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Willa Yalena

SELECT GENDER male, female, androgynous

SELECT THEME rare, beautiful, water, gaelic, gentle, greek, noble, rock, moon, fire, hebrew, tree, goddess, monk, peace, battle, puritan, red, earth, gracious, hindi, precious, virgin, jewel, blend, dragon, hawaiian, popular, righteous, short, fairy, italian, rainbow, african, green, horse, latin, nature, summer, surname, wind

Root fr. Old German word. "Determined protector." Used widely as a baby name, Willa is comparable to the conventional Willow. See also Rilla.

Stems fr. Russian, Greek languages. "Sun ray." Rare, with the androgynous-sounding -na ending for Yalena, Yelena, like Yemina. [5]

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