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Dangerous Names

2 Dangerous names that mean dangerous for girls, listing Dangerous baby names 1-2. Gianna and Lorelei are popular names. View Dangerous baby names below for name meanings.

Gianna ... The name is sometimes used in honor of Saint Gianna Molla who died in 1962 because she had a dangerous pregnancy and preferred to risk her life rather than abort her baby. [8]

Lorelei ... dangerous to boat passage ... [13]

Popularity of Dangerous names: Gianna, Lorelei

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Fortune ... the Roman goddess of fortune, chance, and happiness ... [2]

Bertha ... but fell out of use in the 15th century ... [21]

Bergen ... Bergen is the name of a major port city in Norway.

Lorelei ... The name has an aura of risky allure ... [13]

Ernestine ... "Serious; battle to the death." ... [7]

Kennedy ... "Helmet head; ugly head." ... [2]

Airi ... Uncertain origin and meaning.

Zelda ... Scott Fitzgerald's glamorous but unstable wife ... [3]