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12 Foreign names that mean foreign for girls, listing Foreign baby names 1-12. Babette, Barbara, Eleanor, Ella, Elva, Elvina, Elvira and Luella are popular names. Babe, Elodie, Rella and Varvara are uncommon names. View Foreign baby names below for name meanings or search Foreign names for boys.

Babe Diminutive of Barbara (Greek) "foreign" ...

Babette ... Diminutive of Barbara (Greek) "foreign" ...

Barbara ... "Foreign woman." ... [53]

Eleanor ... or from German "ali" meaning "other, foreign". History ... [78]

Ella ... "Other, foreign." ... [13]

Elodie ... Also from an Old German name meaning "foreign riches". [5]

Elva ... Also possibly from an Old German name meaning "foreign, true". [4]

Elvina ... Also possibly a place name or from an Old German name meaning "foreign, true". [14]

Elvira ... "Foreign, true." ... [10]

Luella ... Blend of Louise (Old German) "famous warrior" and Ella (Old German) "other, foreign" ... [7]

Rella Variant of Ella (Old German) "other, foreign".

Varvara Variant of Barbara (Greek) "foreign woman". [7]

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Barbara ... it has the same root as "barbarian" ... [53]

Pandora ... Being curious ... [6]

Leila ... Used by authors for the names of exotic female characters in the early 19th century ... [12]

Miranda ... Miranda is an innocent girl raised and educated on an isolated island by her magician father ... [18]

Vedette ... The French term "vedette" means something that is separate or singled out ... [1]

Armen Armenian name of unknown origin.