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Destruction Names

6 Destruction names that mean destruction for girls, listing Destruction baby names 1-6. Kali, Lorelei and Monica are popular names. Deyanira, Eris and Laufeia are uncommon names. View Destruction baby names below for name meanings or search Destruction names for boys.

Deyanira ... "Devastating, capable of great destruction." ... [7]

Eris ... Mythology: goddess of discord and destruction ... [4]

Kali ... is a Hindu goddess of destruction ... [1]

Laufeia ... the Norse god of destruction and evil.

Lorelei ... whose singing lures men to destruction ... [13]

Monica ... prayed for her son and saved him from self-destruction ... [10]

Related words: conquest, destroyer, evil, fall, kill, sacrifice, slaughter. Partial list of 14 results related to destruction below. Click on above related words for more results.

Jancis ... First used in the novel "Precious Bane" (1924) by Mary Webb ... [2]

Precious ... also a reference to the "precious blood of Christ". [2]

Sidonia ... Saint Sidonius (fifth century) lived and wrote about characters and events during the breakup of the Roman Empire in the West. [6]

Mireille ... This has since caused confusion about the derivation of the name. [5]

Aubrey ... that arrived in England with the Norman Conquest ... [12]

Nydia ... Nydia was a blind flower-seller who saved her beloved at the cost of her own life. [2]

Avalon ... it is the island where King Arthur took refuge after his final defeat ...

Abellona ... "Destroyer." ...

Jezebel ... Biblical: an evil queen of Israel condemned by God ... [8]

Autumn ... The fall season ...

Devi ... who is known by various names according to her exercise of power for good or ill ...

Candida ... "Candida" is also a clinical name for yeast infection ... [5]

Calpurnia ... the name of the Finches' cook in the book "To Kill a Mockingbird".

Anastasia ... who supposedly survived the massacre of the royal family ... [47]

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