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pinPopular Names in 1970-1979

Popularity rankings for Top 1-1000 baby boy names in the U.S. in 1970-1979, and rank movements and trends compared to the previous decade. This year, Jermaine (#191), Damien (#324), Tyson (#358), Jamal (#381) and Dylan (#392) are the 5 new names that made it into the Top 1000.

1.Michael, top var. Mikel
2.▲18Christopher, common var. Kristofer, Kristoffer
3.▲84Jason, top var. Jayson, Jasen
4.▼2David, var. Davidde, .. 20 more
5.▼1James, down for three decades: 1→2→4→5
6.▼3John, common var. Jon, Jean, Jan
7.▼2Robert, down for three decades: 2→3→5→7
8.▲8Brian, top var. Bryan, Bryon, Brain
9.▼2William, down for three decades: 4→6→7→9
10.▲26Matthew, common var. Mathew
11.▲7Daniel, top var. Danial
12.▲7Joseph, top var. Josef
13.▲1Kevin, top var. Keven
14.▲13Eric, top var. Erik, Erick, Aric
15.▼5Jeffrey, top var. Jeffery, Jeffry, Jefferey
16.▼8Richard, down for three decades: 5→7→8→16
17.▼2Scott, top var. Scot
18.▼12Mark, top var. Marc
19.▼8Steven, var. Stevenson, .. 3 more
20.▼7Timothy, top var. Timmothy
21.▼12Thomas, top var. Tomas
22.▼12Anthony, var. Antal, .. 31 more
23.▼6Charles, down for three decades: 7→10→17→23
24.▲344Jeremy, top var. Jeramy, Jeromy, Jeramie, Jeremie
25.▲320Joshua, up for three decades: 640→546→345→25
26.▲215Ryan, up for two decades: 619→241→26
27.▼8Paul, down for two decades: 17→19→27
28.▲10Andrew, common var. Andre, Andrea
29.▼6Gregory, common var. Gregorio, Greggory
30.▲147Chad, common var. Chadd
31.▼10Kenneth, common var. Kennith
32.▼4Stephen, common var. Steven
33.▲48Jonathan, common var. Jonathon, Johnathan, Johnathon
34.▲43Shawn, top var. Shaun
35.▲8Jose, up for two decades: 47→43→35
36.▲96Aaron, top var. Erin, Aron, Arron
37.▼5Patrick, var. Pink, .. 24 more
38.▲106Adam, up for three decades: 444→407→144→38
39.▲281Justin, up for three decades: 588→512→320→39
40.▼11Edward, down for three decades: 18→23→29→40
41.▲34Sean, common var. Shawn, Shane, Shaun
42.▲89Benjamin, var. Bennie, .. 28 more
43.▼12Todd, common var. Tod
44.▼19Donald, down for three decades: 12→14→25→44
45.▼21Ronald, down for three decades: 10→15→24→45
47.▲18Bryan, top var. Bryon
48.▼22Gary, top var. Garry
49.▼16George, down for three decades: 15→25→33→49
50.▲139Nathan, up for three decades: 292→244→189→50
51.▲95Nicholas, var. Nicklas, .. 60 more
52.▼22Douglas, down for two decades: 28→30→52
53.▲172Travis, up for two decades: 383→225→53
54.▲325Brandon, top var. Branden
55.▼13Peter, down for two decades: 39→42→55
56.▼11Craig, top var. Kraig
57.▼22Larry, down for three decades: 11→18→35→57
58.▲17Bradley, common var. Bradly
59.▲32Juan, up for two decades: 98→91→59
60.▲33Carlos, up for three decades: 136→114→93→60
61.▲22Samuel, var. Sam, .. 6 more
62.▼22Dennis, top var. Denis
63.▼22Jerry, down for three decades: 19→31→41→63
64.▲141Shane, top var. Shayne
65.▼21Frank, down for three decades: 21→34→44→65
65.▼19Raymond, down for three decades: 23→37→46→65
67.▼10Troy, var. Troye, .. 1 more
68.▲26Luis, up for three decades: 111→107→94→68
69.▲70Jesse, top var. Jessie
70.▼23Jeffery, common var. Jeffrey, Jeffry, Jefferey
71.▼34Terry, down for two decades: 29→37→71
72.▲184Corey, top var. Cory, Kory, Korey
73.▲31Joel, up for three decades: 143→129→104→73
74.▼6Phillip, common var. Philip, Felipe
75.▲126Marcus, common var. Markus
76.▲91Derek, top var. Derrick, Darrick, Derick, Deric, Derik
77.▲180Jamie, top var. Jamey
78.▼26Rodney, var. Rodnie, .. 1 more
79.▼40Randy, down for two decades: 33→39→79
80.▼24Russell, top var. Russel
81.▲60Antonio, up for two decades: 170→141→81
82.▼32Tony, top var. Toney
83.▲261Jacob, var. Jacobi, .. 60 more
84.▼10Billy, common var. Billie
85.▲42Brent, up for three decades: 322→209→127→85
86.▼17Johnny, top var. Johnnie
87.▲71Derrick, top var. Derek, Darrick, Derick, Deric, Derik
88.▼3Philip, common var. Phillip, Felipe
89.▲24Marc, top var. Mark
90.▲86Kyle, up for three decades: 647→317→176→90
91.▲96Erik, top var. Eric, Erick, Aric
92.▼4Victor, var. Vic, .. 12 more
93.▼42Roger, down for three decades: 25→38→51→93
94.▼34Carl, top var. Karl
95.▼37Danny, top var. Dannie
96.▲39Brett, top var. Bret
97.▼19Curtis, common var. Kurtis
98.▼19Bobby, common var. Bobbie
99.▼13Jon, var. Jonpaul, .. 9 more
100.▲241Cory, common var. Corey, Kory
101.▼34Lawrence, top var. Laurence
102.▲102Alexander, up for two decades: 212→204→102
103.▼30Vincent, var. Vinicent, .. 18 more
104.▼42Gerald, down for three decades: 26→46→62→104
105.▼24Jimmy, top var. Jamie, Jimmie, Jamey
106.▲157Shannon, common var. Shanon
107.▼27Walter, down for three decades: 27→52→80→107
108.▼38Martin, var. Marton, .. 16 more
109.▼48Chris, common var. Kris
110.▼46Joe, top var. Joey
111.▼48Wayne, down for three decades: 33→43→63→111
112.▼53Alan, top var. Allen, Allan
113.▲512Dustin, var. Dustyn, .. 4 more
113.▲200Gabriel, up for three decades: 434→387→313→113
115.▲404Jared, common var. Jarrod, Jerrod, Jerod, Jarod, Jerad
116.▼4Micheal, top var. Michale
117.▲136Christian, common var. Kristian
118.▼22Henry, down for three decades: 35→58→96→118
119.▲49Miguel, up for two decades: 176→168→119
120.▼25Roy, common var. Rey
121.▼23Willie, down for three decades: 34→54→98→121
122.▼32Jay, var. Jai, .. 5 more
123.▼20Albert, top var. Elbert
124.▼58Randall, top var. Randal, Randell
125.▲41Wesley, var. Westley, .. 4 more
126.▼27Arthur, down for three decades: 36→56→99→126
127.▲32Brad, up for three decades: 554→185→159→127
128.▼21Darren, top var. Darin, Darrin, Daren, Daron, Darron
129.▲20Angel, var. Angy, .. 17 more
130.▼14Lee, down for three decades: 94→109→116→130
131.▼78Ricky, common var. Rickey
132.▲58Jesus, up for two decades: 204→190→132
133.▼85Bruce, down for two decades: 32→48→133
134.▲40Ricardo, up for three decades: 311→210→174→134
135.▼34Allen, common var. Allan
136.▲45Jorge, up for three decades: 234→226→181→136
137.▼22Frederick, top var. Frederic
138.▲60Mario, up for three decades: 277→214→198→138
139.▲32Andre, up for three decades: 517→270→171→139
140.▲25Lance, up for three decades: 319→241→165→140
141.▲20Manuel, var. Manny, .. 5 more
142.▼42Darrell, top var. Daryl, Darryl, Darrel
143.▼35Louis, down for three decades: 55→80→108→143
144.▲137Damon, up for three decades: 662→553→281→144
145.▲17Hector, var. Ector, .. 6 more
146.▲199Shaun, top var. Shawn, Sean, Shane
147.▲251Casey, top var. Kasey
148.▼23Edwin, down for three decades: 100→105→125→148
149.▲34Roberto, up for three decades: 207→192→183→149
150.▲23Tyrone, top var. Tyron
151.▼80Dale, down for two decades: 51→71→151
152.▲89Nathaniel, common var. Nathanael, Nathanial
153.▲144Adrian, top var. Adrain
153.▲300Zachary, top var. Zachery
155.▲41Francisco, top var. Francesco
156.▼46Ronnie, top var. Ronny
157.▼73Barry, down for two decades: 75→84→157
157.▲221Ian, up for three decades: 803→619→378→157
157.▲568Jeremiah, var. Jerry, .. 16 more
160.▼58Harold, down for three decades: 28→64→102→160
161.▼55Jack, down for three decades: 37→57→106→161
162.▼44Eugene, down for three decades: 51→83→118→162
162.▼108Steve, var. Stevie
164.▲95Javier, up for three decades: 581→404→259→164
165.▼46Tommy, common var. Tommie
166.▼40Kelly, top var. Kelley
167.▲82Clinton, var. Clintt, .. 2 more
168.▼96Glenn, common var. Glen
169.▼55Eddie, top var. Eddy
170.▼48Leonard, down for three decades: 64→90→122→170
171.▼42Ernest, top var. Earnest
172.▼38Reginald, var. Rayniero, .. 36 more
173.▼50Marvin, down for three decades: 84→104→123→173
174.▲277Seth, up for three decades: 768→553→451→174
175.▼23Jerome, down for two decades: 117→152→175
175.▲36Rafael, common var. Raphael
177.▲47Alex, up for two decades: 250→224→177
178.▲21Ruben, var. Rubi, .. 3 more
179.▲17Maurice, top var. Morris
180.▲7Pedro, var. Pietro, .. 4 more
181.▼51Dwayne, common var. Duane, Dewayne, Dwain
182.▼62Stanley, down for three decades: 63→70→120→182
183.▼95Dean, var. Dino, .. 4 more
184.▲485Kristopher, common var. Kristofer, Kristoffer
185.▲60Jaime, up for three decades: 367→295→245→185
186.▼77Ralph, down for three decades: 45→62→109→186
187.▼42Calvin, down for two decades: 116→145→187
187.▲28Ramon, var. Rayman, .. 2 more
189.▲49Oscar, var. Osker, .. 3 more
190.▼62Kurt, var. Kort
191.newJermaine, common var. Jermain new
192.▼59Melvin, down for three decades: 73→97→133→192
193.▼39Theodore, down for three decades: 101→118→154→193
194.▲17Neil, common var. Neal
195.▲48Raul, var. Raoul
196.▼72Howard, down for three decades: 54→85→124→196
197.▼80Tracy, common var. Tracey
199.▼51Mitchell, top var. Mitchel
200.▼60Duane, top var. Dwayne, Dewayne, Dwain
201.▲361Omar, up for three decades: 856→794→562→201
201.▲213Trevor, top var. Trever
203.▼62Harry, down for three decades: 52→89→141→203
205.▲65Jody, up for three decades: 946→402→270→205
206.▲57Terrance, common var. Terrence, Terence
208.▼29Daryl, common var. Darrell, Darryl, Darrel
208.▲29Terrence, top var. Terrance, Terence
210.▼47Earl, down for three decades: 72→111→163→210
211.▲172Isaac, common var. Issac
212.▲70Geoffrey, var. Jeoffroy, .. 27 more
212.▼59Kirk, var. Kyrk, .. 4 more
214.▲253Tyler, up for two decades: 754→467→214
215.▼110Greg, top var. Gregg
217.▼168Mike, var. Mick, .. 1 more
218.▼61Francis, down for three decades: 71→102→157→218
220.▲151Mathew, top var. Matthew
221.▼61Clifford, down for three decades: 104→119→160→221
222.▼50Clarence, down for three decades: 80→112→172→222
223.▼5Wade, var. Wadell, .. 3 more
224.▼60Alfred, down for three decades: 92→120→164→224
225.▼69Karl, common var. Carl
226.▲74Eduardo, common var. Edwardo
227.▲74Joey, common var. Joe
228.▲155Luke, up for three decades: 586→584→383→228
229.▲43Clayton, var. Klayton, .. 4 more
230.▼28Leon, down for three decades: 112→145→202→230
232.▲142Toby, up for three decades: 671→528→374→232
233.▼63Warren, down for three decades: 110→133→170→233
234.▼84Ray, down for three decades: 96→121→150→234
235.▼92Norman, down for three decades: 69→113→143→235
236.▲52Alberto, up for three decades: 341→311→288→236
237.▲176Alejandro, up for three decades: 517→470→413→237
238.▼63Bernard, down for three decades: 102→131→175→238
239.▲399Cody, up for two decades: 855→638→239
240.▼37Lonnie, common var. Lonny
241.▼91Glen, top var. Glenn
242.▼104Fred, down for three decades: 53→99→138→242
243.▼9Byron, down for three decades: 230→233→234→243
245.▲39Ivan, var. Ivanhoe, .. 3 more
246.▲9Felix, var. Felic, .. 11 more
247.▼101Don, down for three decades: 87→115→146→247
248.▼66Alvin, common var. Elvin
249.▼55Franklin, down for three decades: 127→160→194→249
250.▲190Cameron, up for two decades: 607→440→250
251.▼1Orlando, var. Roland, .. 8 more
251.▲8Roderick, up for three decades: 418→293→259→251
253.▼63Gilbert, down for three decades: 139→158→190→253
253.▼20Kelvin, var. Kelvan, .. 7 more
255.▼42Darin, top var. Darrin, Daren, Daron, Darron
256.▲170Marco, up for three decades: 744→610→426→256
257.▲152Clint, up for three decades: 823→534→409→257
258.▲113Dominic, top var. Dominick, Dominique
259.▼163Darryl, common var. Darrell, Daryl, Darrel
260.▼28Nelson, down for three decades: 194→215→232→260
261.▲5Rene, common var. Rene
262.▲55Cedric, top var. Cedrick, Sedrick
263.▼80Leroy, down for three decades: 90→137→183→263
265.▼2Ross, down for two decades: 245→263→265
266.▲577Lucas, var. Loukas, .. 2 more
267.▼52Dana, down for two decades: 183→215→267
268.▲299Jonathon, common var. Jonathan, Johnathan, Johnathon
269.▲17Edgar, var. Eadger, .. 11 more
270.▲17Jessie, top var. Jesse
271.▲123Colin, up for three decades: 488→477→394→271
272.▲116Erick, common var. Eric, Erik, Aric
274.▲57Evan, up for three decades: 566→483→331→274
275.▼69Leslie, down for three decades: 125→152→206→275
275.▲144Sergio, up for three decades: 662→477→419→275
277.▲9Stacy, common var. Stacey
278.▲116Israel, var. Yisrael
279.▼39Donnie, top var. Donny
280.▼45Lewis, top var. Luis
281.▼96Gordon, down for three decades: 107→135→185→281
281.▲22Grant, up for three decades: 343→313→303→281
283.▲8Clifton, var. Cliffeton, .. 5 more
284.▼77Herbert, top var. Herbert
284.▼76Vernon, down for three decades: 124→155→208→284
286.▲181Cesar, up for three decades: 606→546→467→286
286.▲114Spencer, up for two decades: 445→400→286
288.▲74Enrique, common var. Enrico
288.▲218Johnathan, top var. Jonathan, Jonathon, Johnathon
290.▲196Marlon, top var. Marlin
291.▲536Jarrod, top var. Jared, Jerrod
292.▼71Darrin, top var. Darren, Darin, Daren, Daron, Darron
293.▲155Brendan, top var. Brendon
293.▼124Kent, down for two decades: 165→169→293
295.▲70Julian, var. Jules, .. 7 more
296.▼49Charlie, down for three decades: 131→188→247→296
297.▲57Noel, up for two decades: 368→354→297
298.▲219Devin, common var. Devon
299.▲306Damian, top var. Damon, Damien, Damion, Dameon
300.▼81Dwight, down for two decades: 152→219→300
301.▲29Gerardo, up for three decades: 662→560→330→301
302.▲411Micah, var. Mikey, .. 3 more
302.▲50Trent, up for two decades: 712→352→302
304.▲155Lamont, up for three decades: 758→539→459→304
304.▼2Marshall, down for three decades: 195→242→302→304
306.▲57Scotty, top var. Scottie
308.▼118Gene, down for three decades: 99→159→190→308
308.▼131Kerry, var. Kerrigan, .. 4 more
310.▲502Jayson, var. Jaysen, .. 1 more
311.▲163Garrett, top var. Garret
312.▼58Jackie, down for three decades: 142→168→254→312
313.▼105Lloyd, down for three decades: 108→157→208→313
314.▲29Preston, up for two decades: 354→343→314
315.▲306Antoine, top var. Antwan, Antione, Antwon
316.▼42Johnnie, common var. Johnny
316.▼180Rick, down for two decades: 110→136→316
318.▲244Demetrius, var. Dimitrious, .. 18 more
319.▼208Jim, var. Jimmee, .. 5 more
320.▲29Bryant, up for three decades: 704→491→349→320
321.▼101Gregg, top var. Greg
323.▼79Floyd, down for three decades: 120→175→244→323
324.newDamien, top var. Damon new, Damian new, Damion new, Dameon new
326.▲6Arturo, up for three decades: 423→341→332→326
326.▼131Guy, down for two decades: 166→195→326
326.▼60Neal, down for two decades: 235→266→326
330.▲295Jordan, up for three decades: 974→662→625→330
331.▼102Allan, common var. Alan, Allen
332.▲44Blake, up for three decades: 783→462→376→332
333.▲124Marcos, top var. Marcus, Markus, Marques
334.▼30Ben, down for three decades: 223→264→304→334
334.▲87Salvador, var. Salvator, .. 5 more
336.▲3Bradford, var. Bradfurd, .. 2 more
336.▲609Chadwick, var. Chadwyck
336.▼126Perry, down for two decades: 179→210→336
339.▼71Leo, top var. Lee
339.▼78Roland, down for three decades: 164→218→261→339
341.▼27Rudy, down for three decades: 281→283→314→341
342.▼205Bill, down for three decades: 81→136→137→342
343.▼91Jimmie, common var. Jamie, Jimmy, Jamey
344.▲265Noah, top var. Noe
344.▼158Stuart, common var. Stewart
346.▲287Ethan, up for two decades: 943→633→346
347.▲156Abraham, var. Bram, .. 21 more
347.▼62Bret, top var. Brett
349.▼194Dan, down for two decades: 130→155→349
349.▼81Freddie, common var. Freddy
351.▼103Lester, down for three decades: 146→182→248→351
353.▼28Lorenzo, var. Lorenzino, .. 8 more
353.▼140Ted, down for three decades: 167→193→213→353
355.▲239Alexis, up for two decades: 932→594→355
355.▼47Frankie, down for three decades: 274→285→308→355
357.▼111Milton, down for three decades: 152→190→246→357
358.newTyson, var. Thyssen, .. 6 more
359.▲43Drew, up for three decades: 595→429→402→359
360.▲9Gilberto, kreatif var. Gailberto, Galberto, Gilberlo
360.▼87Herman, down for three decades: 145→203→273→360
362.▼47Angelo, down for two decades: 290→315→362
363.▲77Rodolfo, var. Rodolphe, .. 2 more
364.▼147Rickey, common var. Ricky, Rico, Rickie
364.▲45Rolando, up for three decades: 836→552→409→364
366.▼91Nick, var. Nykko, .. 9 more
367.▼39Dewayne, common var. Dwayne, Duane, Dwain
368.▼58Robbie, top var. Robby
369.▼248Tom, var. Tomm, .. 2 more
370.▲81Darnell, up for three decades: 884→485→451→370
371.▼56Carlton, down for two decades: 260→315→371
373.▼68Chester, down for three decades: 156→221→305→373
375.▲437Quincy, var. Quincey, .. 2 more
376.▼148Kenny, var. Kinney, .. 1 more
377.▲56Felipe, var. Filip, .. 7 more
377.▲129Terrell, top var. Terrill
379.▲15Pablo, var. Pablos
379.▼104Sam, down for three decades: 168→236→275→379
381.newJamal, top var. Jamel new, Jamil new, Jamaal new
382.▲180Austin, var. Ostynn, .. 4 more
383.▲231Bryce, top var. Brice
383.▼144Robin, down for two decades: 191→239→383
386.▼107Randolph, down for two decades: 197→279→386
387.▼92Terence, top var. Terrance, Terrence
388.▲250Brady, up for three decades: 946→685→638→388
388.▲198Courtney, up for three decades: 920→855→586→388
388.▼131Gerard, down for two decades: 202→257→388
391.▲195Quentin, common var. Quinton, Quintin
392.newDylan, var. Dillon, .. 5 more
392.▼29Max, down for three decades: 203→266→363→392
394.▼132Clyde, down for three decades: 123→174→262→394
394.▼74Sammy, top var. Sammie
396.newKendrick, var. Kenrick, .. 10 more
397.▲336Ashley, up for three decades: 884→810→733→397
397.▼61Clay, var. Klay
397.▼118Wendell, down for three decades: 210→237→279→397
400.▲90Cornelius, var. Cornell, .. 17 more
401.▼74Wilfredo, down for two decades: 311→327→401
402.▲130Lamar, var. Lamarre, .. 3 more
402.▼33Rocky, common var. Rocco
404.▲386Josh, up for two decades: 977→790→404
405.newCaleb, var. Cale, .. 5 more
405.▼46Malcolm, down for three decades: 267→317→359→405
407.▲151Gustavo, up for three decades: 933→659→558→407
407.▲209Nicolas, top var. Nickolas
407.▼132Randal, common var. Randall, Randell
407.▲63Reynaldo, common var. Reinaldo
411.▼77Salvatore, down for three decades: 264→308→334→411
411.▼82Stacey, top var. Stacy
413.▼32Sheldon, var. Sheldin, .. 1 more
415.▲238Eli, common var. Eloy
416.▼27Alfonso, top var. Alphonso, Alfonzo
416.▲43Edgardo, up for two decades: 590→459→416
418.▲45Dallas, var. Dalles, .. 3 more
418.▼69Dexter, var. Dexton, .. 2 more
420.▲24Bryon, top var. Brian, Bryan, Brain
420.▲38Dion, common var. Deon
422.▲75Abel, var. Abele, .. 7 more
422.▼22Julius, down for three decades: 276→328→400→422
422.▼89Loren, down for three decades: 239→304→333→422
422.▲114Scottie, top var. Scotty
426.▲7Efrain, top var. Efren
426.▼143Harvey, down for three decades: 121→207→283→426
429.▲24Ty, up for two decades: 943→453→429
430.▲164Roman, up for three decades: 621→602→594→430
431.▼131Cecil, down for three decades: 154→219→300→431
431.▼132Garry, common var. Gary
431.▼65Mickey, down for three decades: 305→306→366→431
434.▲48Oliver, var. Ollie, .. 10 more
435.▲156Donovan, up for three decades: 823→801→591→435
435.▼11Kris, common var. Chris
435.▼126Sidney, down for three decades: 193→248→309→435
438.▼86Myron, down for three decades: 281→305→352→438
439.▲82Tomas, common var. Thomas
440.D, kreatif var. Dda, Ddai, Dde
440.▼118Everett, top var. Everette
442.▼66Kendall, var. Kendyll, .. 8 more
443.▼136Cary, common var. Carey
445.▲268Brock, var. Brocke, .. 2 more
445.▲109Simon, top var. Simeon
447.▲126Elias, common var. Ellis
451.▲253Levi, var. Levin, .. 3 more
452.▼107Benny, common var. Bennie
452.▲296Jake, top var. Jack, Jacques
454.▼204Arnold, down for three decades: 150→208→250→454
454.▲463Jamey, common var. Jamie, Jimmy, Jimmie
454.▼119Scot, common var. Scott
457.▼163Rex, down for two decades: 216→294→457
457.▲121Saul, up for two decades: 652→578→457
459.▲52Owen, var. Ewen, .. 5 more
460.▲273Darrick, top var. Derek
460.▼148Hugh, down for three decades: 184→234→312→460
460.▼123Otis, down for three decades: 215→272→337→460
463.newDamion, top var. Damon new, Damian new, Damien new, Dameon new
464.▼127Virgil, down for three decades: 201→276→337→464
465.▲334Erin, var. Erron, .. 1 more
465.▼30Wilson, down for three decades: 292→360→435→465
467.▼149Claude, down for three decades: 165→230→318→467
468.▼50Rory, var. Rorry, .. 4 more
469.▼118Teddy, down for three decades: 298→336→351→469
471.▼86Alonzo, down for two decades: 363→385→471
471.▲189Derick, top var. Derek, Derrick, Darrick, Deric, Derik
471.▼74Earnest, common var. Ernest
474.▼65Sherman, down for three decades: 291→315→409→474
477.▼138Bart, var. Bartt, .. 1 more
477.▲256Devon, common var. Devin
479.▲32Morgan, up for three decades: 606→569→511→479
480.▼66Alton, common var. Elton
480.▲180Elijah, var. Elihu, .. 14 more
482.▲283Dante, top var. Donte
482.▲70Moses, top var. Moises
484.▲74Emanuel, common var. Emmanuel
485.newKareem, var. Karim, .. 2 more
485.▼98Rusty, var. Rustyn
488.▼67Stephan, common var. Stefan
489.▲111Xavier, up for two decades: 834→600→489
490.▲243Desmond, var. Desmund, .. 2 more
490.▲115Erich, kreatif var. Eierich, Erichei
490.▲7Guadalupe, kreatif var. Gaydalupe, Goddalupe, Godlupe
490.▼86Stewart, common var. Stuart
490.▲110Thaddeus, var. Tadeo, .. 14 more
495.▼137Lyle, down for three decades: 211→256→358→495
495.▲40Ramiro, up for two decades: 574→535→495
497.▲55Donny, common var. Donnie
498.▼117Ira, down for three decades: 238→280→381→498
499.▼189Curt, top var. Kurt
499.▲177Darius, var. Darias, .. 6 more
499.▼110Marion, down for three decades: 198→269→389→499
502.▲492Beau, var. Beale, .. 5 more
502.▼141Pete, down for three decades: 273→331→361→502
504.▼30Robby, common var. Robbie
505.▼150Wallace, down for three decades: 179→251→355→505
506.newTrenton, var. Trentin, .. 1 more
507.▲59Reuben, common var. Ruben
508.▼38Dominick, common var. Dominic, Dominique
508.▲75Jean, up for two decades: 612→583→508
508.▼128Jerald, top var. Jerrold
508.▼151Morris, down for three decades: 209→259→357→508
508.▲350Nickolas, common var. Nicolas
513.▼47Carey, common var. Cary
513.▲143Esteban, up for two decades: 734→656→513
515.▲351Deon, common var. Dion
516.▲191Hugo, up for two decades: 878→707→516
517.▼132Edmund, top var. Edmond
519.▲17Elliott, top var. Elliot
519.▲86Fabian, up for two decades: 932→605→519
519.newShad, var. Shadoe, .. 2 more
523.▲460Jarrett, var. Jarret, .. 7 more
525.▲113Moises, common var. Moses
527.▼13Kurtis, var. Kurtiss
527.▼156Willard, down for three decades: 189→285→371→527
530.▲17Donnell, top var. Donell
530.▼19Santos, down for three decades: 387→417→511→530
532.▲175Emmanuel, top var. Emanuel
532.▲66Gavin, var. Gawan, .. 13 more
532.▼67Heriberto, down for two decades: 445→465→532
535.▲82Elliot, common var. Elliott
535.▼128Elmer, down for three decades: 178→283→407→535
535.▲292Kory, top var. Korey
535.▼95Luther, down for three decades: 220→299→440→535
539.▼220Lynn, down for three decades: 162→206→319→539
539.▼150Sylvester, down for three decades: 264→313→389→539
541.▼186Darrel, top var. Darrell, Daryl, Darryl
541.▲224Mason, up for two decades: 913→765→541
544.▼118Daren, top var. Darren, Darin, Darrin, Daron, Darron
544.▲34Santiago, var. Santigo, .. 4 more
548.▲225Aron, top var. Aaron, Erin, Arron
549.▼160Bennie, top var. Benny
549.▼147Jeffry, common var. Jeffrey, Jeffery, Jefferey
549.newKristian, var. Kristan, .. 2 more
549.▼96Leland, down for three decades: 239→321→453→549
549.▼141Lionel, top var. Leonel
554.newColby, var. Collby, .. 4 more
554.▼5Jefferson, var. Jeffie, .. 4 more
554.▼195Monte, down for two decades: 333→359→554
559.▲231Brant, var. Brannt, .. 3 more
559.▼37Dane, down for two decades: 497→522→559
561.▼130Freddy, common var. Freddie
561.newJerrod, top var. Jared new, Jarrod new, Jerod new, Jerad new
561.▲87Stefan, var. Staffan, .. 6 more
561.▼124Tracey, top var. Tracy
565.▲352Dorian, var. Dorien, .. 5 more
565.▲154Rodrick, up for two decades: 913→719→565
567.▲111Sonny, var. Sunny, .. 1 more
570.▼111Archie, down for three decades: 257→342→459→570
570.▼340Ken, var. Kenney, .. 3 more
570.▲257Shon, kreatif var. Shonne, Shonni
573.newAntwan, common var. Antoine new, Antione new, Antwon new
573.▼79Grady, down for three decades: 309→387→494→573
573.▲8Hans, up for two decades: 639→581→573
573.▼45Joesph, down for two decades: 475→528→573
577.▲9Amos, var. Amoss, .. 1 more
579.▼255Clark, down for three decades: 290→294→324→579
580.▲118Anton, var. Teun, .. 3 more
580.▼161Rudolph, down for three decades: 250→302→419→580
582.▲159Ariel, var. Aeriell, .. 11 more
583.▼384Bob, var. Bobbey, .. 3 more
583.▼64Denny, down for three decades: 377→516→519→583
583.▲275Taylor, var. Tailor, .. 5 more
586.▲304Collin, var. Collins, .. 1 more
586.▼32Elvin, down for three decades: 503→524→554→586
586.▲107Nolan, var. Nolyn, .. 4 more
590.▲58Elton, common var. Alton
590.▲35Elvis, var. Alvys, .. 5 more
590.▲151Graham, up for two decades: 784→741→590
593.▲148Nestor, var. Nesterio, .. 3 more
594.▼116Dirk, var. Dieric, .. 3 more
594.▼135Ervin, common var. Irvin
594.▲131Quinton, up for three decades: 974→932→725→594
597.▼208Laurence, common var. Lawrence
598.▼174Delbert, down for three decades: 245→333→424→598
598.▼97Hubert, down for three decades: 227→328→501→598
598.▼135Miles, common var. Myles
598.▼168Wilbert, down for three decades: 267→344→430→598
602.▼74Sterling, down for three decades: 446→476→528→602
604.▼37Domingo, down for three decades: 351→427→567→604
604.newJamel, top var. Jamal new, Jamil new, Jamaal new
604.newKristofer, common var. Christopher new, Kristopher new, Kristoffer new
604.▼99Louie, down for three decades: 346→420→505→604
604.▲21Osvaldo, up for three decades: 744→718→625→604
604.▲83Solomon, var. Sollie, .. 8 more
610.▼68Conrad, down for three decades: 335→404→542→610
610.▼77Dewey, down for three decades: 288→394→533→610
610.▲4Galen, var. Galin, .. 14 more
610.▼206Monty, down for two decades: 402→404→610
610.▼88Percy, down for three decades: 360→422→522→610
610.▼61Pierre, var. Per, .. 2 more
610.newTobias, var. Tobia, .. 13 more
610.▼121Willis, down for three decades: 256→358→489→610
618.▼140Buddy, down for three decades: 365→434→478→618
618.▲155Jarvis, var. Jarvell, .. 5 more
618.newRico, top var. Ricky new, Rickey new, Rickie new
618.▼162Roosevelt, down for three decades: 244→310→456→618
623.▲110Carlo, up for three decades: 836→834→733→623
623.▲167Noe, top var. Noah
623.▼153Reinaldo, top var. Reynaldo
623.▼101Royce, down for two decades: 392→522→623
629.newLandon, var. Landyn, .. 4 more
629.▼180Stevie, down for two decades: 443→449→629
629.▼31Tad, var. Thad, .. 1 more
629.▼162Tommie, top var. Tommy
634.newAric, common var. Eric new, Erik new
634.▼328Chuck, var. Chuckie
636.▲328Darian, var. Darrion, .. 4 more
636.▲71Raphael, top var. Rafael
636.▼227Van, down for three decades: 325→361→409→636
636.▼55Winston, down for three decades: 372→461→581→636
642.▼345Kim, down for two decades: 154→297→642
642.▼95Marlin, top var. Marlon
642.▲62Shayne, common var. Shane
647.▼111Aubrey, down for three decades: 360→439→536→647
647.newJamar, var. Jimarr, .. 4 more
649.newBrenton, var. Brenttyn, .. 4 more
649.newJeramy, top var. Jeremy new, Jeromy new, Jeramie new, Jeremie new
649.▲241Jonas, up for two decades: 913→890→649
649.▼167Rufus, down for three decades: 307→387→482→649
654.▲282Issac, common var. Isaac
654.▲111Jed, var. Jedediah, .. 1 more
654.▲30Reid, top var. Reed
657.newChance, var. Chanse, .. 6 more
658.newAli, var. Alia
658.newArron, common var. Aaron new, Erin new, Aron new
658.▼164Denis, down for two decades: 348→494→658
658.newJeromy, top var. Jeremy new, Jeramy new, Jeramie new, Jeremie new
663.▼141Alphonso, common var. Alfonso, Alfonzo
663.newBranden, top var. Brandon new
663.▼171Ernie, down for three decades: 392→413→492→663
663.newJonah, var. Jonasco, .. 1 more
663.▼154Vaughn, down for three decades: 466→470→509→663
668.▲190Jackson, var. Jaxson, .. 9 more
669.▲215Diego, up for three decades: 997→913→884→669
669.▼199Horace, down for three decades: 229→301→470→669
669.▲174Wyatt, var. Wye, .. 2 more
673.▼20Avery, var. Avry, .. 1 more
673.▲68Lincoln, up for two decades: 878→741→673
673.▼17Shelby, var. Shelbie, .. 1 more
676.newDeandre, var. Deandrae, .. 5 more
676.newJerod, top var. Jared new, Jarrod new, Jerrod new, Jarod new, Jerad new
678.▼163Ellis, down for three decades: 308→365→515→678
678.newGiovanni, var. Giovonni, .. 18 more
678.newMarquis, var. Markise, .. 14 more
682.▼185Bert, down for three decades: 351→383→497→682
682.▼143Blair, down for two decades: 477→539→682
682.▲235Brain, top var. Brian, Bryan, Bryon
682.▼22Cornell, down for two decades: 560→660→682
682.newJarod, common var. Jared new, Jarrod new, Jerrod new, Jerod new, Jerad new
682.newLogan, var. Logen
682.▼196Mack, down for three decades: 279→398→486→682
682.▼238Rodger, down for three decades: 302→323→444→682
682.▼13Theron, var. Therron, .. 1 more
692.▼177Al, down for two decades: 399→515→692
692.newCedrick, top var. Cedric new, Sedrick new
692.▲129Quinn, var. Quinlan, .. 2 more
692.▲91Sebastian, var. Bastien, .. 7 more
692.newZachariah, top var. Zachary new, Zachery new
700.▲143Brooks, var. Brooke, .. 3 more
700.newDedrick, top var. Dedric new
700.newDonte, var. Dontey, .. 8 more
700.newJasen, top var. Jason new, Jayson new
700.▼13Marcel, var. Marciano, .. 9 more
700.▼89Nicky, down for two decades: 579→611→700
706.▲7Bradly, top var. Bradley
706.▼146Elbert, down for three decades: 328→441→560→706
706.▼263Rickie, top var. Ricky, Rickey, Rico
710.▼273Doyle, down for three decades: 289→339→437→710
710.▼41Harley, down for three decades: 397→528→669→710
710.▼17Russel, top var. Russell
713.▲145Barrett, var. Barrat, .. 7 more
713.▲281Cole, var. Colson, .. 1 more
713.newJohnathon, top var. Jonathan new, Jonathon new, Johnathan new
713.▼210Lane, var. Layne, .. 1 more
720.newBrendon, top var. Brendan new
720.▲84Carson, var. Kason, .. 4 more
720.▼42Carter, down for three decades: 576→624→678→720
720.▼147Cleveland, down for three decades: 409→451→573→720
720.▼198Homer, down for three decades: 242→361→522→720
720.▼198Jan, down for three decades: 271→316→522→720
720.▼137Michel, down for two decades: 491→583→720
720.▲79Rigoberto, var. Rigobert
720.▼322Rob, common var. Robb
729.▲207Adan, up for two decades: 977→936→729
729.▼245Boyd, down for three decades: 342→404→484→729
729.▼22Gregorio, common var. Gregory, Greggory
729.newNathanael, common var. Nathaniel new, Nathanial new
733.▼68Danial, top var. Daniel
733.▲261Isaiah, var. Isaia, .. 7 more
733.▲21Jacques, up for two decades: 784→754→733
733.newKristoffer, top var. Christopher new, Kristopher new, Kristofer new
733.newMalik, var. Maleeq, .. 5 more
733.▼35Reed, top var. Reid
740.▼129Carmelo, down for three decades: 392→477→611→740
740.▼173Edmond, top var. Edmund
740.▼186Garland, down for three decades: 351→425→554→740
740.▼138Hiram, down for three decades: 481→580→602→740
745.▲3Bernardo, up for three decades: 803→764→748→745
745.▼172Billie, top var. Billy
745.▲121Eliezer, up for two decades: 962→866→745
745.▼26Jasper, down for three decades: 466→510→719→745
745.▼322Lowell, down for three decades: 237→332→423→745
745.newMarkus, common var. Marcus new, Marcos new, Marques new
745.▲3Zane, var. Zaine, .. 2 more
753.▼5Antony, common var. Antonio
753.newKorey, common var. Corey new, Cory new, Kory new
756.▲9Andrea, top var. Andrew, Andre
756.newKasey, var. Kacey
758.▼71Daron, top var. Darren, Darin, Darrin, Daren, Deron, Darron
758.▼4Davis, down for two decades: 601→754→758
758.▼209Irvin, top var. Ervin
758.▲51Jude, up for two decades: 962→809→758
758.▼252Kirby, down for two decades: 437→506→758
763.▼103Anibal, down for three decades: 471→555→660→763
763.newAri, var. Aristide, .. 5 more
763.newDeshawn, var. Dashaun, .. 6 more
768.newAntione, top var. Antoine new, Antwan new, Antwon new
768.▼177Emmett, down for three decades: 383→459→591→768
768.newJeramie, common var. Jeremy new, Jeramy new, Jeromy new, Jeremie new
768.▼206Sammie, common var. Sammy
768.▲116Tyron, top var. Tyrone
768.▼84Ulysses, down for two decades: 586→684→768
768.▼147Vito, var. Vital, .. 6 more
768.▼278Wilbur, down for three decades: 252→407→490→768
777.▼99Federico, var. Frederico
777.newGarrick, var. Garryk, .. 4 more
777.▼139Gino, var. Jeno, .. 2 more
777.▼363Tod, top var. Todd
782.▲22Cruz, var. Cruzito
782.newJade, var. Jayde, .. 1 more
782.▼22Mikel, common var. Michael
782.▼161Rocco, top var. Rocky
787.newAhmad, common var. Ahmed new
787.▲25Alvaro, var. Alavaro
787.newEfren, common var. Efrain new
787.newJeremie, top var. Jeremy new, Jeramy new, Jeromy new, Jeramie new
793.▼60August, down for three decades: 450→560→733→793
793.▼120Irving, down for three decades: 415→497→673→793
793.newJamil, top var. Jamal new, Jamel new, Jamaal new
793.▼182Lenny, var. Lenn, .. 3 more
793.▲6Riley, var. Ryley, .. 1 more
793.▼168Woodrow, down for three decades: 312→464→625→793
801.▼273Cliff, var. Clyff, .. 2 more
801.▲163Cyrus, up for two decades: 977→964→801
801.▼41Edwardo, common var. Eduardo
801.▼324Gerry, down for two decades: 377→477→801
801.▼114Keven, top var. Kevin
801.▲144Leonel, common var. Lionel
801.▼262Ronny, common var. Ronnie
809.newChase, var. Chasen, .. 3 more
809.▼68Deron, common var. Daron
809.newJarred, top var. Jered new
809.▼5Keenan, var. Keen, .. 6 more
809.▲136Weston, var. Westin, .. 1 more
817.▼27Fidel, down for two decades: 718→790→817
817.newJamaal, top var. Jamal new, Jamel new, Jamil new
817.▼223Kraig, common var. Craig
817.▲10Leif, var. Lief
821.▲143Brice, top var. Bryce
821.newDameon, top var. Damon new, Damian new, Damien new, Damion new
821.▼128Harrison, down for three decades: 474→560→693→821
821.▼123Jerrold, common var. Jerald
821.newJudd, var. Jud
821.▼168Norris, down for three decades: 463→510→653→821
821.newTrey, var. Traye, .. 2 more
821.▼254Wilfred, down for three decades: 372→466→567→821
831.newAdrain, top var. Adrian new
831.▼10Aurelio, down for three decades: 671→801→821→831
831.▼112Burton, down for three decades: 384→612→719→831
831.▲59Hunter, var. Hunt
831.newRashad, var. Rashod, .. 1 more
831.▲114Raymundo, up for two decades: 962→945→831
831.▼71Robb, top var. Rob
841.▲95Broderick, var. Rickey, .. 10 more
841.▼58Coy, down for three decades: 489→635→783→841
841.▼76Marcelino, down for three decades: 631→712→765→841
846.▲148Alfonzo, common var. Alfonso, Alphonso
846.▼318Carroll, down for three decades: 243→385→528→846
846.▼286Darron, top var. Darren, Darin, Darrin, Daren, Daron
846.newDemarcus, var. Demarquez, .. 8 more
846.▼121Eloy, top var. Eli
846.▼121Frederic, top var. Frederick
846.▼73German, down for two decades: 726→773→846
846.▼153Linwood, down for three decades: 446→505→693→846
846.▲71Octavio, var. Octavius, .. 7 more
856.▼239Barton, var. Barten, .. 2 more
856.newBrennan, var. Brenn, .. 5 more
856.newJosef, common var. Joseph new
856.▲28Rey, var. Reyni, .. 1 more
856.▲138Titus, var. Titos, .. 1 more
863.▲101Axel, var. Aksel, .. 6 more
863.newBraden, var. Bradden, .. 11 more
863.▼287Carmen, down for three decades: 421→512→576→863
863.▼238Eddy, common var. Eddie
863.▲27Gonzalo, up for two decades: 897→890→863
863.▼144Kelley, top var. Kelly
863.▼225Kenton, var. Kentin, .. 1 more
863.▼238Lonny, top var. Lonnie, Lenny
863.newNigel, var. Nygel, .. 4 more
876.newChadd, top var. Chad new
876.▼429Darwin, var. Darwyn, .. 3 more
876.▼207Mitchel, top var. Mitchell
876.newShea, var. Shai, .. 5 more
876.newTerrill, top var. Terrell new
881.newDelvin, var. Delwyn, .. 8 more
881.▼216Emil, down for three decades: 452→644→665→881
881.newHassan, var. Hasani, .. 2 more
881.newNathanial, common var. Nathaniel new, Nathanael new
881.▼387Randell, top var. Randall, Randal
881.newTanner, var. Tan, .. 6 more
889.newCoby, var. Cobie, .. 5 more
889.▼191Eldon, down for three decades: 329→464→698→889
889.▼463Phil, down for three decades: 304→395→426→889
894.newDejuan, var. Dewonn, .. 4 more
894.▼181Errol, down for three decades: 461→678→713→894
894.newJayme, top var. Jim new
894.▼111Myles, top var. Miles
903.newAbdul, var. Abdallah, .. 14 more
903.▼104Arnaldo, common var. Arnoldo
903.▼282Bennett, var. Benett, .. 3 more
903.▲61Deric, top var. Derek, Derrick, Darrick, Derick, Derik
903.▼113Jefferey, common var. Jeffrey, Jeffery, Jeffry
903.newKelsey, var. Kelsy, .. 1 more
903.▼130Wiley, down for three decades: 490→575→773→903
903.newZachery, top var. Zachary new, Zachariah new
913.▼140Eugenio, down for two decades: 632→773→913
913.▲4Ezra, up for three decades: 974→943→917→913
913.▼308Harlan, down for three decades: 368→505→605→913
913.newParis, var. Parris
913.▲81Silas, var. Silvan, .. 6 more
913.▼181Timmothy, common var. Timothy
913.▼248Toney, top var. Tony
923.▼65Chauncey, var. Chancey, .. 5 more
923.newEzekiel, top var. Ezequiel new
923.newJovan, var. Jeovani, .. 12 more
923.▼245Junior, down for three decades: 354→496→678→923
923.▼245Lorne, var. Lornell, .. 1 more
923.▲22Maxwell, up for two decades: 988→945→923
923.▼57Michale, common var. Micheal
923.newSedrick, top var. Cedric new, Cedrick new
933.▼16Anderson, down for three decades: 654→689→917→933
933.newAntwon, common var. Antoine new, Antwan new, Anton new, Antione new
933.▼16Delmar, down for three decades: 547→624→917→933
933.▼43Donell, top var. Donnell
933.newFrancesco, top var. Francisco new
933.▼391Hal, down for two decades: 344→542→933
933.newJered, top var. Jarred new
933.newJosiah, var. Josias, .. 2 more
933.▼347Kennith, common var. Kenneth
933.▼49Mariano, down for three decades: 621→685→884→933
933.▼300Merle, down for three decades: 349→443→633→933
933.▼150Orville, down for three decades: 350→503→783→933
933.newSimeon, var. Sima, .. 2 more
948.▼136Alec, var. Alick
948.▼331Bobbie, common var. Bobby
948.▼207Dannie, common var. Danny
948.newDax, var. Daxton, .. 1 more
948.newDerik, top var. Derek new, Derrick new, Darrick new, Derick new, Deric new
948.▼200Greggory, top var. Gregory, Gregorio
948.newMarcellus, var. Marcello
948.▼292Ned, down for three decades: 405→470→656→948
948.▼215Roscoe, down for three decades: 452→569→733→948
948.▼372Sandy, down for two decades: 543→576→948
948.newShanon, common var. Shannon new
960.newAhmed, common var. Ahmad new
960.newDominique, top var. Dominic new, Dominick new
960.▲34Ferdinand, var. Ferdi, .. 15 more
960.newTrever, top var. Trevor new
960.newTristan, var. Trystan, .. 9 more
968.newBronson, var. Bronnson, .. 5 more
968.newCortez, var. Kortes, .. 2 more
968.▼359Erwin, down for three decades: 508→543→609→968
968.newJevon, var. Jevvyn, .. 9 more
968.newLiam, var. Lyam
968.newMarques, common var. Marcus new, Marcos new, Markus new
968.newUriah, var. Uria, .. 7 more
978.newAmir, var. Ameer, .. 6 more
978.newArnoldo, top var. Arnaldo new
978.▼33Arnulfo, down for two decades: 794→945→978
978.▼77Baron, down for two decades: 897→901→978
978.newBrannon, var. Brannen, .. 1 more
978.newCale, var. Cael, .. 6 more
978.newCordell, var. Cord, .. 6 more
978.newDedric, top var. Dedrick new
978.▼265Duncan, down for two decades: 586→713→978
978.newEnrico, common var. Enrique new
978.▼135Everette, common var. Everett
978.newJerad, top var. Jared new, Jarrod new, Jerrod new, Jerod new, Jarod new
978.newJermain, common var. Jermaine new
978.▼135Kimberly, down for two decades: 672→843→978
978.▼188Lindsey, down for two decades: 619→790→978
978.▼387Lon, down for two decades: 534→591→978
978.▼205Odell, down for three decades: 424→624→773→978
978.▼439Stan, down for two decades: 483→539→978
978.▼112Stanford, down for three decades: 662→734→866→978
999.newDarby, var. Darbie, .. 2 more
999.▼323Dwain, top var. Dwayne, Duane, Dewayne
999.newEzequiel, common var. Ezekiel new
999.▼156Garret, top var. Garrett
999.▼292Gus, down for three decades: 499→575→707→999
999.▼172Lars, var. Larson, .. 2 more
999.▼339Quintin, top var. Quentin, Quinton
999.newSamson, var. Sampson, .. 5 more
999.▼274Thurman, down for three decades: 418→586→725→999
999.newTucker, var. Tuckerman, .. 1 more

Top Falls for U.S. Baby Names 1970-1979: Pat, Rod, Phil, Stan, Russ