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Aylmer Nels

SELECT GENDER male, female, androgynous

SELECT THEME tree, mountain, rare, dark, mythology, star, welsh, greek, leader, spanish, french, italian, gracious, blacksmith, hero, brave, good, latin, love, holy, water, saint, war, champion, magical, bird, celtic, arabic, bear, hunter, flower, friend, gift, hindi, scandinavian, valley, african, blessed, home, japanese, town, actor, great, eart

Derived fr. Old English. "Noble and renowned." Rather uncommon as a boys' name, Aylmer exists more conventionally as a surname. [6]

Derived fr. Scandinavian word. Variant of Nicholas (Greek) "victorious people". Somewhat atypical as a children's name, Nels is found more often as a last name. See also Niles.

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