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pinPopular Names in 1950-1959

Popularity rankings for Top 1-1000 baby boy names in the U.S. in 1950-1959, and rank movements and trends in comparison to the previous decade. This year, Brett (#270), Derrick (#308), Kelvin (#356), Bret (#412) and Rory (#432) are the 5 new names that made it into the Top 1000.

1.▲8Michael, common var. Mikel
2.▼1James, var. Jaymie, .. 27 more
3.▼1Robert, down for two decades: 1→2→3
4.▼1John, common var. Jon, Jan, Jean
5.▲1David, up for three decades: 22→11→6→5
6.▼2William, var. Guillermo, .. 33 more
7.▼2Richard, var. Ritchie, .. 32 more
8.▼2Thomas, top var. Tomas
9.▲47Mark, top var. Marc
10.▼3Charles, down for three decades: 5→6→7→10
11.▲20Steven, common var. Stevan
12.▲2Gary, top var. Garry
13.▲2Joseph, var. Seppi, .. 42 more
14.▼2Donald, down for two decades: 7→12→14
15.▼5Ronald, var. Ranald, .. 11 more
16.▼5Kenneth, top var. Kennith
17.▼5Paul, var. Pawel, .. 25 more
19.▲3Daniel, top var. Danial
20.▲4Stephen, top var. Steven, Stevan
21.▼1Dennis, top var. Denis
22.▲43Timothy, up for three decades: 377→249→65→22
23.▼5Edward, down for three decades: 9→12→18→23
24.▲65Jeffrey, common var. Jeffery, Jeffry
25.▼10George, down for three decades: 6→8→15→25
26.▲40Gregory, top var. Gregorio, Greggory
27.▲157Kevin, top var. Keven
28.▲2Douglas, common var. Douglass
29.▲3Terry, up for three decades: 500→150→32→29
30.▲14Anthony, up for two decades: 46→44→30
31.▼12Jerry, var. Jerre, .. 4 more
32.▲8Bruce, up for three decades: 137→86→40→32
33.▲124Randy, up for two decades: 912→157→33
34.▼13Frank, down for three decades: 12→16→21→34
35.▲78Brian, top var. Bryan, Bryon
36.▲141Scott, top var. Scot
37.▼14Raymond, down for three decades: 16→17→23→37
38.▼13Roger, var. Ruggiero, .. 14 more
39.▲3Peter, up for two decades: 59→42→39
40.▲18Patrick, up for three decades: 141→107→58→40
41.▼12Lawrence, top var. Laurence
42.▲63Keith, up for three decades: 151→128→105→42
43.▼10Wayne, var. Wain, .. 1 more
44.▲15Danny, top var. Dannie
45.▲11Alan, top var. Allen, Allan
46.▼20Gerald, top var. Gerold
47.▼20Jose, var. Joseito, .. 2 more
48.▼9Carl, top var. Karl
49.▲106Christopher, up for three decades: 384→367→155→49
50.▲197Ricky, common var. Rickey, Ricki
51.▲11Dale, var. Dael, .. 7 more
52.▼25Walter, down for three decades: 15→22→27→52
53.▲73Craig, top var. Kraig
54.▼20Willie, down for three decades: 27→30→34→54
55.▼5Johnny, top var. Johnnie, Johnie
56.▼20Arthur, down for three decades: 19→28→36→56
57.▼20Jack, down for three decades: 17→18→37→57
58.▼23Henry, down for three decades: 18→25→35→58
59.▲26Steve, up for two decades: 183→85→59
60.▼23Joe, common var. Joey
61.▲72Randall, common var. Randal, Randell, Randel
62.▼17Ralph, common var. Rolf
63.▼20Roy, down for three decades: 32→39→43→63
64.▼36Harold, down for three decades: 14→19→28→64
65.▲5Russell, common var. Russel
66.▼6Philip, common var. Phillip, Felipe
67.▲19Andrew, common var. Andre
68.▲15Glenn, common var. Glen, Glynn
69.▼28Billy, common var. Billie
70.▼7Stanley, down for three decades: 41→58→63→70
71.▼10Samuel, down for three decades: 46→60→61→71
72.▼26Jimmy, top var. Jimmie, Jamie
73.▲36Rodney, up for three decades: 283→163→109→73
74.▲85Eric, top var. Erik, Erick
75.▲4Barry, common var. Berry
76.▼28Albert, top var. Elbert
77.▼28Bobby, common var. Bobbie
78.▲15Martin, up for two decades: 94→93→78
79.▼3Phillip, top var. Philip, Felipe
80.▼25Louis, down for three decades: 30→43→55→80
81.▼13Ronnie, top var. Ronny
82.▼13Mike, var. Mickey, .. 1 more
83.▼32Eugene, down for two decades: 24→51→83
84.▼9Allen, common var. Allan
85.▼31Howard, down for three decades: 28→38→54→85
86.▲17Curtis, common var. Kurtis, Curtiss
87.▲225Jeffery, top var. Jeffrey, Jeffry
88.▼14Frederick, top var. Frederic
89.▼37Harry, down for three decades: 23→36→52→89
90.▼26Leonard, common var. Lenard
91.▼26Victor, var. Vitor, .. 12 more
92.▼25Ernest, top var. Earnest
93.▲45Tony, top var. Toney
94.▲92Micheal, up for three decades: 568→510→186→94
95.▲42Darrell, common var. Daryl, Darryl, Darrel, Derrell, Daryle
96.▼18Eddie, top var. Eddy
97.▼24Melvin, down for three decades: 50→54→73→97
98.▼3Juan, down for two decades: 85→95→98
99.▼46Fred, down for two decades: 34→53→99
100.▲105Matthew, top var. Mathew
101.▲5Vincent, up for two decades: 111→106→101
102.▼31Francis, down for three decades: 35→50→71→102
103.▲32Jay, up for three decades: 191→153→135→103
104.▼20Marvin, top var. Mervin
105.▼5Edwin, down for three decades: 56→77→100→105
106.▼29Tommy, common var. Tommie
107.▲46Dean, var. Dene, .. 4 more
107.▲4Luis, up for three decades: 154→118→111→107
109.▼15Lee, common var. Leigh
110.▲164Rick, var. Rikki, .. 14 more
111.▼39Earl, top var. Earle
112.▼32Clarence, down for three decades: 29→45→80→112
113.▼44Norman, down for two decades: 41→69→113
114.▲22Carlos, up for three decades: 182→147→136→114
115.▼28Don, common var. Donn
116.▲13Calvin, var. Cal, .. 3 more
117.▲1Jerome, var. Jairome, .. 19 more
118.▼17Theodore, down for three decades: 67→81→101→118
119.▼15Clifford, down for three decades: 64→83→104→119
120.▼28Alfred, down for three decades: 40→61→92→120
121.▼25Ray, down for two decades: 64→96→121
122.▲149Bradley, up for three decades: 682→442→271→122
123.▲9Jon, up for three decades: 799→208→132→123
124.▼36Jim, var. Jimi, .. 5 more
125.▲209Rickey, common var. Ricky, Rickie, Ricki
126.▲4Benjamin, var. Benn, .. 28 more
127.▼12Jesse, top var. Jessie
128.▲111Chris, common var. Kris, Cris
129.▲14Joel, up for three decades: 303→181→143→129
130.▲4Dan, up for three decades: 187→165→134→130
131.▼29Bernard, down for three decades: 47→64→102→131
132.▲12Glen, top var. Glenn, Glynn
133.▼23Warren, down for three decades: 51→99→110→133
134.▲126Jeff, up for three decades: 478→465→260→134
135.▼28Gordon, down for two decades: 79→107→135
136.▼55Bill, down for two decades: 66→81→136
137.▼47Leroy, down for three decades: 52→56→90→137
138.▼41Tom, var. Thom, .. 2 more
139.▼41Herbert, common var. Herbert
140.▼41Duane, top var. Dwayne, Dewayne, Dwain, Dwaine, Duwayne
141.▲75Jonathan, common var. Jonathon
142.▼26Alvin, common var. Elvin
143.▲80Tim, up for three decades: 862→625→223→143
144.▼3Nicholas, var. Nicoll, .. 60 more
145.▼33Leon, down for three decades: 77→90→112→145
146.▼18Angel, var. Ohngel, .. 17 more
147.▼30Manuel, down for three decades: 95→108→117→147
148.▲103Mitchell, top var. Mitchel
149.▲113Marc, top var. Mark
150.▲197Bryan, top var. Bryon
151.▲85Reginald, up for three decades: 314→308→236→151
152.▲20Dwight, top var. Dewitt
152.▼27Leslie, top var. Lesley
155.▼31Vernon, down for three decades: 68→93→124→155
156.▲5Lonnie, common var. Lonny
157.▼49Lloyd, top var. Loyd
158.▼19Gilbert, down for three decades: 105→106→139→158
159.▼60Gene, down for two decades: 67→99→159
160.▼33Franklin, down for two decades: 75→127→160
161.▲30Garry, common var. Gary
162.▲9Hector, up for three decades: 415→224→171→162
163.▲134Greg, top var. Gregg
164.▲10Wesley, var. Wessley, .. 4 more
165.▲53Kent, up for three decades: 674→347→218→165
166.▲42Guy, var. Guido
167.▲299Todd, common var. Tod
168.▼26Jackie, common var. Jacky
168.▲22Karl, common var. Carl
170.▼13Antonio, down for three decades: 133→135→157→170
170.▼13Neil, common var. Neal
172.▼25Allan, common var. Alan, Allen
173.▲193Kurt, up for three decades: 799→622→366→173
174.▼51Clyde, down for three decades: 69→91→123→174
175.▼55Floyd, down for three decades: 58→80→120→175
176.▼57Lewis, top var. Luis
176.▼13Miguel, var. Migelly
178.▲4Donnie, top var. Donny
179.▲49Perry, up for two decades: 258→228→179
180.▲242Kirk, up for two decades: 912→422→180
181.▲19Ruben, top var. Rubin
182.▼36Lester, down for three decades: 78→114→146→182
183.▲111Dana, up for two decades: 632→294→183
184.▼36Leo, common var. Lee
185.▲369Brad, var. Bradd
186.▼72Jimmie, common var. Jimmy, Jamie
187.▼21Pedro, down for two decades: 142→166→187
188.▼57Charlie, down for three decades: 73→104→131→188
188.▲97Daryl, common var. Darrell, Darryl, Darrel, Derrell, Daryle
190.▼38Milton, down for three decades: 85→121→152→190
191.▲169Robin, up for two decades: 637→360→191
193.▼26Ted, down for two decades: 155→167→193
194.▼43Freddie, top var. Freddy
195.▲63Darryl, common var. Darrell, Daryl, Darrel, Daryle
196.▼36Ramon, common var. Raymon
197.▼28Francisco, down for two decades: 148→169→197
197.▲34Randolph, up for three decades: 381→376→231→197
197.▼5Stuart, common var. Stewart
201.▼52Johnnie, top var. Johnny, Johnie
202.▲16Gerard, up for three decades: 265→246→218→202
203.▼58Herman, down for three decades: 70→96→145→203
204.▼29Jesus, down for two decades: 160→175→204
205.▲133Kerry, up for two decades: 897→338→205
207.▼86Harvey, down for three decades: 93→102→121→207
208.▼58Arnold, down for three decades: 100→113→150→208
209.▲113Brent, up for two decades: 795→322→209
210.▲101Ricardo, up for three decades: 470→390→311→210
211.▲201Kelly, top var. Kelley
212.▼13Alexander, down for three decades: 141→188→199→212
213.▼32Rafael, common var. Raphael
214.▲63Mario, var. Marianus, .. 2 more
215.▼21Nelson, down for two decades: 191→194→215
216.▲19Rex, var. Reyes
217.▼34Oscar, down for three decades: 104→139→183→217
218.▼54Roland, common var. Rolland
219.▼65Cecil, down for three decades: 87→116→154→219
220.▲89Tyrone, up for two decades: 750→309→220
221.▼65Chester, down for three decades: 71→130→156→221
222.▼65Terrence, top var. Terrance, Terence
223.▼43Maurice, common var. Morris
224.▼20Nathaniel, down for three decades: 182→200→204→224
225.▼103Bob, down for two decades: 89→122→225
226.▲8Jorge, up for three decades: 396→308→234→226
227.▼1Fredrick, common var. Fredric
228.▼17Raul, var. Raoul
229.▲203Gregg, top var. Greg
230.▼65Claude, down for three decades: 106→137→165→230
231.▼25Felix, down for two decades: 170→206→231
232.▲47Aaron, top var. Aron
233.▼3Byron, var. Biren, .. 9 more
234.▼50Hugh, top var. Huey
235.▲19Neal, up for three decades: 315→296→254→235
236.▼68Sam, down for three decades: 99→131→168→236
237.▼49Jessie, top var. Jesse
237.▼27Wendell, var. Wendale, .. 2 more
239.▲44Terrance, common var. Terrence, Terence
240.▲296Randal, common var. Randall, Randell, Randel
241.▲78Lance, up for two decades: 610→319→241
242.▼47Marshall, var. Marshell, .. 6 more
243.▼26Clifton, down for three decades: 179→198→217→243
244.▲48Nathan, var. Nate, .. 4 more
245.▲3Ross, up for three decades: 264→261→248→245
246.▼49Benny, common var. Bennie
246.▼60Edgar, down for three decades: 101→146→186→246
248.▼55Sidney, down for three decades: 125→174→193→248
249.▼4Clinton, down for three decades: 186→209→245→249
250.▼19Alex, down for three decades: 177→222→231→250
251.▼72Wallace, down for three decades: 97→140→179→251
252.▲80Wade, up for two decades: 343→332→252
253.▼20Clayton, down for three decades: 167→192→233→253
254.▲118Marcus, up for two decades: 394→372→254
256.▼45Lyle, down for three decades: 167→177→211→256
257.▲130Dwayne, common var. Duane, Dewayne, Dwain, Dwaine, Duwayne
258.▲43Kenny, up for two decades: 515→301→258
259.▼50Morris, down for three decades: 128→172→209→259
260.▲26Carlton, var. Carleton, .. 3 more
261.▼36Julio, down for two decades: 220→225→261
262.▼60Sammy, top var. Sammie
264.▼41Ben, down for three decades: 160→176→223→264
265.▼1Troy, down for three decades: 230→240→264→265
266.▼63Max, down for three decades: 132→149→203→266
267.▼72Everett, common var. Everette
269.▼71Marion, down for three decades: 113→138→198→269
270.▲247Andre, up for three decades: 875→711→517→270
270.newBrett, top var. Bret new, Britt new
272.▼57Otis, down for three decades: 171→193→215→272
274.▲440Rocky, common var. Rocco
275.▲19Ivan, var. Ifan, .. 3 more
276.▲326Rickie, top var. Ricky, Rickey, Ricki
276.▼75Virgil, down for three decades: 116→144→201→276
278.▼26Laurence, common var. Lawrence
279.▲93Geoffrey, var. Jeoffrey, .. 27 more
280.▼42Ira, down for three decades: 196→230→238→280
281.▲156Bradford, up for two decades: 657→437→281
282.▲17Ken, up for two decades: 513→299→282
283.▼105Elmer, down for three decades: 60→115→178→283
283.▼2Rudy, var. Rudee, .. 2 more
285.▼71Earnest, top var. Ernest
285.▼96Willard, down for three decades: 102→141→189→285
288.▲41Armando, up for two decades: 404→329→288
289.▲81Andy, up for three decades: 396→383→370→289
290.▲32Angelo, kreatif var. Abgelo, Angeal, Angealu
291.▼78Bennie, top var. Benny
292.▼43Alton, common var. Elton
293.▲125Roderick, up for three decades: 527→477→418→293
294.▼4Clark, down for two decades: 288→290→294
295.▲72Jaime, up for three decades: 626→461→367→295
295.▲300Joey, common var. Joe
297.▲8Nick, var. Nickson, .. 9 more
297.▲262Tracy, up for three decades: 994→637→559→297
299.▼79Luther, down for three decades: 129→179→220→299
300.▼38Edmund, top var. Edmond
301.▼72Horace, down for three decades: 143→194→229→301
302.▲15Alfredo, up for three decades: 330→327→317→302
302.▼52Rudolph, down for three decades: 134→184→250→302
304.▼65Loren, top var. Lorin
305.▼24Myron, down for two decades: 226→281→305
306.▲109Terence, common var. Terrence, Terrance
308.newDerrick, common var. Derek new
308.▼44Salvatore, down for three decades: 170→215→264→308
310.▼66Roosevelt, down for two decades: 195→244→310
311.▲30Alberto, up for three decades: 411→360→341→311
311.▲4Wilfredo, up for two decades: 546→315→311
313.▲30Grant, var. Grantham, .. 1 more
313.▼49Sylvester, down for three decades: 206→239→264→313
315.▼24Sherman, down for three decades: 240→253→291→315
316.▼45Jan, var. Hans, .. 3 more
317.▼47Darrel, top var. Darrell, Daryl, Darryl, Derrell
317.▲330Kyle, up for three decades: 766→667→647→317
317.▼50Malcolm, down for two decades: 229→267→317
320.▲52Rene, common var. Rene
321.▼82Leland, down for three decades: 195→220→239→321
322.▼53Isaac, common var. Issac
323.▲651Shawn, top var. Shaun
325.▼26Julian, down for three decades: 197→233→299→325
327.▲21Stewart, top var. Stuart
328.▼101Hubert, down for three decades: 123→157→227→328
328.▼45Jacob, down for three decades: 173→234→283→328
328.▼52Julius, down for three decades: 148→230→276→328
331.▼58Pete, down for three decades: 233→241→273→331
332.▼95Lowell, down for two decades: 167→237→332
333.▼88Delbert, down for two decades: 166→245→333
333.▲62Monte, up for three decades: 910→461→395→333
335.▲585Sean, common var. Shawn, Shane, Shaun
336.▲103Orlando, up for two decades: 508→439→336
338.▲71Cary, common var. Carey
339.▼50Doyle, down for two decades: 219→289→339
340.▲42Lorenzo, var. Lorent, .. 8 more
342.▼85Archie, down for three decades: 169→211→257→342
342.▼83Tommie, top var. Tommy
344.▲82Hal, up for three decades: 506→477→426→344
344.▼77Wilbert, down for three decades: 190→210→267→344
347.▲456Derek, top var. Derrick
348.▲9Denis, up for three decades: 862→488→357→348
349.▲81Eduardo, top var. Edwardo
350.▼95Oliver, down for three decades: 153→204→255→350
352.▼75Jerald, top var. Jerrold, Jerold
353.▼27Enrique, var. Enrico, .. 2 more
354.▼36Preston, down for three decades: 284→301→318→354
354.▼17Salvador, down for three decades: 303→322→337→354
356.newKelvin, var. Kellven, .. 7 more
357.newAlfonso, common var. Alphonso, Alfonzo
358.▼102Willis, down for three decades: 145→201→256→358
359.▼45Forrest, top var. Forest
360.▼68Wilson, down for three decades: 268→272→292→360
361.▼119Homer, down for three decades: 115→161→242→361
361.▼36Van, common var. Von
363.▲22Alonzo, var. Alanso, .. 11 more
365.▼57Ellis, down for three decades: 225→279→308→365
365.▼39Pablo, down for two decades: 285→326→365
368.▼39Noel, var. Natale, .. 4 more
369.▼31Ervin, common var. Irvin
369.▲271Jeffry, common var. Jeffrey, Jeffery
372.▼69Ismael, down for two decades: 301→303→372
373.▼58Efrain, var. Efrim, .. 6 more
374.▲27Adrian, var. Adrion, .. 26 more
375.▼20Freddy, common var. Freddie
376.▼12Israel, var. Yisrael
377.▲19Gerry, up for two decades: 575→396→377
378.▲63Chuck, up for two decades: 844→441→378
379.▲237Clay, var. Klay
381.▲169Carey, common var. Cary
381.▼60Dallas, down for two decades: 281→321→381
383.▼32Bert, common var. Burt
383.▼24Travis, down for two decades: 315→359→383
385.▼142Carroll, down for two decades: 195→243→385
386.▲11Lionel, var. Lonell, .. 15 more
387.▲47Gabriel, var. Gabie, .. 20 more
387.▼78Grady, down for three decades: 237→247→309→387
387.▼80Rufus, down for three decades: 200→251→307→387
390.▲24Dominic, common var. Dominick, Domenic
391.▲124Dewayne, top var. Duane, Dwayne, Dwain, Dwaine, Duwayne
392.▲229Christian, var. Kristo, .. 24 more
392.▲9Royce, var. Roice
394.▼106Dewey, down for three decades: 208→242→288→394
395.▼62Sammie, common var. Sammy
397.▲347Curt, top var. Kurt
398.▼119Mack, top var. Mac
399.▲47Al, up for three decades: 537→458→446→399
400.▲126Dexter, up for three decades: 766→764→526→400
401.▼22Andres, down for two decades: 350→379→401
402.▲544Jody, var. Jodey, .. 2 more
402.▲115Monty, up for two decades: 883→517→402
404.▼62Boyd, down for two decades: 281→342→404
404.▼69Conrad, down for two decades: 250→335→404
404.▲177Javier, up for two decades: 883→581→404
407.▲37Adam, var. Ad, .. 23 more
407.▼36Felipe, down for three decades: 367→369→371→407
407.▼155Wilbur, down for three decades: 121→180→252→407
410.▼2Abraham, down for three decades: 261→350→408→410
410.▼67Sheldon, down for two decades: 288→343→410
412.newBret, top var. Brett new, Britt new
413.▲309Matt, up for two decades: 985→722→413
416.▲2Ronny, common var. Ronnie
417.▼20Edmond, top var. Edmund
417.▼95Owen, down for three decades: 257→276→322→417
417.▼30Santos, down for two decades: 331→387→417
420.▲141Jason, up for two decades: 676→561→420
420.▼74Louie, down for three decades: 300→327→346→420
422.▼62Percy, down for three decades: 243→280→360→422
423.▲217Bart, up for two decades: 795→640→423
423.▲58Miles, common var. Myles
425.▼46Ed, down for two decades: 348→379→425
425.▼74Garland, down for three decades: 291→307→351→425
427.▼76Domingo, down for two decades: 312→351→427
427.▲23Rodolfo, var. Rodolf, .. 2 more
429.▲166Drew, var. Dru, .. 1 more
429.▲61Vance, up for two decades: 551→490→429
432.Cornelius, var. Kornelis, .. 17 more
432.newRory, var. Rorik, .. 4 more
434.▼69Buddy, down for two decades: 252→365→434
434.▼45Tomas, common var. Thomas
436.▲338Jamie, var. Jamee, .. 4 more
437.▲99Kirby, up for two decades: 735→536→437
437.▼58Moses, top var. Moises
439.▼38Amos, down for three decades: 258→323→401→439
439.▼79Aubrey, down for three decades: 277→288→360→439
441.▼113Elbert, down for three decades: 198→236→328→441
441.▼103Irvin, top var. Ervin
443.▼94Merle, down for three decades: 211→217→349→443
445.▲33Blaine, up for two decades: 559→478→445
445.▼14Dominick, common var. Dominic, Domenic
445.▲62Heriberto, up for three decades: 821→556→507→445
445.▼38Spencer, var. Spence, .. 1 more
449.▲435Cedric, var. Rick, .. 10 more
450.newShane, var. Shaine, .. 2 more
451.▲105Alphonso, common var. Alfonso, Alfonzo
451.▼42Cleveland, down for three decades: 312→387→409→451
453.▲431Casey, var. Cace, .. 5 more
453.▲153Donny, common var. Donnie
455.▼77Darwin, common var. Derwin
455.▲519Kris, common var. Chris, Cris
455.▼3Lamar, down for two decades: 423→452→455
455.▼92Marlin, top var. Marlon, Merlin
459.▼76Emmett, down for three decades: 239→304→383→459
459.▼33Guillermo, down for two decades: 408→426→459
461.▼89Winston, var. Win, .. 5 more
462.▲321Blake, var. Blakely, .. 1 more
463.newRusty, var. Rustyn
464.▼135Eldon, down for two decades: 247→329→464
464.▼152Woodrow, var. Woody
466.▼94Wilfred, down for three decades: 221→270→372→466
467.▲14Galen, top var. Gaylon
468.▼42Emilio, down for two decades: 380→426→468
468.▼79Lanny, common var. Lannie
470.▲47Alejandro, var. Alejandrino, .. 2 more
470.▼31Barney, down for three decades: 413→432→439→470
470.▼65Ned, down for two decades: 356→405→470
470.▲151Reed, top var. Reid
470.▼4Vaughn, var. Vaughan
475.▲182Joesph, up for two decades: 676→657→475
476.▼30Sterling, var. Sterlyn, .. 1 more
477.▲267Blair, up for three decades: 799→782→744→477
477.▼85Carmelo, down for two decades: 357→392→477
477.▲11Colin, up for two decades: 812→488→477
477.▼77Grover, down for three decades: 234→305→400→477
477.▲99Kendall, up for three decades: 875→735→576→477
477.▲185Sergio, var. Sergios, .. 13 more
483.▲83Evan, var. Ewy, .. 14 more
483.▲30Stan, up for two decades: 985→513→483
485.▲399Darnell, var. Darnall, .. 2 more
485.▲18Jess, up for two decades: 510→503→485
488.newDirk, var. Dierck, .. 3 more
488.▲295Erik, top var. Eric, Erick
488.▼19Frederic, top var. Frederick
491.▲51Abel, up for three decades: 626→575→542→491
491.▲213Bryant, up for two decades: 883→704→491
491.▲8Eddy, common var. Eddie
491.▲231Randell, common var. Randall, Randal, Randel
496.▼142Junior, down for three decades: 146→205→354→496
497.▲277Dane, var. Danon, .. 4 more
497.▼82Irving, down for three decades: 150→277→415→497
497.▲271Robbie, top var. Robby
500.▼44Dannie, common var. Danny
500.▼94Elliott, common var. Elliot
500.▼3Reynaldo, common var. Reinaldo
503.▼153Orville, down for three decades: 160→227→350→503
503.▲58Thaddeus, up for two decades: 562→561→503
505.▼169Billie, top var. Billy
505.▼137Harlan, down for two decades: 284→368→505
505.▼59Linwood, down for two decades: 423→446→505
505.▼71Murray, down for three decades: 252→354→434→505
505.newZachary, var. Zak, .. 12 more
510.▼44Jasper, down for three decades: 288→410→466→510
510.▼47Norris, down for two decades: 376→463→510
512.▼91Carmen, common var. Carmine
512.▼75Elton, common var. Alton
512.▲76Justin, up for two decades: 676→588→512
512.▼68Sanford, down for three decades: 354→428→444→512
516.▼139Denny, common var. Dennie
516.▼5Jerrold, top var. Jerald, Jerold
518.▲34Rogelio, up for three decades: 875→701→552→518
519.▼63Elijah, down for three decades: 334→417→456→519
519.▼25Emanuel, top var. Emmanuel
519.▼2Ward, down for three decades: 432→492→517→519
522.▲49Kennith, top var. Kenneth
522.▲99Marcos, top var. Marcus
524.▼21Elvin, down for three decades: 339→374→503→524
524.▲112Reinaldo, top var. Reynaldo
524.▲26Terrell, up for two decades: 912→550→524
527.newScot, common var. Scott new
528.▼94Austin, down for three decades: 292→357→434→528
528.▼307Dick, down for two decades: 164→221→528
528.▼131Harley, down for three decades: 265→296→397→528
528.newMarlon, top var. Marlin new
528.▼58Reuben, common var. Ruben, Rubin
528.▲143Toby, up for two decades: 826→671→528
534.▼123Kermit, down for three decades: 349→362→411→534
534.▲32Lon, up for three decades: 862→844→566→534
537.▼169Gale, top var. Gail, Gayle
537.▲347Lane, common var. Layne
539.newDarren, var. Daron, .. 9 more
539.▲219Lamont, up for two decades: 844→758→539
539.▼115Santiago, var. Santeago, .. 4 more
539.▼3Vern, common var. Verne
543.▼35Erwin, top var. Irwin
543.▲23Nicolas, common var. Nickolas
543.▲13Sandy, up for two decades: 657→556→543
546.▲60Cesar, up for two decades: 750→606→546
546.▲290Elvis, top var. Alvis
546.▲94Joshua, up for two decades: 728→640→546
546.▼157Loyd, common var. Lloyd
546.▼103Simon, down for three decades: 334→398→443→546
553.▲109Damon, up for three decades: 930→812→662→553
553.▲215Seth, up for two decades: 959→768→553
555.▼13Agustin, top var. Augustine
555.▲442Chad, var. Chadric, .. 4 more
555.▲136Mathew, top var. Matthew
555.▼103Will, down for three decades: 352→367→452→555
560.▼110August, down for three decades: 256→335→450→560
560.▲87Cornell, up for two decades: 936→647→560
560.▲102Gerardo, up for three decades: 821→812→662→560
560.▼86Harrison, down for three decades: 345→413→474→560
560.▼29Solomon, down for three decades: 361→429→531→560
565.▲238Donnell, common var. Donell
565.▲6Garrett, up for three decades: 846→690→571→565
565.▲92Jefferson, var. Jeffersson, .. 4 more
569.▲37Morgan, var. Morgen, .. 2 more
569.▼70Nolan, down for two decades: 450→499→569
569.▲221Reid, top var. Reed
569.▼117Roscoe, down for three decades: 279→350→452→569
573.▼60Levi, down for three decades: 402→442→513→573
574.▼57Ramiro, var. Ramirez
575.▼44Elliot, common var. Elliott
575.▼76Gus, down for three decades: 404→418→499→575
575.▲129Pierre, up for two decades: 912→704→575
575.▼85Wiley, down for three decades: 363→371→490→575
580.▼57Benito, down for two decades: 438→523→580
580.▼99Hiram, var. Hy, .. 4 more
580.▲340Mitchel, common var. Mitchell
580.▼139Norbert, down for three decades: 247→288→441→580
584.▼111Elias, common var. Ellis
584.▲2Luke, var. Lucio, .. 10 more
586.▲30Duncan, up for three decades: 895→719→616→586
586.▼5Eli, top var. Eloy
586.▼168Thurman, down for three decades: 345→374→418→586
586.▲16Ulysses, var. Ulises, .. 1 more
590.▲5Donn, top var. Don
590.newEdgardo, kreatif var. Edgarmo, Elgardo, Emgardo
590.▼9Humberto, kreatif var. Heimberto, Humberton
593.newCorey, top var. Cory new
593.▲89Dwain, top var. Duane new, Dwayne, Dewayne, Dwaine, Duwayne
593.▼57Joaquin, down for two decades: 504→536→593
593.▼112Russel, top var. Russell
598.▼95Dudley, down for two decades: 488→503→598
598.▼46Ignacio, down for three decades: 466→504→552→598
598.▲8Jeremiah, var. Jereme, .. 16 more
601.▲35Davis, var. Dave, .. 7 more
602.▼121Otto, down for three decades: 241→346→481→602
602.▲19Roman, var. Rome, .. 6 more
604.▲140Danial, top var. Daniel
604.▼81Vicente, down for three decades: 455→499→523→604
607.newCameron, var. Camren, .. 8 more
607.▼81Noah, top var. Noe
607.▼65Rocco, top var. Rocky
610.▼129Emory, top var. Emery
610.▲134Marco, var. Marcos, .. 1 more
612.▼228Burton, down for three decades: 258→273→384→612
612.▼101Fredric, common var. Fredrick
612.▼70Jean, down for two decades: 384→542→612
612.▲79Nestor, up for three decades: 895→782→691→612
612.▼20Winfred, down for three decades: 436→442→592→612
619.▲184Ian, up for two decades: 985→803→619
619.▲314Lindsey, common var. Lindsay
619.newMikel, common var. Michael new
619.newRyan, var. Ryun, .. 6 more
619.▼158Weldon, down for three decades: 344→405→461→619
624.▼48Carter, var. Cartier, .. 1 more
624.▲98Cliff, up for two decades: 936→722→624
624.newCory, common var. Corey new
624.▼77Delmar, down for two decades: 327→547→624
624.▼209Elwood, down for three decades: 236→288→415→624
624.▼150Hollis, down for three decades: 417→432→474→624
624.▼143Jake, top var. Jack, Jacques
624.▼200Odell, down for three decades: 323→372→424→624
632.▼37Barton, var. Bart, .. 2 more
635.▼223Bobbie, common var. Bobby
635.▼146Coy, down for three decades: 417→447→489→635
635.▲69Garth, up for three decades: 813→750→704→635
635.▲139Val, up for two decades: 897→774→635
639.newHans, var. Han, .. 5 more
639.▼68Harris, down for three decades: 445→471→571→639
643.newJonathon, common var. Jonathan new
644.▼192Emil, down for three decades: 214→283→452→644
644.▼23Freeman, down for three decades: 520→556→621→644
644.▼4Vito, down for three decades: 356→499→640→644
647.▼88Bennett, var. Benet, .. 3 more
647.▼45Emery, top var. Emory
650.▼172Jerold, top var. Jerald, Jerrold
650.M, kreatif var. Mma, Mmo
652.▼181Armand, down for three decades: 367→435→471→652
652.▼153Charley, top var. Charlie
652.▼158Merlin, top var. Marlin, Marlon
652.▼194Millard, down for three decades: 294→354→458→652
652.newRob, var. Robb, .. 2 more
652.▼64Saul, down for three decades: 420→546→588→652
652.newTod, common var. Todd new
659.▼133Merrill, down for three decades: 388→398→526→659
662.▼168Jackson, down for three decades: 436→485→494→662
662.▲312Jordan, var. Jordyn, .. 27 more
662.▼184Riley, var. Rylee, .. 1 more
667.▼106Bernie, common var. Barney
667.▲136Bryce, up for two decades: 826→803→667
667.▼177Mary, down for two decades: 341→490→667
672.▲19Jacky, common var. Jackie
672.newKimberly, var. Kim, .. 3 more
672.▼51Sonny, var. Sonnie, .. 1 more
675.▲181Lonny, top var. Lonnie, Lenny
675.▼144Shelby, down for two decades: 527→531→675
675.▼44Shelton, down for two decades: 616→631→675
678.▼42Anton, down for three decades: 396→585→636→678
678.newBrendan, var. Brendano, .. 9 more
678.▼217Errol, var. Erol, .. 5 more
678.▼181Johnie, top var. Johnny, Johnnie
678.▲268Kenton, var. Kentan, .. 1 more
678.newStacy, var. Stacie, .. 1 more
678.▼102Wilford, down for three decades: 442→481→576→678
685.▲261Brady, var. Bradey, .. 5 more
685.▼79Cruz, down for two decades: 546→606→685
685.▼64Mariano, down for three decades: 555→585→621→685
689.newRobby, common var. Robbie new
691.▲112Burt, up for two decades: 869→803→691
691.▼155Gregorio, common var. Gregory, Greggory
691.▲53Myles, top var. Miles
691.▲23Norberto, up for two decades: 936→714→691
697.▲36Arlen, var. Arlenn, .. 8 more
697.▲171Avery, var. Averey, .. 1 more
699.▼225Gail, common var. Gale, Gayle
699.▼83Isaiah, common var. Isiah
699.▼123Lenard, common var. Leonard
699.▼196Monroe, down for three decades: 342→402→503→699
703.newBryon, top var. Brian new, Bryan new
703.▼149Mervin, down for three decades: 447→450→554→703
707.▼141Carmine, top var. Carmen
707.newKurtis, var. Kurtiss
707.▼199Maynard, down for three decades: 307→336→508→707
707.▼60Quentin, top var. Quinton
712.▼81Marcelino, down for two decades: 579→631→712
712.▲234Shannon, var. Shannan, .. 4 more
712.newTrent, var. Trenten, .. 2 more
712.▲144Zane, var. Zain, .. 2 more
718.▼203Booker, down for three decades: 464→485→515→718
718.▼137Clement, down for three decades: 373→423→581→718
718.▲166Fidel, var. Fadelio, .. 11 more
718.▲85Glynn, common var. Glenn, Glen
718.▼36Lawerence, down for two decades: 676→682→718
718.newNoe, common var. Noah new
718.▲26Theron, var. Tharon, .. 1 more
726.newBrandon, var. Brand, .. 7 more
726.▲220Domenic, common var. Dominic, Dominick
726.▼95Federico, var. Frederico
726.▼49Ferdinand, down for three decades: 456→592→677→726
726.newShaun, top var. Shawn new, Sean new, Shane new
734.▼94Adolph, down for three decades: 281→406→640→734
734.▼128Carson, var. Cason, .. 4 more
734.▼132Dalton, top var. Delton
734.▼158Esteban, down for two decades: 567→576→734
734.▼30Gearld, down for two decades: 610→704→734
734.▼94Isiah, common var. Isaiah
734.▲240Jeremy, var. Jem, .. 11 more
734.newKelley, top var. Kelly new
734.▲89Napoleon, var. Leon, .. 3 more
734.▼72Stanford, var. Stamford, .. 1 more
734.newWyatt, var. Wiatt, .. 2 more
745.▼1Bruno, down for three decades: 400→596→744→745
745.▼228Clair, down for three decades: 354→390→517→745
745.▼68Hilton, down for two decades: 616→677→745
745.newJed, var. Jedd, .. 1 more
745.▼41Moises, common var. Moses
745.▼63Royal, down for three decades: 503→540→682→745
751.▼60Bud, down for two decades: 477→691→751
751.newErick, common var. Eric new, Erik new
751.▲52Lyndon, var. Lindy, .. 8 more
754.newGeary, var. Gearey, .. 1 more
754.▲49Marcel, var. Marcellin, .. 9 more
754.▼50Mckinley, down for three decades: 579→676→704→754
754.▼21Stanton, var. Stanten, .. 1 more
754.newTyler, var. Tilar, .. 3 more
760.▼165Herschel, top var. Hershel
760.▼168Major, var. Majer, .. 2 more
760.▼113Rogers, down for two decades: 546→647→760
760.▲63Toney, top var. Tony
764.▲156Eloy, top var. Eli
764.▼238Everette, common var. Everett
764.newGino, var. Geno, .. 2 more
764.▼203Mac, common var. Mack
764.newRicki, common var. Ricky new, Rickey new, Rickie new
764.▼143Silas, down for three decades: 447→481→621→764
773.▼59Brooks, var. Brook, .. 3 more
773.▲50Douglass, top var. Douglas
773.▼167Earle, common var. Earl
773.newJarvis, var. Jarvee, .. 5 more
773.newKeven, top var. Kevin new
773.newRock, var. Rocky
773.▲201Rubin, top var. Ruben, Reuben
773.▼159Wilton, down for three decades: 527→540→614→773
784.▼40Curtiss, common var. Curtis, Kurtis
784.▼127Fletcher, down for two decades: 551→657→784
784.▼93Graham, down for two decades: 579→691→784
784.newJacques, var. Jaq, .. 4 more
784.newLenny, var. Len, .. 3 more
784.▼16Nickolas, common var. Nicolas
784.▼80Raleigh, var. Ralegh, .. 3 more
784.▲6Taylor, var. Tailer, .. 5 more
794.▲62Benedict, var. Bennie, .. 22 more
794.▼4Dennie, common var. Denny
794.▼72Houston, down for three decades: 512→585→722→794
794.▲62Omar, var. Omarr, .. 1 more
801.▼130Aurelio, var. Aurel, .. 5 more
801.▲22Donovan, var. Donavan, .. 5 more
801.▼180Forest, top var. Forrest
801.▼338Laverne, common var. Lavern
801.▼139Odis, down for three decades: 497→562→662→801
801.▲67Raphael, common var. Rafael
801.▼215Rolland, top var. Roland
810.▲74Ashley, var. Ashlie, .. 15 more
810.▼179Augustine, common var. Agustin
810.▲26Berry, top var. Barry
810.▲123Hunter, var. Hunt
810.▲74Leigh, top var. Lee
810.▼148Patricia, kreatif var. Paltricia, Potricia, Pratricia
818.▼161Alphonse, down for three decades: 409→632→657→818
818.▼96Augustus, down for three decades: 565→567→722→818
818.▼28Felton, down for three decades: 626→657→790→818
818.▼15Hayward, down for two decades: 795→803→818
818.▼328Irwin, common var. Erwin
818.newLayne, common var. Lane new
818.▲156Lindsay, common var. Lindsey
818.▲38Lorin, top var. Loren, Lauren
818.▼114Milo, down for three decades: 506→596→704→818
818.▼85Olen, common var. Olin
818.newRandel, common var. Randall new, Randal new, Randell new
818.▼276Wilmer, down for three decades: 323→458→542→818
834.▼228Alva, down for three decades: 373→519→606→834
834.▼44Alvis, var. Alvise, .. 3 more
834.▼311Carol, down for two decades: 380→523→834
834.▼246Cleo, down for three decades: 345→501→588→834
834.▼152Cyril, down for three decades: 377→567→682→834
834.▲2Darold, var. Darrold, .. 2 more
834.▼180Gayle, top var. Gale, Gail
834.▼120Rayford, down for two decades: 667→714→834
834.newStevan, common var. Steven new, Stephen new
834.newXavier, var. Javier, .. 11 more
847.newChip, var. Chipper
847.newDamian, top var. Damon new
847.newEmmanuel, top var. Emanuel new
847.▼89Gaylon, common var. Galen
847.▼231Sherwood, var. Sherwoode, .. 1 more
855.newAron, top var. Aaron new
855.newCody, var. Codell, .. 3 more
855.▲65Courtney, var. Cortney, .. 3 more
855.▼133Huey, top var. Hugh
855.newIssac, common var. Isaac new
855.▼173Jere, down for two decades: 646→682→855
855.newKraig, common var. Craig new
855.▼178Pasquale, down for three decades: 392→536→677→855
855.▼122Raymon, top var. Ramon
855.▲65Wardell, up for two decades: 959→920→855
855.▼308Wilburn, down for three decades: 367→415→547→855
867.▼185Arden, down for two decades: 579→682→867
867.▼11Artis, down for two decades: 690→856→867
867.▼134Haywood, var. Heywood, .. 1 more
867.▼301Hershel, top var. Herschel
867.▼246Lavern, common var. Laverne
867.▼93Lesley, common var. Leslie
867.▼163Modesto, var. Madesto, .. 2 more
867.▼123Otha, down for two decades: 646→744→867
867.newVon, var. Vondell, .. 2 more
878.newAlfonzo, top var. Alfonso new, Alphonso new
878.▼347Buford, down for three decades: 413→447→531→878
878.newCris, top var. Chris new, Kris new
878.newDwaine, common var. Duane new, Dwayne new, Dewayne new, Dwain new, Duwayne new
878.▼120Hugo, down for three decades: 568→628→758→878
878.▼42Lemuel, down for three decades: 608→795→836→878
878.▲68Len, common var. Leon
878.▼187Lincoln, var. Linc, .. 1 more
888.newEdwardo, top var. Eduardo new
888.▼206Elroy, down for two decades: 515→682→888
888.▼241Foster, down for three decades: 475→579→647→888
888.▼296Gaylord, down for two decades: 585→592→888
888.▼197Newton, down for three decades: 487→610→691→888
888.▼155Olin, common var. Olen
888.▼98Walker, down for three decades: 690→750→790→888
897.▼283Barbara, down for two decades: 551→614→897
897.newBaron, var. Baronicio, .. 3 more
897.▼336Basil, down for three decades: 420→471→561→897
897.newCarnell, var. Carne, .. 1 more
897.▲23Dorsey, var. Dorsee, .. 1 more
897.▼309Elmo, down for three decades: 339→533→588→897
897.▼94Gonzalo, var. Consalvo, .. 3 more
897.▼139Jules, down for two decades: 602→758→897
897.▼94Lacy, down for two decades: 632→803→897
897.▼114Regis, down for two decades: 667→783→897
897.newRolf, var. Rollo, .. 4 more
897.▼61Verne, top var. Vern
913.newBertram, var. Bertrando, .. 12 more
913.▼180Burl, down for three decades: 475→575→733→913
913.▼77Delton, top var. Dalton
913.▲84Diego, var. Dago
913.newFaron, var. Farrin, .. 4 more
913.▼130Gerold, top var. Gerald
913.▼77Jame, top var. Jim
913.▼57Luciano, down for two decades: 719→856→913
913.▼199Mason, down for three decades: 588→610→714→913
913.▲7Octavio, var. Octave, .. 7 more
913.newSanto, var. Sante
913.▼45Valentin, down for two decades: 844→868→913
913.▲20Williams, up for two decades: 985→933→913
932.▼301Alden, down for three decades: 494→536→631→932
932.newAlexis, var. Alexei, .. 13 more
932.newBroderick, var. Brodrick, .. 10 more
932.▼109Columbus, down for three decades: 539→676→823→932
932.newFabian, var. Favian, .. 21 more
932.▲42Quinton, var. Quinntan, .. 7 more
932.newTad, var. Tadd, .. 1 more
932.▼76Walton, down for three decades: 564→750→856→932
943.▼59Bienvenido, var. Benvenuto
943.newBritt, top var. Brett new, Bret new
943.newCaesar, top var. Cesar new
943.newDavy, top var. Davey new
943.▼10Derrell, common var. Darrell, Daryl, Darryl, Darrel
943.▲31Duwayne, common var. Duane, Dwayne, Dewayne, Dwain, Dwaine
943.▼296Emerson, down for three decades: 440→556→647→943
943.▲54Enoch, var. Chanoch, .. 2 more
943.newEthan, var. Aitan, .. 3 more
943.▲31Ezra, var. Ezri, .. 6 more
943.newFermin, var. Firmin
943.newGreggory, top var. Gregory new, Gregorio new
943.▲31Lauren, top var. Loren, Lorin
943.newTy, var. Tye
962.newChauncey, var. Chance, .. 5 more
962.newDavey, common var. Davy new
962.newDonell, top var. Donnell new
962.▼285Herminio, down for two decades: 637→677→962
962.▼218Hobert, down for three decades: 497→628→744→962
962.▼188Hoyt, down for three decades: 600→625→774→962
962.newJude, var. Jud, .. 5 more
962.▼271Warner, down for two decades: 519→691→962
977.▼93Alford, down for two decades: 690→884→977
977.▼233Cyrus, var. Ciro, .. 1 more
977.▼93Dillard, down for two decades: 735→884→977
977.▼309Milford, down for three decades: 478→533→668→977
977.▼154Rollin, down for three decades: 704→735→823→977
988.▼255Cletus, down for three decades: 470→559→733→988
988.newDaryle, top var. Darrell new, Daryl new, Darryl new, Darrel new
988.newDerwin, common var. Darwin new
988.▼311Dewitt, common var. Dwight
988.▼83Eldridge, down for three decades: 656→735→905→988
988.▼68Farrell, down for two decades: 782→920→988
988.▼83Fritz, down for two decades: 735→905→988
988.newHosea, var. Hoshea, .. 2 more
988.newLannie, top var. Lanny new
988.▼14Leander, var. Leanther, .. 10 more
988.▼185Maxwell, down for three decades: 747→782→803→988
988.newMurphy, var. Murfee, .. 5 more
988.▼462Shirley, down for two decades: 348→526→988
988.▼514Truman, down for three decades: 432→465→474→988

Top Falls for U.S. Baby Names 1950-1959: Truman, Shirley, Buford, Laverne, Basil