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Ragnild Minnie

SELECT GENDER male, female, androgynous

SELECT THEME medieval, star, white, wisdom, lion, princess, golden, biblical, defender, noble, strong, oath, deer, destruction, goddess, life, rock, heaven, holy, mythology, wealthy, greek, intelligent, angel, blessed, christian, french, gift, island, wolf, gracious, hindi, joy, young, hope, ice, jewel, silver, spirit, england, exalted, heroine, meadow, norse, saint, virtue, welsh, bird, fairy, german, precious, rainbow, spring, surname

Based on Teutonic element. "All-knowing power." Renilda and variants are not in the Top 2000. [10]

Variant of Mary and Wilhelmina .. Used somewhat widely as baby names, Minnie and Minnee are similar to the familiar Minna. [1]

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Ragnild, Minnie in U.S.

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