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63 Ancient names that mean ancient for girls, listing Ancient baby names 1-20. Adela, Arlette, Brittany, Candace, Denise and Diana are popular names. Aeron, Amethyst, Anatolia, Aoife, Arena, Attilia, Brianda, Ciana, Cilla, Cithara, Corinthia, Cybele, Eilat and Eleri are uncommon names. View Ancient baby names below for name meanings or search Ancient names for boys.

Adela ... an ancient name popular in medieval Europe because of the fame of a seventh-century saint ... [10]

Aeron ... The name of the ancient Celtic goddess of battle and slaughter. ...

Amethyst ... According to ancient Greek superstition ... [4]

Anatolia ... where the ancient city of Troy ... [2]

Aoife ... and was borne by several heroines in ancient Irish legend ...

Arena ... 19th-century Americans may have named their daughters Arena as homage to Christian martyrs who were killed in the arenas of ancient Rome.

Arlette Ancient name of uncertain origin ... [3]

Attilia ... Italian feminine form of an ancient Roman family name whose meaning has been lost.

Brianda ... During the ancient religious wars of Christianity ... [1]

Brittany ... Modern coinage. From the name of an ancient duchy (Bretagne) in France ... [83]

Candace ... An ancient hereditary title used by the Ethiopian queens before the fourth century ... [29]

Ciana ... Also a variant form of the Irish Gaelic name Ciannait, meaning "ancient, enduring". [1]

Cilla ... "Ancient." ...

Cithara Ancient musical instrument resembling both the lyre and the zither ... [3]

Corinthia ... an ancient Greek city that had a very early Christian church ... [1]

Cybele ... Mythology: an ancient Phrygian nature goddess worshipped as the Great Mother in Asia Minor ... [2]

Denise ... There is an ancient Latin form of the name, Dionysia ... [22]

Diana ... Mythology: Diana was an ancient Roman divinity who came to be associated with the Greek god Artemis ... [34]

Eilat ... named after an ancient city sometimes spelled Elath or Elat.

Eleri ... Ancient name of uncertain meaning ...

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