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Faithful Names

5 Faithful names related to or that mean faithful for girls, listing Faithful baby names 1-5. Amina is a popular name. Amana, Cybele, Cynara and Leala are uncommon names. View Faithful baby names below for name meanings or search Faithful names for boys.

Amana ... "Loyal, faithful."

Amina ... "Honest, faithful." ... [6]

Cybele ... lions were her faithful companions ... [2]

Cynara ... Made famous by the late-19th-century English poet Ernest Dowson's line "I have been faithful to thee, Cynara! in my fashion". [1]

Leala ... "Loyal, faithful." [3]

Related words: christian, affectionate, burning, committed, constant, dedicated, delicate, devoted, devout, enduring, fiery, fine, hot, industrious, just, literal, living, lovelorn, loving, loyal, natural, passionate, patient, perfect, pious, positive, proper, received, religious, right, righteous, romantic, soft, solemn, steadfast, tender, traditional, true, upright, virtuous, warm. Partial list of 15 results related to faithful below. Click on above related words for more results.

Abilene ... and also in early Christian times ... [4]

Claire ... but then abandoned ... [61]

Kineta ... "Active." ... [1]

Angel ... The influence of the word "angel" makes the name an affectionate term of address for a good (or pretty) little girl ... [3]

Mireille ... as rules required names from an approved list ... an approved name of different meaning ... [5]

Ignacia ... possibly (Latin) "ardent, burning" ... [3]

Baja ... Geography name: the peninsula attached to the southernmost end of California ...

Brenda ... meaning "to mark by burning" ... [14]

Lucretia ... The name of a Roman matron who committed suicide in public protest against dishonor ... [25]

Connie ... "Constant, steadfast." ... [2]

Carmel ... The monastery was dedicated to the Virgin Mary and Carmel became one of the names taken from Marian titles (see also Dolores and Mercedes) ... [45]

Adin ... "Delicate and slender." ... [2]

Chantal ... devoted at first to charity and later to teaching and devotion to Jesus ... [73]

Anna ... a devout woman who saw the infant Jesus presented at the temple in Jerusalem ... [18]

Ciana ... Also a variant form of the Irish Gaelic name Ciannait, meaning "ancient, enduring". [1]

Popularity of Faithful names: Amina