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pinPopular Names in 1930-1939

Popularity rankings for Top 1-1000 baby boy names in the U.S. in 1930-1939, and rank movements and trends in comparison to the previous decade. This year, Ronnie (#178), Brian (#324), Garry (#413), Jan (#438) and Arlen (#496) are the 5 new entries that made it into the Top 1000.

1.Robert, var. Rabbie, .. 29 more
2.▲1James, var. Jagu, .. 27 more
3.▼1John, common var. Jon, Jean, Jan
4.▼1William, var. Billie, .. 33 more
5.▲3Richard, up for three decades: 25→17→8→5
6.▼1Charles, var. Karolek, .. 26 more
7.▲3Donald, up for three decades: 51→20→10→7
8.▼2George, var. Jorge, .. 54 more
9.▲2Thomas, top var. Tomas
10.▼3Joseph, down for two decades: 5→7→10
11.▲11David, up for two decades: 30→22→11
12.▼3Edward, down for two decades: 8→9→12
13.▲85Ronald, up for three decades: 251→172→98→13
14.▼1Paul, var. Pablo, .. 25 more
15.▲5Kenneth, top var. Kennith
16.▼4Frank, down for three decades: 8→9→12→16
17.▼1Raymond, down for two decades: 15→16→17
18.▼1Jack, var. Jacq, .. 7 more
19.▼5Harold, down for two decades: 13→14→19
20.▲28Billy, common var. Billie
21.▲24Gerald, top var. Gerold
22.▼7Walter, down for two decades: 10→15→22
23.▲85Jerry, up for three decades: 180→169→108→23
24.▲1Eugene, up for three decades: 49→40→25→24
25.▼7Henry, down for three decades: 10→12→18→25
26.▲109Bobby, common var. Bobbie
27.▲6Joe, up for two decades: 38→33→27
28.▼9Arthur, common var. Arther
29.▼3Carl, top var. Karl
30.▼6Ralph, down for two decades: 21→24→30
30.▼3Willie, var. Wil, .. 2 more
32.▼11Albert, top var. Elbert
33.▲175Larry, up for three decades: 401→327→208→33
34.▲175Fred, var. Freddie, .. 1 more
35.▲14Michael, var. Mikkel, .. 50 more
36.▼13Harry, down for three decades: 13→19→23→36
37.▲1Lawrence, common var. Laurence
38.▼10Howard, down for two decades: 26→28→38
39.▼7Roy, var. Rey, .. 3 more
40.▲4Daniel, up for three decades: 56→55→44→40
41.▲2Norman, up for three decades: 76→51→43→41
42.▲50Roger, up for three decades: 209→135→92→42
43.▼13Louis, down for three decades: 21→22→30→43
44.▼13Earl, top var. Earle
45.▼16Clarence, common var. Clarance
46.▼4Anthony, down for two decades: 35→42→46
47.▲477Gary, top var. Garry
48.▲4Marvin, top var. Mervin, Mervyn
49.▲25Wayne, up for three decades: 150→108→74→49
50.▼15Francis, down for two decades: 34→35→50
51.▼14Ernest, top var. Earnest
52.▲13Jose, up for two decades: 95→65→52
53.▼14Leonard, common var. Lenard
54.▼4Melvin, top var. Melvyn
55.▼19Herbert, common var. Herbert
56.▼4Leroy, common var. Leeroy
57.▲53Don, top var. Donn
58.▼17Stanley, down for two decades: 36→41→58
59.▼17Peter, var. Pierre, .. 20 more
60.▼14Samuel, down for three decades: 31→41→46→60
61.▼21Alfred, var. Avery, .. 20 more
62.▲28Dale, up for three decades: 225→142→90→62
63.▲148Jimmy, top var. Jimmie
64.▼17Bernard, var. Bearnard, .. 22 more
64.▲2Ray, up for two decades: 70→66→64
66.▲25Bill, up for three decades: 255→191→91→66
67.▲44Gene, up for three decades: 399→226→111→67
68.▼14Russell, common var. Russel
69.▲6Philip, common var. Phillip, Felipe
70.▼8Frederick, common var. Frederic
71.▼14Andrew, common var. Andre
72.▲40Douglas, up for three decades: 200→154→112→72
73.▲58Jimmie, common var. Jimmy
74.▲107Dennis, top var. Denis
75.▲63Franklin, top var. Franklyn
76.▲71Johnny, top var. Johnnie, Johnie
77.▼21Edwin, down for two decades: 53→56→77
78.▲8Lee, top var. Leigh
79.▲2Gordon, up for three decades: 122→92→81→79
80.▼22Floyd, kreatif var. Fifloyd, Floyddi, Floydfi
81.▼20Lloyd, top var. Loyd
81.▼14Theodore, down for three decades: 42→63→67→81
83.▼19Clifford, down for two decades: 59→64→83
84.▼4Glenn, common var. Glen, Glynn
85.▲11Juan, up for two decades: 115→96→85
86.▲8Allen, common var. Allan
86.▲51Bruce, up for three decades: 236→182→137→86
88.▼33Leo, top var. Lee
89.▲49Bob, up for three decades: 443→345→138→89
90.▼13Leon, var. Leone, .. 4 more
91.▼22Clyde, down for three decades: 59→64→69→91
92.▲15Eddie, top var. Eddy
93.▼25Vernon, var. Vernen, .. 8 more
94.▼10Martin, down for three decades: 66→79→84→94
95.▼23Alvin, common var. Elvin
96.▼26Herman, top var. Harmon, Hermon
97.▼18Victor, down for two decades: 67→79→97
98.▲60Jim, up for two decades: 177→158→98
99.▼48Warren, var. Ware, .. 3 more
100.J, kreatif var. Jja, Jji, Jjo
101.▲23Jerome, up for three decades: 204→146→124→101
102.▼9Harvey, down for three decades: 81→91→93→102
103.▼21Lewis, top var. Luis
104.▼31Charlie, down for three decades: 60→66→73→104
105.▲111Tommy, common var. Tommie
106.▼1Gilbert, var. Burt, .. 12 more
107.▲34Patrick, up for two decades: 156→141→107
108.▼13Manuel, var. Mannie, .. 5 more
109.▲11Stephen, top var. Steven
110.▼21Jesse, top var. Jessie
111.▼36Vincent, down for two decades: 74→75→111
112.▲6Curtis, common var. Curtiss
113.▼13Arnold, down for two decades: 97→100→113
114.▼36Lester, down for three decades: 54→60→78→114
115.▼55Elmer, down for three decades: 36→45→60→115
116.▼29Cecil, down for three decades: 70→71→87→116
117.▲47Phillip, top var. Philip, Felipe
118.▲36Luis, up for three decades: 245→203→154→118
119.▲59Duane, top var. Dwayne, Dewayne, Dwain, Duwayne, Dwaine
120.▲93Alan, top var. Allen, Allan
121.▼36Milton, down for two decades: 76→85→121
122.▲18Tom, up for two decades: 151→140→122
123.▼20Johnnie, top var. Johnny, Johnie
124.▼36Benjamin, down for three decades: 64→73→88→124
125.▲214Jackie, common var. Jacky
126.▼4Glen, top var. Glenn, Glynn
127.▼44Calvin, var. Cal, .. 3 more
128.▲23Keith, up for three decades: 421→254→151→128
129.▼15Roland, common var. Rolland, Rowland
130.▼59Chester, down for two decades: 54→71→130
131.▼32Sam, down for three decades: 58→69→99→131
132.▲11Ramon, common var. Raymon
133.▼15Maurice, common var. Morris
134.▲28Dean, common var. Deane
135.▼2Antonio, var. Antonello, .. 7 more
136.▼19Leslie, down for three decades: 93→109→117→136
137.▼31Claude, top var. Claud
138.▼25Marion, var. Mariano
139.▼35Oscar, down for three decades: 57→81→104→139
140.▼43Wallace, var. Wally, .. 7 more
141.▼39Willard, down for two decades: 85→102→141
142.▲7Pedro, up for two decades: 179→149→142
143.▼16Hugh, top var. Huey
144.▼28Virgil, down for two decades: 100→116→144
145.▲47Angel, up for three decades: 361→288→192→145
146.▼45Edgar, down for three decades: 78→86→101→146
147.▲35Carlos, up for two decades: 234→182→147
148.▲7Francisco, up for two decades: 164→155→148
149.▼17Max, down for three decades: 87→106→132→149
150.▲350Terry, up for three decades: 642→601→500→150
151.▼25Jessie, top var. Jesse
152.▲64Allan, common var. Allen, Alan
153.▲112Darrell, common var. Darrel, Daryl, Darryl
153.▲38Jay, up for three decades: 234→216→191→153
155.▲47Ted, up for two decades: 257→202→155
156.▲71Freddie, top var. Freddy
157.▼34Hubert, down for two decades: 117→123→157
158.▼49Everett, common var. Everette
158.▼22Wesley, var. Wesly, .. 4 more
160.▲6Jesus, up for two decades: 240→166→160
161.▼46Homer, down for three decades: 91→103→115→161
162.▼33Nicholas, down for two decades: 112→129→162
163.▲120Rodney, up for three decades: 493→426→283→163
164.▲107Dick, up for three decades: 434→426→271→164
165.▲22Dan, up for two decades: 205→187→165
166.▲6Delbert, up for three decades: 230→181→172→166
167.▲40Lowell, up for three decades: 267→231→207→167
167.▲48Rafael, common var. Raphael
169.▲5Billie, top var. Billy
170.▲6Felix, var. Fee, .. 11 more
171.▼12Tony, down for two decades: 157→159→171
172.▲38Miguel, up for two decades: 282→210→172
172.▼44Morris, down for three decades: 89→98→128→172
174.▼49Sidney, top var. Sydney
175.▲77Neil, common var. Neal
176.▼16Ben, down for three decades: 88→116→160→176
177.▼10Lyle, var. Lisle, .. 3 more
178.newRonnie, top var. Ronny new
179.▼50Luther, down for three decades: 107→109→129→179
180.▼59Wilbur, top var. Wilber
181.▲122Joel, up for two decades: 348→303→181
181.▲43Lonnie, var. Lon, .. 5 more
183.▼26Steve, down for two decades: 120→157→183
184.▼50Rudolph, var. Rolfe, .. 17 more
185.▲4Bennie, top var. Benny
185.▼33Earnest, top var. Ernest
187.▼25Guy, down for three decades: 125→145→162→187
188.▼47Alexander, down for two decades: 99→141→188
189.▲49Karl, common var. Carl
190.▲12Alton, common var. Elton
191.▲14Nelson, var. Niles, .. 9 more
192.▼25Clayton, down for two decades: 163→167→192
193.▼22Otis, top var. Ottis
194.▼51Horace, down for two decades: 128→143→194
195.▲27Carroll, common var. Carrol
195.▲80Roosevelt, up for two decades: 296→275→195
197.▲102Benny, common var. Bennie
198.▼19Clifton, down for two decades: 161→179→198
199.▲26Mark, top var. Marc
200.▼18Nathaniel, var. Nathaneal, .. 14 more
201.▼16Marshall, down for two decades: 178→185→201
201.▼56Willis, down for two decades: 140→145→201
203.▼16Mike, down for two decades: 139→187→203
204.▼51Oliver, down for two decades: 130→153→204
207.▲70Roberto, up for three decades: 779→589→277→207
208.▲591Jon, var. Jonny, .. 9 more
209.▼23Clinton, var. Clint, .. 2 more
210.▼20Wilbert, var. Wilberto, .. 4 more
211.▼42Archie, down for three decades: 127→150→169→211
211.▲145Bobbie, common var. Bobby
213.▼19Ivan, down for two decades: 184→194→213
214.▲36Ruben, top var. Rubin
216.▲630Barry, common var. Berry
217.▲328Danny, top var. Dannie
217.▼6Merle, down for two decades: 206→211→217
219.▲51Doyle, up for three decades: 588→345→270→219
220.▲56Julio, up for three decades: 297→296→276→220
220.▼25Leland, var. Le, .. 3 more
222.▼45Alex, down for two decades: 132→177→222
223.▲8Wendell, up for three decades: 346→238→231→223
224.▲191Hector, up for three decades: 553→546→415→224
225.▼45Matthew, top var. Mathew
226.▲6Myron, up for three decades: 273→244→232→226
227.▼62Edmund, top var. Edmond
227.▼67Orville, common var. Orval
229.▲6Malcolm, var. Malcom, .. 2 more
230.▼34Ira, down for three decades: 134→162→196→230
230.▼82Julius, down for three decades: 105→113→148→230
230.▲41Rex, var. Reyes
233.▼36Julian, var. Julien, .. 7 more
234.▼61Jacob, down for three decades: 96→125→173→234
236.▼38Elbert, down for two decades: 174→198→236
238.▲5Loren, top var. Loran
239.▼33Sylvester, down for three decades: 177→193→206→239
240.▼10Troy, down for two decades: 228→230→240
241.▼8Pete, down for two decades: 224→233→241
242.▼34Dewey, var. Dewi, .. 1 more
243.▼68Angelo, down for two decades: 165→175→243
243.▲4Mack, top var. Mac
245.▲60Raul, up for three decades: 997→560→305→245
246.▲19Gerard, up for three decades: 414→291→265→246
247.▲14Eldon, common var. Elden
247.▼10Grady, down for two decades: 220→237→247
249.▲128Timothy, var. Timmy, .. 18 more
250.▲47Conrad, up for two decades: 326→297→250
251.▼51Rufus, down for three decades: 172→190→200→251
252.▲238Buddy, top var. Buddie
253.▼1Byron, down for two decades: 245→252→253
253.▼13Sherman, var. Schermann, .. 4 more
255.▲39Dwight, top var. Dewitt
256.▲4Fredrick, top var. Fredric
257.▲45Steven, up for three decades: 381→312→302→257
258.▼65Ervin, common var. Irvin
258.▼16Perry, down for two decades: 218→242→258
260.▼58Isaac, common var. Issac
261.▲3Ross, var. Rosse, .. 3 more
262.▼43Forrest, top var. Forest
263.▼13Carlton, var. Carleton, .. 3 more
263.▼62Nick, var. Niko, .. 9 more
263.▲55Stuart, common var. Stewart
266.▲5Tommie, top var. Tommy
267.▼4Mario, var. Marianus, .. 2 more
269.▼40Nathan, down for two decades: 138→229→269
270.▼49Wilfred, down for three decades: 186→188→221→270
271.▼73Irvin, top var. Ervin
272.▼4Wilson, down for two decades: 160→268→272
273.▼15Burton, var. Bert, .. 2 more
274.▼56Aaron, down for three decades: 193→208→218→274
275.▼32Bert, common var. Burt
276.▼19Owen, down for three decades: 226→241→257→276
277.▼127Irving, down for three decades: 113→114→150→277
277.▼30Laurence, top var. Lawrence
279.▼54Ellis, down for three decades: 191→209→225→279
280.▼37Percy, down for three decades: 156→213→243→280
281.▲12Boyd, var. Boid
281.▲35Dallas, up for three decades: 371→336→316→281
283.▼69Emil, top var. Emile
284.▲23Harlan, common var. Harlen
285.▲1Pablo, up for two decades: 366→286→285
287.▼41Loyd, common var. Lloyd
288.▼11Aubrey, down for three decades: 242→247→277→288
288.▲68Clark, var. Clarke, .. 2 more
288.▼52Elwood, down for two decades: 221→236→288
288.▲157Marlin, top var. Merlin, Merlyn
288.▼41Norbert, var. Bert, .. 3 more
288.▲75Sheldon, up for three decades: 614→528→363→288
294.▲87Rudy, up for two decades: 655→381→294
296.▲550Donnie, up for two decades: 921→846→296
296.▼31Harley, down for three decades: 253→256→265→296
296.▲19Neal, up for two decades: 370→315→296
296.▲247Sammy, top var. Sammie
300.▲142Pat, up for three decades: 523→451→442→300
301.▲9Alfonso, common var. Alphonso
301.▲131Ismael, up for two decades: 722→432→301
301.▼17Preston, down for two decades: 266→284→301
304.▼65Emmett, down for three decades: 165→192→239→304
305.▼71Grover, down for two decades: 217→234→305
305.▲111Teddy, up for three decades: 946→504→416→305
307.▼16Garland, var. Garlen, .. 6 more
308.▲170Darrel, top var. Darrell, Daryl, Darryl
308.▼23Irwin, common var. Erwin
308.▲88Jorge, up for two decades: 637→396→308
308.▲6Reginald, up for two decades: 363→314→308
312.▲33Domingo, up for three decades: 468→414→345→312
313.▲39Tomas, common var. Thomas
315.▲132Travis, up for three decades: 652→451→447→315
316.▼5Cornelius, down for three decades: 211→272→311→316
317.▲170Eric, var. Rikky, .. 30 more
317.▲67Fernando, up for three decades: 527→501→384→317
319.▲54Gregory, top var. Gregorio
319.▼12Laverne, common var. Lavern
319.▼37Woodrow, down for two decades: 72→282→319
322.▼19Salvador, var. Sal, .. 5 more
323.▼65Amos, down for three decades: 218→222→258→323
324.newBrian, top var. Bryan new
325.▲26Sammie, common var. Sammy
326.▲276Frankie, up for two decades: 909→602→326
327.▲3Alfredo, up for three decades: 475→422→330→327
327.▲10Delmar, top var. Delmer
327.▼27Louie, down for three decades: 264→265→300→327
330.▼61Johnie, top var. Johnny, Johnnie
331.▲95Ernesto, up for three decades: 702→512→426→331
331.▲448Jerald, top var. Jerold, Jerrold
331.▲36Lionel, var. Lionello, .. 15 more
331.▲18Santos, up for three decades: 534→451→349→331
335.▼79August, down for three decades: 137→194→256→335
336.▼3Enrique, var. Enrico, .. 2 more
336.▼29Maynard, var. Mayne, .. 5 more
336.▲94Royce, up for three decades: 806→573→430→336
339.▼39Grant, down for two decades: 282→300→339
339.▲117Noel, var. Natal, .. 4 more
341.▲90Mary, up for two decades: 461→431→341
341.▼25Moses, down for three decades: 295→303→316→341
343.▼69Dominick, top var. Dominic, Domenic
343.▲64Gilberto, up for two decades: 729→407→343
343.▼24Wade, down for two decades: 291→319→343
346.▼105Otto, down for three decades: 99→152→241→346
347.▲327Kent, up for three decades: 924→867→674→347
348.▲17Ed, common var. Edd
350.▼89Abraham, down for three decades: 144→158→261→350
350.▲86Andres, up for two decades: 457→436→350
350.▲140Randall, common var. Randal
350.▼71Roscoe, down for two decades: 222→279→350
354.▼60Millard, down for two decades: 260→294→354
354.▼102Murray, var. Moray, .. 3 more
357.▼65Austin, down for three decades: 237→258→292→357
357.▲27Carmelo, up for three decades: 519→478→384→357
357.▼45Mitchell, down for two decades: 279→312→357
360.▲51Alberto, up for two decades: 488→411→360
360.▼29Lorenzo, var. Lorenz, .. 8 more
362.▼13Kermit, down for two decades: 262→349→362
362.▼66Morton, var. Morten
364.▼27Alonzo, down for three decades: 273→315→337→364
364.▼44Merlin, top var. Marlin, Merlyn
366.▼76Edmond, top var. Edmund
367.▲17Christopher, var. Kriss, .. 31 more
367.▼15Will, down for three decades: 161→272→352→367
369.▼2Felipe, var. Flip, .. 7 more
369.▲82Guadalupe, up for two decades: 543→451→369
371.▼8Wiley, down for three decades: 330→337→363→371
372.▼49Odell, var. Dell, .. 2 more
373.▼46Carmen, common var. Carmine
374.▼35Elvin, var. Elvern, .. 6 more
374.▼29Thurman, down for two decades: 306→345→374
376.▼96Adam, down for three decades: 178→200→280→376
376.▼90Erwin, top var. Irwin
376.▲3Norris, up for three decades: 513→457→379→376
376.▲5Randolph, up for two decades: 383→381→376
380.▲177Carol, up for two decades: 797→557→380
380.▲13Emilio, up for two decades: 424→393→380
384.▲76Darwin, up for three decades: 767→505→460→384
384.▲7Jean, up for three decades: 441→426→391→384
384.▲52Rene, common var. Rene
387.▼89Charley, top var. Charlie
387.▼75Cleveland, var. Cleavon, .. 5 more
387.▼67Elton, common var. Alton
390.▼36Clair, down for three decades: 310→348→354→390
390.▼61Emanuel, kreatif var. Eiemanuel, Emanuelei, Emenuel
390.▲39Lavern, common var. Laverne
390.▲80Ricardo, up for three decades: 712→589→470→390
394.▲1Adrian, var. Hadrien, .. 26 more
394.▼106Dominic, common var. Dominick, Domenic
394.▲227Efrain, var. Efraim, .. 6 more
394.▼6Marcus, down for three decades: 291→353→388→394
398.▲19Gale, top var. Gail, Gayle
398.▼10Merrill, down for two decades: 382→388→398
398.▼64Simon, down for three decades: 209→269→334→398
401.▲65Rolland, top var. Roland, Rowland
402.▼60Monroe, down for two decades: 288→342→402
402.▼29Stewart, top var. Stuart
405.▼61Weldon, var. Welden, .. 1 more
406.▼125Adolph, down for three decades: 156→185→281→406
406.▼50Gabriel, var. Gavriel, .. 20 more
408.▲58Guillermo, up for three decades: 677→601→466→408
409.▼186Seymour, var. Seamore, .. 3 more
410.▲68Alejandro, up for three decades: 688→567→478→410
410.▼122Jasper, down for two decades: 272→288→410
410.M, kreatif var. Mbee, Mma, Mmy
413.newGarry, common var. Gary new
413.▼68Harrison, down for two decades: 303→345→413
415.▼110Reuben, common var. Ruben, Rubin
417.▼83Elijah, var. Eliot, .. 14 more
418.▼14Gus, down for three decades: 239→309→404→418
418.▲67Spencer, var. Spence, .. 1 more
418.▲22Van, var. Vann, .. 2 more
421.▲64Israel, up for two decades: 520→485→421
422.▲29Arturo, up for three decades: 660→626→451→422
423.▼50Clement, down for three decades: 305→321→373→423
423.▲79Elias, common var. Ellis
423.▲67Lamar, var. Lamarr, .. 3 more
423.▲55Linwood, up for three decades: 677→528→478→423
427.▲229Huey, top var. Hugh
428.▼74Sanford, var. Sandford, .. 1 more
429.▼7Santiago, var. Sandiego, .. 4 more
429.▼68Solomon, down for three decades: 292→308→361→429
432.▼19Barney, down for three decades: 269→317→413→432
432.▲105Eduardo, up for three decades: 590→584→537→432
432.▼15Hollis, down for three decades: 377→381→417→432
435.▼68Armand, var. Armande, .. 12 more
435.▲559Terrence, common var. Terrance, Terence
437.▲80Agustin, top var. Augustine
438.▲65Benito, up for two decades: 637→503→438
438.▲266Craig, up for three decades: 997→842→704→438
438.newJan, var. Hans, .. 3 more
438.▲16Scott, var. Scot, .. 3 more
442.▲240Bradley, up for two decades: 939→682→442
442.▲379Kevin, var. Kevon, .. 8 more
442.▼40Levi, down for three decades: 281→340→402→442
447.▼34Buford, down for two decades: 360→413→447
447.▼30Coy, down for three decades: 371→391→417→447
450.▼39Emory, top var. Emery
450.▼3Mervin, top var. Mervyn
450.▲46Nolan, up for three decades: 590→573→496→450
450.▲77Rodolfo, up for three decades: 997→890→527→450
454.▲12Delmer, top var. Delmar
454.▼112Rocco, down for two decades: 337→342→454
458.▲121Jonathan, up for two decades: 699→579→458
458.▼135Wilmer, down for two decades: 299→323→458
461.▲213Daryl, common var. Darrell, Darrel, Darryl
461.▲165Jaime, up for two decades: 991→626→461
461.▲449Monte, var. Montrel, .. 8 more
461.▼105Ollie, down for three decades: 268→294→356→461
465.▲488Freddy, common var. Freddie
465.▼43Gregorio, top var. Gregory
465.▼39Herschel, common var. Hershel
465.▼33Truman, down for two decades: 387→432→465
471.▼51Basil, down for three decades: 312→363→420→471
471.▼9Emery, top var. Emory
471.▼26Harris, down for two decades: 396→445→471
471.▼62Miles, common var. Myles
471.▲32Olin, common var. Olen
477.▲23Bud, up for three decades: 569→531→500→477
477.▼154Jake, top var. Jack
477.▲50Roderick, up for three decades: 728→655→527→477
481.▼34Silas, down for three decades: 327→411→447→481
481.▼39Wilford, down for two decades: 420→442→481
481.▼59Winston, var. Win, .. 5 more
485.▼21Booker, down for two decades: 368→464→485
485.▲61Elliott, common var. Elliot
485.▼49Jackson, down for two decades: 402→436→485
488.▲374Denis, var. Denys
488.▲242Dwayne, common var. Duane, Dewayne, Dwain, Duwayne, Dwaine
488.▼95Sterling, var. Sterlyn, .. 1 more
492.▼121Eli, down for two decades: 348→371→492
492.▲40Frederic, common var. Frederick
492.▼85Noah, down for three decades: 279→354→407→492
492.▼60Ward, down for three decades: 353→396→432→492
496.newArlen, common var. Arlin new, Arlan new
496.▲39Carrol, top var. Carroll
496.▼23Vern, common var. Verne
499.▼143Vito, var. Vitale, .. 6 more
501.▲9Chris, var. Chriss, .. 2 more
501.▼156Cleo, down for two decades: 306→345→501
501.▼37Hershel, top var. Herschel
504.▲92Kelly, var. Kelley
508.▼11Orlando, var. Orlondo, .. 8 more
509.newDarryl, common var. Darrell new, Darrel new, Daryl new
510.▼114Claud, common var. Claude
510.▼106Jess, down for three decades: 243→268→404→510
510.▲58Micheal, up for two decades: 601→568→510
513.▼87Forest, top var. Forrest
513.newKen, var. Kennan, .. 3 more
515.▼113Earle, common var. Earl
515.▲2Elroy, up for three decades: 834→634→517→515
515.newKenny, var. Kenney, .. 1 more
519.▼146Alva, var. Alba, .. 1 more
519.▲434Dewayne, top var. Duane, Dwayne, Dwain, Duwayne, Dwaine
519.▲5Gail, common var. Gale, Gayle
519.newKennith, top var. Kenneth new
519.▼148Russel, top var. Russell
519.▲102Vaughn, var. Vaughan
519.▲95Warner, up for three decades: 728→619→614→519
527.▲220Gayle, top var. Gale, Gail
527.▼40Lenard, common var. Leonard
527.▲311Ramiro, var. Ramirez
527.▲87Shelby, up for two decades: 637→614→527
531.▼56Hiram, down for three decades: 317→444→475→531
531.▼11Nicolas, common var. Nickolas
533.▲35Alphonso, top var. Alfonso
533.▼194Elmo, down for two decades: 303→339→533
533.▼55Milford, down for two decades: 389→478→533
536.▼42Alden, common var. Elden
536.▲78Bryan, up for two decades: 759→614→536
536.newMelvyn, common var. Melvin new
536.▼144Pasquale, down for three decades: 338→357→392→536
540.newDelano, kreatif var. Daelano, Dalano, Dulano
540.▼13Denver, down for two decades: 499→527→540
540.▲48Galen, up for two decades: 807→588→540
540.▼159Roman, down for three decades: 341→358→381→540
540.▼37Royal, var. Royale, .. 2 more
540.▼13Wilton, down for two decades: 490→527→540
546.▼7Clay, down for three decades: 443→468→539→546
546.▲9Cruz, up for two decades: 759→555→546
546.▲100Rogers, up for two decades: 973→646→546
546.▼126Saul, down for two decades: 399→420→546
551.▲111Adolfo, up for three decades: 822→785→662→551
551.▼5Evan, down for three decades: 480→508→546→551
551.▲14Fletcher, var. Flecher, .. 1 more
551.▼10Vance, down for two decades: 451→541→551
556.▼116Emerson, down for three decades: 404→433→440→556
556.▼36Freeman, down for two decades: 402→520→556
559.▼89Cletus, var. Clitus, .. 8 more
559.▲287Fredric, common var. Fredrick
562.▼90Everette, top var. Everett
562.▼65Odis, down for two decades: 399→497→562
562.▼183Thaddeus, down for two decades: 375→379→562
567.▼2Augustus, down for three decades: 432→447→565→567
567.▼190Cyril, down for three decades: 271→334→377→567
567.▼61Dalton, top var. Delton
567.▲12Esteban, up for two decades: 655→579→567
567.▼21Jeremiah, var. Diarmid, .. 16 more
572.▲123Kay, var. Kai, .. 1 more
572.▼99Luke, down for three decades: 383→440→473→572
572.▼137Orval, top var. Orville
575.▲51Abel, var. Abey, .. 7 more
575.▼100Burl, var. Burle, .. 1 more
575.▼48Ulysses, down for three decades: 419→434→527→575
579.▲63Arden, up for three decades: 767→709→642→579
579.▼104Foster, down for three decades: 393→416→475→579
579.▲47Graham, up for three decades: 867→688→626→579
579.▲21Isaiah, common var. Isiah
585.▼189Anton, down for three decades: 187→264→396→585
585.▲77Gaylord, up for two decades: 688→662→585
585.▼73Houston, top var. Huston
585.▼30Mariano, var. Marianos, .. 2 more
585.▼61Morgan, down for three decades: 428→476→524→585
585.▲11Raymon, top var. Ramon
592.▼136Ferdinand, down for three decades: 296→384→456→592
592.▲57Isiah, common var. Isaiah
592.▲112Marcos, top var. Marcus
596.▲151Bernie, common var. Barney
596.▼196Bruno, down for two decades: 285→400→596
596.▼140Carmine, top var. Carmen
596.▼24Elden, common var. Eldon
596.▲66Eugenio, up for two decades: 709→662→596
596.▼90Milo, down for two decades: 411→506→596
602.▼70Augustine, top var. Agustin
602.▼92Davis, var. Daviss, .. 7 more
602.▲67Dorothy, up for three decades: 834→785→669→602
602.newJerold, top var. Jerald new, Jerrold new
602.▼45Noble, down for three decades: 395→457→557→602
602.newReynaldo, top var. Reinaldo new
610.newLance, var. Lantz, .. 2 more
610.newTerrance, top var. Terrence new, Terence new
616.▼169Bertram, var. Beltran, .. 12 more
616.▼14Christian, down for three decades: 297→434→602→616
616.▲131Hilton, var. Hylton
616.newJeffrey, var. Jefferey, .. 23 more
616.▼110Riley, down for three decades: 399→440→506→616
622.▲177Kurt, var. Kort
625.▼25Hoyt, down for two decades: 531→600→625
625.▼165Lyman, down for three decades: 374→426→460→625
625.▲237Tim, up for three decades: 968→939→862→625
628.▼7Frances, down for three decades: 545→619→621→628
628.▼60Hugo, down for three decades: 305→385→568→628
632.▼223Alphonse, down for two decades: 316→409→632
632.▲14Arther, top var. Arthur
632.▼120Buster, down for two decades: 391→512→632
632.▼6Dana, var. Dane, .. 1 more
632.▲5Lacy, var. Lacey, .. 1 more
637.▲45Bennett, var. Benet, .. 3 more
637.▲58Boyce, up for two decades: 832→695→637
637.newRobin, var. Robben, .. 4 more
637.newSergio, var. Sergius, .. 13 more
637.newSonny, var. Sonnie, .. 1 more
637.▲357Tracy, var. Trace, .. 2 more
637.▼72Wilber, common var. Wilbur
646.▲84Alvie, common var. Alva
646.▲153Barton, up for two decades: 867→799→646
646.▲3Merlyn, common var. Marlin, Merlin
651.▲21Hans, var. Han, .. 5 more
651.▲73Loy, up for two decades: 745→724→651
651.▼2Romeo, down for two decades: 567→649→651
651.newTerence, common var. Terrence new, Terrance new
657.▼61Anderson, down for three decades: 489→573→596→657
657.▼31Bradford, var. Braddford, .. 2 more
657.▼107Carlo, down for two decades: 549→550→657
657.▲63Carter, var. Cartier, .. 1 more
657.▼31Felton, var. Felten, .. 1 more
657.▼107Jefferson, down for three decades: 505→516→550→657
657.▼89Major, down for three decades: 437→471→568→657
657.newSandy, var. Sandie, .. 4 more
657.▲5Taylor, var. Tailer, .. 5 more
657.▼36Theron, down for two decades: 508→621→657
667.▼79Ezra, down for three decades: 446→525→588→667
667.▼117Harmon, top var. Herman, Hermon
667.▲99Kyle, up for two decades: 771→766→667
667.▼55Palmer, down for three decades: 501→513→612→667
667.▲179Rayford, up for two decades: 954→846→667
667.▼18Reed, top var. Reid
667.▼88Sydney, top var. Sidney
667.▲132Verlin, up for two decades: 816→799→667
676.▼137Columbus, down for two decades: 508→539→676
676.newDarold, var. Darrold, .. 2 more
676.▼14Jason, var. Jace, .. 11 more
676.newJerrold, top var. Jerald new, Jerold new
676.▼62Justin, var. Just, .. 17 more
676.▼50Lucius, down for three decades: 581→601→626→676
676.▼104Sebastian, down for two decades: 549→572→676
676.▼2Stanford, var. Stamford, .. 1 more
676.▲71Werner, var. Verner, .. 3 more
690.▲5Alford, var. Aldford, .. 1 more
690.▼140Aloysius, down for three decades: 381→471→550→690
690.▼88Avery, down for two decades: 546→602→690
690.▼76Benedict, down for two decades: 567→614→690
690.▼41Beverly, var. Beverlea, .. 3 more
690.▼88Enoch, down for three decades: 545→589→602→690
690.▼118Mose, down for three decades: 427→501→572→690
690.▲5Sherwood, up for three decades: 882→745→695→690
701.▲145Donovan, up for three decades: 968→877→846→701
701.▼45Jordan, var. Jerred, .. 27 more
701.▼155Marcel, var. Marcellus, .. 9 more
701.▲137Meredith, var. Meredyth, .. 2 more
701.▼80Napoleon, down for three decades: 527→619→621→701
701.▼160Olen, common var. Olin
701.▼184Quentin, top var. Quinton
711.▼161Ambrose, down for three decades: 358→394→550→711
711.▲164Andre, var. Ondrey, .. 21 more
711.▼154Dewitt, common var. Dwight
711.▲199Dwain, top var. Duane, Dwayne, Dewayne, Duwayne, Dwaine
711.newLanny, var. Lannie
711.▲19Winford, up for two decades: 816→730→711
719.▲143Candido, var. Candide, .. 1 more
719.▼37Carlyle, var. Carley, .. 3 more
719.▲176Duncan, var. Dunc, .. 1 more
719.▼204Emile, top var. Emil
719.▲94Luciano, up for two decades: 816→813→719
719.▲11Modesto, up for three decades: 834→832→730→719
719.newRonny, common var. Ronnie new
719.▼131Waldo, down for three decades: 426→490→588→719
728.▼72Carson, down for two decades: 573→656→728
728.▼286Ellsworth, down for two decades: 355→442→728
728.▼66Fidel, var. Fadelio, .. 11 more
728.▲118Franklyn, common var. Franklin
728.▼91Joshua, down for three decades: 485→554→637→728
728.▲38Maxie, up for two decades: 854→766→728
728.▼250Omer, down for three decades: 356→466→478→728
735.▲12Arlo, var. Arlow, .. 2 more
735.▲103Dillard, up for two decades: 854→838→735
735.▼79Eldridge, down for two decades: 643→656→735
735.▲86Federico, up for two decades: 909→821→735
735.▲12Fritz, var. Frits
735.▲140Kendall, var. Kendyl, .. 8 more
735.▼31King, down for three decades: 629→663→704→735
735.newKirby, var. Kerbie, .. 5 more
735.▼241Mathew, top var. Matthew
735.▲175Porfirio, var. Porphirios, .. 1 more
735.▼109Raphael, common var. Rafael
735.▼31Rollin, down for two decades: 688→704→735
735.▼192Rubin, top var. Ruben, Reuben
750.newCesar, var. Cesare, .. 3 more
750.▲63Garth, up for two decades: 954→813→750
750.▼101Granville, down for two decades: 554→649→750
750.▲203Lauren, top var. Loren
750.▼189Merton, var. Merwyn, .. 1 more
750.▼138Oren, common var. Oran, Orrin
750.newReinaldo, common var. Reynaldo new
750.newTyrone, var. Tirohn, .. 4 more
750.▼60Walker, down for three decades: 513→601→690→750
750.▲112Waymon, up for two decades: 890→862→750
750.▲16Zane, var. Zain, .. 2 more
764.▼232Abe, down for three decades: 248→328→532→764
764.▼17Clarance, top var. Clarence
764.▲2Dexter, up for two decades: 877→766→764
764.▼50Dorsey, down for two decades: 595→714→764
764.▼176Haywood, var. Heywood, .. 1 more
764.▼90Hermon, top var. Herman, Harmon
764.▼34Merritt, down for three decades: 581→655→730→764
764.▲15Myles, top var. Miles
764.▼176Raleigh, down for three decades: 519→543→588→764
764.▲146Reynold, var. Raynaldo, .. 11 more
782.▲17Blair, up for two decades: 832→799→782
782.newDuwayne, common var. Duane new, Dwayne new, Dewayne new, Dwain new, Dwaine new
782.▼78Elmore, down for two decades: 560→704→782
782.newFarrell, var. Farrill, .. 6 more
782.▼3Glendon, var. Glenden, .. 2 more
782.▼156Hardy, var. Hardey
782.▲8Lois, up for two decades: 890→790→782
782.▼35Maxwell, down for three decades: 458→471→747→782
782.▲113Nestor, var. Nester, .. 3 more
782.▲39Rowland, common var. Roland, Rolland
782.▼100Winfield, down for three decades: 553→619→682→782
782.▲212Wylie, var. Wiley, .. 1 more
795.newBart, var. Barrt, .. 1 more
795.newBrent, var. Brently, .. 9 more
795.▼158Coleman, down for two decades: 505→637→795
795.▲51Florencio, up for two decades: 909→846→795
795.▲135Glynn, common var. Glenn, Glen
795.▲4Hayward, up for two decades: 973→799→795
795.newLane, var. Laine, .. 1 more
795.▼187Lemuel, var. Lem, .. 1 more
795.▼29Milan, down for two decades: 669→766→795
795.▼187Rupert, down for three decades: 545→560→608→795
795.▼169Verne, top var. Vern
812.▼88Bernice, down for two decades: 709→724→812
812.newColin, var. Cailean, .. 5 more
812.▼198Cyrus, down for three decades: 428→554→614→812
812.▲118Damon, var. Daman, .. 1 more
812.▼210Fay, down for three decades: 493→538→602→812
812.▼98Garfield, down for three decades: 539→699→714→812
812.▲9Gerardo, up for two decades: 939→821→812
812.▲9Gonzalo, var. Consalvo, .. 3 more
812.▼130Jewell, down for two decades: 525→682→812
812.▼92Murphy, var. Murfee, .. 5 more
812.▼175Santo, var. Sante
826.▼96Bryce, var. Brice
826.▼5Clem, down for three decades: 513→655→821→826
826.▼144Dock, down for three decades: 468→626→682→826
826.▼136Edison, var. Eddison, .. 2 more
826.▼157Judson, down for two decades: 589→669→826
826.▼265Lincoln, var. Linc, .. 1 more
826.▼96Lucas, var. Loucas, .. 2 more
826.▼131Ottis, common var. Otis
826.▼152Theo, down for three decades: 449→613→674→826
826.newToby, var. Tobee, .. 7 more
826.▼184Valentine, common var. Valentin
844.▼140Alvis, down for two decades: 663→704→844
844.▼130Aurelio, down for two decades: 619→714→844
844.newChuck, var. Chuckie
844.newDannie, common var. Danny new
844.▼236Domenic, common var. Dominick, Dominic
844.newDwaine, common var. Duane new, Dwayne new, Dewayne new, Dwain new, Duwayne new
844.▼23Early, down for two decades: 699→821→844
844.▼124Elzie, down for three decades: 527→626→720→844
844.▼78Haskell, down for three decades: 598→643→766→844
844.newLamont, var. Lammond, .. 3 more
844.▲86Leopoldo, up for two decades: 973→930→844
844.▼272Lucien, down for three decades: 519→546→572→844
844.▼54Melton, down for two decades: 752→790→844
844.▼265Nickolas, top var. Nicolas
844.▼242Ora, down for three decades: 377→490→602→844
844.▼170Porter, down for three decades: 485→520→674→844
844.▼23Quinton, var. Quintain, .. 7 more
844.newRayburn, var. Raeborne, .. 6 more
844.▲128Valentin, common var. Valentine
844.▲86Wayland, var. Waylan, .. 6 more
869.newArlin, common var. Arlen new, Arlan new
869.newBurt, var. Burty, .. 1 more
869.▼122Edd, top var. Ed
869.newEddy, common var. Eddie new
869.▼79Elliot, common var. Elliott
869.▼220Florian, var. Florien, .. 2 more
869.▼145Helen, down for two decades: 680→724→869
869.▼122Pearl, down for three decades: 501→709→747→869
883.newArvin, var. Arvyn, .. 8 more
883.▼104Bertrand, var. Bertrando
883.▼153Bryant, var. Briant
883.▲12Buck, var. Buckey, .. 3 more
883.▼93Carey, common var. Cary
883.▼8General, down for three decades: 724→797→875→883
883.▲89Issac, common var. Isaac
883.newJavier, var. Havier, .. 3 more
883.▲70Lonzo, var. Lonza, .. 1 more
883.▼159Loyal, down for two decades: 709→724→883
897.newArlan, common var. Arlen new, Arlin new
897.▼215Asa, down for three decades: 493→554→682→897
897.▼22Berry, top var. Barry
897.▼289Elwin, down for two decades: 597→608→897
897.newKerry, var. Keary, .. 4 more
897.newLandon, var. Landen, .. 4 more
897.▼59Mac, top var. Mack
897.▲75Miller, var. Millar, .. 3 more
897.▼183Prince, down for two decades: 655→714→897
912.▼188Clovis, var. Clodoveo, .. 3 more
912.▲82Deane, common var. Dean
912.newHarlen, common var. Harlan new
912.▼91Howell, var. Howel, .. 1 more
912.newHuston, top var. Houston new
912.newJacky, common var. Jackie new
912.newKirk, var. Kirkland, .. 4 more
912.▼17Leeroy, top var. Leroy
912.newLoran, top var. Loren new
912.▲60Marcellus, var. Marcello
912.▼91Obie, down for three decades: 688→709→821→912
912.▲60Oran, common var. Oren, Orrin
912.▼165Pierre, var. Peer, .. 2 more
912.newRandy, var. Randey, .. 2 more
912.▼182Reid, top var. Reed
912.▼37Stanton, var. Stanten, .. 1 more
912.newTerrell, var. Tarrall, .. 11 more
936.▲58Cary, common var. Carey
936.newCliff, var. Cliffe, .. 2 more
936.▼294Constantine, var. Costa, .. 9 more
936.newCornell, var. Cornall, .. 2 more
936.▼137Dayton, var. Daytan, .. 1 more
936.▼340Eldred, var. Aldred, .. 1 more
936.newEpifanio, var. Epefano, .. 5 more
936.newErrol, var. Erol, .. 5 more
936.newLeigh, top var. Lee new
936.▼170Newell, down for three decades: 664→759→766→936
936.▲36Reese, common var. Reece
959.▼64Brooks, down for two decades: 752→895→959
959.▲13Curtiss, common var. Curtis
959.▲35Delton, top var. Dalton
959.newDelvin, var. Delwin, .. 8 more
959.▼49Dempsey, var. Dempsy
959.newGerold, top var. Gerald new
959.newJacinto, var. Giacintho, .. 2 more
959.▼345Junius, var. June, .. 3 more
959.▼269Lucian, down for three decades: 629→680→690→959
959.▼121Madison, down for two decades: 759→838→959
959.newMarc, top var. Mark new
959.newMervyn, common var. Marvin new, Mervin new
959.▼84Orrin, top var. Oren
959.▼160Seth, down for two decades: 651→799→959
959.newVidal, var. Bidal, .. 2 more
985.▼290Albin, down for two decades: 516→695→985
985.▼219Ardell, var. Ardel
985.newBuddie, top var. Buddy new
985.▼110Chauncey, down for three decades: 553→735→875→985
985.▼110Donn, top var. Don
985.▼55Gaston, down for two decades: 759→930→985
985.newHurley, var. Hurlee, .. 2 more
985.newIan, var. Ean, .. 5 more
985.newJarvis, var. Jarvee, .. 5 more
985.▼206Matt, down for three decades: 454→531→779→985
985.newNewman, var. Neuman, .. 3 more
985.newRandal, common var. Randall new
985.newReece, top var. Reese new
985.newSherwin, var. Sherwind, .. 4 more
985.newSmith, var. Smitty, .. 4 more

Top Falls for U.S. Baby Names 1930-1939: Edsel, Junius, Eldred, Harland, Constantine