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Page 1 of 3. 55 Combination names that mean combination for girls, listing Combination baby names 1-20. Anabel, Anna, Arlinda, Betty, Courtney, Evelyn and Jane are popular names. Alvarita, Ashlynn, Brandilyn, Cady, Careen, Cerise, Cha-, Chalice, Cherene, Da-, De-, Elixyvett and Ja- are uncommon names. View Combination baby names below for name meanings or search Combination names for boys.

Alvarita Combination of Alva and Rita.

Anabel Combination of Anna and Belle. [4]

Anna ... Anna is often used in combination with other names ... [18]

Arlinda ... Combination of Arlene and Linda. [3]

Ashlynn ... Also used as a combination form of Ashley and Lynn. [11]

Betty ... and now appears most often in combination with other names: Betty Lou, Betty Ann, etc ... [12]

Brandilyn ... Combination of Brandy and Lynn. [5]

Cady ... Also possibly a modern combination of Katy and Cody ... [13]

Careen Modern name. Possibly a combination of Cara with the -een suffix ... [2]

Cerise ... May also be used as a combination of names such as Ceri and Louise. [18]

Cha- ... Combination of the Cha- and Che- prefixes with various name endings ... [21]

Chalice ... The name also possibly originated as a combination of names such as Charlotte and Alice.

Cherene ... Modern coinage. Combination of Cher- with the feminine ending -ene.

Courtney ... and used in combinations such as Courtneylee ... [37]

Da- ... Combination of the Da- prefix with various endings ... [14]

De- ... Combination of the De- prefix with various name endings ... [23]

Elixyvett Modern combination name from Alexandra and Yvette ... [5]

Evelyn ... Not a combination of Eve and Lynn ... [23]

Ja- ... Combination of the Ja- prefix with various endings ... [43]

Jane ... Jane is also the basis of many variants and as the second element in combinations such as Sarah-Jane ... [93]

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Popularity of Combination names: Anabel, Anna, Ashlynn, Betty, Courtney, Evelyn, Jane