn, Shaun
90.newJake, top var. Jack new
90.▼11Max, var. Maxx, .. 3 more
90.▼7Seth, down for two years: 76→83→90
93.newColton, top var. Colten new
93.▲1Kevin, var. Keveon, .. 8 more
93.newMicah, var. Mycah, .. 3 more
96.▼5Cooper, var. Coop
96.▼18Jaden, top var. Jayden, Jaiden, Jaydon, Jadon, Jaeden
98.newBrady, var. Braydie, .. 5 more
100.newChristian, common var. Cristian new, Kristian new
100.newJaxon, top var. Jackson new, Jaxson new
100.▼21Kaleb, common var. Caleb

Top Falls for Canada Baby Names 2008: Brayden, Kaleb, Jaden, Nolan, Christopher