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Page 1 of 4. 63 City names related to or that mean city for girls, listing City baby names 1-20. Adelaide, Alexandria, Asuncion, Bailey, Carmel, Cheyenne, Concepcion, Florence and Geneva are popular names. Aberdeen, Amarilla, Anatolia, Barcelona, Bergen, Cimarron, Corinthia, Cyrene, Delancey, Edina and Eilat are uncommon names. View City baby names below for name meanings or search City names for boys.

Aberdeen ... Place name: city in northeast Scotland.

Adelaide ... The city of Adelaide, Australia ... [57]

Alexandria ... influenced by the name of the city in Egypt ...

Amarilla ... Spanish name. There is a city in Texas called Amarillo.

Anatolia ... where the ancient city of Troy ... [2]

Asuncion ... Also the name of the capital city of Paraguay. [1]

Bailey ... "Berry clearing; bailiff; city fortification." ... [16]

Barcelona Geography name: the second largest city in Spain ...

Bergen ... Bergen is the name of a major port city in Norway.

Carmel ... Mount Carmel is in Israel near the city of Haifa ... [45]

Cheyenne ... and the capital city of Wyoming is named after the tribe. [11]

Cimarron Place name: a city in Kansas and a river that runs across the Great Plains from New Mexico to Oklahoma ... [3]

Concepcion ... Name of a city in Chile. [11]

Corinthia ... an ancient Greek city that had a very early Christian church ... [1]

Cyrene ... He took her to Africa and founded the city of Cyrene in her name ... [2]

Delancey ... Place name: Delancey Street in New York City ... [2]

Edina ... the capital city of Scotland ... [4]

Eilat ... named after an ancient city sometimes spelled Elath or Elat.

Florence ... who was named for the Italian city where she was born (Latin Florentia, Italian Firenze) ... [35]

Geneva ... May refer to the Swiss city or refer to the juniper tree ... [18]

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Popularity of City names: Adelaide, Alexandria, Bailey, Carmel, Cheyenne, Concepcion, Florence, Geneva