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Page 1 of 4. 64 Christian names related to or that mean christian for girls, listing Christian baby names 1-20. Agatha, Alena, Asuncion, Berenice, Calista, Candida, Catherine, Cecilia, Celeste, Charis, Charity, Christen, Christian, Christiana and Christina are popular names. Abilene, Apollonia, Arena, Bryn and Christabel are uncommon names. View Christian baby names below for name meanings or search Christian names for boys.

Abilene ... and also in early Christian times ... [4]

Agatha ... Saint Agatha (third century) was a Christian who refused to marry a Roman consul ... [25]

Alena ... is the town in Palestine that was home to Mary Magdalene in the Christian scriptures. [1]

Apollonia ... Saint Apollonia was an elderly third-century Christian martyr ... [10]

Arena ... 19th-century Americans may have named their daughters Arena as homage to Christian martyrs who were killed in the arenas of ancient Rome.

Asuncion ... The event commemorated by this name is celebrated in Christian countries on August 15 ... [1]

Berenice ... name of an early Christian woman in Acts ... [7]

Bryn ... Place name used as a Christian name in the 20th century ... [7]

Calista ... feminine form of Calixtus which is used in reference by Christians to the cup containing the wine of the Christian sacrament ... [25]

Candida ... From "candidus". The color was associated by Christians with purity and salvation ... [5]

Catherine ... who was born a pagan but died as a Christian martyr ... [211]

Cecilia ... The name became common among Christians during the Middle Ages when it was brought by the Normans to England ... [89]

Celeste ... a popular name among early Christians ... [46]

Charis ... probably to symbolize the Christian concept of charity. Mythology ... [27]

Charity ... From the word which originally denoted the Christian's love for his fellow man (Latin "caritas" meaning "generous love", from Latin "carus" meaning "dear") ... [27]

Christabel ... "Beautiful Christian." ... [13]

Christen ... Variant of Christian ... [14]

Christian ... Christian and Christiana were used for women in medieval times ... [17]

Christiana ... Medieval learned feminine form of Christian ... [20]

Christina ... feminine of Christianus (see Christian) ... or a Latin form of Middle English Christin "Christian" (Old English "christen", from Latin) ... [117]

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