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pinPopular Names in 1980-1989

Popularity rankings for Top 1-1000 baby boy names in the U.S. in 1980-1989, and rank changes and trends compared to the previous decade. This year, Dillon (#385), Skyler (#450), Colton (#456), Kody (#489) and Tyrell (#497) are the 5 new entries that made it into the Top 1000.

1.Michael, common var. Mikel
2.Christopher, top var. Kristofer, Kristoffer
3.▲7Matthew, top var. Mathew
4.▲21Joshua, common var. Joshuah
5.▼1David, down for two decades: 2→4→5
6.▲5Daniel, common var. Danial
7.▼2James, down for three decades: 2→4→5→7
8.▼1Robert, down for three decades: 3→5→7→8
9.▼3John, top var. Jon, Jean, Jan
10.▲2Joseph, common var. Josef
11.▼8Jason, top var. Jayson, Jasen
12.▲27Justin, top var. Justen
13.▲15Andrew, top var. Andre, Andrea
14.▲12Ryan, common var. Ryne
15.▼6William, down for three decades: 6→7→9→15
16.▼8Brian, top var. Bryan, Bryon, Brain
17.▲16Jonathan, common var. Johnathan, Jonathon, Johnathon
18.▲36Brandon, common var. Branden, Brandan, Brandyn
19.▲32Nicholas, common var. Nicholaus
20.▲2Anthony, var. Anthoney, .. 31 more
21.▼7Eric, common var. Erik, Erick, Aric
22.▲16Adam, up for three decades: 407→144→38→22
23.▼10Kevin, top var. Keven
24.▼5Steven, down for two decades: 11→19→24
25.▼4Thomas, common var. Tomas
26.▼6Timothy, down for two decades: 13→20→26
27.▼11Richard, down for three decades: 7→8→16→27
28.▼4Jeremy, common var. Jeramy, Jeremie, Jeromy, Jeramie
29.▲61Kyle, up for three decades: 317→176→90→29
30.▼15Jeffrey, common var. Jeffery, Jeffry
31.▲11Benjamin, up for two decades: 131→42→31
32.▲4Aaron, top var. Aron, Erin, Arron
33.▼15Mark, common var. Marc
34.▼11Charles, down for three decades: 10→17→23→34
35.▲48Jacob, up for two decades: 344→83→35
36.▼4Stephen, top var. Steven
37.▼2Jose, var. Pepito, .. 2 more
38.▼1Patrick, down for two decades: 32→37→38
39.▼22Scott, top var. Scot
40.▼13Paul, down for three decades: 17→19→27→40
41.▲9Nathan, up for three decades: 244→189→50→41
42.▼1Sean, top var. Shawn, Shane, Shaun
43.▲110Zachary, common var. Zachery
44.▲9Travis, up for three decades: 383→225→53→44
45.▲68Dustin, up for two decades: 625→113→45
46.▼17Gregory, top var. Gregorio, Greggory
47.▼16Kenneth, down for three decades: 16→21→31→47
48.▲54Alexander, top var. Alexandro
49.▲20Jesse, top var. Jessie
50.▲164Tyler, up for three decades: 754→467→214→50
51.▼4Bryan, top var. Bryon
52.▲9Samuel, up for two decades: 83→61→52
53.▲23Derek, top var. Derrick, Derick, Derik, Darrick, Dereck, Deric
54.▲4Bradley, top var. Bradly
55.▼25Chad, top var. Chadd
56.▼22Shawn, top var. Shaun
57.▼17Edward, down for three decades: 23→29→40→57
58.▲57Jared, common var. Jarrod, Jerrod, Jarod, Jerod, Jerad
59.▲57Juan, var. Juanito, .. 4 more
60.▲8Luis, up for three decades: 107→94→68→60
61.▲178Cody, common var. Kody
62.▲268Jordan, top var. Jordon
63.▼8Peter, down for three decades: 39→42→55→63
64.▼4Carlos, var. Carrlos, .. 2 more
65.▲7Corey, top var. Cory, Kory, Korey
66.▼20Keith, down for two decades: 34→46→66
67.▼23Donald, down for three decades: 14→25→44→67
68.▲7Marcus, top var. Markus
69.▲4Joel, up for three decades: 129→104→73→69
70.▼25Ronald, down for three decades: 15→24→45→70
71.▲3Phillip, top var. Philip, Felipe
72.▼23George, down for three decades: 25→33→49→72
73.▲27Cory, top var. Corey, Kory
74.▲7Antonio, up for three decades: 170→141→81→74
75.▼11Shane, top var. Shayne
76.▼24Douglas, down for three decades: 28→30→52→76
77.▼12Raymond, down for three decades: 37→46→65→77
78.▲18Brett, top var. Bret
79.▲98Alex, up for three decades: 250→224→177→79
80.▼32Gary, common var. Garry
81.▲71Nathaniel, common var. Nathanael, Nathanial
82.▼26Craig, top var. Kraig
83.▲4Derrick, common var. Derek, Derick, Derik, Darrick, Dereck, Deric
84.▲63Casey, top var. Kasey
85.▲72Ian, up for three decades: 619→378→157→85
86.▲2Philip, top var. Phillip, Felipe
87.▲26Gabriel, up for three decades: 387→313→113→87
88.▲4Victor, var. Victorien, .. 12 more
89.▲2Erik, common var. Eric, Erick, Aric
90.▲27Christian, common var. Cristian, Kristian
91.▼26Frank, down for three decades: 34→44→65→91
92.▲182Evan, up for three decades: 483→331→274→92
93.▲39Jesus, up for three decades: 204→190→132→93
94.▼37Larry, down for three decades: 18→35→57→94
95.▲79Seth, up for three decades: 553→451→174→95
96.▲286Austin, up for two decades: 562→382→96
97.▼35Dennis, common var. Denis
98.▲5Vincent, var. Vinnie, .. 18 more
99.▼14Brent, var. Brennt, .. 9 more
100.▼30Jeffery, top var. Jeffrey, Jeffry
101.▲24Wesley, top var. Westley
102.▼23Randy, down for three decades: 33→39→79→102
103.▼60Todd, down for two decades: 31→43→103
104.▼7Curtis, top var. Kurtis
105.▲14Miguel, up for three decades: 176→168→119→105
106.▲51Jeremiah, up for two decades: 725→157→106
107.▲46Adrian, common var. Adrain
108.▲28Jorge, up for three decades: 226→181→136→108
109.▲3Alan, common var. Allen, Allan
110.▲19Angel, up for two decades: 149→129→110
111.▲27Mario, up for three decades: 214→198→138→111
112.▲116Luke, up for three decades: 584→383→228→112
113.▼33Russell, common var. Russel
114.▼51Jerry, down for three decades: 31→41→63→114
115.▲86Trevor, common var. Trever
116.▼22Carl, common var. Karl
117.▲17Ricardo, up for three decades: 210→174→134→117
118.▼32Johnny, common var. Johnnie
119.▲213Blake, up for three decades: 462→376→332→119
120.▲146Lucas, common var. Lukas
121.▲25Shaun, top var. Sean, Shawn, Shane
122.▲77Mitchell, top var. Mitchel
122.▼40Tony, down for two decades: 50→82→122
124.▲126Cameron, top var. Kameron
125.▼54Terry, down for three decades: 29→37→71→125
126.▲29Francisco, top var. Francesco
127.▼19Martin, down for two decades: 70→108→127
128.▼61Troy, down for two decades: 57→67→128
129.▲6Allen, common var. Allan
130.▲168Devin, common var. Devon
131.▲157Johnathan, top var. Jonathan, Jonathon, Johnathon
132.▲9Manuel, up for two decades: 161→141→132
133.▼15Henry, down for three decades: 58→96→118→133
134.▼36Bobby, down for three decades: 77→79→98→134
135.▲4Andre, up for three decades: 270→171→139→135
136.▲48Kristopher, common var. Kristofer, Kristoffer
137.▼6Ricky, common var. Rickey
138.▼33Jimmy, top var. Jamie, Jimmie, Jamey
139.▼50Marc, common var. Mark
140.▼56Billy, down for three decades: 69→74→84→140
141.▲170Garrett, common var. Garret
142.▲3Hector, up for two decades: 162→145→142
143.▲262Caleb, common var. Kaleb
144.▼49Danny, down for three decades: 44→58→95→144
145.▲4Roberto, up for three decades: 192→183→149→145
146.▼6Lance, var. Launce, .. 2 more
147.▼24Albert, down for three decades: 76→103→123→147
148.▼24Randall, common var. Randal
149.▼19Lee, down for three decades: 109→116→130→149
150.▼49Lawrence, top var. Laurence
151.▲117Jonathon, common var. Jonathan, Johnathan, Johnathon
152.▲431Taylor, up for two decades: 858→583→152
153.▲67Mathew, common var. Matthew
154.▲57Isaac, common var. Issac
155.▼39Micheal, down for three decades: 94→112→116→155
156.▲11Clinton, up for two decades: 249→167→156
157.▼80Jamie, top var. Jamey
158.▼51Walter, down for three decades: 52→80→107→158
159.▲5Javier, up for three decades: 404→259→164→159
160.▼82Rodney, down for two decades: 52→78→160
161.▼18Louis, down for three decades: 80→108→143→161
162.▼14Edwin, down for three decades: 105→125→148→162
163.▼70Roger, down for three decades: 38→51→93→163
164.▼43Willie, down for three decades: 54→98→121→164
165.▲106Colin, up for three decades: 477→394→271→165
166.▼67Jon, down for two decades: 86→99→166
167.▲70Alejandro, up for three decades: 470→413→237→167
167.▲62Clayton, up for two decades: 272→229→167
169.▲20Oscar, up for two decades: 238→189→169
170.▲31Omar, up for three decades: 794→562→201→170
171.▲638Chase, var. Chayse, .. 3 more
171.▲4Rafael, top var. Raphael
173.▲7Pedro, up for two decades: 187→180→173
174.▲91Ross, var. Rosston, .. 3 more
175.▼71Gerald, down for three decades: 46→62→104→175
176.▼15Jack, down for three decades: 57→106→161→176
177.▼44Bruce, down for three decades: 32→48→133→177
178.▼52Arthur, down for three decades: 56→99→126→178
179.▼69Joe, top var. Joey
179.▼59Roy, common var. Rey
181.▲105Spencer, up for three decades: 445→400→286→181
182.▼4Ruben, var. Rubino, .. 3 more
183.▼55Darren, common var. Darin, Darrin, Daron, Daren, Darron
184.▼62Jay, down for two decades: 90→122→184
185.▼6Maurice, common var. Morris
186.▼75Wayne, down for three decades: 43→63→111→186
187.▼75Calvin, var. Vinnie, .. 3 more
188.▲171Drew, up for three decades: 429→402→359→188
189.▲92Grant, up for three decades: 313→303→281→189
190.▲103Brendan, common var. Brendon, Brenden
190.▲26Fernando, up for two decades: 290→216→190
192.▼65Brad, var. Bradd
193.▲199Dylan, top var. Dillon
194.▲32Eduardo, top var. Edwardo
195.▼10Jaime, var. Jaymie, .. 3 more
196.▼1Raul, var. Raoul
197.▼55Darrell, common var. Darryl, Daryl, Darrel, Derrell
198.▲97Julian, up for two decades: 365→295→198
199.▲76Sergio, up for three decades: 477→419→275→199
200.▲482Logan, var. Logen
201.▼64Frederick, down for three decades: 88→115→137→201
201.▲250Levi, up for two decades: 704→451→201
203.▲329Emmanuel, top var. Emanuel
204.▼13Jermaine, var. Germain, .. 6 more
205.▲139Noah, common var. Noe
206.▲139Terrance, common var. Terrence, Terence
207.▲62Edgar, up for two decades: 286→269→207
207.▲38Ivan, up for two decades: 284→245→207
209.▲49Dominic, common var. Dominique, Dominick
210.▲2Geoffrey, up for two decades: 282→212→210
211.▼36Jerome, down for three decades: 117→152→175→211
212.▼40Reginald, down for two decades: 134→172→212
213.▲23Alberto, up for three decades: 311→288→236→213
213.▼44Eddie, top var. Eddy
215.▼22Theodore, down for three decades: 118→154→193→215
216.▼66Tyrone, common var. Tyron
217.▼23Neil, top var. Neal
218.▼45Marvin, down for three decades: 104→123→173→218
219.▲24Armando, up for two decades: 296→243→219
220.▼13Julio, kreatif var. Jalio, Jelio, Jolio
221.▼34Ramon, var. Raymon, .. 2 more
222.▼51Ernest, common var. Earnest
223.▼61Steve, down for two decades: 54→162→223
224.▲78Micah, up for two decades: 713→302→224
225.▲227Jake, common var. Jack, Jacques
226.▼64Eugene, down for three decades: 83→118→162→226
226.▲44Jessie, common var. Jesse
228.▼72Ronnie, common var. Ronny
229.▲30Darryl, top var. Darrell, Daryl, Darrel
229.▼61Glenn, common var. Glen
231.▲91Andres, up for two decades: 417→322→231
232.▼7Karl, top var. Carl
233.▼63Leonard, down for three decades: 90→122→170→233
234.▲112Ethan, up for three decades: 943→633→346→234
234.▲173Nicolas, common var. Nickolas, Nikolas
236.▼85Dale, down for three decades: 51→71→151→236
237.▼47Kurt, down for two decades: 128→190→237
237.▼72Tommy, common var. Tommie
239.▼31Terrence, top var. Terrance, Terence
240.▲237Devon, common var. Devin, Devan
241.▼49Melvin, down for three decades: 97→133→192→241
242.▲141Bryce, top var. Brice
243.▼86Barry, down for three decades: 75→84→157→243
244.▲42Cesar, up for three decades: 546→467→286→244
244.▲12Marco, up for three decades: 610→426→256→244
246.▲74Bryant, up for three decades: 491→349→320→246
246.▲68Preston, up for three decades: 354→343→314→246
248.▼66Stanley, down for three decades: 70→120→182→248
249.▼28Clifford, down for three decades: 119→160→221→249
250.▼84Kelly, down for two decades: 126→166→250
251.▼91Harold, down for three decades: 64→102→160→251
251.▲40Jarrod, common var. Jared, Jerrod
253.▲19Erick, common var. Eric, Erik, Aric
254.▼3Orlando, down for two decades: 250→251→254
255.▲100Alexis, up for three decades: 932→594→355→255
256.▲4Nelson, var. Neils, .. 9 more
257.▼14Byron, down for three decades: 233→234→243→257
258.▼152Shannon, var. Shanen, .. 4 more
259.▼78Dwayne, top var. Duane, Dewayne
260.▼42Francis, down for three decades: 102→157→218→260
260.▲132Max, var. Maxx, .. 3 more
262.▼31Andy, down for two decades: 226→231→262
263.▲226Xavier, up for three decades: 834→600→489→263
264.▲8Alfredo, up for two decades: 323→272→264
264.▲205Josue, up for two decades: 773→469→264
266.▲22Enrique, up for two decades: 362→288→266
267.▲34Gerardo, up for three decades: 560→330→301→267
268.▼41Joey, top var. Joe
269.▲89Tyson, var. Thyssen, .. 6 more
270.▲443Cole, up for two decades: 994→713→270
270.▼87Dean, down for two decades: 88→183→270
270.▼84Ralph, down for three decades: 62→109→186→270
274.▲73Abraham, up for two decades: 503→347→274
275.▲685Tristan, var. Tris, .. 9 more
276.▼42Ray, down for three decades: 121→150→234→276
278.▼56Clarence, down for three decades: 112→172→222→278
278.▼29Franklin, down for three decades: 160→194→249→278
280.▼27Gilbert, down for three decades: 158→190→253→280
281.▲45Arturo, up for three decades: 341→332→326→281
282.▲22Marshall, var. Marchall, .. 6 more
283.▼50Warren, down for three decades: 133→170→233→283
284.▲40Damien, common var. Damian, Damon, Damion, Dameon
284.▼31Kelvin, down for two decades: 233→253→284
286.▼24Cedric, common var. Cedrick
287.▼39Alvin, common var. Elvin
288.▼78Earl, down for three decades: 111→163→210→288
289.▲374Branden, common var. Brandon, Brandan, Brandyn
290.▼87Harry, down for three decades: 89→141→203→290
291.▲263Colby, var. Colbert, .. 4 more
292.▲188Elijah, up for two decades: 660→480→292
293.▲40Marcos, common var. Marcus, Marques, Markus
294.▲94Brady, up for three decades: 685→638→388→294
294.▲83Terrell, common var. Tyrell
296.▼72Alfred, down for three decades: 120→164→224→296
297.▼36Rene, top var. Rene
298.▲204Beau, top var. Bo
299.▲82Jamal, top var. Jamaal, Jamel, Jamil
300.▲34Salvador, up for two decades: 421→334→300
301.▼23Israel, var. Yisrael
302.▲16Demetrius, common var. Demetris
303.▼91Kirk, down for two decades: 153→212→303
304.▲204Nickolas, common var. Nicolas, Nikolas
305.▼82Wade, down for two decades: 218→223→305
306.▲193Darius, top var. Darrius
308.▲425Isaiah, top var. Isiah
309.▼79Leon, down for three decades: 145→202→230→309
310.▼64Felix, var. Pelike, .. 11 more
311.▲42Lorenzo, var. Loreno, .. 8 more
312.▲167Morgan, up for three decades: 569→511→479→312
313.▲75Courtney, common var. Cortney
314.▲245Dane, var. Daine, .. 4 more
315.▲245Antoine, common var. Antwan, Antwon, Antione
316.▼108Daryl, common var. Darrell, Darryl, Darrel, Derrell
318.▲166Emanuel, top var. Emmanuel
319.▼36Clifton, var. Clyffton, .. 5 more
320.▲24Stuart, top var. Stewart
321.▲49Darnell, up for three decades: 485→451→370→321
322.▲54Kenny, var. Kinney, .. 1 more
323.▼127Howard, down for three decades: 85→124→196→323
324.▼86Bernard, down for three decades: 131→175→238→324
325.▲120Brock, up for two decades: 713→445→325
326.▲387Johnathon, top var. Jonathan, Johnathan, Jonathon
326.▼75Roderick, var. Rodrik, .. 33 more
328.▲3Allan, common var. Alan, Allen
329.▲73Lamar, up for two decades: 532→402→329
329.▼32Noel, var. Natal, .. 4 more
331.▼32Damian, common var. Damien, Damon, Damion, Dameon
331.▲48Pablo, up for two decades: 394→379→331
333.▼224Chris, common var. Kris
334.▼32Trent, var. Trenton, .. 2 more
335.▲56Quentin, top var. Quinton, Quintin
336.▲82Dallas, up for two decades: 463→418→336
337.▲195Gavin, up for two decades: 598→532→337
338.▲248Collin, up for two decades: 890→586→338
338.▲260Miles, common var. Myles
338.▲168Trenton, var. Trentin, .. 1 more
341.▲200Mason, up for three decades: 913→765→541→341
342.▲489Hunter, up for two decades: 890→831→342
343.▲4Bret, common var. Brett
343.▲72Eli, up for two decades: 653→415→343
343.▼80Leroy, down for three decades: 137→183→263→343
343.▼108Norman, down for three decades: 113→143→235→343
347.▲16Rodolfo, up for two decades: 440→363→347
347.▲556Zachery, common var. Zachary, Zachariah
349.▼205Damon, var. Daymon, .. 1 more
350.▼70Lewis, top var. Luis
351.▼55Charlie, down for three decades: 188→247→296→351
352.▲529Tanner, var. Tan, .. 6 more
352.▲35Terence, common var. Terrance, Terrence
354.▼44Jayson, var. Jaysen, .. 1 more
354.▲275Landon, var. Landen, .. 4 more
354.▼70Vernon, down for three decades: 155→208→284→354
357.▲133Desmond, up for two decades: 733→490→357
359.▲48Gustavo, up for three decades: 659→558→407→359
360.▼113Don, down for three decades: 115→146→247→360
361.▼120Glen, common var. Glenn
362.▼122Lonnie, down for three decades: 156→203→240→362
363.▼70Kent, down for three decades: 165→169→293→363
363.▼37Neal, down for three decades: 235→266→326→363
365.▲32Ashley, up for three decades: 810→733→397→365
365.▲558Maxwell, up for three decades: 988→945→923→365
367.▲18Ismael, up for two decades: 449→385→367
368.▼87Gordon, down for three decades: 135→185→281→368
369.▲591Dominique, top var. Dominic, Dominick
369.▲221Graham, up for three decades: 784→741→590→369
369.▲57Guillermo, up for two decades: 480→426→369
372.▲75Elias, common var. Ellis
373.▼9Rickey, top var. Ricky, Rico, Rickie
374.▲22Kendrick, var. Kendric, .. 10 more
374.▲318Zachariah, top var. Zachary, Zachery
376.▲95Derick, common var. Derek, Derrick, Derik, Darrick, Dereck, Deric
377.▼177Duane, top var. Dwayne, Dewayne
377.▲241Jarvis, up for two decades: 773→618→377
379.▲278Chance, var. Chanse, .. 6 more
379.▲299Marquis, var. Marquez, .. 14 more
381.▲41Abel, up for two decades: 497→422→381
383.▲211Quinton, up for three decades: 932→725→594→383
383.▼42Rudy, down for three decades: 283→314→341→383
385.newDillon, var. Dylon, .. 5 more
385.▲60Simon, up for two decades: 554→445→385
387.▲260Jamar, var. Jemar, .. 4 more
388.▼88Dwight, down for three decades: 152→219→300→388
389.▲146Elliot, top var. Elliott
390.▼123Dana, down for three decades: 183→215→267→390
390.▼148Fred, down for three decades: 99→138→242→390
392.▲24Alfonso, common var. Alphonso
392.▲131Jarrett, common var. Jarret
394.▲28Julius, var. Jolyon, .. 4 more
395.▼59Bradford, var. Brad, .. 2 more
395.▲124Elliott, common var. Elliot
395.▼56Roland, down for three decades: 218→261→339→395
395.▲62Saul, up for three decades: 652→578→457→395
400.▲186Nolan, up for two decades: 693→586→400
400.▲88Stephan, top var. Stefan, Stephon
402.▲106Dominick, common var. Dominic, Dominique
402.▲3Malcolm, var. Malkolm, .. 2 more
402.▲3Rocky, common var. Rocco
405.▲244Brenton, var. Brenten, .. 4 more
405.▼28Felipe, var. Fillip, .. 7 more
407.▲262Diego, up for three decades: 913→884→669→407
408.▲119Kurtis, var. Kurtiss
409.▼9Cornelius, var. Kornelious, .. 17 more
409.▲33Kendall, var. Kendel, .. 8 more
411.▲398Jarred, common var. Jered
412.▼41Carlton, down for three decades: 260→315→371→412
412.▲264Deandre, var. Diondray, .. 5 more
414.▲21Donovan, top var. Donavan
415.▲104Fabian, up for three decades: 932→605→519→415
416.▼19Clay, down for two decades: 336→397→416
416.▼108Kerry, down for two decades: 177→308→416
416.▼80Perry, down for three decades: 179→210→336→416
419.▼106Lloyd, down for three decades: 157→208→313→419
419.▲49Rory, var. Rorey, .. 4 more
421.▼137Herbert, common var. Herbert
422.▼132Marlon, common var. Marlin
422.▲37Owen, up for two decades: 511→459→422
424.▼75Freddie, top var. Freddy
425.▲1Efrain, common var. Efren
425.▲508Josiah, var. Joziah, .. 2 more
428.▼224Jeff, down for two decades: 55→204→428
428.▲6Oliver, up for two decades: 482→434→428
430.▲248Giovanni, var. Jovan, .. 18 more
430.▼91Leo, top var. Lee
430.▲131Stefan, up for two decades: 648→561→430
433.▲245Dusty, up for two decades: 917→678→433
433.▼3Roman, var. Romain, .. 6 more
435.▲138Antwan, top var. Antoine, Antwon, Antione
435.▲386Harrison, var. Harrisson, .. 2 more
437.▼103Ben, down for three decades: 264→304→334→437
437.▲45Dante, top var. Donte
437.▼19Dexter, down for two decades: 349→418→437
437.▲10Rogelio, up for two decades: 554→447→437
441.▲376Jamaal, common var. Jamal, Jamel, Jamil
441.▼125Rick, down for three decades: 110→136→316→441
443.▼135Gene, down for three decades: 159→190→308→443
443.▲167Pierre, var. Piers, .. 2 more
445.▼44Wilfredo, down for three decades: 311→327→401→445
446.▼191Darin, top var. Darrin, Daron, Daren, Darron
446.▲62Jean, up for three decades: 612→583→508→446
446.▼171Leslie, down for three decades: 152→206→275→446
446.▲49Ramiro, up for three decades: 574→535→495→446
450.▲85Kory, common var. Korey
450.newSkyler, common var. Skylar new, Schuyler new
452.▲61Esteban, up for three decades: 734→656→513→452
453.▲129Ariel, up for two decades: 741→582→453
453.▼78Quincy, var. Quinsy, .. 2 more
453.▼256Tracy, down for two decades: 117→197→453
456.newColton, var. Colten, .. 3 more
457.▼178Donnie, common var. Donny
457.▲272Nathanael, common var. Nathaniel, Nathanial
459.▲241Donte, var. Dohntae, .. 8 more
460.▲56Hugo, up for three decades: 878→707→516→460
460.▼117Jimmie, top var. Jimmy, Jamie, Jamey
462.▲347Weston, up for two decades: 945→809→462
463.▼80Robin, down for three decades: 191→239→383→463
463.▲22Rusty, var. Rustyn
465.▼250Greg, common var. Gregg
466.▲365Rashad, var. Rashod, .. 1 more
466.▼87Sam, down for three decades: 236→275→379→466
468.▼176Darrin, common var. Darren, Darin, Daron, Daren, Darron
468.▼145Floyd, down for three decades: 175→244→323→468
468.▼113Frankie, down for three decades: 285→308→355→468
468.▲325Riley, up for two decades: 799→793→468
472.▼156Johnnie, top var. Johnny
472.▼50Loren, down for three decades: 304→333→422→472
474.▼148Guy, down for three decades: 166→195→326→474
474.▼170Lamont, var. Lemond, .. 3 more
474.▼257Mike, down for two decades: 49→217→474
477.▲48Moises, top var. Moses
478.▼127Lester, down for three decades: 182→248→351→478
478.▼67Salvatore, down for three decades: 308→334→411→478
480.▼45Sidney, down for three decades: 248→309→435→480
482.▼277Jody, var. Jodie, .. 2 more
482.▼250Toby, var. Tobe, .. 7 more
484.▼148Chadwick, var. Chadwyck
484.▼127Milton, down for three decades: 190→246→357→484
486.▼21Wilson, down for three decades: 360→435→465→486
487.▼80Reynaldo, common var. Reinaldo
489.▼58Cecil, down for three decades: 219→300→431→489
489.▲72Jerrod, common var. Jared, Jarrod, Jerod, Jerad
489.newKody, var. Kodie, .. 2 more
489.▲60Lionel, common var. Leonel
493.▲175Jackson, up for two decades: 858→668→493
494.▲108Sterling, var. Stirling, .. 1 more
495.▲72Emilio, up for two decades: 602→567→495
495.▼66Ty, var. Tye
497.newTyrell, common var. Terrell new, Tyrel new
498.▲222Brendon, common var. Brendan, Brenden
499.▲257Kasey, var. Kacey
499.▲479Zackary, common var. Zackery
502.▲319Trey, var. Tre, .. 2 more
503.▼90Sheldon, down for two decades: 381→413→503
503.▼64Tomas, common var. Thomas
505.▼34Alonzo, common var. Alonso
505.▲351Brennan, var. Brenyn, .. 5 more
507.▲97Jamel, top var. Jamal, Jamaal, Jamil
507.newKellen, var. Keilan, .. 8 more
507.▲37Santiago, up for two decades: 578→544→507
507.▲185Sebastian, up for two decades: 783→692→507
511.▼144Dewayne, top var. Dwayne, Duane
511.▼199Jackie, down for three decades: 168→254→312→511
511.▲143Reid, common var. Reed
515.newConnor, top var. Conor new
515.▼166Dan, down for three decades: 130→155→349→515
517.▼120Wendell, down for three decades: 237→279→397→517
518.▼36Moses, top var. Moises
519.▼34Kareem, var. Kharim, .. 2 more
519.▼29Stewart, top var. Stuart
521.▼161Herman, down for three decades: 203→273→360→521
521.▲232Korey, common var. Corey, Cory, Kory
521.newZackery, common var. Zackary new
524.▲424Alec, var. Alick
524.▲24Aron, common var. Aaron, Erin, Arron
526.▼138Gerard, down for three decades: 202→257→388→526
527.▼133Clyde, down for three decades: 174→262→394→527
527.▲40Humberto, up for two decades: 644→567→527
529.▲317Demarcus, var. Demarco, .. 8 more
529.▲94Noe, top var. Noah
532.▲48Anton, up for two decades: 698→580→532
532.▲141Avery, var. Avry, .. 1 more
532.▲131Jonah, var. Jonasco, .. 1 more
532.▲362Myles, top var. Miles
536.▼150Randolph, down for three decades: 197→279→386→536
536.▼183Ted, down for three decades: 193→213→353→536
538.▼219Jim, down for two decades: 111→319→538
538.▲64Vicente, up for two decades: 644→602→538
540.▲281Brice, top var. Bryce
540.▼33Reuben, top var. Ruben
540.▼234Scotty, common var. Scottie
543.▲177Carson, up for two decades: 804→720→543
543.▲18Freddy, top var. Freddie
543.▼48Lyle, down for three decades: 256→358→495→543
547.newParker, var. Parks, .. 3 more
548.newDakota, var. Dakotah, .. 7 more
548.▼108Everett, down for three decades: 267→322→440→548
548.▼58Thaddeus, var. Thaddaus, .. 14 more
551.▲131Jarod, common var. Jared, Jarrod, Jerrod, Jerod, Jerad
551.newKaleb, top var. Caleb new
551.▲53Kristofer, common var. Christopher new, Kristopher, Kristoffer
554.▼100Arnold, down for three decades: 208→250→454→554
556.newChaz, var. Chazz, .. 1 more
557.▲230Alvaro, up for two decades: 812→787→557
557.▲143Brooks, up for two decades: 843→700→557
557.▼150Randal, top var. Randall
560.▼187Chester, down for three decades: 221→305→373→560
560.newCristian, var. Chrystian
560.▼95Erin, var. Erron, .. 1 more
560.▼194Nick, down for two decades: 275→366→560
564.▲15Clark, var. Clerk, .. 2 more
564.newJameson, var. Jamison, .. 2 more
566.▼146Bryon, top var. Brian, Bryan, Brain
566.newDeangelo, var. Diangelo, .. 1 more
566.▲167Reed, common var. Reid
569.▲123Quinn, up for two decades: 821→692→569
569.▼2Sonny, var. Sunny, .. 1 more
569.▲100Wyatt, up for two decades: 843→669→569
572.▼152Dion, top var. Deon
574.▲235Keenan, var. Keen, .. 6 more
574.▼180Sammy, top var. Sammie
574.▲30Solomon, up for two decades: 687→604→574
577.▲168Zane, up for two decades: 748→745→577
578.▲80Ali, var. Alia
578.▼121Rex, down for three decades: 216→294→457→578
578.▼210Robbie, common var. Robby
583.newAshton, var. Aston, .. 5 more
583.▼53Donnell, var. Donnelly, .. 3 more
583.▲59Ignacio, up for two decades: 656→642→583
586.▲24Conrad, var. Connie, .. 9 more
587.▲123Harley, var. Arley, .. 8 more
587.▼57Santos, down for three decades: 417→511→530→587
589.newConor, top var. Connor new
589.▼151Myron, down for three decades: 305→352→438→589
592.▲271Braden, var. Braydon, .. 11 more
592.▼161Garry, common var. Gary
592.▼19Joesph, down for three decades: 475→528→573→592
592.▼43Leland, down for three decades: 321→453→549→592
592.▼219Ron, down for two decades: 222→373→592
598.▲203Leonel, top var. Lionel
598.▼63Luther, down for three decades: 299→440→535→598
598.▲370Marques, top var. Marcus, Marcos, Markus, Marquise
601.▲128Adan, up for three decades: 977→936→729→601
601.▲157Davis, var. Davison, .. 7 more
605.▼73Heriberto, down for three decades: 445→465→532→605
605.▲115Rigoberto, up for two decades: 799→720→605
607.▼42Dorian, var. Dorryen, .. 5 more
607.▼133Sherman, down for three decades: 315→409→474→607
609.▼129Alton, common var. Elton
609.▼70Sylvester, down for three decades: 313→389→539→609
611.▼151Otis, down for three decades: 272→337→460→611
611.▲31Shayne, top var. Shane
613.▲174Ahmad, common var. Ahmed
613.▼187Harvey, down for three decades: 207→283→426→613
613.newJaron, var. Jarran, .. 12 more
616.▼145Earnest, top var. Ernest
616.▲129Markus, top var. Marcus, Marcos, Marques
616.▼247Tom, down for two decades: 121→369→616
619.▲63Blair, var. Blayre, .. 2 more
619.newBryson, var. Brysin, .. 2 more
619.newColt, var. Coulter, .. 2 more
619.▲81Marcel, var. Marcelin, .. 9 more
619.▼75Vance, down for two decades: 406→544→619
624.▼157Claude, down for three decades: 230→318→467→624
624.▼295Marty, down for two decades: 223→329→624
626.newBo, var. Boe
626.newDavon, var. Davyn, .. 2 more
626.▼305Gregg, top var. Greg
626.▼195Mickey, down for three decades: 306→366→431→626
626.▲10Raphael, common var. Rafael
633.▲9Agustin, top var. Augustine
633.▼181Benny, common var. Bennie
633.▼10Royce, down for three decades: 392→522→623→633
637.▲76Barrett, up for two decades: 858→713→637
637.▲108Eliezer, up for three decades: 962→866→745→637
640.▼142Ira, down for three decades: 280→381→498→640
641.▼126Deon, top var. Dion
641.▲358Garret, common var. Garrett
641.▼133Morris, down for three decades: 259→357→508→641
645.▲118Deshawn, var. Dashaun, .. 6 more
645.▼59Elvin, down for three decades: 524→554→586→645
647.newJordon, top var. Jordan new
647.▲352Quintin, common var. Quentin, Quinton
650.newAkeem, var. Akim, .. 2 more
650.▼279Matt, down for two decades: 292→371→650
650.▲231Nathanial, common var. Nathaniel, Nathanael
650.▲213Nigel, var. Niguel, .. 4 more
654.▼105Bennie, common var. Benny
654.▼64Elvis, var. Elvys, .. 5 more
654.▼36Roosevelt, down for three decades: 310→456→618→654
657.▼108Kristian, var. Kristien, .. 2 more
657.▲16Shelby, var. Shelbie, .. 1 more
659.▲274Antwon, top var. Antoine, Antwan, Anton, Antione
660.▲46Bradly, common var. Bradley
660.▼87Hans, var. Hanzel, .. 5 more
660.▲53Lane, var. Layne, .. 1 more
663.▼16Aubrey, down for three decades: 439→536→647→663
663.▼321Bill, down for three decades: 136→137→342→663
663.▼161Pete, down for three decades: 331→361→502→663
668.▼109Brant, common var. Brandt
668.▼205Damion, common var. Damien, Damian, Damon, Dameon
670.C, kreatif var. Cchad, Ccolw, Chadc
670.▲206Mitchel, common var. Mitchell
670.▼77Nestor, var. Nestorio, .. 3 more
673.newDalton, var. Daleton, .. 4 more
673.▲3Jerod, top var. Jared, Jarrod, Jerrod, Jarod, Jerad
673.newMaximilian, common var. Maximilian new
673.▼37Winston, down for three decades: 461→581→636→673
677.▼217Hugh, down for three decades: 234→312→460→677
679.▼138Darrel, common var. Darrell, Darryl, Daryl, Derrell
679.▼125Reggie, down for two decades: 542→554→679
683.▲295Amir, var. Ameer, .. 6 more
683.newCorbin, var. Korbyn, .. 11 more
683.▲148Raymundo, up for three decades: 962→945→831→683
683.▲62Tory, up for two decades: 994→745→683
683.▼219Virgil, down for three decades: 276→337→464→683
690.▲213Bennett, var. Benoit, .. 3 more
690.▲68Irvin, top var. Ervin
690.▼36Jed, var. Jedediah, .. 1 more
690.▲288Jerad, top var. Jared, Jarrod, Jerrod, Jarod, Jerod
690.▼182Jerald, down for three decades: 352→380→508→690
690.▲233Jovan, var. Jovani, .. 12 more
690.▼93Laurence, common var. Lawrence
690.▼186Robby, common var. Robbie
698.newNikolas, top var. Nicolas new, Nickolas new
701.▼188Carey, common var. Cary
701.▼97Domingo, down for three decades: 427→567→604→701
701.newIsiah, common var. Isaiah new
701.newJace, var. Jayce, .. 5 more
701.▲267Liam, var. Lyam
701.▼83Rico, common var. Ricky, Rickey, Rickie
708.▲260Bronson, var. Bronsson, .. 5 more
708.▲240Derik, top var. Derek, Derrick, Derick, Darrick, Dereck, Deric
708.▼239Teddy, down for three decades: 336→351→469→708
708.▼98Willis, down for three decades: 358→489→610→708
712.▼135Amos, var. Amoss, .. 1 more
712.▼158Jefferson, down for two decades: 549→554→712
712.▼63Jeramy, common var. Jeremy, Jeremie, Jeromy, Jeramie
715.▼57Arron, common var. Aaron, Aron, Erin
715.newBrenden, common var. Brendan new, Brendon new
715.▼198Edmund, common var. Edmond
715.▲14Gregorio, common var. Gregory, Greggory
715.▲5Jan, var. Janos, .. 3 more
720.▲5Carter, var. Cartrell, .. 1 more
720.▼235Dave, down for two decades: 193→485→720
720.▲25Jasper, var. Gasper, .. 4 more
720.▲193Moshe, kreatif var. Mashe, Monshe, Mushe
720.▲279Tucker, var. Tuckerman, .. 1 more
720.▼215Wallace, down for three decades: 251→355→505→720
726.▼283Cary, top var. Carey
726.newCortney, top var. Courtney new
726.▼227Curt, common var. Kurt
726.▲75Cyrus, up for three decades: 977→964→801→726
726.▲7Jacques, up for three decades: 784→754→733→726
726.newKeegan, var. Kagan, .. 6 more
726.▼146Rudolph, down for three decades: 302→419→580→726
726.▲150Shea, var. Shays, .. 5 more
726.▼116Tobias, var. Tobia, .. 13 more
735.▲225Ahmed, common var. Ahmad
735.▼101Aric, top var. Eric, Erik
735.▲159Dejuan, var. Dajuwan, .. 4 more
735.▲198Jered, top var. Jarred
735.▲52Jeremie, common var. Jeremy, Jeramy, Jeromy, Jeramie
735.newLukas, common var. Lucas new
741.▲41Cruz, up for two decades: 804→782→741
741.▲52Jamil, top var. Jamal, Jamaal, Jamel
741.newJerrell, top var. Jerel new
741.▲115Josef, common var. Joseph
741.▲162Kelsey, var. Kelsy, .. 1 more
741.newPrince, var. Printz, .. 4 more
741.newSkylar, common var. Skyler new, Schuyler new
741.newStephon, top var. Stephan new, Stefan new
751.▲172Chauncey, var. Chawncey, .. 5 more
751.▼216Elmer, down for three decades: 283→407→535→751
751.▼93Jeromy, common var. Jeremy, Jeramy, Jeremie, Jeramie
755.▼137Buddy, down for three decades: 434→478→618→755
755.▼101Issac, common var. Isaac
755.▲27Mikel, common var. Michael
755.▲91Octavio, up for two decades: 917→846→755
760.▲8Antione, common var. Antoine, Antwan, Antwon
760.newBrandan, common var. Brandon new, Branden new, Brandyn new
760.▲116Darwin, var. Derwynn, .. 3 more
760.▲27Efren, common var. Efrain
760.newKameron, common var. Cameron new
760.newMohammad, common var. Mohammed new, Mohamed new, Muhammad new
766.▼84Brain, top var. Brian, Bryan, Bryon
766.▼8Daron, top var. Darren, Darin, Darrin, Daren, Darron
766.▲21Davin, top var. Davon
766.newDevan, common var. Devin new, Devon new
766.▼269Donny, common var. Donnie
766.▼88Ellis, down for three decades: 365→515→678→766
766.▲157Ezekiel, common var. Ezequiel
766.▲147Ezra, up for three decades: 943→917→913→766
766.▲16Rocco, top var. Rocky
776.▲192Cortez, var. Kortez, .. 2 more
776.▼316Darrick, common var. Derek
776.▲202Duncan, var. Dunn, .. 1 more
776.newGriffin, var. Griffudd, .. 12 more
776.▲41Leif, up for two decades: 827→817→776
776.▼43Malik, var. Mallik, .. 5 more
776.▼362Timmy, down for two decades: 231→414→776
783.▼70Adolfo, down for two decades: 648→713→783
783.newNicholaus, top var. Nicholas new
783.▼361Scottie, common var. Scotty
783.▼120Vaughn, down for three decades: 470→509→663→783
789.▲189Cordell, var. Cord, .. 6 more
789.▼126Ernie, down for three decades: 413→492→663→789
789.▼97Norberto, down for two decades: 665→692→789
789.▼160Tommie, common var. Tommy
794.newAddison, var. Adisson, .. 5 more
794.newAldo, var. Alldo, .. 3 more
794.▼221Grady, down for three decades: 387→494→573→794
794.▼245Jeffry, top var. Jeffrey, Jeffery
794.▼295Marion, down for three decades: 269→389→499→794
794.▼41Shelton, down for two decades: 638→753→794
794.▼26Ulysses, down for three decades: 586→684→768→794
801.▼178Reinaldo, top var. Reynaldo
802.▼110Cedrick, common var. Cedric
802.▼9Irving, down for three decades: 497→673→793→802
802.▼44Kirby, down for three decades: 437→506→758→802
802.newMackenzie, var. Mckenzie, .. 2 more
802.▼82Michel, down for three decades: 491→583→720→802
802.newMohammed, common var. Mohammad new, Mohamed new, Muhammad new
802.▼173Stevie, down for three decades: 443→449→629→802
814.newDereck, common var. Derek new, Derrick new, Derick new, Derik new, Darrick new, Deric new
814.▲49Gonzalo, up for three decades: 897→890→863→814
814.▼74Hiram, down for three decades: 580→602→740→814
814.▼108Rickie, common var. Ricky, Rickey, Rico
814.▼537Stacy, common var. Stacey
814.newTyrel, top var. Terrell new, Tyrell new
814.▼178Van, down for three decades: 361→409→636→814
822.▼345Bart, down for two decades: 339→477→822
822.newKeon, var. Kian
822.▼5Kraig, common var. Craig
822.newMarquise, top var. Marques new
828.▼72Andrea, common var. Andrew, Andre
828.▼284Daren, top var. Darren, Darin, Darrin, Daron, Darron
828.▼234Dirk, down for two decades: 478→594→828
828.▼258Ken, down for two decades: 230→570→828
828.▼95Kristoffer, top var. Christopher, Kristopher, Kristofer
828.▼477Tim, down for two decades: 92→351→828
836.▼83Antony, top var. Antonio
836.newAsa, var. Ase
836.▲58Eliseo, up for two decades: 917→894→836
836.▼242Ervin, common var. Irvin
836.▼19Fidel, down for three decades: 718→790→817→836
836.▲97Francesco, top var. Francisco
836.newJedidiah, common var. Jedediah new
836.▲77Paris, var. Parris
836.▼425Stacey, common var. Stacy
848.▼185Alphonso, common var. Alfonso
848.▼179Horace, down for three decades: 301→470→669→848
848.newJusten, top var. Justin new
848.▲15Kenton, var. Kentin, .. 1 more
848.▼294Monte, down for three decades: 333→359→554→848
848.▲112Trever, common var. Trevor
848.newWestley, common var. Wesley new
855.▲123Brannon, var. Brannen, .. 1 more
855.▼14Coy, down for three decades: 635→783→841→855
855.newCullen, var. Cullinan, .. 2 more
855.▼197Denis, down for three decades: 348→494→658→855
855.▲93Greggory, top var. Gregory, Gregorio
855.▼213Marlin, common var. Marlon
855.▼401Scot, top var. Scott
855.▼87Tyron, top var. Tyrone
864.▼266Hubert, down for three decades: 328→501→598→864
864.▼325Lynn, down for three decades: 206→319→539→864
867.▼147Cleveland, down for three decades: 451→573→720→867
867.▼231Darian, top var. Darien
867.▼284Denny, down for three decades: 516→519→583→867
867.newJarret, common var. Jarrett new
867.newJedediah, top var. Jedidiah new
867.▼194Lincoln, var. Link, .. 1 more
867.▼185Mack, down for three decades: 398→486→682→867
875.newAbram, var. Abey, .. 9 more
875.newCooper, var. Coop
875.▼29Darron, common var. Darren, Darin, Darrin, Daron, Daren
875.▼277Delbert, down for three decades: 333→424→598→875
875.▲38Isidro, up for two decades: 983→913→875
875.newJairo, var. Jairus, .. 1 more
875.▼117Jude, var. Judson, .. 5 more
875.▼74Keven, top var. Kevin
886.newChaim, var. Chayyim, .. 9 more
886.newElisha, var. Elisee, .. 8 more
886.▼276Galen, var. Jalin, .. 14 more
886.▼359Willard, down for three decades: 285→371→527→886
891.▼28Adalberto, down for two decades: 725→863→891
891.▼321Archie, down for three decades: 342→459→570→891
891.▲87Cale, var. Cael, .. 6 more
891.▼281Dewey, down for three decades: 394→533→610→891
891.newDrake, var. Drakon, .. 3 more
891.▼151Garland, down for three decades: 425→554→740→891
891.newLauren, common var. Loren new
891.▼287Louie, down for three decades: 420→505→604→891
900.▼37Carmen, down for three decades: 512→576→863→900
900.▼19Christoper, kreatif var. Chaistoper, Christoperrey, Christoperro
900.▼6Jayme, top var. Jim
900.▼132Jeramie, top var. Jeremy, Jeramy, Jeremie, Jeromy
900.newJohathan, kreatif var. Jahathan, Joathan, Johathannah
910.▼147Anibal, down for three decades: 555→660→763→910
910.▼147Ari, var. Arye, .. 5 more
910.newAugustine, common var. Agustin new
910.▼69Broderick, var. Broddy, .. 10 more
910.▼228Cornell, down for three decades: 560→660→682→910
910.▼133Federico, down for two decades: 678→777→910
910.▼128Jade, var. Jayde, .. 1 more
910.▼64Vince, down for two decades: 435→846→910
922.▼129August, down for three decades: 560→733→793→922
922.newBrandyn, top var. Brandon new, Branden new, Brandan new
922.▼46Chadd, top var. Chad
922.newGrayson, var. Greyson, .. 2 more
922.▼468Jamey, common var. Jimmy, Jamie, Jimmie
922.▼154Sammie, top var. Sammy
922.▼66Titus, var. Titos, .. 1 more
922.▼324Wilbert, down for three decades: 344→430→598→922
933.newAlonso, top var. Alonzo new
933.newCassidy, var. Cassidey, .. 3 more
933.newDarrius, top var. Darius new
933.newDonavan, common var. Donovan new
933.▼343Elton, common var. Alton
933.▼156Garrick, var. Garreck, .. 4 more
933.▼156Gino, down for two decades: 638→777→933
933.▼92Hank, down for two decades: 693→841→933
933.▼498Kris, top var. Chris
942.▼229Kip, down for two decades: 497→713→942
942.newMohamed, common var. Mohammad new, Mohammed new, Muhammad new
942.▼332Percy, down for three decades: 422→522→610→942
942.newRyne, top var. Ryan new
946.newAlexandro, common var. Alexander new
946.▼363Bob, down for two decades: 199→583→946
946.▼213Danial, common var. Daniel
946.newDarien, top var. Darian new
946.▼43Deric, top var. Derek, Derrick, Derick, Derik, Darrick, Dereck
946.▼206Edmond, common var. Edmund
946.newJarrell, var. Jarrall
946.newKai, var. Kye, .. 2 more
946.newMuhammad, common var. Mohammad new, Mohammed new, Mohamed new
946.▼125Wilfred, down for three decades: 466→567→821→946
959.▼128Adrain, common var. Adrian
959.newArmand, var. Armando, .. 12 more
959.▼128Aurelio, down for three decades: 801→821→831→959
959.newCharley, top var. Charlie new
959.newDerrell, common var. Darrell new, Darryl new, Daryl new, Darrel new
959.▼158Edwardo, top var. Eduardo
959.newEmerson, var. Em
959.▲40Ezequiel, common var. Ezekiel
959.▼78Hassan, var. Hassain, .. 2 more
959.newHouston, var. Hutchinson, .. 3 more
959.newKyler, var. Kylor, .. 1 more
959.▼310Rufus, down for three decades: 387→482→649→959
959.newSchuyler, top var. Skyler new, Skylar new
959.▼46Silas, var. Silvan, .. 6 more
977.newAbner, var. Abby, .. 12 more
977.▼114Axel, var. Aksel, .. 6 more
977.newBrandt, top var. Brant new
977.▼156Dameon, common var. Damien, Damian, Damon, Damion
977.▼209Emmett, down for three decades: 459→591→768→977
977.▼9Erwin, down for three decades: 543→609→968→977
977.newHayden, var. Haydon, .. 3 more
977.▼277Jasen, top var. Jason, Jayson
977.newJerel, top var. Jerrell new
977.newJoshuah, common var. Joshua new
977.newKeaton, var. Keeton
977.▼176Ronny, common var. Ronnie
977.▼267Russel, common var. Russell
977.▼348Tad, down for two decades: 598→629→977
977.newTravon, var. Traveon, .. 4 more
995.newBruno, var. Brunon, .. 2 more
995.newCade, var. Kayden, .. 5 more
995.▼106Coby, var. Koby, .. 5 more
995.newDemetris, top var. Demetrius new
995.▼132Eddy, top var. Eddie
995.▼139Rey, var. Reyni, .. 1 more

Top Falls for U.S. Baby Names 1980-1989: Stacy, Kris, Tim, Jamey, Stacey