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Egypt Names

10 Egypt names that mean egypt for girls, listing Egypt baby names 1-10. Alexandria, Cleopatra, Isadora, Isis and Nila are popular names. Fulvia, Gypsy, Jubilee, Nefertiti and Thais are uncommon names. View Egypt baby names below for name meanings or search Egypt names for boys.

Alexandria ... influenced by the name of the city in Egypt ...

Cleopatra ... and the name of many queens in the Ptolemaic royal family of Egypt (just as Berenice was) ... [7]

Fulvia ... who opposed Octavian on her husband's behalf while he was in Egypt.

Gypsy ... The tribe of Romany was called "gypsy" because they were thought to have originated in Egypt ... [3]

Isadora ... Isis was the principal goddess of ancient Egypt ... [2]

Isis ... The most powerful of all the female goddesses of ancient Egypt ...

Jubilee ... Term for a fiftieth-year anniversary celebration of the liberation from Egypt ... [1]

Nefertiti Queen of Egypt around 1350 BC ...

Nila Geography name based on the river Nile in Egypt. [2]

Thais ... Some stories add that she then went to Egypt and became the mistress of the reigning Ptolemy ... [4]