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Evening Names

4 Evening names that mean evening for girls, listing Evening baby names 1-4. Samira and Twyla are popular names. Hesper and Vespera are uncommon names. View Evening baby names below for name meanings or search Evening names for boys.

Hesper ... "Evening; evening star." ... since the sun set and the evening star rose there ... [2]

Samira ... "Evening conversationalist." [1]

Twyla ... Variant of Twila (English) "twilight, early evening" ... [4]

Vespera ... "Evening star." The source of the term "vespers" for an early evening church service. [2]

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Fulvia ... "Dusky, tawny." ...

Gayle ... Gala literally means "festive party". [6]

Alaula ... "Light of dawn or sunset glow."

Twyla ... Variant of Twila (English) "twilight, early evening" ... [4]